Trick or Treat, Bitch

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Carol sat in the break room at work with several of her co-workers both male and female and said to them, “You guys remember a few weeks ago when I told you that Brenden wanted to try anal sex and I was too scared?”

Amanda sighed loudly and said, “Did he do it or not, Carol? This is getting very boring; it’s always the same old song and dance with you.” Carol shot a cold look at Amanda and said, “For your information, we are going to do it tonight, at a friend’s Halloween party.”

Steve looked up and said, “You mean to tell me that you are so worried about taking it up the ass that you’re really going to let your husband ass fuck you at a Halloween party?”

“Why not?” Carol asked.

Steve said, “Well, for one it’s not your house for two, it’s your first time. I’ve been told first time anal can hurt.”

“Well, we are going to do it anyway,” Carol said before she looked up to see the Human Resources manager looking down at her with a disdainful look on her face.

“My office now, Carol,” the manager stated.

Thirty minutes later Carol was without a job and on her way home, she quickly called Brenden and told him that she had gotten fired over a sexual harassment violation. Brenden said to her, “Damn it, Carol can you not keep your mouth shut about anything?”

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to get fired over it,” Carol said. “Listen, I’m going home to get ready for the party tonight, anything you need?”

“You to get a new job,” Brenden said sounding very stern.

“It’s too late today,” Carol explained. “I’ll start making calls Monday morning.”

“Sure, you will,” Brenden said to her.

“I love you, baby,” Carol said to him.

“I love you too,” Brenden replied before he hung up.

Later that night, Brenden walked into to the house and found that Carol was dressed in her outfit for the party, she had on a sweatshirt that read “Camp Crystal Lake” on the front and on the back it said, “Counselor” and she also had on a pair very tight, very short pair of shorts.

Brenden whistled and said, “Damn, you look about a million times better than any counselor that Jason Voorhees ever killed in any of those movies.”

Carol laughed and said, “This was all your idea, Brenden, I don’t watch scary movies, remember?”

“Yeah, you big chicken,” Brenden said as he headed to the bedroom to get dressed. As he was pulling his costume out of the back of the closet Carol said to him, “I’m going to go fix my hair.”

“Ok,” Brenden replied. “Oh, by the way, did you take care of your ass like I asked? I’d hate to be doing this at Martin’s house and then end up with a bigger mess on our hands than we are expecting.”

“Yes, Brenden, I took care of everything! I can’t believe I willingly gave myself an enema, either,” Carol said as she turned back toward the bathroom.

Brenden told her, “Some people find that enemas can be erotic!”

“I’m not one of them,” Carol said.

Twenty minutes later, Brenden snuck up behind Carol in the bathroom and slid the fake knife up to her throat in his full Jason Voorhees’s outfit, hockey mask, shredded shirt and filthy trousers. Carol was still applying the make up for the slit throat that she was going to have on. “Brenden, you’re going to ruin it, baby.” She turned around and looked at him and glanced at his outfit and said, “What did you do? Go out and roll in the dirt?”

“Yeah,” Brenden said, “I’m going for authenticity here.”

“Okay,” Carol said, “A bit much if you ask me.”

“Come on, let’s go, or we’re going to be late,” Brenden said to her as he took his hockey mask off to show her that he was wearing a hood that made his head look just like that of Jason Voorhees.

“Oooooh, scary,” Carol laughed at him.

“Yeah, you’re going to think real scary when I get my dick in your ass later,” Brenden said.

“You’re obsessed with my ass,” Carol told him.

“Ever since you agreed to let me have it on Halloween, I’ve counted the days,” Brenden said.

“Did you bring the lube?” Carol asked him very seriously.

“Right here,” Brenden said pulling it out of his pants pocket.

“Then let’s go,” Carol told him.

Once they arrived at the party the two mingled together for quite a while until they got separated and Brenden had told Carol that his signal that it was time was going to be when he snuck up behind her and put the knife to her neck as he had in the bathroom.

For nearly an hour, Carol looked around for Brenden because it was getting late and she was getting very tired at this point. She put her head around the corner and when she did so, Brenden placed his hand over her mouth and the knife up to her neck. He guided her to the master bedroom and threw her on the bed before he locked the door to the room. She looked up in mock fear and lifted her hands and said, “Please don’t hurt me, please.”

