Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 05

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I wake up to a rocking on the bed. I’m trying to go back to sleep, but then I hear “Oh god, Cassy!” I roll over, and see you licking and sucking at Sandra’s pussy while Tim thrusts into you from behind. You look over at me as I turn to watch, “Morning, love, did we wake you?” I smile, and move over to kiss, suck, and nibble one of Sandra’s breasts to show I am not at all upset about being woken up. As everyone adjusts to the extra mouth Tim thrusts into you harder, encouraging you to go faster with Sandra’s pussy.

Between your more fevered licking and my attention on her breasts, it’s not long before she is panting and moaning loudly. She reaches for my cock and begins stroking it. I reach down and spread her lips for you, allowing you better access to lick and suck at her pussy. You slide three fingers into her, making her moan your name, and bringing her even closer to an orgasm. I bite playfully on her nipple and rub her clit while you lick at her very wet entrance. The attention pushes her over the edge, squirming and shaking as her orgasm shakes her body.

Pushed by the sight of Sandra’s orgasm taking over her body, Tim starts thrusting into you harder and faster, making you moan as well. You try to reach out for my cock, but I keep it away from you. You go back to licking and sucking at Sandra’s pussy, making her get even wetter, and she begins moaning again. To stop you from being distracted from Tim, I lead Sandra away from you, making you curse me. I rub and massage her pussy and clit, and by the time you are close to orgasm, Sandra is moaning as well, begging to climb on top of me.

I lay back and let her slide my cock into her pussy, making her hiss and moan, nearly reaching orgasm after the playing, sucking, and nibbling we both did. Before long she is almost bouncing up and down on my cock and begging for you to cum with her. I move over and change her position to reverse cowboy. I move my hips closer to you, now that Tim’s thrusting is getting you close to orgasm. Sandra begins sliding up and down on my cock, and you crawl a little closer.

You now find yourself close enough to lick both of us. As Sandra slides up and down my cock, you lick both my cock and her clit. Before long, her orgasm breaks, making me cum as well. One final thrust from Tim and he begins cumming inside you, which sets you off, bringing your orgasm. The moaning from you and Sandra is enough to deafen, but after a few minutes the orgasms and noise quiets down.

Sandra climbs off me, and Tim pulls out of you, and you both crawl onto the bed to recover. You hold each other, trying to take some self-control from one another. I sit on the edge of the bed, and rub your back. You pull me down to lie with you, and I wrap my arms around you, one arm under your head, the other across your waist, bahis firmaları resting on Sandra’s hip. Tim crawls in behind Sandra and whispers something in her ear. She moans softly and nods.

Tim moves to the foot of the bed and pulls you gently down. He moves between your legs, and begins to lick and nibble at your pussy. I move to your neck, kissing and nibbling your neck and ears. You moan softly, loving the feel of two men doing all they can to please you. Sandra crawls up to you from the other side of the bed, and kisses you deeply. You reach up and put one hand behind her head, holding her close.

I move from your neck to your breasts, kissing and sucking at the skin without touching the nipple. I finally move my mouth to your nipple, and at the same time Tim slides two fingers thickly and roughly into you. Your body tightens, and you moan into Sandra’s mouth, the sound drowned as she deepens the kiss. When you break free of the kiss, you moan loudly, trying desperately to find something to grab. On my side, you take hold of my cock, and on the other side, you find Sandra’s breast and begin to massage it. Sandra moves her mouth to your other breast, kissing it softly.

I get a little rougher on your breast, nibbling at the skin and softly biting your nipple repeatedly. Sandra runs her fingernails over your stomach while she, too, sucks and nibbles on your nipple. You squirm and moan under the pleasure. Tim begins to slide his fingers into you faster as well as sucking on your clit. Your moaning gets louder and the motion of you hips becomes more pronounced as you get closer to your orgasm.

Suddenly Tim pulls his fingers out and Sandra takes her mouth from your nipple. I keep up my attention while they shuffle things up. Sandra slides three thin fingers into you quickly, before you even know what she is doing, and you moan loudly. Tim moves next to you, turning your head toward him, and kisses you deeply. His hands move down to cup your breast, and he begins to massage it, pinching the nipple to tease you even further.

Sandra quickly shows her skills between your legs, bringing you very close to orgasm in no time. As you get closer and closer, I go back to roughly teasing your breasts, biting softly at the skin and sucking hard at the nipples. With all the teasing on your body, you don’t last much longer, coming to a screaming passionate orgasm. You squirm and convulse on the bed, desperately grabbing for anything you can get your hands on.

