20 Years Of Infidelity… Chapter One

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20 Years Of Infidelity… Chapter One
((((All writers re-write, re-write, re-write… After all, as Mark Twain once said, “The difference between a word and the right word is the difference between a lightening bug and lightening.” I try to write with lightening… LOL This was my first attempt at erotic writing and I’ve known I could do better since I’ve learned how to insert pics, so I re-wrote…))))

Just over 20 years ago I was married to a great guy who was more than twice my age. I was twenty and had a job as an office temp in his office when we met. Monday we met, Tuesday he asked me out for drinks after work and Friday afternoon we left work early to go to a hotel near the building his office was in to spend the weekend fucking like demented rabbits. I’m sure my above average height and slender build had much to do with our whirlwind ‘romance’. Though, it was my very willing participation in the bedroom that was probably the major factor. My soon to be husband wasn’t bad looking either and with cock, hands and mouth, he certainly knew his way around a woman’s body. Some of the girls in the office told me he’d come sniffing around their skirts so at first I figured our relationship was purely sexual.
I wasn’t a virgin by any stretch of the imagination going into our relationship. I’d lost my virginity in the back seat of a car when I was fifteen and there had been other boys since then. Our sex was great and satisfying. Having just moved to the coast, I’d been without sex for several months and my energetic participation to release my pent up sexual frustration fueled his ardor that weekend and for many meetings after. My soon to be husband was born into money, a lot of money, and had a high paying job with an international corporation that earned him boat loads of more money. He had the means to wine and dine me like no other boyfriend had before. Surprised the hell out of me that he proposed marriage and I’m not sure to this day if I ever loved him. Maybe it was the money, maybe because I was lonely, but I did know I had fun with him. I accepted.
Three months after meeting him, I celebrated my twenty-first birthday by getting married in Vegas. Whoo-Hoo! It was legal for me to buy booze! A brief, weekend honeymoon and I was in a tither of getting moved and settled into a new house and life. The only reason my new hubby hadn’t asked me to move in before we’d married was his sixteen year old son. A younger, taller, more buffed version of my hubby. My new sixteen year old stepson didn’t seem mad his dad had married me and never seemed to hold a grudge against this new person invading his life and home. He helped enormously and didn’t seem out of sorts using much of his Summer Vacation to help me redecorate and paint the walls something other than the white that was throughout the house.
It was less than a month after returning from our honeymoon that I called a friend I’d made while working at my new hubby’s office. Hubby was running late arriving at home and I asked if it was because of a meeting that had gone long. My friend hesitantly admitted my new husband was already in a relationship with another girl at his office. I’ve never been the jealous type but, Damn it!, he could have at least waited until the shine on our wedding rings had worn off. I’d been so preoccupied with making the house feel a little more homey that I really hadn’t paid much attention that our sex life had already taken a dive. I thought about it now. Unless I was the one to initiate things, our four to five times a week had already become a once a weekend thing. Usually a quickie sandwiched between waking up and hubby leaving for a round of golf.
I thought hard about my options. It wouldn’t take much to have evidence of his cheating. I could file for divorce with a nice monetary settlement. But, as I said, I was way far from being a virgin going into this. I had a huge new house. A nice, new car. A new family. New friends. New credit cards! I was happy with the way things were. If my husband needed new conquests to make him happy… Fuck it! As long as he didn’t bring home any STDs, I decided I could live with it. Besides, my husband really was a nice guy if you over-looked his cheating and complete lack of interest in initiating sex with his safe, stay at home wife. I guessed he needed the thrill of the chase to get his motor going.
The one thing I couldn’t live with was the fact that by the fourth month of our marriage, our once-a-week sex dropped to once or twice a month! I was tired, damned tired!, of having to be the one to always initiate our sex. I needed to feel desired! I wanted the guy back in my bed who’d shown some enthusiasm while we fucked. Not the guy who was ready to fall asleep after a quick in-and-out missionary fuck. I wanted to be in the kitchen with a husband who’d come up behind me to grab my ass and tits. Who’d whisper in my ear, ‘Let’s eat later.’, and drag me to the nearest couch or bed.
I was a healthy, young woman who’d always enjoyed a healthy, active sex drive. Not having the guy in my bed satisfying me was driving me up the wall! For a time my fingers and vibrators of different sizes kept me happy. But only to a point. By the time my stepson was into his second month of junior year I was horny as hell and masturbation just wasn’t cutting it any more! Hubby was getting satisfaction from a succession of new, ever changing temporary office help. A cheap, plastic toy in my pussy just didn’t compete with having a man on top of me.
I began thinking about having my own affair but I had a very good reason to keep my pussy to myself. If I was caught cheating, there went any chance of a nice divorce settlement in my favor. Flushed right down the crapper. I still hadn’t made up my mind about what to do. Have an affair or go for the divorce and run with the money I’d get. Then one afternoon my mind was made up for me.
I was bringing fresh laundry to my stepson’s bedroom. Changing the sheets on his bed I found a girly-magazine under his mattress. I can admire well shaped tits and gorgeous bodies just as much as any man. I’d never been with another woman but the idea didn’t turn me off, either. I was sitting on the bed admiring the airbrushed perfection of the girls when a very embarrassed, just turned 17 year old (I’ll call my stepson Jason) walked in and caught me. Hell, I was probably as embarrassed as Jason was. I’d never given a thought that someday I might be the one giving a bird-and-the-bees talk to a 17 year old boy. Damn! I was less than five years older than Jason! But, what the hell… I remembered what high school boys had been like when I’d dated them. I took pity on the poor male of the species who had 15 pounds of hormones coursing through a brain the size of a pea.
I told Jason it was perfectly normal for him to look at the beautiful women in magazines and masturbate. This was before the explosion of internet information and I could tell he had questions. I asked him if we could be any MORE embarrassed and to ask anything he wanted. We ended up having a pretty frank discussion about sex while sitting on the edge of his bed. I pretended not to notice Jason’s attempts to hide the rather nice sized ‘tent’ his cock was making in his lightweight, athletic shorts and answered his questions honestly. Jason admitted he was a virgin and I told him I’d buy him rubbers if he swore to use them if given the opportunity. We both laughed when I told him 21 was way to young for me to be any kind of grandmother.
I told Jason I would respect his privacy but from now on HE had to change his bed linens. I also told him not to expect air-brushed perfection from girls as I gave him back his magazine. I can still hear him shyly saying, ‘You’re not airbrushed but you’re pretty perfect.’

