What Happens After Date Night

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Most married couples are familiar with “date night” and most would agree that they don’t come often enough. If you’re lucky, every once in a while, what happens after date night can keep you warm on nights when your man is traveling far from home.

It was date night, the kids we’re outside in the yard and Austin would be home in about an hour. Laura went into the bathroom, drew the bath and shed her clothes, anxious to unwind in the soapy water. She stepped into the tub and slid her body beneath the bubbles. Laura lathered up her sponge and carefully washed from head to toe. As she leaned back she imagined Austin undressing her after their date, kissing his way down her breasts, stomach and down between her legs. Laura stood to rinse the suds from her body. She moved the shower wand so the water cascaded over her shoulders, breasts and then she paused as she directed its stream between her legs. She could feel her body tighten and it wasn’t long before her orgasm washed over her like the suds swirling around the drain.

Laura shut off the water and towel dried on her way to the bedroom. Digging to the bottom of her top drawer she pulled out black lace panties and a matching bra. She let her towel fall to the floor and stepped into her lacy bottoms, sliding them up her sleek legs until neatly cupping her firm ass. Laura then wrapped the bra around her tits and hardened pink nipples. She went back into her drawer one final time and pulled out a radio-controlled vibrating egg which she slipped into her panties. She finished the ensemble with a wispy skirt and tight, low cut top. As a final touch, she found a small box and wrapped the remote which controlled her egg.

Austin was home soon toting the college-aged babysitter and after a barrage of instructions and goodbyes the couple headed out the door to their favorite dinner theater. The meal was fantastic and just before the start of the show Laura slid a small gift box across the table to Austin. When he saw what was inside his eyes flashed with excitement. Throughout the show and drinks following, Austin used his gift to tease Laura and bring her ever closer to, yet never quite reaching orgasm. After the show, the couple went to a bar.

When they walked in, Austin headed for the John and Laura took a seat at the bar. When Austin came out he noticed Laura was deep in conversation with another man. He watched from across the bar as this other guy’s eyes never left her chest. Austin liked seeing another man lust after his wife so he found a seat with a clear view and ordered a beer.

Laura was more than a little bit tipsy and was turned on by the younger man staring at her tits. She was just wondering where Austin had disappeared to when she felt a familiar buzz between her legs. Laura’s eyes drifted across the room until they found Austin drinking a beer at a nearby table. She knew Austin had fantasized about watching another man fuck her, but they both agreed it would never be more than that. Still, the attention from another man was fun and she was about to raise the stakes. She asked the young buck to buy her another drink while she went to the ladies room. On her way back to the bar she paused next to Austin’s table and dropped her bra in his lap. He returned the favor with a long buzz when she sat back down beşiktaş escort at the bar.

Laura noticed the bulge in the man’s pants and leaned in placing her hand on the inside of his leg, just inches from his swollen cock. She watched his eyes as they stared down her chest, sure he could clearly see the pink rings around her nipples. The flirting continued back and forth over several drinks until the man got up to use the restroom. That was just the opportunity Austin was waiting for as he turned his remote to high and approached the bar grabbing Laura’s arm and escorting her to the door.

As Austin was helping her into the car, Laura stopped, slid off her soaked panties and threw them and the egg into the back seat. She needed to be penetrated and, even through it was only a short ride home, couldn’t wait. By the time Austin slipped behind the wheel, Laura’s fingers were deep inside her slowly sliding in and out. She continued this up until they pulled into their drive, keeping herself on the brink of an orgasm.

It wasn’t even midnight, a little early for their date night, but they were both ready for the real fun to begin. Not wanting to startle the sitter, they walked quietly through the house to the den where they got a big surprise. There on the sofa was the sitter, in next to nothing with her hand rocking back and forth beneath her white cotton panties. In the background girls were kissing on a late-night porn.

The sitter (Amy) must have sensed she was being watched, because she turned toward the couple, but instead of screaming and covering up she stood and walked toward them. Her body was a sharp contrast to Laura’s. She was tall, with an athletic build and short jet black hair. Her breasts were smaller than Laura’s tipped with small dark nipples, so firm that they barely moved with each step. There was no hair below her neck and the swollen lips of her pussy glistened with her juices.

Immediately Austin’s cock began to harden beneath his pants as he fantasized about this young pussy wrapped around his throbbing member. To his surprise, the sitter walked up to Laura and kissed her gently and passionately on the lips.

Laura didn’t know what to think; how could she in her condition – drunk and horny. Laura felt Amy’s tongue, warm and wet slide between her lips into her mouth. She had often fantasized about other women, but never actually thought they might come true. The young girl’s hands were so tender as they glided over Laura’s face, arms and then tummy. Laura gulped for air when she felt Amy’s hand reach up her shirt to cup her right breast.

Amy gently kneaded Laura’s breast. It felt so full and heavy in her hand sparking memories of her first lesbian experience with one of her professors. She broke from the kiss and looked deeply into Laura’s eyes and slowly lifted off her blouse.

Austin was so aroused he could hardly breath. He was captivated by the soft milky skin and long blond hair of his wife next to Amy’s dark bronze skin. He watched intently as the lips of the two women locked a second time, slow, long, deep, tender kisses only 2 women could share. Their nipples rubbed together and soon their hands were caressing each other’s breasts.

Laura felt Amy’s hand take hers and beşyol escort guide it between the young girls legs. Her pussy was so smooth and she could feel the heat and wetness beneath her palm. Laura started to tenderly massage the swollen lips of the other girls pussy and then slowly and carefully slid a finger deep inside. It met with no resistance as it pushed past the walls of her cunt. As Laura penetrated her, Amy let out a long, soft moan.

