Unexpected Encounter

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“Well if this isn’t the mother of coincidences!” I exclaimed when I saw Michelle at the shoe store. Michelle was an exquisite lady 8 years my senior. We had become intimately acquainted some 10 years past during a brief affair when we worked together at a department store. Looking surprised and a bit off guard, Michelle paused momentarily as her recognition returned.

“John Anderson. I never thought I’d see you again. What brings you back to these parts?”

I gave pause for a moment slowly taking in the beauty before me. Michelle’s tight cupped breasts were expertly highlighted by the fuzzy purple sweater pulled tight and tucked into her knee-length black skirt. She still had her ample ass connected to her slender waist. Hour glass could not be more perfectly described. She was eight inches shorter than me, but kept her long curly bleached hair in the ’80’s style bun that added a few inches to her appearance. Feigning impatience, she crossed her arms in mock annoyance.

“Me. Oh I moved back about a year ago.” I replied while gathering my thoughts. “Yankee livin’ isn’t all it’s cut out to be. How ’bout you? Still workin’ retail I see.”

“Yeah. I’ve worked my way up the ranks.” she acknowledged, pointing at her manager name tag. “Once they hook ya in, they never let ya out. Natalie, my daughter, just got her driver’s permit. Tony and I bought a house awhile back. He’s still an asshole. We’re still married. Nothing much happenin’ with me right now. You?”

“Cushy job. No baggage. Lookin’ to readjust to southern living” I cajoled. “I must say, you are just as beautiful as I remember you and twice as tasty.” Michelle tossed me a perplexed look, but didn’t ask. We made small talk for a spell while she helped me find a decent pair of loafers.

“You’re a big fella. Could you give me a hand with something in the back?” Michelle asked as we made our way to the counter. Having no important plans, I agreed and followed Michelle towards the back room. Along the way, bahis firmaları Michelle stopped by the other clerk, Dana, to tell her to watch the store. She’d be back in a little while. Following Michelle into the supply room, I could see where I might be of assistance to the vertically challenged. Looking up for the impending heavy load, I let Michelle get a couple of steps ahead and she disappeared into what must have been her office.

When I rounded the door behind her, I was choked up by the view. Michelle was kneeling on her desk with her skirt pulled onto her back revealing her gorgeous ass. She wore a pink thong which disappeared into her ass crack at the base of her back then reappeared as a neon shroud straining to conceal her swollen pussy lips.

Looking over her shoulder, Michelle’s eyes fell hungrily upon the bulge in my pants. “It’s been a while since I’ve been serviced” she cooed. Mesmerized by her gorgeous ass, I quickly approached her and pulled her panties to one side. Her pussy lips were definitely swollen and a glimmer of moisture was creeping through the split. I parted her lips with my tongue and savored Michelle’s sweet sticky juices.

Michelle responded by arching her back, pressing her stomach toward the desktop. This further pushed her pussy lips out to meet my waiting tongue. I shoved a thumb into her pussy. With my other hand, I spread and stretched those pussy lips to pull the skin around her clit taunt. I continued licking and thumbing her pussy for a few minutes until she could barely stay on the table.

“Oh yeah. That feels sooo good. I love the way you eat my pussy.” Michelle moaned. Reaching back with one hand and grabbing her ass, Michelle pulled her cheeks apart revealing her lovely asshole. Her asshole was slightly puckered with an open hole just the size for a wandering finger.

“My pussy’s fine with your tongue. Why don’t you put that thumb to better use?” Michelle suggested with a glazed look in her eyes. Michelle’s ass kaçak iddaa was one of her fruits that I hadn’t tasted during our original fling. A fruit I had ached to reap since running into her today. I promptly inserted my thumb, slick with pussy juice, into her asshole. Feeling little resistance I shoved my thumb up her ass as far as it would go. I got a rhythm going with my thumb and matched it with my tongue flicking across her clit. I released my other hand from her pussy lips, moved it to her ass and spread her ass with my thumb and index finger. Standing up, I repositioned myself so I could shove two fingers into her pussy as I continued to thumb fuck her ass. She let out a small pout when I stopped eating her pussy but quickly recovered as my fingers and thumb matched a hard steady rhythm.

“Oh yeah. Oh yes. OH YES. YES. . YES! . . YES! . . YEEEEAAAA!” Michelle finished with a roar. Her orgasm was powerful, draining the strength from her legs. She flopped to her side on the desk. Not wasting a second, I released my cock from my pants, lifted one of her legs and slid my cock into her drenched pussy.

“Your pussy is so tight” I muttered while delighting in the feeling of her wet pussy massaging up and down my shaft.

“Your cock feels sooo good. Much better than the toys I’ve been wearing out” Michelle responded with a sinister smile. She reached down and began rubbing her clit in rhythm with my strokes. After a few minutes her eyes rolled back and her breathing got heavier.

I could sense she was nearing another orgasm and didn’t want to miss my opportunity. With one hand I grabbed her ass and spread it wide. On an out stroke I withdrew from her pussy and easily shoved it into her ass. A smile creased across her face as her asshole swallowed the full length of my cock. I was amazed how quickly I penetrated her, but figured her toys weren’t just for her pussy.

“Oh that feels so good”, Michelle moaned. “Usually I only get butt fucked by my toys. You’re the kaçak bahis first man to actually fuck me in the ass.” Michelle’s dirty talking acted as more stimulation and I instinctually increased my strokes. As her pussy juices began drying up, the increased friction pushed me closer to orgasm. Sensing the tension in my balls, Michelle’s light touch brought my attention to the bottle of lotion she was holding out to me.

“Squirt a little of this onto you cock before it gets too dry” Michelle directed.” Don’t use too much. I LOVE a little friction.” I pulled my cock out of her ass with a pop and Michelle rolled onto her back. She pulled her legs back almost behind her head. This position held my cock straight out as I entered her. As I neared the brink of orgasm, Michelle started clinching her ass muscles to match my strokes. This was more than I could take. As a mind boggling orgasm took control of me, I began furiously butt-fucking her. The fingers on Michelle’s clit matched my maddening pace. As cum began gushing from my cock and filling Michelle’s ass, she reached another orgasm. Her orgasm was so strong it tightened her asshole until I could no longer move. I stood there admiring the site of my throbbing cock thrust inside her beautiful ass and her glistening pussy juices flowing down her ass.

Gradually my orgasm subsided and I began to notice my surroundings. I was startled to see Dana quietly sitting in a metal chair beside the door. She must have come in while I had my face in Michelle’s pussy. From the panties carelessly tossed aside and the blue vibrator she was working in and out of her pussy, she must have been there for a while.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Michelle asked.

“Most definitely! I can see this little friendship will be a lot more interesting than our last one.” Dana replied with a cock hungry smile.

That, Of course, will be the next chapter.


I hope you enjoyed reading my first story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll post the next chapter as soon as I finish editing it. Please feel free to email me with any comments, criticisms, accolades, questions, or whatever you may have. Just be sure to put the story title in the subject line

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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