I’m still tall at 5’10” and my body is still slender but back then it still had the toned beauty of youth. I’d caught Jason looking at my 34B-23-35 body when I’d worn my bikini to swim in the pool in the backyard or when I was on a step ladder wearing my short-shorts while painting walls. I’d just shrugged it off as I would any healthy guy looking at me. Men have been staring at me since my breasts stopped growing and I’ve always liked being good looking enough for men to want to stare at.
I laughed and thanked him for the compliment, then leaned over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. But as I moved forward, he moved with me and the quick kiss on the cheek I had planned for turned into anything but as our lips met. I was surprised and I froze just long enough for Jason to take my immobility as acceptance. Jason deepened the kiss and when I began to pull back Jason moved with me, keeping our lips touching as his hands moved to my waist to stop my retreat. Maybe it was because I was so horny, but after a moment I was kissing back just as eagerly as Jason was kissing me.
I’m sure Jason was as sexually frustrated as only a 17 year old virgin can be for him to have mustered the courage to kiss me. I was the adult in the room and I should have pulled away, but Oh, God… It felt so good to feel desired again after being almost completely ignored for months by my husband. I could tell Jason wanted to move beyond a kiss but he was as unsure as I was whether or not to. My own lack of good, satisfying sex decided things as I took his hand on my waist and placed it on my breast. After that Jason’s hands were all over my body. Pulling me down, laying me on my back atop the bed. Grabbing my ass and squeezing my tits, it was like I was fifteen again in the backseat of my boyfriend’s Mustang. It was like he grew six hands and they were all on my body everywhere…
Everywhere except my by now drenched pussy that ached to be touched. To give Jason the green light, I put my hand on the stiff cock forming a tent in his athletic shorts and he was soon rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I put my head back and moaned as Jason rubbed my pussy harder and faster. I was already so wet my panties were sliding over my lips as if dipped in oil. I think I would have come even through my jeans if I hadn’t begun to realize what my hand was holding. I had one very large cock in my hand! I’d had seven inch cocks before and one eight inch cock but this felt even larger and definitely felt more than average in girth through Jason’s shorts.
I was barely four and a half years Jason’s senior. I had all the hormones of youth he had coursing through my body and I was sexually frustrated as hell. Horny and very curious, there was no way I wasn’t going to at least see what my groping hand was telling me was a huge cock! I had Jason lie back on his bed and lift his hips as I stripped his shorts and underwear down to his knees. Shit, just lying on Jason’s stomach and only semi-erect, that was a very impressive dick! I straddled his thighs as I stroked his cock to full hardness and got my first good look at my find. That damned cock (I later measured) was just a smidge under ten inches long and almost as thick as my wrist down towards the base. It tapered towards the tip but even the circumcised tip was large and purple as I stroked an amazing amount of pre-cum from the tip to rub over the circumcised head. My husband and his ex-wife had made one incredible cock on this boy!

I couldn’t resist my urge to play. I didn’t even want to resist. Jason’s breaths were quick and ragged as he propped himself up on his elbows and watched me move to straddle his ankles so I could lean forward to take his tip in my mouth. Just the head filled my mouth as I ran my tongue around it to spread Jason’s pre-cum, but with no trouble I found I could take another four inches. That still left plenty of shaft for me to wrap my hand around the base.
I knew my way around a cock and with experienced mouth and hand action in barely a minute I had Jason on the brink of coming. Given Jason’s virginity, youth and excitement, I should have known he wouldn’t last long. Though I’d made all of my former lovers spill with my mouth and hands, I’d never let any of them come IN my mouth. But I’d brought Jason so close, so quickly, to pull away before he came would have been cruel. Plus, I remembered my less than satisfactory first time and I didn’t want his first time coming with a woman to be remembered as a mess left on his stomach. I kept sucking on the tip and stroking the shaft as he groaned, his body stiffened and he came.
Jet after jet of hot cum filled my mouth as Jason’s hips drove upwards trying to get more of his cock into my mouth while his hands went to the back of my head trying to force my mouth further down to take more of his shaft. I moved as he moved to keep him in my mouth and not let him choke me or let him slip out while my hands continued to milk every drop of his cum out of that huge cock. Even after Jason was still, I kept sucking on the very tip of his cock as I milked the shaft. Certain I’d gotten the last drop, I lifted my head and saw Jason watching me as I swallowed. I guess I’d always been put off of letting men come in my mouth thinking it was just too gross and slimy. And it was slimy and not all that good tasting. But seeing the lust and satisfaction on Jason’s face as I licked kaçak casino my lips, I knew I’d never hesitate again to swallow cum.

