350 Part 2 Cuckold by agreement

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350 Part 2 Cuckold by agreement
350 Part 2 Cuckold by agreement
It was a week later on the Friday when he was summonsed to his doctor for the all clear, she was a pretty heavyset middle-age woman that brooked no arguments or shilly-shallying, in her room she said, “well let`s see the bally thing then, don’t be bloody shy!” A little shocked he dropped his trousers, and with cold hands and an even colder attitude she poked and prodded the scar, muttered he was a lucky chap still to have it and asked if he had used it again yet? Abrupt was not in it! Blushing he said he had had one or two gentle hand tries, but was waiting for the all clear from her, to which she laughed slapped it, and almost shouted with glee…`fit for wanking and work!’ signed the certificate sending him on his way.
With a stinging appendage he quickly dressed and left, elated he was fully fit once more he popped in to his works on his way home to tell them he was ok now,(it having been a faulty strop, the accident was down to them, and frightened by any claim he may have made and he being amongst the better brickie’s, they were both glad and relieved to see him back, and extra relived he was whole! He returned home, Gloria being at her own work, he got his tools out and readied them for his return on the Monday following.
Then he sat watching a porno, to check if the thing still worked, which it apparently did, so he prepared the evening meal and was just ready to serve it as she appeared home.
“I`m back to work on Monday sweety, out at that new site on the black field.” She kissed him, saying “Great, but mind how you go, I want all of my man, not shredded bits…”
They ate, he told her of the doctor, and she laughed, saying “it was probably jealousy, knowing it is mine” then she kissed him, and taking his hand dragged him to her bed, for the first proper missionary sex they had had in weeks.
It was after the third coming that she raised the question of Tim and his reaction when they got home, saying “she had never seen him as pumped up”, and asking him to tell her about it from his side,” explaining that “for her it had been simple, a quick toileting then knicker-less outside into that dark yard and into the arms of Tim behind the stack of beer crates up against the wall of the bog,” he had been up her like a rat up a drain pipe and thrusting at her like any old tart on a pneumatic drill, filling her with that bloody fire hose of his in no time, which as he withdrew she had plugged inside for you to enjoy, she laughed and said that, “for me it was a fun screw made better that it was for you, and that I had had first go before that old brass Rita who was waiting in the shadows, now that was a joy…”
He said, “he appreciated her sacrifice,” and “while she was away in that yard his imagination had done cartwheels,” that her taste and slipperiness when he unplugged her, was something he would long remember, though his not being able to use his tool had been a real downer. And finally, he lamented that he wished that “he could have watched her out in that yard!”
She laughed then asked, “did you ever make that list we spoke of?” he affirmed he had, and it was behind the clock on the mantelshelf. She fetched it down and from behind the vase on the dresser, she produced her own, passing it to him to read it aloud, it said; that all sex with others must always be agreed with the other partner, which being on his list too, was readily agreed.
They both had to agree never to leave one another, and that if they were not both consenting and enjoying it whatever it is, it must stop immediately, these too were on both lists, perhaps not worded quite the same, but definitely the same sentiments.
Hers also said wherever possible he must be present or if he could not be present or a film made, or he must be informed asp. While his said no permanent marks except by prior or mutual agreement. She then astounded him by saying that “she knew he had long wanted to do things in the BDSM way, and this must be his chance, she had no objections as she wanted him to punish her each time, for whatever she did with anyone else, as she felt they would both enjoy that.” So, in all they were pretty much if a mind, however she suggested perhaps he could have had Amy, or some other wife, but she said only if it was by mutual agreement ok?” She decided on the code word “toffee lolly if she was to give him the go güvenilir bahis siteleri ahead if the bloke had a partner and he was to be `allowed her’, which he found a hoot! He grinned, then nodding, said, “let`s play it by ear, perhaps we should have a code word, if you have the hots for someone so`s I know and can act accordingly if we are out.” This was agreed and the word they decided on was, lollipop or lolly, depending on whether it was a come home full-blown overnight job or a back of the bike shed quicky, as it had been with Tim.
“how will you go about finding someone then? He asked, “or do you want me to do it for you?” she laughed then said “well even with my looks I suspect I can get a randy man, but if you want to find a friend and give me to him well it may be fun, and you could perhaps bind and blindfold me so I never know who used me…”she laughed, then said that “ yes that has possibilities I hadn’t thought of, but when?” she said “normally Friday, and Saturday were favourites as Sunday would be better to rest before work on Monday`s”
Saturday evening soon came and having done a bit of research on the internet, she decided that to enhance the whole proceedings, from now on every Friday evening he would ready her, pick her clothes, dress her hopefully for another man, and they would then go out together.
