376a. woodlkand incest

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376a. woodlkand incest
376 part a woodland i****t
Her name was Alice she said, Alice Lacey, at 28now she was a looker, 5ft 7 inches of blonde, cute of face, hourglass shape just beginning to lose its girlish splendour but still fantastic according to her brother, and he should know.
They had lost both parents when she was 14, her brother Wally a strapping but shy 18year-old had given her a home, sharing his tythe but recently refurbished under-gamekeepers cottage with her. She in turn, had felt it her duty to look after them both, in this remote woodland setting learning to cook well and keep a good house for them both, though mother before her death, fortunately had given her what was then called “a good grounding in all aspects of domesticity,” Sadly, she had avoided the sex education phase!
So, at 16 Alice had lost her virginity. It had been a misplaced infatuation gone wrong with a lad from the school who took advantage one dark night by getting her drunk on a bottle stolen from his father`s sideboard and basically r****g her. She had not understood much of the act, believing naïvely it was just another form of kissing, part of simple lovemaking… it was a big mistake by an immature, very naïve but honest lass… conned by an unscrupulous lad…the c***d, a boy, was perhaps fortunately stillborn.
Wally after the birth had sat her down and talked seriously to her, but he being such a shy lonely sort of chap, and her being too embarrassed, so far, they had never talked of lovemaking, sex or in fact any matters of a sexual matters, both too shy to bring up the subject. He simply warning her to stay at home and avoid boys at all costs.
But now he knew it was time, in fact overdue. So one morning she had sat for him, rather red of face and tearful at the kitchen table, knowing in her heart of hearts that she needed to find out all about this stuff before it was too late, and admitting she knew little of sex, she explained what she needed to be told! the lad had taken advantage of her naïve simplicity but she had enjoyed the experience at the time and wanted to feel those feelings again, but without the pain and discomfort of a c***d..
To set the record straight and to clear the air, Wally explained that due to a c***dhood illness he had lost the ability to sire c***dren, thus he had never married, and was a virgin himself, and had not experienced those feelings. She in turn explained that when the moment occurred, (she called it **** but it was obviously consensual sex in the eyes of the law,) when it occurred she had still not seen whatever he had used in the dark stack yard and in fact she had never seen a male prick in her life, mother having always avoided explanation and intimated that it was not something nice, but it had for her been the ultimate excitement!
Walley laughed nervously, saying he “had always wanted to try, but was so shy, no woman had bothered with him, and he was too timid, so he had not had a girlfriend even once. As to the sex act itself, well, “had she not seen the bull with the cows in the field`s and the ram with the sheep in the bottom pasture?” She said she had but had never associated it with humans. Gently he explained it all to her, step by step inch by inch, at least the bits he knew, but it was basic casino siteleri playground word of mouth stuff really, as he too had had little education in that respect either
It took an excruciating half-hour, the longest in his life so far, by which time, both were even redder of face, she understood why she bled each month and how babies came to be created and they left it there, he excusing himself as he said “he had work to do!”
That night after his return at the evening meal, they sat and ate in silence, until suddenly she, having pondered the subject all day, burst like some leaky dam, asking questions by the dozen that filled in the gaps his lesson had missed or that for her, needed clearing up. He too had been pondering the situation, but he had her wait till after the meal as he was well hungry, and the washing up, as he felt that right as it marked the end of the meal, before sitting her on the old sofa they had inherited, gently to fill in the as many of the gaps for her as he could.
She explained that she had thought what the lad had put into her body down there, was his finger… at first… and that it was just too late after he was on top and inside her, she said it had been a fantastic feeling of fun though and once it had started she had loved it especially the ending, though the baby, the swelling, the sickness of a morning and the pain of giving birth was horrible and she had no desire to experience that again.
She asked if he would show her his `thingy’, “as so far she had not seen one it having been dark and couldn’t imagine a man with a thing like the old bull,” and “where were the balls, as a bulls balls were so far from its prick, so where, oh where did he keep them?” More than a little shaken at her absolutely complete lack of sexual knowledge Wally was more than a little shocked, telling her was one thing …practical lessons another …though he quickly saw the advantages it put him not far from that lad in the stackyard…
In reality he was perhaps as interested as she, oh he had the odd magazine, stuff he had found in dads shed after the funeral, when they cleared the place but since puberty he had only once glimpsed a woman`s breast, as it happened, his mother`s, but it had been fleeting and a clothing malfunction in her swimsuit that had revealed it, and it had been quickly covered, but he had never seen another real live woman in close up, not even her, his own sister, well not since she was a small c***d and then only from the waist up.
Walley sat for a moment then said; as he was incapable of having k**dies he was willing to try out all these things with her , as he had no worries about her getting a belly full of c***d and it might be fun, but he explained about the laws of i****t, saying “if anyone found out we would be separated, and he would probably be sent to jail!”
She thought, a moment, then she said she was not wanting to be separated from him so was not likely to tell, now was she? then added “how could anyone find out?” She wasn’t at school anymore, and as having had a c***d she had no close friends now, as she was treated like a moral-less lepper in the village, and she only saw the shopkeeper and the butcher once a week and they were not chatty folk, especially to her!
He canlı casino weighed up the pros and cons, he was male, she female, they lived in a little visited home, saw few, and the chances of discovery were minimal, he couldn’t produce live seed, so she couldn’t get “caught out” as such, and of course he loved her, with all his heart… he loved her, and she him….so why not.