It’s been many years since that afternoon and things blur, but I know I fended Jason off when he wanted more. It was too close to my husband’s time to arrive home for anything else but a quickie and Jason’s first time with a pussy deserved to be more than a quickie while watching the clock. Also, despite what had just happened, I still wasn’t sure I wanted to make more of this than just one really bad decision on my part. Jason was a teenage boy and there was no doubt or hesitation on his part. He wanted sex! NOW! Telling him I had to think about what had happened, I swore him to secrecy and left to start dinner.
I’ve never had a problem with lubrication. I make a lot of pussy juice when I’m horny, like I was now. My husband once said he’d never been with a women who got as wet as I did. Considering the number of women he’d been with… I took it as a compliment at the time. Many times I’d come back from dates while in high school with my panties soaked and the crotch of my jeans showing a wet spot I had to hide from my parents even if I hadn’t had sex. I didn’t have to hide from my parents but the crotch of my panties was soaked with my juice and my jeans showed a large-ish wet spot that told the story of how horny I was. I detoured from the path to the kitchen to go change and had to lock the door of my bedroom behind me to keep a very horny teen from following me.
God, I barely touched my swollen clit with a fingertip and I was moaning and wanting more. Sliding my finger deeper into my slit, it slid easily up my pussy. Shit! My pussy was gushing juice, my nipples were rock hard, my pussy lips were puffy with desire and my tits felt swollen in my bra as I looked at the clock and, with another moan, realized I didn’t have time to masturbate to relieve the tension that was making me ache wanting release.

After a wipe between my legs and a quick change of clothes, I joined Jason in the kitchen and began prepping for supper. Jason followed me around like a puppy dog. But instead of merely being underfoot, Jason was playing grab-ass while kissing my lips and neck, squeezing my tits through my shirt and rubbing my pussy through my pants. I was in a constant state of desire feeling that big cock pressed up against my ass and had to be pretty stern, both with myself as well as with Jason, to make him stop and sit at the table. I had to go back upstairs to change my panties before another wet spot showed through my pants. I used the time to slide a tampon up my pussy to absorb the juice that continued to flow when I thought of that monster cock waiting for me in the kitchen.
In the kitchen I looked at the time. It was later than usual for my husband to arrive and I called my friend at his work to see if there was a meeting that had gone long. He told me that my hubby had left work early with his current love fling. That had happened with me often enough during our three month ‘engagement’ before we married that I had a pretty good idea which hotel he was at getting some afternoon nookie before taking a shower and coming home.
Hanging up the phone, it was right then and there that I knew I was going to have my fun if my husband was going to have his. I was not going to be the nice, stay-at-home wife satisfied with what was becoming two or three times a month ho-hum, wam-bam-thank-you-mam sex. I was going to have cock! I was going to have energetic, mind-blowing sex! Hanging up the phone, I looked at my stepson and I knew where I could get all the cock I wanted.
I remembered how it had been when I’d been a teenager screwing teen boys. The sex back then wasn’t the practiced love making that age and experience brings but it was always energetic! Looking at Jason’s lean, muscular, toned body, I knew that sex with him would be energetic as hell! Knowing what I could teach a virgin boy, I knew it would be great, mind-blowing sex, too. Deciding quickly, I walked over to where Jason had been watching me prepare supper. He was virtually vibrating in his chair because of his desire to continue his exploration of my body.
‘Come with me and just be quiet before I change my mind’, I told him. Taking his hand, I guided Jason into the living room and pushed him onto the sofa where we would be able to see my husband’s car if it drove into the driveway. Jason’s eyes went wide when, without foreplay or another word, I stripped his jeans and underwear down to his ankles for a second time in less than two hours and sucked his cock deep into my mouth. Even without foreplay it wasn’t long before Jason’s body arched upwards, tensed as he cried out while my mouth and hands coaxed another large load of creamy cum onto my tongue.

Sitting back onto my ankles I played with the cum in my mouth while Jason watched. The first time I’d swallowed to quickly. This time I played the cum around my mouth with my tongue and decided that it didn’t taste nearly as bad as I’d feared it would. It was also more watery than slimy. All in all, Not bad… was my considered opinion. It had taken only two loads of cum to convert me into a cum swallowing slut. Watching me play his cum over my tongue kept Jason’s cock hard as my hand continued to slowly stroke its length. After I stopped playing and swallowed, I had to again fend off Jason’s frantic attempts to strip off my clothes and take our oral sex to the next level. Hubby’s car turning into the driveway put an end to our sloppy kisses and Jason’s roaming hands. Jason hurried to his room to stay until his hard-on deflated while I brushed my fingers through my hair and arranged my clothing to be standing next to the stove as if I hadn’t just sucked hubby’s son off twice. Just as hubby walked through the door from the garage I grabbed the glass of wine I’d been sipping while cooking. Taking a large gulp, I quickly swished it around my mouth to mask any remaining cum smell before giving hubby a welcome home kiss.
I knew my hips weren’t the only ones squirming under the table as we ate supper. Damn, I was on my second tampon and still my pussy lips were drenched in juice. God, my clit needed to be touched sooo much! Thinking about Jason’s cock kept me horny and later that night I surprised my husband by sucking him to hardness and then riding him cowgirl style while fingering my clit until we both came. In the morning I surprised him again by wanting a quicky before breakfast. While my husband was showering, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast and had another round of Jason trying to kiss me while grabbing my ass and tits through my robe. Although my pussy and panties were still wet with my husband’s cum, I couldn’t help but get horny again. Telling Jason I was still thinking, I got him to sit at the table when we heard the water in the pipes stop as the shower cut off.
A short while later Jason left for the bus stop and my husband left for work. Putting the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, I was already planning a long stay in my bed with my fingers and trusty dildo/vibrator relieving the need I had. I could only grin as I thought of what I’d done since yesterday. Making the two men in the house come… Twice in my mouth and twice in my pussy while I had only come once made me feel slightly left out. A score of 4 to 1 didn’t seem fair to me! My cunt agreed!
I didn’t have long to think about anything though when, less than a minute after my husband’s car disappeared from sight, I heard the sliding door to the back porch open and Jason walked in. Telling me that he couldn’t stop thinking about what we’d done, he’d hidden until his dad had left. This time I didn’t hesitate when he drew me to him for a kiss. After a long, passionate kiss, I led him to his room. Stripping each other’s clothes off we fell onto his bed.
Jason was so eager to explore every inch of my body. Getting his first look and feel of tits and ass not covered by clothing. Sucking on hard nipples for the first time. Telling me how soft my breasts were and marveling at how wet I was when his finger pushed between my outer lips to slide over my clit. That caused me to yelp and pull away as I explained to Jason the need to treat that part of me more gently. I was trembling with my need for sex and moaning as Jason’s fingers, gently this time, slid past my mound, over my clit and into my pussy.