Instead of a response, Brenden tossed the knife london escorts aside and grabbed the snap on Carol’s shorts and quickly unsnapped them.

“Oh, no, you’re not going to rape me are you?” Carol asked still faking her fear.

Brenden nodded and in a muffled voice said, “In all your holes, bitch!”

In shock, Carol looked up and him at for the moment dropped the scared little teenager act and said, “Don’t be such an asshole or you won’t get my asshole.” With a small chuckle, Brenden reached down behind her ass and yanked the shorts from her body and tossed them against the wall. As he looked down at her, Carol tried to cover her black lace thong with her hands. As she hid herself, Brenden got up off the bed and grabbed Carol’s head and pulled her to the edge of the bed so her head was hanging off it upside down. He reached down and unzipped the dirty trousers and hauled out his rapidly hardening cock and drove it into her mouth, causing his balls to slap her nose. She was excited because this was a new sexual position for them. The faster he drove in the deeper he went causing Carol to choke and gag. Saliva ran out of her mouth and up toward her nose and eyes and Brenden fucked her mouth with reckless abandonment. Carol was aware that the saliva was ruining her makeup, but this was a side of her husband that she had never seen before and she was really enjoying it. Then she heard a very loud banging noise and pushed Brenden away enough to take his hard cock out of her mouth and ask, “Hey, baby, what was that?”

Brenden pulled away and turned Carol over on her stomach and started spanking her and in his muffled voice he said, “Something that goes bump in the night.”

The spanking increased in intensity causing Carol to begin to sob, with tears coursing down her face she knew that she was suffering more damage to her makeup, but this was what she had wanted for a very long time was for Brenden to give it to her and make her like it. Then he slid his hand around and slid it underneath her panties, and onto her tight puckered asshole and dipped his finger in very carefully so as not to hurt her. Carol let out a shocked shriek as he slid his finger into the first knuckle and wiggled it, causing her great delight.

Without warning Brenden spun her around and yanked the panties off her body as he stared down at her from his superior position on the bed. Brenden then reached down and began to massage Carol’s pussy with his fingers, teasing her with them making her wetter with anticipation as she reached out and caressed his cock with her fingers. It responded by growing larger and harder than she had ever seen it in her life. “Damn, does Jason really want this counselor’s tight little ass?”

Brenden nodded at her. Carol smiled at him and said, “Fuck my pussy then you can have my hot little virgin ass!”

Brenden plowed into her pussy with a force that she had never ever felt before, she didn’t know what was getting into Brenden but she was enjoying it. Then as he drove his hard cock in deeper and harder filling her pussy like he never had before she heard that banging noise again and was very concerned as it sounded like it was coming from inside this very room. She put a hand on Brenden’s chest and asked, “What is that noise?”

Brenden responded, “Probably the bed slamming the wall or something!” Then drove his cock into her again and again. Carol felt her whole body respond as she realized that for the first time in their marriage Brenden was going to make her cum from intercourse alone!

Her body tightened and she gasped out, “Oh, God, baby, I’m cumming! Oh Jesus, yes, I’m cumming all over your big hard fucking cock!”

Brenden laughed at her then yanked the lube out of his pocket as she kept writhing on his cock and when she lay back to relax without pulling her pussy off his still throbbing cock, he grabbed her leg and twisted her till she was up on her side and he had one leg outstretched along his chest and the other was a bent angle underneath his parted legs.

Carol yapped out in pain, “Damn it, Brenden, not so fucking rough, this is your fantasy not mine!” She yapped again as he smeared the lube onto her asshole before he spun her on around till she was on her knees causing her to cry out again

“You ready, you little fucking slut? You been fucking every male teenager at this fucking camp and now you run up on me bitch and I don’t want your loose fucking pussy, I want your tight hot unfucked ass, bitch,” Brenden growled his voice still muffled by the masks, but Carol was sure that it had to be her husband getting ready to take her anal cherry.

“Fuck my ass you big overgrown fucking psychopathic murderer! Fuck my virgin ass,” Carol yelled out since Brenden was in character she wanted to be in character too.

Then it happened without further ado, he grabbed the back of her hair aimed his large cock at her puckered asshole and in one Escort Girl Dubai swift shove drove deep inside her ass for the very first time!

