2199 Pt. 06: Orientation – Unicorn

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The following is part of an elaborate story series that will explore a vast number of themes in kink. The themes explored in each chapter are highlighted beforehand so you can make your own decision if you would like to continue reading. All characters depicted are fictional and over 18 years of age.

If you enjoyed all or any of it or if you have any feedback, please leave a comment or like!

Themes in this Chapter: Female Domination, Cross-dressing, Bisexual Male


** Prelude from Pt. 1:

One of the most prestigious courting schools in the galaxy is the Bernulhi Academy. As such it is also one of the most selective. To gain admittance, candidates are expected to complete and send in a portfolio describing each of their physical and mental attributes in great detail. The portfolio must be accompanied by an audition tape specially made for the application; a 30-minute video where the candidate must masturbate in front of the camera. During the audition the candidate is not allowed to interact with any other human partner, but aside from that is permitted to use any material, toy or lubricant to pleasure themselves. They are also allowed to be nude, partially clothed or even fully clothed during the act. Orgasm is also not necessary, but self-gratification must be evident in order to achieve a high score i.e. faking it may not grant you very good marks.

Of the millions of applications that come flying in each year, the vast majority of them will get disqualified due to violation of rules for the audition. Of those that remain, the audition tapes are vetted carefully and scored, and only a handful of candidates are selected and invited to the institute for an in-person physical test.

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** Part 6: Orientation – Team Unicorn

The gang scurried out of the hall one by one to pick out their clothes, after they had shaved themselves and each other bare. There was little difference between the men’s and women’s outfits. They both included a pink bow-tie, a white sleeveless t-shirt and pink suspenders. For men that was accompanied with a pair of pink silky briefs that were partially translucent, so you could clearly see the outline of his cock and balls sitting snugly in its compartment. It also involved a black belt, branded “Hen-Lock (trademark)”. Each woman instead had to wear a pink laced thong that was similarly see-through, and a garter belt and a pair of stockings. There was a note attached to each outfit that explicitly stated no other undergarments must be worn with the uniforms. The outfit was completed with a pair of geta – wooden sandals originating from Japanese culture that seemed to make a clicking noise wherever you stepped.

“I’ve heard the outfits are color-coded to match the year you are in,” one girl remarked.

“Oh? What colors do the seniors get?” another voice inquired.

“Its pink for first-years, blue for second-years, red for third-years and black for fourth-years.”

Ken looked over the set of clothes bearing his name and glanced to his left and right in confusion. Unlike the other boys, his outfit included a skirt and stockings instead of the pair of briefs his neighbors had. It must have been a mistake. He walked up shyly to one of the senior students who was standing by, wearing a red outfit.

“Umm, hi. I think there must be a mistake.” He said holding up the skirt and stockings for the woman to see.

“Ah. There is no mistake. Mistress Xerxe has specifically requested this outfit for you.” The woman said gleefully.

Ken’s face went red. He peered over the garment in embarrassment knowing it probably wouldn’t even fit his genitals. He didn’t quite understand it. Why was he being given special treatment?

“Umm, but this is clearly a woman’s outfit.”

“The masters and mistresses have picked roles individually for all students based on their profiles. I’m afraid, that is to be your formal uniform for your time here.”

Ken hesitantly walked over to a corner of the room, the most desolate one available, and attempted to put it on. Although the fabric was extremely soft on his skin and quite elastic, he found that the only way to make the thong fit was having his penis face up, so that just the tip poked out of the upper rim of the lace. It didn’t help that he was surrounded by other attractive naked students. Once he had the entire outfit on, he turned to face the group and slowly walked towards them, using hands to cover the pink head of his penis that was sticking out. He didn’t know why it was bothering him now – he had been completely naked just a while ago in front of everyone. Perhaps it was the fact that he was being singled out to wear an outfit of the opposite sex.