Jason remarked again at how wet my pussy was as a second finger slid inside me. I spread my legs wider to allow Jason’s hand easier access and pushed my hips up to enjoy the first good finger fucking in what seemed like forever. I wondered what Jason would think if he knew part of that wetness was because of his dad’s cum. Not sure what Jason’s reaction would have been but it just made me hornier knowing. I’d had six other lovers before marrying my husband but never had I taken two lovers on the same day. Let alone in less than an hour of one another. Just the thought of something I’d never done before made me horny. But as horny as I was I was still in control, unlike Jason.
I let Jason explore my body any way he wanted without giving instructions. I moved as he wanted me to and let him position me in any pose. In time his hands became surer in their exploration of my pussy and tits and he stopped trying to choke me with his tongue rammed down my throat. Time after time I had to calm Jason down. Telling him to take his time because I wanted his first time to last long enough for him to have many pleasant memories. I explained that my first time had been in a car’s back seat and had lasted only a few hurried minutes and wasn’t all that great. I had no good memories of my first time. Telling him I wanted him to have better memories for later in life, I made him lie still and took him in my mouth again. Just as before I made him come quickly. Again I let him see how much cum he’d shot into my mouth as my tongue played with the thick cream before I swallowed. I smiled and told him that he’d last longer now.
I was so damned happy that Jason was young and horny. It didn’t take much hand stroking while sucking on the tip of his cock before he was rock hard again. My pussy lips were soaked and my clit was throbbing as I let his cock slip from my mouth and sat up on my heels. Jason had come three times now with me but always in my mouth. It was time for him to discover what a pussy felt like. My entire body was telling me that it was past time for me to discover what that monster cock would feel like inside my pussy.
Straddling Jason’s hips I saw how the tip of his cock almost reached my belly button! I was wild to discover if I could even take that much cock inside me. I couldn’t wait any longer and I rose up on my knees to wet the tip of his cock between my pussy lips. Moving slowly, I guided his cock between my lips and began to lower myself onto that wonderful shaft inch by inch. Jason was so ready to get his cock into a pussy that I had to order him not to move and to let me do the work. Oh fuck! Thinking about this even after so many years I can remember how, even as wet as I was, it took what seemed like forever to work that monster all the way inside me. I felt full and stretched even with just over half Jason’s shaft inside me. Raising and lowering my body, I took another inch and then another… I felt the tip hit the bottom of my cunt as I moaned out the words telling him how wonderful it felt. Bit by bit, more of Jason’s cock disappeared between my pussy lips until, with a sigh of fulfillment, the last and thickest part of Jason was firmly inside me.
That first feeling of a cock as it splits and fills your pussy is just the best. I’m sure that many women feel the same. Especially if it’s a large cock. Sorry, guys, but for me size matters. Jason’s long, thick cock felt like I was being finger fucked by four large fingers up my pussy. It was also longer than any dildo I’d used before as it stretched my pussy walls more than I’d thought possible. At seven inches the tip of Jason’s cock hit the bottom of my cunt. At eight inches I felt stretched and filled like at no other time with previous lovers. And, Oh, God… I still had almost two inches of cock wanting to enter me! I put my hands on his stomach for balance and slowly raised and lowered myself to allow my pussy walls to stretch as I took those last two inches. As I became used to Jason’s size, I fucked his cock with increased speed.