“Ow, that fucking hurts, was that all of your cock!” Carol screamed at him.

“No,” a reply came before he shoved his cock all the way in causing her to shriek out in pain before he said, “that’s all my cock in there now!”

“I thought you were going to be gentle!” Carol cried with tears running down her face from the pain as still she stayed on her knees and tried to endure the punishment that her asshole was taking as Brenden kept pounding at her ass.

“Fuck gentle, I waited too long and you teased me too much for gentle,” Brenden said as he drove harder into her ass, causing her to grunt in pain and more tears to run down her face and she knew that she had to look at this point like a deranged raccoon due to the makeup that had been smeared all over her beautiful features.

Just when Carol began to get accustomed to the feeling of a cock slamming into her ass, Brenden gasped out, “I’m gonna cum deep in your ass, bitch!”

Carol groaned, “Turn me over and take that mask off, I want to see the look on your face when you cum in my ass for the first time!”

Brenden pulled out with a loud pop and slung her around and slammed her onto her back then slid his cock back into her now gaping asshole. Then he grabbed her arms and held them over her head with one hand before he grabbed the hockey mask and yanked it off, leaving the latex mask that looked like the face of Jason Voohees on. “I’m going to shoot so deep that cum is going to be dripping out of your ass for an entire fucking week!”

Carol cried out to him, “Take that mask off too, please!”

Brenden cried out, “Oh fuck!” as he began to shoot his load and as he was cumming he reached up and yanked off the mask that he was wearing and instead of it being Brenden, Carol saw the face of her former co-worker, Steve! The shock of the fact that she was having anal sex with a man that wasn’t her husband and the feel of him cumming in her ass sent Carol over the edge into the throes of another screaming orgasm.

Once the two had stopped cumming they looked at each other and in anger, Carol snarled, “Where in the fuck is Brenden?” That question was answered by more loud banging and this time Carol knew that it was somewhere in this room.

Steve rose off the bed his cock still dangling from the unzipped pants and he went to the closet and opened it and there was Brenden, tied up to the bar inside the closet naked with a gag in his mouth and with a massive hard on from the scene he had just witnessed. Steve noticed Brenden’s hard cock and laughed at him, “I guess you liked watching your wife get her shit fucked up by another man didn’t you, stud?”

Carol began to cry and looked at Steve and said, “What in the hell was this, Steve? You had the hots for me and never told me or what?”

Steve said, “Relax, Carol, it was a trick and you enjoyed it!”

Carol got off the bed and moved toward Brenden with every intent of freeing him. “I won’t lie I did enjoy it! I just thought that you were Brenden my, husband!”

Steve retaliated by saying, “Stupid, every day at work we hear about how hot your and his sex life are and how he eats your pussy till you cum! Then I realized that this Halloween party is the perfect chance to give you a taste of a different dick for a change! Play a trick on you, Carol! Since you’re such a bitch about though; fuck you, fuck him, and trick or treat bitch!” He then zipped up his pants and left the room and closed the door behind him.

Carol yanked the gag off Brenden’s mouth and kissed him deeply, “I’m sorry, baby! I didn’t think this would happen at all!”

Brenden said, “Don’t apologize it was actually kinda hot watching you fuck him! I’m harder than I’ve ever been right now!”

Carol glanced down at his raging cock and wrapped her hand around it and began stroking him while he was still tied up!

“Let me go, and I’ll finish what he started,” Brenden gasped as he hand stroked him faster and faster.

“No, I like you like this, I decide when you’re gonna cum and you can’t stop me,” Carol said stopping her stroking and reaching down to caress his large balls. Brenden gasped as she did this. Without warning she slid her hand back up to his cock and started to massage it again.

“Jesus, Carol, I’m going to cum,” Brenden moaned as she sped up her strokes.

“That’s it baby; I want to see that big cock shoot its massive load for me! Show me how hot you thought it was watching another man fuck my virgin ass!” With a loud groan his body tightened up and he started to shoot his load! His body contracted seven times each shot growing weaker than the previous one. After his cock had stopped shooting, Carol ran her fingers from the base all the way to the head milking every drop of cum from him. There was a line of sticky independent escort dubai cum on the floor from the edge of the bed all the way to where Brenden stood tied to the bar in the closet.