“Oh, you look so cute, Ken!” bahis firmaları said Kumi, making him jump. He realized that a number of the other girls were now also eyeing him and giggling. Ken felt a chill running through his bones. He had never had that kind of attention before, with so many other handsome men in the room. His gender-swapped outfit seemed to be drawing a lot of notice, if nothing else. But his toned, fairly muscular frame, looked strange sticking out of that delicate lingerie.

The path forward for the newcomers was marked with several signs. Eventually they were led to an enormous bar area, brightly illuminated in modern white lighting and large comfortable white lounges. It was decorated with elegant modern fixtures; a large number of which resembled male or female genitals – including the bar stools were shaped like penises and round couches that even came with painted-in aureola to look like breasts. It was a sharp contrast to the rest of the mansion, which had taken advantage of dull and ominous color schemes to intimidate. This bar area instead was designed to make its occupants feel comfortable and inspired an air of open excitement. There were four or five men and women in uniforms standing silently equidistant from each other across the room, each waiting with a tray with champagne. Each of their faces were covered entirely in a black hood – including their eyes! Their outfits were identical to those of the first-years, except blue instead of pink.

“Students. Welcome.” Regina’s voice reappeared, though the room was so large, it was hard to tell where it was coming from. “Each of you, on your uniforms, will find the symbol of a mythical animal. You will be grouped into a house matching your symbol. Please find your symbol, find the others in your group and make your way to the back of the lounge. Your new Masters and Mistresses are waiting to meet you – simply follow your symbol corresponding to your house, and you will find them.”

Ken looked over at the symbol on his own outfit, emblazoned right above of where his nipple could be seen through his shirt. At first he thought it looked like the silhouette of a horse, but he then noticed the thing sticking out of its head. No, it was a unicorn. He began scanning the hall and after a few glances back and forth found a similar symbol set on a pink background behind one of the lounges near one of the corners. He started walking towards it, still awkwardly keeping his hands locked before his waist in an attempt to keep his modesty.

The unicorn lounge was occupied by a powerful looking woman in a full leather outfit sitting with her legs crossed and her arms outstretched. On either side of her, was a student. On her left was a dark-haired muscular male. You could clearly see his six pack abs through the shirt well-cut arms that bulged of their sleeve holes. On the woman’s right was a female student, just as exquisitely attractive, if not more. She had extremely pale skin. You could also see the beautiful outline of her C-cup breasts. They both seemed the kind of people who would have a ton of followers. In that case, Ken felt out of place for being here – he would never consider himself nearly as attractive.

“Ah, my special girl has arrived.” The woman in the middle spoke. She had a beautifully feminine voice, just the sound of which seemed to amplify Ken’s blood flow to his organ. Ken looked around, confused, to notice that there was no one around him. Certainly no other girl.

“Come here, you can sit beside me.” She said, motioning the spot beside her. Ken obliged nervously. As soon as he took his seat, the woman gently wrapped one arm around his shoulder and touched his elbow affectionately.

“Oh child, you seem so anxious,” she said rubbing his arm. “Not to worry. My name is Mistress Xerxe. You and I will get to know each other very closely over the next couple of years. As will your groupmates. I would like you to meet Andrew and Shay.”

“Um, nice to meet you both” Ken said awkwardly. Both of them nodded and smiled.

“Oh you are still so cold. Come, sit on my lap.”

Ken’s first thought was that this was an odd request. But then again this was to be his new mistress. Plus, some part was finding himself deeply aroused by the proposition. Ken moved over slightly and plopped down on her lap, still not quite exerting his full weight, anxious that she might change her mind.

“There you go. You are so tense, my dear,” she said as she began massaging his shoulders and neck. Then she moved her hand over and slightly touched his nipple and chest from through the shirt. His body reacted instinctively to her touch and his penis expanded to twice its existing size. She seemed to have noticed it, as she moved her hand over on top of his hand that kaçak iddaa obscured his organ. She gently lifted it aside to reveal his cock poking out the top of the thong, for everyone to see.