Holy Shit! Never had I had a cock this long and this thick. I felt completely full as my pussy stretched to accommodate it. I spent a few minutes moving my hips slowly and then faster… Slowly and then faster… Just savoring the feeling of fullness I had while moaning my satisfaction at taking every bit of Jason inside me. When I opened my eyes I saw Jason watching me.
‘Well? Is it what you thought it would be like inside your first pussy,’ I asked with a grin.
‘It’s better than anything I ever even imagined. I never want to pull out.’ Jason said with a sigh.
Leaning down to kiss him, I felt that cock move inside me and couldn’t stop from moaning. ‘Oh, God. Believe me, Jason. It feels just as good to me having your casino oyna cock inside me,’ I told Jason between kisses. Jason’s hands on my waist pushed up after awhile and I was moaning again and again as he moved me until my tits were dangling over his face and he began to suck on my hard nipples. Every movement we made as he positioned me so he could suck on first one and then the other tit made his cock move inside me, made me moan and press my tits harder to his mouth. Jason sucked harder and harder as he learned that it wasn’t hurting me to have most of my B-Cup tits sucked into his mouth as his rough tongue lashed my rock hard nipples.
When Jason grabbed my hips and began thrusting slowly at first and then harder and faster, I made him calm down again and move slower. Telling Jason that I wanted him to last a good long time, I took charge and rose up to seat his cock deep inside me again. I commanded Jason not to move and just watch and enjoy as I began moving my hips while reaching down to finger my clit as I rode him cowgirl.
I can’t orgasm with just a cock moving in me. I can come with just clit stimulation but for a really mind blowing orgasm I want my clit played with while taking something long and hard up my cunt. Lying on my back with one hand moving a dildo in my pussy while my other hand is running a vibrator close around my clit makes me cum with fireworks when masturbating. Cowgirl position is my most satisfying for when I want to orgasm with a man. I can finger my clit easily in cowgirl while controlling the movement of the cock inside me. And, OMG!!, I definitely had something inside me this morning. Something bigger than my biggest dildo and thicker than the thickest cock I’d ever fucked. In just a few minutes I felt my orgasm building and building. Fingering my clit harder and moving my hips faster, I gasped out that I wanted Jason to put me on my back and fuck me as hard, as fast and for as long as he could when I told him to. Just as my orgasm crested and swept over me I screamed at Jason, NOW!

I hardly even felt Jason move me onto my back I was so swept up in my orgasm, but when he began to pound his cock into me I felt that! Oh, my, fucking, God, I felt that! Later I would thank God that I’d taken the time to stretch my pussy and grow used to Jason’s cock as he began pounding his cock between my legs as hard and fast as he could. He rose up over me on stiffened arms to put more power behind his thrusts. Pulling his cock out until only the tip was inside me before slamming it back in to the base of my cunt. My legs were spread apart as wide as they would go and the wet sound of flesh hitting flesh was loud in the room as our bodies slammed together. The only sound louder were my demanding screams that Jason, FuckmeFuckmeFuckmeeeee!… as my orgasm crested and crested again and again.
I have no idea how long he fucked me because every moment of it I was coming in wave after wave of orgasm. Just as I began to come down from one orgasm I would feel another build, bowing my back and neck up from the mattress. Muscles clenching in my gut until I was left breathless from yelling at Jason to fuck me. I think those were the only words I could manage. Commanding Jason to, Fuck me! over and over until Jason gasped, pushed hard and ground against my pussy lips as he came deep inside me while grinding his groin against my pussy lips.
I have several favorites. Favorite ice cream, cola, etc. My best favorite of all is to have my lover fuck me as hard as he can while I’m orgasming. Jason had fucked me damn near to unconsci0usness.
As I felt the last cock contractions in my pussy, Jason collapsed on top of me. Our sweat mingled and I wrapped my arms around him. Both of us were panting and exhausted. While we regained our breath, I was still having mini-orgasmic muscle spasms as our every movement caused my pussy to contract around his still hard cock. But Jason wasn’t ready to call it quits on his first time. As soon as our breathing was calm enough for us to kiss, Jason began moving his hips and thrusting his cock slow and deep as he moaned how good it felt as he kissed the side of my neck.
I assured him again that it felt just as good for me as he locked his elbows and began pounding his cock between my legs again. But even the strength and exuberance of youth has limits and Jason finally began to slow from exhaustion, admitted he was too tired to continue and that he wasn’t sure he could come again. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he rested on top of me. Even resting, Jason didn’t still his cock inside me. Thrusting slowly even as he sucked on each of my tits. He began experimenting with how hard he could suck and bite on my hard nipples when I told him I liked that.
Jason rose up on locked arms again to continue his long, unhurried thrusts between my legs. Raising up on my elbows, I snaked an arm behind his neck to pull him to me for a kiss. Already Jason was becoming quite a good kisser. Releasing his neck I looked down to watch his cock appear and then disappear between my swollen pussy lips and… ‘Oh, my God, Jason! I can see your cock moving in me!’ And we could. From a spot maybe just over two inches south from my belly button to just touching my belly button, both of us could watch as the skin of my stomach pooched ever so slightly upwards in time to Jason’s thrusts.
I have very low body fat and a 23 inch waist. I’m sure that was part of the reason we could watch the tip of Jason’s cock making my skin bulge upwards. I’d been able to press a hand lightly to my lower stomach just above my mound before with other lovers and felt their cocks moving in me. I never suspected I’d ever see a cock moving in me though. Two other reasons for what we were watching had to be the sheer length of Jason’s cock and the fact it had a definite upwards tilt. That upwards tilt of Jason’s cock tilted the bottom of my cunt upwards, which tilted something else upwards?… Until we could watch mesmerized as my skin moved. I put my hand on the moving skin and pressed… Jason groaned, saying that he could feel me ‘touching’ his cock tip.
Jason’s cock finally began to soften and he rolled off me to lie on his back even as a more pussy juice and cum gushed to slide down my ass crack. I ran a finger down my slit and found that Jason’s thick cock had left my pussy hole stretched so wide I could easily push my finger inside the gape without touching the walls of my cunt. I sat up and there was nothing to stop gravity from pulling more grool from my gape to run down my ass crack to the sheets. The sheets were already soaked with our cum so more didn’t matter. My ass cheeks were in a huge wet spot. Jason sat up also and seemed amazed at how much juice we’d produced between the two of us. We both laughed when I shrugged and told him that wet spots were just something you had to be ready for. God, how my thigh muscles ached as I laid back down and willed my legs to close for what seemed the first time in hours.