I continue to suck, bite, and nibble at your breast, simply adding to the immense amount of pleasure you are experiencing. As Tim, Sandra, and myself don’t stop doing everything we can to please you, the intensity of your pleasure coursing through your body only increases. Your next orgasm comes quickly, bringing kaçak iddaa you moaning and screaming our names as each of us adds to your pleasure. Sandra hesitantly pulls herself from you, not wanting to stop giving you so much pleasure, but she does in order for me to have my chance.

I ask you to turn over, while I grab a vial from my bags. You turn over hesitantly, unsure of my request, until you are lying on your stomach. I move up beside you, kissing your cheek. I run my hands lightly over your back and across your shoulders. My hands wander down one side, across your ass, and then back up the other. I lower my mouth, and kiss each shoulder blade, the center of your back, and the small of the back.

I then blow softly, but in a small area which makes it even more noticeable, across your back and arms, making you shiver (this sentence is really awkward. Not sure how to fix it). I kiss more wetly across your back, using my tongue a little to draw lines and make connections. I get up on the bed with you and move my body so that I am straddling your legs, high enough that I am able to reach your shoulders, making my semi hard cock rest on your ass.

You try to lift your ass up, to feel more of my cock. I lightly spank you, telling you to stay down. I uncap the vial, and drip the oil on your back in strategic places. I let lines of the oil run in random patterns across your back, and then I let a few drops fall on your ass, on my cock. I lean back and let a few drops fall between your legs, and you moan at the cool sensation on your swollen, sensitive lips.

I put the cap back on the vial, and throw it onto the pile of clothes. I then lean down, my cock pressing into your ass and growing harder, and blow across your back, the thin line of warm breath following the lines and connecting the dots of oil, making you moan as the oil warms up. I settle my body down and place my hands so that they are partly on your ass, and part at the small of your back.

I press my hands firmly down, and then begin to let them slide up your back, massaging the muscles along the way. You let out what sounds like a long held, long overdue, sigh. I run my hands up and down your back a few times, letting the oil spread all over. I lean back and spread your legs, then move so that I am on my knees between your legs. I lean forward, blowing softly across your skin. You move your hips, pressing your pussy into my leg and moan as the sensations spread across your back in waves.

I spread my legs out, letting my cock fall between your legs as I allow my body within a few inches of yours. I begin to both breathe warmly as well as kiss and lick at your back. My hard cock presses up against your lips, making you gasp, and then moan out loud. You try with great desire to press yourself onto my cock. kaçak bahis I let you until the head of my cock is inside you, but prevent you from getting any closer.

While I am pressed to you, I massage your shoulders; rubbing out the knots time has left in them. As I move my hands to your side you put your arms out, finding Tim and Sandra more than willing to occupy them. Tim offers you his cock, which you begin stroking immediately. Sandra first offers her left breast, which you massage and pinch to full stimulation, then the other. Meanwhile I slide my cock in another inch, making you moan and try again for more, growling in frustration when I still stop you.

I smile, and continue to massage the muscles of your back, side to side, up and down, and all the while I feel you relaxing. On the next movement to the top of your back, I arch my hips, and plunge my cock all the way into your pussy. You grab Tim and Sandra tight and curse at me for surprising you. You raise your ass up, giving me a better angle and push back on my cock. Almost doing half the work for me, you begin pulling yourself off my cock, then pushing me back into you. You pull Tim closer, and Sandra decides her breasts are teased enough, getting up on her knees on the bed and offering her pussy for you to play with.

I slide my cock in and out of you, and between the looseness of your body from the back massage and the several orgasms you have had today, you quickly build up to your orgasm. By now you know exactly how to get me to where I am ready, squeezing your already tight pussy even tighter around my cock. I lean forward pulling your head gently back so I can whisper in your ear “I love you” which makes you moan. After another few hard thrusts the pleasure triggers a powerful orgasm, almost making me cum inside of you. I mutter I am about to, and you pull away, giving me the room I need to pull out.

I make it just in time, because a few seconds later I begin cumming all over your legs, ass, and back. I give you room to help the other two, and step back to watch. You invite Sandra and Tim to use your body however they want to reach orgasm. They ask you to lie on your back, and Tim slides his cock into you, while Sandra sits on your face. You immediately begin licking and sucking and nibbling at her pussy, while Tim fills you with his cock, sliding it hard and rough into you until he explodes, filling you up with his cum. A few seconds later, after Tim cumming makes you moan loudly into Sandra’s pussy, she cums as well, grinding her pussy into your face.

As we all collapse into a mess, not a single person without sweat and cum on them, we all breathe deeply, trying to catch our breath. I look over at the clock, and see the bright red 7:34 AM shining back at me. “Holy fuck!” I exclaim, and look around me. You are laying on your back, with Tim beside you, and Sandra laying on you lazily. You open drowsy eyes, meeting mine, and smile. “Time for more sleep, love?” you ask, and I nod, cuddling into the pile and nodding off.

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