Amy lowered her hands and unzipped Laura’s skirt which fell softly to the floor. She admired the older woman’s still trim figure who was now standing in black panties, garter belt and long stockings. Amy’s hand had been squeezing the older woman’s breast, gently pinching her rock hard nipple, but now she was moving it between Laura’s legs. Laura’s legs began to shake and buckle, a combination of too much to drink and her heightened arousal. Amy’s finger slipped quickly between the lips of Laura’s soft wet pussy.

Austin’s cock throbbed as he watched his wife receiving pleasure from another woman. He saw Amy’s hand disappear beneath Laura’s panties, but knew exactly what was going on. He was caught off guard when the girls started moving to the couch. Amy had lowered Laura down to a seated position at the edge of the sofa and was skillfully finishing undressing her.

Amy’s lips were soft and warm as they kissed Laura’s inner thighs. She watched to see her move her face closer to her dripping pussy and met the young girl’s eyes as she licked the length of Laura’s slit. The touch of her tongue sent sparks of excitement throughout Laura’s body. Laura’s head jerked back when Amy’s tongue parted her pussy’s walls and probed her wetness.

Nothing was so erotic, in Amy’s mind, as to watch another woman in pleasure. As she kissed and tongue-fucked this beautiful woman, she watched as Laura began massaging her own tits pinching the pink nipples. Amy had been here before and slowly inserted one finger and then a second into Laura’s pussy while licking her clit. Laura’s breathing was heavy and Amy could tell she was on the brink of an orgasm so she removed her fingers and left the throbbing clit to slide her tongue in and out of Laura’s pussy.

Austin watched and Amy removed her fingers from his wife’s cunt and lifted them to his mouth. He sucked them in enjoying their sweetness. Slowly she pulled her fingers from her mouth and slid them down his chest and undid his pants. Austin sped along the process and was soon standing there naked, his rock hard member being caressed gently in the hand of another woman.

Laura opened her eyes to see that Amy was rubbing her husband’s cock. He looked at her husband, whos eyes were trained on the backside of the young girl before him. She watched as Amy guided her husband’s member to the entrance of her pussy. She was about to object when Amy’s tongue refocused on her clit making everything but her pussy fade from her mind.

Amy used her hand to rub the tip of Austin’s swollen cock up and down the opening to her pussy, teasing her wanting cunt. Her other hand had moved to Laura’s pussy and was fingering her deeply, with increased intensity. Amy wanted to be fucked and pulled Austin deep inside her, filling her deepest need.

As he plunged his cock beykent escort deep inside the young girls tight pussy, he watched Laura writhe in ecstasy fighting back an orgasm. Pumping in and out he listened as the moans of the two women were increasing in frequency and intensity. He could see Laura was about to come, her breathing had all but stopped, fiercely rolling one of her nipples between the fingers of one hand while the other held the back of Amy’s head guiding her deeper into her pussy.

Laura braced for the biggest orgasm she’d ever had. The tongue of another woman was flicking at her clit while her fingers pumped vigorously back and forth in her cunt. She watched her husband bury his cock in the folds of that same woman and could tell by Amy’s noises he was fucking her hard like he’d done to her so many times. Finally, she couldn’t hold it any longer and the orgasm exploded over her entire soul shaking her body with roles of pleasure.

Amy wasn’t used to the fury of a man’s cock inside her pussy, but she loved it. She could feel her orgasm building and was having a hard time concentrating on Laura. She almost didn’t notice Laura’s cunt tighten around her fingers. The moans of pleasure escaping Laura’s lips, and the warm release of juices while being fuck hard sent Amy into orgasm almost simultaneously with Laura.

Seeing two women shake with pleasure before him was too much for Austin to ignore as he exploded into the young girls pussy. His rhythm slowed and he pulled his shrinking cock from her wetness and laid on the floor, exhausted.

Laura loved cock and the cum that came from it. She wanted to be fucked hard by Austin, but knew it was going to take a bit of work to get him ready again. She slid over and knelt beside Austin, picking up his member and slowly sliding it into her mouth. Laura licked and sucked his cock intensely trying to regain its’ grandeur. She could taste the sweet tang of Amy’s pussy and glanced over at her body laying on the floor.

Amy watched Laura suck a semi-hard cock with such enthusiasm it sent a single tickle between her legs. Amy’s eyes met Laura’s who stopped sucking Austin’s cock and crawled across the floor and began to lick the cum that was slowly oozing from Amy’s pussy. She loved the tongue of this older woman slipping up and down her slit, and moaned when Laura shoved her tongue deep inside. Amy came within a few short minutes.

Austin was disappointed that his wife wasn’t able to suck his cock back to life, but watching her feast on the pussy this bronzed chick was just the jolt he needed and Amy’s orgasm hardened his wood like iron.

As Amy buckled in pleasure beneath her, Laura glanced over to her husband’s growing member. She’d thought that watching her go down on another woman would be just what he needed to bring that monster back to attention. When Amy’s body relaxed, Laura climbed atop of Austin. His dick slipped easily into her wetness and she rocked slowly back and forth, enjoying his size.

Laura leaned in to kiss Austin and he could taste Amy’s sweetness on her lips. Rarely did he get a rise to fuck again so soon, but when he did he could last hours. They kissed passionately until Laura shuttered for her second orgasm, moaning with excitement, before collapsing on his chest. She laid their as his cock shrunk between her pussy walls.

Amy was the first to dress and asked for a ride home. When Austin dropped her at the apartment, she asked him when Laura and he planned the next date night if it would be alright if she brought her roommate. Austin just smiled.

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