Turning onto my side to relieve my back, I felt totally at peace. I’m not sure what all we talked about as we cuddled. I was in a haze from my orgasm and I’m sure Jason was dazed at having lost his cherry finally. I remember I looked at the clock and was amazed to see we’d been sucking and fucking non-stop for over an hour. I was amazed he’d had the stamina to last that long before admitting he wasn’t going to come again. I sure as hell wasn’t going to complain as I laid there resting in the crook of his arm in the aftermath of the best fuck session and orgasm of my life!
I remember that it was about then that the phone rang. Jason ran after me as I went for the phone. It was his school telling me that Jason hadn’t arrived for morning roll call. Since Jason was pressing my back against his chest while squeezing my tits and kissing the back of my neck, I assured his school that I knew exactly where Jason was. He hadn’t gone to school today because he wasn’t feeling well. Jason hadn’t felt well today and I’d kept him home and in bed, I explained. After I hung up I remember Jason laughing and saying that he felt much better but he still wanted to stay in bed. Picking me up he ran for his room and with the vigor of youth making his cock hard again in such a short time, began working the tip of his cock up my cunt. This time I didn’t bother telling him to make things last. I let him spread my legs and pound his cock deep into my cunt as hard as he wanted. All I did was urge him to do whatever he wanted until he came again.
I enjoyed every second of our sex but hadn’t tried to make myself come again. This time after he moved off me I had the strength to move over and down to take that wonderful cock in my mouth. I savored every delicious taste of our sex as I sucked and licked every drop of our cum from the base to the tip of his cock. I’d never done this with any of my previous lovers after sex and I was curious what cum and pussy juice would taste like. It was different, but delicious. I loved how I could take all of his cock in my mouth to play with and roll it around with my tongue once it was soft. I wondered why I’d never had the courage to do this before because it tasted so good and satisfied my lover so much if Jason’s comments were to be believed. Satisfied my lover and also quickened his cock in my mouth. It wasn’t long before Jason’s once soft cock was growing too large for me to fit all of it in my mouth.
I wanted to see how much cock I could take and, laughing, I commanded Jason to be still. ‘This is my time to play’, I told him. I began trying my best to deep throat that huge cock. I managed to suck most of his length until my chin was tickled by his pubic hair but I couldn’t take that last two inches no matter how hard I tried or from what angle I went after it. With age and much experience I’ve learned how to throat cock but at that time I couldn’t stop my gag reflex. When I finally admitted defeat Jason was primed and ready again. I thought about sucking him dry again but after being cock deprived for so long I wanted cock in my pussy more than I wanted cum in my mouth.

This time I got on my hands and knees and let Jason learn what fucking me doggy-style felt like. With my ass in the air and my shoulders on the bed I could easily play with my clit while being slammed with that thick cock. I rose and balanced on one elbow so I could look between my legs to see his cock covered with a thick, white cummy froth as Jason churned the cum inside me as I fingered my clit. When I came it was another long session of rolling waves of orgasms sweeping over me and making my body tense and relax, tense and relax over and over as I screamed out and came as hard as the first time. My orgasm had Jason pouring another load of cum inside my pussy but he kept fucking me when I commanded him to as I came over and over until I had to slide off his cock because I couldn’t take any more.
I stretched out on the bed covered in sweat. My body felt like it was one big bag of wet oatmeal. Boneless and still quivering at times from my orgasm.
We’d fucked three times and Jason had come four times. It wasn’t even noon. It was time for a break. Even a teen boy needs to rest, at least a little, after coming four times. I led Jason to the shower where we washed off while playing, You-wash-mine/I’ll-wash-yours. We dried each other and didn’t bother with clothes as we ran to the kitchen for drinks and eats. I felt better, more relaxed and satisfied, than I had since finding out my husband was using his cock to satisfy other women instead of me.
I know Jason felt on top of the world. He couldn’t stop touching me. I knew all about the sexual appetite of teen boys from my own experience as a teen but had never had the opportunity to have it demonstrated hour after hour. That day was as much a learning experience for me as for Jason. Well, almost as much. Barely an hour after leaving his bed for food, I was lying on our dining room table with my ass on its edge while Jason stood between my legs as he fucked me again. Jason’s balls may have been drained of most of his cum by now but I was still gushing pussy juice. By the time Jason came my ass cheeks were wet and in a large puddle of my juice that Jason’s cock had pushed out of my cunt and had collected spotted the tablecloth. Before he came, Jason lifted me up and bent me over the table to. Being fucked doggy while standing up felt so damned good to both of us that before long Jason’s hands on my waist were pulling me hard against him again as he came.