Carol untied her husband before getting dressed, she glanced at Brenden standing there with his hands covering his now limp cock and said, “Baby, get dressed so we can go!”

“I can’t, that asshole took my clothes!”

Muttering to herself Carol grabbed a bathrobe from the bathroom and said, “Here wear this, if anybody says anything tell them that’s your costume!”

Brenden slid the bathrobe on and belted it and joined Carol as they exited the bedroom and went to thank their hosts. Martin looked strangely at the pair and said, “Carol did you do your makeup like that on purpose? Brenden, I thought that you were going to be Jason and she was to be a victim, but I don’t remember any of the movies in which Jason ran around in a bathrobe. “

Carol said, “I used onions to make myself cry so I could look more authentic!” Then she looked at Brenden for his explanation as to his appearance.

Brenden said, “The costume shop was all out of Jason costumes so we had to improvise a little.”

“So what are you supposed to be?” Martin asked. “Nice robe though, I have one just like it in my bathroom!”

Carol thought quickly and said, “He’s a flasher!” Brenden smiled and quickly yanked open the robe and closed it back just as quickly. Martin laughed and said, “That looks almost real!”

Carol and Brenden laughed nervously and turned and left the party quickly.

In the car, Carol asked, “How did he get your clothes and everything?”

Brenden said, “He held a knife and said if I didn’t do exactly what he wanted me to that he was going to kill Jason Voorhees! He forced me into the room told me to strip naked then he tied me up and put on my costume shoved my underwear into the laundry chute closed the closet door and told me to enjoy the show. I had no idea what was going on until he came back into the room with you! At first I thought it was some kind of a trick that you were playing on me then I realized it wasn’t and I started kicking at the door trying to get your attention.”

Carol smiled at him, “Well, it wasn’t a trick, but just wait till Steve gets his treat!” The pair laughed as they drove off into the night.

A couple weeks later Steve was sitting in his doctor’s office with his pants and underwear around his ankles and an old man wearing glasses between his legs examining the red bumps that had come up on his cock in the last few days. Steve said, “Well doc, is it a heat rash?”

The doctor looked at him and said, “Have you been sexually active lately?”

Steve said, “Last time was at a party right before Halloween.”

“Did you practice safe sex?” the doctor asked him.

“Well, no, she’s been married for a long time! I thought she was safe!”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Steve, but you have contracted herpes from this woman! So was the treat worth the trick?”

Steve hung his head and suddenly a memory flashed in his mind that he hadn’t remembered until now, Carol had been whispering to her only true friend at the company Sherri and he caught part of the conversation.

“Hey, you’re only doing anal with him right?” Sherri asked.

“Yeah,” Carol responded.

“Hell, just as long as he stays out of your pussy till it clears, he will be fine,” Sherri responded. “Me and Shane do it all the time and it never hurts us!”

Carol said, “I have some Monistat do you think that will clear it up before the party?”

Sherri answered, “It never hurts to try.”

Steve had assumed that she was talking about a yeast infection because of the Monistat comment, never for a moment did he suspect that Carol had herpes. Silently, he cursed himself for not just fucking the bitch’s ass instead he had to take her pussy first!

The doctor said, “Steve, there is no cure for this, you will have herpes forever!”

Steve said, “Yeah! I said trick or treat bitch, to her but, I got tricked!”

The doctor said, “You got to have sex with her though!”

Steve said, “Yeah, but I’d rather gone home and jerked off than know that I have to schedule my sex life around my outbreaks!”

The doctor said, “The receptionist will have some reading material as to what you can and cannot do. Oh, and Steve, masturbation is the safest form of sex there is.”

Steve said, “Thanks, doc,” and headed for the receptionist desk.

The doctor went into his office and called a phone number and spoke into it, “Carol, I just saw your friend Steve, he has a massive case of herpes!”

Carol smiled into the phone and said, “Thanks, daddy!”

She hung up the phone looked at Brenden pulled a condom from her purse and said, “Let’s go celebrate! Steve has herpes! Teach him to fuck around where he doesn’t belong!”

Brenden looked at her and said, “Trick or treat, bitch!”

Carol said, “No tricks, baby this is all treat! I want your cock in my ass now that I’m not so sore anymore! Put on that costume and take my ass like you wanted to the party that night!”

Brenden growled, “Hell yeah!”

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