This was what they did, each weekend, he bathed her, shaved her if need be, selected her clothes, and physically dressed her himself, sometimes with knickers sometimes without but always with that little silky pair in her handbag. Then they would go out to a pub in one of the other areas of this city to minimise the chances of being recognised. Here she would pick up some unsuspecting male who would have her in a dark spot or a pub yard, or even a church yard one evening, she then plugging herself with those silky knickers and returning to him, before a taxi home, and a particularly messy sexual night of to them, bliss!
This then was the regular scenario for a few weeks, sometimes the man would be a great partner, sometimes not so good but all left a deposit, and she, well he really too, had, by now developed a taste for it.
It was a month later when the letter from her brother Stephen arrived, he was her only living close family relative now, and he had been serving with the army out in Cyprus, still a single man, though he had a few weeks leave to come, he asked if he could stay with them being newly promoted and posted back to the uk.
The arrangements were made and resigned to being home rather than their usual playing during the few weekends of his leave they readied the spare room. He was to arrive the following Tuesday.
Peter on his way home collecting him from the station, Peter having met the man once before, at their wedding found him easy to spot, standing with his kitbag and suitcase waiting at the entrance.
At home Gloria only having arrived a few minutes before them, gushed her greetings at the newly promoted corporal, she was about to begin on an evening meal when her brother called that idea to a halt suggesting that he was paying for a meal for them all, and to “get changed sis, so we can get a taxi, we are all off out tonight.” It took little persuading and a hasty shower, to have them all off to one of the many restaurant’s in town, where a good meal filled the bill nicely, the wine flowed too, Stephen being on leave drinking heavily, though neither Gloria or Peter both being at work next morning had the taste…in Pete`s case one accident was enough, he had no need of another, and of course they both had to drive to get their.
Stephen was well in his cups by the time they left the place, good humoured but falling about unsteadily, the taxi soon had them home, and coffee brewing as Stephen apologised for his being pissed. He caught his sister as she passed the end of the sofa, hauling her onto his lap and saying how “he missed their games!” she shot Peter an embarrassed glance and he grinning broadly rose and muttering “lollipop” he went to the kitchen to pour the coffee, thinking maybe the weekends were not lost!
He took his time, he could hear the siblings quietly talking but could not make out what was said, though when he returned with the coffees on a tray, both were sat on the sofa, very close, Stephen`s arm around his sister in a very friendly way.
He explained to his brother in law that “their perabet giriş upbringing had been strict but loving, however their parents had told them little about sex, and sex education not being compulsory then, they had taught themselves and it had been traumatic…” he paused took a drink of the coffee, then went on that “ my lovely sis here, let me play with her a lot, though we only actually did it the once…I`ve always regretted that… he began to ramble a bit so laughing the couple helped him to his room, he amorously trying to kiss his sister as they negotiated the stairs, then again as she tucked him under a blanket on his bed, fully clothed.
The couple retreating to their own room laughing at his outburst, Peter remarking that “he was glad she had told him all about the i****t beforehand, and that it had not been the shock as any other husband would have had!” she grinned at him saying that as it was her day off on Thursday, if he didn’t mind, she would have a long chat with `our Stephen,’ and straighten a few things out!”
Peter laughing said he “understood but he doubted if they needed to talk much,” to which she gave him a playful thump on his shoulder, followed by a long slow kiss.
They both left for work next day before Stephen was up, leaving him a note that said to help himself to whatever he wished, they would be home at six, though she was going out to an evening meeting for her job, at about eight and they hoped his hangover was not too awful.
Gloria arrived home at six just a few minutes before her hubby. More than a little embarrassed, Stephen, had prepared a cottage pie, laid the table and supplied a bottle of good wine. Over the meal he was apologetic about his behaviour and said he “was worried he had said something he shouldn’t have,” though he “could not remember much after getting into the tax!”. They assured him it was alright, and that they had no secrets twix them, so his revelations had not caused a problem, he coloured up and then with a red face, asked what he had said…
Peter answered that, revelling in the younger man`s plight, saying between mouthfuls that “you were detailing the games you and your sister played, and your fears when you screwed her that time!” The young soldier near choked on his drink, and Gloria shot her straight-faced hubby a glance that would have lifted paint, before he burst out laughing…it was infectious. And they were soon all grinning like Cheshire cats.
Peter addressing Stephen explain that luckily he “already knew about it, Gloria had told him weeks ago, and that if they wanted to `enjoy’ one another here under his roof he had no objections at all, though he did not want leaving out!”
Time was ticking on and Gloria fetched her coat, before scuttling away when the taxi horn told her it was waiting.
The two men washed up then settled for the evening in front of the TV, Peter soon dozing, and both, shortly after Gloria`s return at eleven, toddling off for an early night, nothing further on the subject having been said.
Peter, up with the lark as usual, was off to the site, knowing full well that his wife and her brother would surely be taking advantage of the moment quite soon. He was not wrong.