After stripping the cum stained tablecloth off the table and using it to wipe up the drops of cum from the floor we went to rest in Jason’s bed. Almost immediately Jason fell asleep. A quicky with my husband and four fuck sessions with my stepson’s big cock had my pussy sore and swollen. Leaving the bed, I left Jason to sleep and went outside to our pool to wash the cum and sweat off me. The way the houses were arranged in our gated community none of our neighbors had a view of our backyard so, with Jason not in consideration anymore, I could now skinny-dip while letting the cold water make my pussy feel better. Sitting on canlı casino siteleri the steps leading down into the water I spread my pussy lips to let the water reach deeper and cool my slit and flow up my still gaped pussy hole. I could barely touch my clit without feeling almost an electric shock because it was so tender. I had been well and truly fucked for the first time in what felt like a year!
Jason didn’t nap long and I was about to leave the pool when he came out of the house with towels. I stayed in the pool and a quick dip for him turned into more grab-ass games. Leaving the pool, he spread the towels out onto the grass and we soaked up some warmth from the sun. We lived far enough South that even that even well into the Fall, it was tolerable outside as long as the wind didn’t blow. Lying in the sun, Jason hesitantly brought up the subject of going down on me. I told him I was way to sensitive for oral sex after the fucking we’d done. Jason looked disappointed and he admitted he was wondering what pussy tasted like. He laughed when I told him that after getting out of the pool my pussy probably tasted like chlorine. He did brighten up when I promised to teach him how to eat pussy another day. I guess that the assurance that this wasn’t just a one-time thing perked him up considerably because it wasn’t long before he was kissing and fondling me again. Though sore, I spread my legs for him without hesitation.
This outside fuck was long and satisfying. Jason had already come five times (Four times in my pussy and once in my mouth.) in just hours and like a small ch*ld calms when finally convince his favorite toy wouldn’t be snatched away, Jason was much calmer this time knowing my pussy was there for him when he wanted it. He was able to last a long, long time and I enjoyed every minute of it as he learned to move hard and fast, then slow and easy or to stay motionless in my pussy until the urge to come left. We started in the missionary position and I took control to position us in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and explained why I liked these positions. He seemed to like doggy position as much as I did and he came in me then.
We jumped back into the pool to clean the sex and sweat off us before going inside. I felt like a drink and didn’t see why Jason couldn’t share a bourbon-n-coke with me. One drink led to two and when Jason admitted his head was swimming, I told him to go to his bed and lie down. Two drinks led to three for me as I got the fixings readied for supper. Going to his door to look in and check on Jason I watched as he snored softly in sleep. I could see the large, dried wet spots from our fucking. The smell of pussy and cum was strong even from the door. Remembering what we’d done on that bed just a few hours ago while inhaling the pungent aroma of our sex… Remembering how I’d taken the cherry from my virgin stepson in his dad’s house… God help me, but I got horny again!
I checked the clock and there was still an hour before my husband would leave work. Plus twenty minutes commute time… My drinking made me daring and I stripped off the clothes I’d worn in the kitchen. I got on the bed and began sucking Jason’s cock while he slept. Sucking on the tip and running my tongue up and down his shaft woke Jason up and it wasn’t long before he was hard. Moving up and over him I only had to whisper, Fuck me!, in his ear and he was eager to turn me over onto my back and spread my legs for another hard, pounding quicky. This time after he came we rested for only a short time while I let our cum drain from my pussy to add yet another large wet spot to the sheets. I was sure that by now Jason’s balls had to be emptied but it still seemed like a large load of his cum mixed with the huge amount of my grool that Jason’s cock had forced from my pussy.

Holding a pillow case between my thighs to prevent any further drops of cum from my pussy hitting the floor, I told Jason to help me strip the sheets from his bed. Letting him put new sheets on the bed, I began to spray a flowery fragrance around his room and hallway to mask the smell of our sex. I then took the sheets to the laundry room and started them washing with the clothes we’d been wearing and the towels from the pool. Returning to Jason’s room I checked and couldn’t find anything to suggest we’d spent the entire day fucking.
I told Jason to go and swim in the pool to wash off any lingering smell of sex and bourbon while I went to the master bath to look myself over in the mirrors. Getting fucked six times by an exuberant teen with a huge cock had left marks. My tits were swollen and there were faint bruises from being squeezed a bit to hard. My thighs had faint bruises but someone would really have to look hard to see them. My pussy lips were another matter. The normally pink skin of my smallish inner lips was now a bright, cherry red, The outer lips were swollen and bruised, anyone looking would see I’d had sex. A lot of sex. I made a mental note to keep the lights off in the bedroom as much as possible before douching my vagina clean of as much cum as possible and showering.
That evening my husband wondered at how early Jason went to bed. I told him that Jason had come home complaining he wasn’t feeling well. I told him I’d see how Jason felt in the morning before deciding if he needed another day at home. With perfect bad timing my husband suggested we turn in early, too. I could tell he didn’t want to sleep. I guess our quickies last night and this morning had him a little randy. Christ! After months of ignoring my body… NOW he wanted to fuck my nearly raw, swollen pussy?
I made sure only the dim nightlight was on before stripping. In bed he did the all the right things to make me wet and ready and it felt as good as it had ever been with him. It had been a few hours since the last, quick fuck with Jason and my clit wasn’t nearly as sensitive. When he began eating my pussy his tongue had me coming in no time before he moved to cover me. I was sore but I did enjoy our sex. Hubby’s cock was average size but between my swollen pussy lips it felt larger than usual. My husband might be a cheating A-hole but that didn’t stop him from being a damned good lover when he wanted to be. I just wished he’d tried more often.
After sex and a little wash and clean up my husband fell into a deep sleep that I knew from experience would keep him out for hours and would take a tornado ripping through our house to wake him. I didn’t feel like sleep. I was super-charged from all that had happened yesterday and today. I left our bed for a drink thinking a couple of shots would help my mind shut down. Out of habit I grabbed my robe and then left it over the back of the chair as I remembered it didn’t matter if Jason saw me in my panties and the sports bra I usually wore to bed.

