Wife Forced roleplay

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Wife Forced roleplay
My wife and I have a bit of a kinky side, we have role played being a cuckold couple, me the sissy hubby and she the slut wife. this is a role play that was so hot!

There was a knock at the door, which was strange it was 9:00 pm, my wife went to answer the door, there were two black men at the door, one acted embarrassed and told her they obviously had the wrong house, because she wasn’t who they expected to answer, she told them no problem and was about to close the door, when they both pushed it open and entered our house, slamming the door behind them, she was scared and tried to scream when the first one grabbed her put his hand over her mouth, pushed her against the wall and said “shut up bitch” don’t try anything dumb…both of these guys were big, 6’1 and 6’2 at least and pretty well built…she shook her head has he released his hand and she promised she wouldn’t try anything, they could have whatever they wanted cash, jewelry, whatever “just please don’t hurt us” “Us?” one of them asked, “who’s us?”

“My husband and I” “where is he?’ she told them up in the bedroom, he grabbed her arm and ordered her to go to the bedroom, while they headed that way, his hands started groping her, she tried to get away, but he grabbed her by the hair and said, “if you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll just be a good little girl” he turned to his buddy and called him Derrick and Derrick called him Terrance. “what do you want” my wife asked, Terrance said “you baby” we have had our eyes on you for a while, at the gym and around, you’re so fucking hot and such a tease, we thought we’d see just how good you were”…”Oh god no, please no, you can have anything just don’t do this” Terrance replied “oh we’ll have anything baby, you can count on that”

They entered the bedroom and I was startled, “what the hell. Is this! Terrance came towards me a slapped me across the face, my wife screamed and Derrick slapped her and threw her down on the floor. “OK, this is what’s going to happen, we’re going to fuck your wife and use her for fun, you’re going to sit in that chair and watch. He put me down in the chair, looked through the dresser and found some scarves and stockings and tied me up my hands behind my back.

My wife began canlı bahis siteleri to cry a little and started begging them to please don’t do this, they laughed and Terrance grabbed her by the hair and picked her up from the floor, he reached up under her dressed and rubbed her ass, Derrick steeped up and began grabbing her breasts, she squirmed and pleaded for them to stop, they laughed and tore her dress, Derrick had gotten her dress off, she was standing in her panties, bra and stockings. Terrance ripped her bra off and began squeezing one of her 38DD breasts and pinching her nipples, Derrick took the other one and did the same and dropped his hand down to her ass, rubbing it and then rubbing her pussy…she pleaded again, begging for them to stop, Derrick laughed and tore her panties off, rubbing her pussy hard.

Then they pushed her down to her knees and began taking off their pants, Terrance pulled a huge, thick cock out of his underwear has he pulled them off…it was semi hard and had to have been at least 8” long and very thick, he took my wife’s head into his hands, she tried to turn away, but he just grabbed harder and slapped her mouth with his huge cock. “Oh yeah baby, this is a real cock, a man’s cock, not like that little faggot dick your husband has” Derrick laughed and said “and mine is even bigger than Terrance here” they both laughed and Derrick was now completely undressed and had his huge cock in his hand, he had to have been 9” or more, but thinner and curved.

He walked up to my wife, now both of them standing on either side of her, she squirmed and turned her head but Terrance grabbed her by the back of the head and put his cock up against her lips, rubbing it around and forcing the head into her mouth…”come on baby suck it, suck it, if you try anything to try and hurt me, you’re going to feel some real pain” he forced more of his cock into her mouth and with his hands on the back of her head began forcing her down on it she began sucking but it was so big she gagged a little, “oh you fucking slut you know you can take this” he pulled out and Derrick immediately stuffed his cock in her mouth…forcing it in and sliding it out, faster and faster, then he pulled out and Terrance took a turn, perabet giriş they kept this up for a while, each taking turns fucking her mouth, she gagged a bit, and tried to get some air between them, “oh damn she has a sweet mouth” “fuck yeah and she knows how to take this big black cock too”

Terrance looked at me and said “see this big black cock in your wife’s mouth, see this she loves it, she’s digging this” Derrick took another turn and started really fucking her mouth hard, “oh yeah baby, mmm take this dick, take this black dick” oh baby I’m gonna shoot a load” he groaned and moaned and fucked her mouth harder she tried to keep up but it was hard for her, then he tensed up began cumming in her mouth, there was so much she couldn’t swallow, she coughed and cum spilled out her mouth, down her chin and onto her chest and tits, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot a stream of cum across her face, and again another, her face was covered and dripping with cum.

Terrance grabbed her now and tossed her up on the bed, he grabbed her legs and spread them and said “ok fucking slut, now you’re going to get fucked good” he placed the head of his rock hard cock against her pussy lips and began to slowly slide it in, she cried out, “please, please no!” she loves cock and we have had some multiple partners but now she’s being forced and she wanted it to stop, with that Terrance smiled at me, then turned to her and drove his whole cock deep inside her with one thrust…she screamed out, but has she did she looked at me and her eyes grew wide and she had that look she gets when she’s getting a good fucking from a big dick, she lunged forward, for a moment I think she enjoyed it…Terrance begin fucking her hard, slamming that big black cock all the way into my wife…”oh yeah, yeah you fucking slut, take this black dick, take this black dick bitch” Derrick looked at me and said “you know she’s loving this, she’s getting the fucking she wants” he then got on the side of the bed near her and put his cock in her mouth and began making her suck his cock while being fucked hard by the other.

Terrance fucked her for a long time, then pulled out and said “Your turn” Derrick took his place, but then grabbed her perabet güvenilir mi by the legs and with one quick moved flipped her over on her stomach, he pulled her up to him with her head down and slammed his hard cock into her pussy from behind. He slapped her ass has he slammed his cock into her, then he reached up and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back and slamming his cock harder. “Oh fuck yes” he yelled “fuck yes take this big black cock bitch,,mmmm take it, you love this cock inside you don’t you, you white slut you love my black cock” while fucking her he began turning her on the bed so that she was facing me, I watched her face has he slammed that cock into her, her tits swinging away, her hair tossing around, she looked me in the eyes, she looked like she wanted to cry for a second, longing for it to stop, for me to help her…and then he fucked her even harder and she looked up at me, and her eyes rolled back a bit in that way she does when she wants to cum…I realized even being forced against her will, she couldn’t help from feeling the sexual intensity. Derrick fucked her for a good 10 minutes and then yelled out “Oh yeah, gonna cum in this pussy, going to fill this pussy up” he tensed up and groaned and shot a huge load of creamy cum deep inside my wife’s pussy.

Terrance kept my wife on the bed on her knees and slapped her ass over and over, telling her what a white slut she was and that she belonged to him now…he rubbed a finger around her asshole, he stuck it in her pussy and pulled it out wet and then played with her ass, he slid a finger into her asshole, and began finger fucking her ass “oh that’s a tight ass she’s got” let’s get it wet and loose, hey baby want to take this big black cock up your white ass?” She shook her head, “Oh please no, please I can’t take that, please anything else but that please don’t do that” He laughed and worked another finger in her tight hole, and finger fucked her ass, while rubbing her clit, Derrick started playing with her tits, squeezing and pinching and pulling her nipples.

For the next couple of hours, they took turns fucking her, making her suck them, playing with her ass, spanking her, pulling her hair, demeaning her and using her like a fuck toy, much of the time telling me how good it was inside her, and how her pussy will never be the same.

They got dressed and just left, telling us that they know we weren’t going to call the cops, just deal with it….maybe we’ll come back…with a couple of other friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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