It was nine when Gloria appeared in the kitchen, dressed in a dressing gown and her nightdress, her hair ruffled, she brewed coffee and over a bowl of cereal, mused on the coming day, the sun warm outside she knew Peter would be fully engaged laying bricks, wet days he might be sent home but today she knew they would not be disturbed. Her reverie was disturbed by the arrival in the kitchen of her brother, in jeans and a tea shirt, a lopsided grin on his face, they greeted one another, he poured coffee, refusing food, and at the table they sat.
It was his sister that started the conversation, well the conversation that included sex, they had sparred about for a while talking about Cyprus and the weather first!
“Look, we have had i****tuous sex, and luckily my hubby is turned on by the situation, I regret the fact we never got to do it properly again before you joined up and I`m pretty sure you did too, so let`s both stop pussy footing about, I want you, you want me, so…”
He grinned, “same old Gloria straight to the point… yes I regret only having put it in you that once, and have wanted to do the job properly ever since, I`m glad Pete is so laid back with the situation, life`s perabet güvenilir mi so much for living, but wont he feel left out?”
Gloria thought on that for a moment then said, “ok, I am sure he knows what is likely to happen so we will film some of it for him, but first, Stephen I want you in my bed, for us, just us…”
With that she stood took his hand and they went to the marital bedroom. In the room they kissed lovingly and with the passionate lust filled pent-up feelings of the last few years. Without further ado they tore the clothes from one another and in a frenzy began the fuck of a lifetime. It had been a very long -awaited experience.
After two hour or more they dragged themselves tiredly to the kitchen Stephen setting up Peter`s own movie camera on the sideboard and sitting in front of it to test it, saying on film, that he had just enjoyed Gloria and had a simply marvellous time bringing to life the fantasy he had had since his youth! So Peter know it was to make up for those years of frustration,( though he never found out what happened in his bedroom, oh he knew as we know, that they fucked, it had been inevitable, but he felt it best when she offered to do so, a day or two later, to stop her telling him those details suggesting that it should remain a treasured memory, just for the two of them.
Stephen now left the camera on, it began to make a record of the willing husbands naked, younger and fitter, well-endowed brother in law, `having’ his equally naked wife here In their kitchen, first over their own kitchen table-end, then over the sink, against the wall and on the floor… Perhaps saying he had her was an understatement, it was non-stop, mutual rampant and urgent screwing, savage and unforgiving, all no holds barred stuff!
Peter had arrived home to find them both on the living room sofa, asleep in one another`s arms, both naked, exhausted and apparently satisfied. He too was happy when he discovered they had filmed at least some of the tryst for him by using his own old movie camera fixed up on the sideboard, which he rapidly rewound and skipped through the frames, his tool rising as you would expect. Knowing forever now, he had on celluloid stuff he knew would arouse him, time and time again over the coming years.
He made them something to eat, a simple and sustaining repast, as he felt they deserved that, having to wake them from their slumbers, to call them to the table to eat. Both quickly in dressing gowns as they took their places perhaps a little sheepishly at the table, though a grinning Peter said nothing untoward just thanking them for “the stimulating film” which he “would enjoy properly later and no doubt time and again!” she stood and kissed him, muttering her thanks at his understanding attitude, then sat and ate hungrily.
There was a strange air of stunted sexual excitement in the room that said NOW, to them all, but neither one wanted to start the ball rolling again, instead they did the washing up while Gloria cleared the table and tidied around. The tasks over, like a bunch of spares again there was a really awkward moment, tension in the room tangible. Stephen not wishing to take Peter`s wife `out of turn’ so to speak, believing it was hubbies place, and Peter not wishing to intervene between the i****tuous pair, it was silly but well nerves can get to folk like that!
Gloria, well Gloria was just waiting for the blue paper to burn down…knowing she would be the centre of attention whichever way the evening went.
It was in fact, Gloria that finally set the firework off fairly spectacularly, breaking the unspoken deadlock by saying that “she wanted something to happen and soon, in fact now and for them to get off their bums…”
The Upshot of that was at first, peals of laughter and then two sets of hands grabbing at Gloria`s dressing gown and tearing the thing from her body, she quickly found herself pushed to her knees, a stiff prick in her mouth and another in her sex very much out of sync and stimulating her reactions big time.
They moved her to the table, taking turns, forcing her to receive them, one holding her wrists the other taking her till with a groan he filled her and was quickly replaced by the other, there was no let up, for Gloria, on her own against two lusty, and energetic men. Finally, over an hour later, their balls empty they both collapsed on the sofa in the living room, leaving Gloria still laying, gasping, face down on the kitchen table, cum dribbling down her leg, too exhausted to rise. It was to be the first time of many that she felt overwhelmed by this particular pair working in tandem. But that of course will have to wait for the next instalment

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