There was enough light coming through the windows from the outside so I left the inside lights off as I opened the liquor cabinet. I tossed down my first scotch and had just poured another finger of scotch in my glass when Jason appeared. He’d heard me walking down the hallway and followed. I asked if he’d like a drink, too, adding it would be Ok because his dad was sleeping and wouldn’t wake up. Jason gulped down his drink and after a choking fit while trying not to make too much noise, said he knew and admitted he’d heard us having sex. I told Jason that I hoped he wasn’t going to get all possessive and shit. I poured more scotch in Jason’s glass and added another finger’s depth to mine. In the dark, with loose lips from another couple of shots of whiskey, we had another frank and honest sex talk.
I began by admitting that it had taken several months of knowing his dad was cheating on me to make me crazy enough to have done what we did. I also admitted that Jason had caught me at just the right time and in just the right mindset of what-was-good-for-the-goose-is-good-for-the-gander. I admitted that I wasn’t even all that jealous about his dad cheating. I’d known his rep before getting into marriage. I told Jason very frankly that his dad was my husband and husbands and wives had sex. His dad was a good lover when he made time for me and I hoped Jason wouldn’t go all crazy knowing I was having sex with ‘another man’.
I told Jason that there was nothing between the two of us except sex and hoped he’d be Ok with that. I told him I didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt even after all we’d done today and I saw no reason why we couldn’t continue if we were careful and told no one. I was a young woman with a high sex drive and I’d enjoyed every minute with him today just as I’d enjoyed every minute I’d just had with his dad. I really stressed that he couldn’t even brag to his high school buddies that he was no longer a virgin because they’d ask too many questions. Jason was all too ready to agree with my terms with the prospect of his having more sex.
I didn’t talk trash about Jason’s dad but I got the impression Jason had known for a long time that his dad was cheating on me while ignoring me sexually.
I really think that late night, frank talk did us a lot of good. It cleared the air and we both knew where we stood. I believed Jason when he said he’d keep our secret and that hearing his dad and me fucking had only made him horny and not jealous. We started kissing but when his hand started rubbing my pussy I pulled it away. I told him I didn’t want to leave a wet spot on the couch cushion. I also didn’t want to fuck on the carpet. He laughed quietly when I whispered it would be hard to explain to his dad why I had rug burns on my back.

Jason was really horny and sad that it seemed like fucking wasn’t going to happen. Good, Lord! Would his sex drive ever be satisfied? He had the sex drive of a teen but I had the sex smarts and I hadn’t stopped thinking. Taking his hand I got him off the couch and, shutting the door behind us, soon I was bent over the folding table in our laundry room while he moved behind to mount me in a crazy, standing up doggy fuck. Again I felt that intense feeling of pleasure at being stretched and filled by Jason’s huge cock. It was a wild, hard fuck and I think both of us were turned on by the knowledge that my pussy was sloppy wet in part by his dad’s cum. If Jason was put off by the knowledge he was getting his dad’s sloppy seconds he sure didn’t hesitate to drive his cock into me. I wasn’t the only cheater in this house and now I knew I wasn’t the only freak in this house! Talk about freaky… My night was ending exactly as my day had begun! Jason was again getting his dad’s sloppy seconds by fucking me within minutes after his dad had fucked me.
I sent Jason back to his bedroom after he spilled his cum in me. I stayed behind to do clean up. One of the towels we’d had outdoor sex on was still in the washer and I used it’s moist cloth to wipe off my pussy and thighs before pulling up my panties. Examining the concrete floor of the laundry room, I wiped up the cum that had dripped onto the floor and tossed the towel in the dirty laundry hamper.
I had another drink before returning to bed. My husband was still snoring softly and didn’t even move as I got under the covers. I still had trouble going to sleep with visions of all that had happened in the last thirty hours. My brain was on hyper-drive and I could barely believe myself all that had happened in so short a time. I had to think about it to add it all up. I’d fucked my husband three times and come once. I’d sucked off my stepson three times and swallowed cum for the first time. I’d let Jason fuck me seven times today. And, I’d taken a virgin’s cherry in what I hoped was a great way that Jason would remember fondly for years to come… Hell, it wasn’t even midnight!
At 21, I sure as hell wasn’t a shy virgin. (As you might can tell.) BUT, sucking cock and swallowing cum for the first time plus getting fucked ten times by two men in just thirty hours while de-flowering a virgin was definitely a new record for me. I’d certainly set the bar high for me to beat this record! Not to mention the four very satisfying orgasms I’d had during my spree. In les than a day and a half, I’d gone from feeling sorry for myself about a lack of cock to being pounded until I had a swollen, very satisfied purring pussy while lying in bed with the cum of two men wetting the crotch of my panties.
Thinking of cum made me do one more thing I’d never done before. Sliding my hand under my panties I pushed two fingers inside my tender pussy. I moved them around until I was sure they were well coated with the sex I’d had tonight. Holding my fingers where I could see them in the dim light from our nightlight, I could see them glisten with my sex juice and the cum of two men. Without thinking any more about it I put my fingers in my mouth and enjoyed the smell and taste of sex. Sighing, I finally fell asleep.
I know that memories fade and get confused with age but those thirty hours were so crazy that I can still remember all of it except for the exact words spoken. Some things mean so much that memories linger. How many remember where you were, who you were with and what happened when you lost your virginity? And isn’t it misleading to say you LOST your virginity because, after all, don’t you remember who you gave it to? Anyway, that was the beginning of 20 Years of Infidelity and perhaps I’ll write more and admit what brought me to wanting to write after so long…

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