“I see the outfit suits you very well. You are so brave, my dear.” she whispered in his ear. Then she moved her middle finger to touch the tip of his cock, gently massaged it in a circle. Waves of pleasure swept through Ken’s entire body at the long-awaited contact. But knowing his current predicament of being exposed, Ken tried with all of his mind to suppress it. He decided perhaps trying to speak might take the attention of him – both Andrew and Shay were gazing intently as their mistress whispered seductively in his ear.

“I am humbled that Mistress thought so highly of me as to have a special outfit prepared just for me. I will do anything my Mistress desires. But if I may ask, why me?”

“Oh, sweet Ken” she said. “I picked you personally from a list of hundreds, as I have done with Andrew and Shay here as well. I sensed in you a certain.. delicateness” she said as circled the rim of his urethral hole with her sharp finger nail. It was a kind of sensation Ken had never felt before that made him twitch. Painful, but it only made him want more. The more his cock tried to bounce out of its outfit, the more the elastic of the thong pulled it back and held it smug against his lower waist, and drops of pre-cum dripped onto his shirt, leaving a dark wet patch.

“You should be proud, my dear.” She said as she bit his ear playfully. “The qualities you have are indispensable. Unlike so many others here, you are sensitive to the needs of others. That is why I have a very special role in mind for you. It is why I asked for this outfit for you. Of course, you can simply say no.”

Ken thought about it for a moment. At the current second, the way she was toying with his cock, all he wanted was for her to finish him off, but he also felt embarrassed about orgasming by himself in front of his new group-mates.

“Yes, of course, Mistress. It would be an honor.” he said.

Mistress Xerxe let out a joyful little chortle near Ken’s ear. Everything she did with her voice seemed to send shivers through his body.

“I am glad.” she said. “Now, we can’t really call you Ken any longer, can we..”

“How about, Keani?” she said, after thinking for a second. “What do you think, dear?” as she threw out the question she formed a ring with her thumb and middle finger and began riding it up and down his exposed shaft.

“Yes. Yes, Mistress.” Ken said panting, struggling to avoid cumming from the touch of his mistress’ hand.

“Perfect. Andrew, Shay, I would like you to meet your new group-mate, Keani.”

“It’s good to meet you, Keani” said Andrew, smiling respectfully. Shay mimicked his behavior.

“Good. I would like you to know that from now on, you are my Keani. My little girl. I will always love you no matter what, but you must respect my wishes if we are to be a loving family.” She said with a bout of sudden sincerity. Ken was still too aroused to think too clearly, but he knew he wanted to obey more than anything.

“Yes, mistress. I understand.”

“It will be difficult. I will not lie. But Andrew and Shay will be there to help you every step of the way. And make sure you do not falter from your role. Come here, my children.” she then motioned to the other two students with her hands outstretched. As they inched closer on the lounge she held hands with both of them tenderly.

“We may be new to each other. But from today forth, we are all a family. Over the next couple of weeks you will come to know and love each other, the way I know and love you each. You must promise to never give up on each other, and to never falter or become biased in your love.”

“Yes, mistress.” Andrew answered.

“We won’t, mistress.” Shay answered. Ken was surprised at how easily they seemed to be accepting to these conditions.

Then the Mistress took one hand from each of them and connected them to Ken’s hands, so they were now all holding hands. It was a tender moment. In his current extremely aroused state, it felt odd but extremely sensual to hold hands with two other students who seemed to be similarly shy in their current predicament.

Mistress Xerxe then moved forward and planted a wet kiss on Ken’s forehead, leaving the pink mark of her lipsticks behind. Then she did the same with Andrew and Shay.

“Now, there is one more than I have for the three of you.” Mistress Xerxe said. Then she took out three pink butt plugs and placed them on the table before them. Each one was had bejeweled letters on the flat bottom side reading: K, S and A.

“So that I know where you are at all times. You are allowed three 30 kaçak bahis minute bathroom breaks every day, when you will be allowed to extract the plugs from your person. But you must wear them at all other times outside of play. Now, who would like to go first?”

“I volunteer, mistress” Shay said, before any of the others could get a chance.

“Very well. Bend over for me, please” Mistress Xerxe commanded.