So, in reply he reached for her and pulled her to him, and they kissed, brother and sister to start perhaps, but melting onwards to become tenuous lovers. Together they began a journey that would last a lifetime sadly that would be just a mere 7 years, but they of course didn’t know that did they, and it was a great few years so who`s to say it was wrong
They made a pact, never to tell anyone about their lives never to even hint at their love, then hand in hand they locked up the cottage for the night and retired to his bedroom.
It was a shy pair that stood at the end of his bed, , knowing as the alpha male that he must take the lead at least a little he shed his shirt, his vest and socks. She stood watching him, mesmerised, like a rabbit in headlights, dazed at what she was to see and perhaps experience at last.
He undid his belt, but to his amazement she stopped him there, saying “was he sure?” His answer was that “she needed to be more worldly wise,” and that he was the perfect one to educate her, that’s of course if she still wished to learn? And especially as he wanted her more than any other woman in the world at that moment!” That comment was immediately answered with a hot kiss on the lip`s that told she that she was still keen and had at least learnt how to show her gratitude.
His hands released the clothing and the old corduroys fell, taking with them his big loose pants as they did, but her lips being still welded to his she was as yet unaware of his nakedness her hands holding his head, his hands sliding round her soft but still clothed body in a caress that was both gentle but firm. He pushed her from him, she being too close to see, his by now rapidly rising 7inches quickly becoming her focus of attention. She knelt bringing the thing to eye level, eager fingers gently touching the shaft, exploring the soft but heavy balls, his hands on her head, fingers running through her hair, as she kissed the uncut helmet as if it were some sacred idol.
For a while this study of his tool continued, then he called her name, and she stood once more, knowing it was her turn to reveal all for him. Blushing she stepped away and began unbuttoning the old work dress, working from the hem upwards, the blue patterned flimsy garment revealing a flimsy pale pink slip as it fell from her shoulders, pooling round her ankles.
She lifted the slip, Wally standing mesmerised as his sister lifted the thing off over her head. His eyes riveted to her body as each feature became visible, her pale legs, the smooth and silky navy knickers, that small belly, pale and still showing some stretchmarks. Then as the slip came free from her head the bra, pink and tight fitting, hiding and supporting a pair of breasts which truth to tell, he had wanted to see for some years but had been too shy to mention.
By now she was as red as a post box, she could feel his eyes like lasers kaçak casino searching and appraising her body as the slip floated to the floor and she stood passively watching him as he leant forward and kissed her once more, her heart beating like a drum, as she returned that first really passionate kiss. He asked her if he could take off her bra, shyly, not trusting her voice, she nodded, and his arms quickly enfolded her, feeling for the tiny but unfamiliar hooks he knew were securing the thing, he having seen and examined these intimate items when they were drying on the washing line a while back, and wishing that he had the balls to broach the subject with his sister but believing it was beyond him.
The hooks undid, though not without a slight struggle, he stepped back the ends of the thing in either hand, the shoulder straps falling and the cups easing loose, his jaw dropped as the full magnificence came into view, 38c breasts, sagging just a little, slowly revealed, areolas of a pinkie-brown hugh, surrounded a pair of magnificent pink nipples, erect and stiff in the cool air.
He was overcome, his tool jerked spewing seed, without so much as a touch, jerking as each ejection spat at her legs, a feeling such as he had not experienced before. Oh, he had masturbated fairly regularly, but never had he experienced such a huge involuntary cum as this, and never by just thought alone, Alice `s lovely body exciting him beyond words.
Her eyes fixed now on his tool 3-4-5 jets of his seed hitting her legs, grey-white spits of warm jellow like fluid wetting and dribbling down her bare shins, she was mesmerised. She bent to touch the stuff, her breast like pendulums swinging from her body as she did, his eyes fixed on them still unable to leave these magnificent and till now unseen orbs.
She tentatively touched the seed, rapidly cooling as it dribbled downwards, its slippery feel so new to her. She knew instinctively it was a compliment, though she had no idea that this involuntary ejection was his male way of saying he loved her, so she thanked him, and she stood up once more to kiss him. The bra forgotten, it fell from his fingers as his hands automatically began to caress the once forbidden nipples of his sisters soft breasts, finding the warm rubbery flesh, hefting the soft sacs feeling the erect nipples, the warm soft skin. He couldn’t leave those pert nipples alone, he kissed them, caressed them, even sucked on them, her head falling back in a long groan of contentment as she began to have her first orgasm, not that she understood it, but it was just as it had been with that boy last year, a feeling that engulphed her senses, had her flushed and hot, breathless and hot, it was magnificent, her back arched automatically and her hips raised from the bed and her body felt excited beyond words.
They fell onto the bed locked in an embrace, Wally had never seen a woman in the throes of an orgasm before, he raised himself from her, face white, scared he had brought on a stroke or a seizure or some such … but she was soon reassuring him, arms round his neck, kissing him and loving him as a lover now, not as a brother.
Now content she was not hurt, they lay together bodies close, dozing in the afterglow, her still in her knickers, he naked as a baby, outside the country sounds of evening, and the last rays of the golden sun lighting the room. One step at a time… perhaps, but they knew they had their whole lives to explore one another, now this first step was over.

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