Ken stood up and moved aside from his mistress’ lap, both relieved and somewhat disappointed. Shay got on all fours on the lounge and turned her backside towards the mistress. Then shyly she pulled her thong down to reveal her pretty pink asshole.

Mistress Xerxe slipped two fingers into her own mouth and slobbered on them, as if it was a lollipop. Then taking the wet fingers she circled the rim of Shay’s asshole. Then she picked up the butt plug that had ‘S’ on it and gently slipped it into her anus. It was small enough that it slipped in without much difficulty. As soon as it went in, the ‘S’ became illuminated.

“Good girl.” Mistress said. Shay simply blushed, noticing that both Andrew and Ken had been staring intently at her.

“Now you. Come here, Andrew. On my lap” Mistress Xerxe beckoned.

Andrew obliged and stepped over awkwardly and rested on Mistress Xerxe’s lap with his stomach so that his backside was facing up. Mistress Xerxe pulled down his boxers to reveal a recently trimmed clean masculine asshole. His erect cock poked out the other side between her thighs. She spanked his buttocks lightly teasing. Then she dipped her wet finger against the rim of his asshole but found his muscles tensing up.

“Oh. Now you, are somewhat more tight. We’re going to have to work on you more slowly. Shay, Keani, if you could give me a hand, dear.”

“Yes, mistress” Shay said and closed in on Andrew’s backside. Ken followed awkwardly, not really sure what was required of him.

“I want you to use your tongue, Shay dear, to work up his backside. Ken, I would like you to hold his cock while she does so. I am confident the two of you working together can get him to loosen up.” Mistress said before slipping her same two fingers into Andrew’s mouth.

Shay closed up first and licked Andrew’s left butt cheek. Then she licked the right butt cheek. His body reacted immediately, starting to shiver at the contact. Ken closed in next and awkwardly extended his palm forward and grasped the cock firmly.

“Excellent. The two of you working together is already so hot! I would like you to synchronize your efforts.”

Ken began jerking the cock up and down at a very slow tempo. Shay noticed and tried to match his tempo, circling the rim of his asshole with her tongue. Then she stuck the tip of her tongue in just barely. Andrew moaned and Ken could feel the cock growing and pulsating against his hand. His own erection had also grown somewhat, still constricted against the thong.

Shay continued thrusting her tongue in and out of Andrew, gradually growing deeper. She would occasionally taking a break to suck on his balls, taking each one in her mouth and rolling it around in turn.

“Excellent. Ken dear, I want you to watch Shay very closely. You will be expected to learn a lot from each other.”

Ken continued stroking the cock, gradually increasing the rate to match his own arousal. He kept imagining that it was his own cock he was pleasuring. Shay also intensified the action of her tongue and was now able to insert it nearly all the way. They could feel Andrew’s warm tight body moving rhythmically.

“Mistress, I think he is ready.” said Shay, taking a break from the asshole, a strand of fresh saliva still sticking down from her chin. Ken continued to jerk his cock using some of the saliva that had dropped down from his balls and slid along his shaft.

Mistress extracted her two fingers from Andrew’s mouth and gently nestled them against his asshole. Then she pushed them in, this time with much less difficulty, from all of the wet sticky moisture that covered the inside and out of his bum-hole.

“Very good. Hand me the plug, dear” She said. Shay obliged, handing her mistress the plug with ‘A’ on it. Andrew let out a moan as he felt the object slide inside of him. The mistress finished the task with a light spank that made his entire body jerk, and bits of pre-cum snailed out and trailed down Ken’s arm as he held his cock still.

Ken looked around anxiously for a tissue to clean himself with. But he made eye contact with his mistress who simply smiled bemusedly. “Use your tongue, dear. It is a precious gift from your group-mate and your future lover, you must not waste it.”

Ken stared paralyzed for a second into his own hands. It was covered in a combination of drool, thick pre-cum and Ken’s own sweat from the activities. Hesitantly he lowered his head and smelled it. Then he extended his tongue and licked off the pre-cum with a smooth motion, as if he were trying out a rare delicacy.

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