380 woodland incest (e)

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380 woodland incest (e)
Part (e)
It was a strange few days after the first anal table ending, they tried anal again without the ropes, and though it was good, it was not as good as that first time, and without that element of securely being used it lacked something, but it was a viable alternative to more normal sex though and added change to an evening`s entertainment.
They tried the pee trick again, this time on a rainy afternoon in the shower, and that two lacked the extra excitement of being outside, though it had something. It was about this time the head keeper decided to give his 3 months’ notice, and to qualify to take over his job, Wally was encouraged to use a computer, something so far, he had not ever done. He had to take a crash course in a local night school and was soon given an old laptop to learn on and shadow Jake for accounting purposes. A new under keeper was also appointed, a lad name Micky, who came to live in the old ostlers flat over the now disused stables up at the yard near Jakes house at the far side of the estate. The laptop had previously been used by the son of the squire, and a randy lad he had been till he left to join up. As an officer. One evening while tinkering on it Wally found a password-controlled area that till then he had not noticed. He tried a few passwords, just out of curiosity, and bingo, the young squire had used his own name!
It was cram-full of porn, together our man spent an evening or two reading and watching about every perversion he could find, there was bondage, there was needles, hot wax, anal, though they of course had tried that, even K9, asphyxia, and breast hanging. The cogs in the mind began working, and he, knowing he had enjoyed anal and bondage and what his sister had pledged, decided to talk with her.
So, one Friday he sat her to the table with the laptop on, found one or two that he thought she might go for then having shown her how to go on, went off to do his patrol. He collected Micky first, then off to the now empty pens, the season over, for a rewire and strengthen up of the runs!
It seemed a long day! But by mid-afternoon it was finished, and Micky was off to the station, he was off home for the weekend Wally, giving the lad a lift, he not having a licence yet. Wally then returned home, Alice had his meal on the stove, a fine stew, the smell enticing. He knew that if she wanted something, she always used his favourite meal as bait. Today he suspected her motives, He was not wrong.
As she served his meal, she explained that she had spent some of the morning in fact most of it, watching various sexual acts, and it had been she said, “very stimulating!” he grinned, then as they ate, he asked which bits she had found the best? She in turn explained that “K9 had been one that got to her, asphyxia, bondage of course, candles, well the wax anyway…. And then there was…” she paused… “Well, all of it really” she laughed. “And do you want to try any of it?” He asked, her smile over a mouthful güvenilir bahis siteleri of the hot stew, said it all. “It`s my weekend on duty sweety, so I can`t be slow to turn out if I am called, undoing your ropes and the like so perhaps if we were to try one of the disciplines on each weekend off it would suit, and you can set the pace if you like, choosing what I can do with you …” she nodded as she swallowed, then said with a little thought, that “she would be embarrassed telling him which perversions she wanted to try, could she not just leave him a note each time?“ he laughed, then said “it you wish my lover, or better still we can do better than that, look if you wish perhaps you should try writing each game on a cord, shuffle them, I shall pick one at random, and that’s what we shall do, that’s a way we can keep it fresh and fun !”
This agreed and the meal over, and too full to enjoy anything physical as yet they repaired to the sofa as usual, with a brew of tea, to watch the news. then they watched the usual rehashed stories on the box till together they locked up and went up to bed, Alice, laptop in hand, though the ritual hand and blow was just as usual engaged in, for a change tonight it was flavoured by a little porn on the small screen to help it on its way!
Now our Wally is a conscientious worker, he had only a few days off sick in the whole time he had worked there, and not had a proper holiday since he started, so his boss, Jake as a last favour before he left and handed over to our hero, and as a thanks for his work over the years, decided to treat the couple to a week away together, all expenses paid. Thus, it was, one Saturday, that Sam found himself in kennels, and our intrepid couple on the train to Southport. They had digs with an old biddy near the seafront, Wally booking them in as man and wife, Mr and Mrs Lacy! Their room was on the top floor, the ancient room clean, the bed comfortable, and the food if plain simple fare, most acceptable. The next room contained a reverend gentleman, and the thin walls revealing how desperately thin they were, by his praying and loud snoring. All hopes of anything sexual evaporated with the first chorus from the sleeping cleric, so other than the ritual hand job, into Alice`s open mouth and in silence, they rather disappointedly gave any further adventures up, until they returned home. Other than that, they did the things that other folk do, they walked on the pier, riding back on the rail-car, they rode on the miniature railway, had fun on the fair, walked on the beach and ate ice-cream like youngsters do! Evenings were spent walking under the prom lights,
They returned on the following Saturday, presenting Micky with a giant stick of rock, and Jake with a framed picture of the pier to thank him for thinking of them. Wally though he was going to do the handover
And take over as head-keeper on the following Monday, till then he was still on holiday,
1 They collected Sam and perabet güvenilir mi were soon home, it felt cold but familiar and welcoming and there was no snoring vicar. Alice lit the kitchen stove and the homely warmth returned as Wally fed Sam and made a fuss of the old dog. then he returned to his sister`s kitchen, taking her in his arms and Kissing her passionately, he soon had her bent over the table end and receiving the portion he had been frustratedly itching to enjoy all week. She laughed, then said that “though she had enjoyed the place she had missed his sexual fun and would have preferred to be fucked here than stroll on any beach…” they laughed, and it slipped out, allowing them to kiss and her to turn and hold each another passionately. That night was a long case of sexual abandon, he had her over the sofa back, on the stairs and in their bed three or four times, saying “they needed to play catch up!”
They slept till 10 the next morning, then it being a sparkling day, after breakfast they walked, Sam at his heel as always, both knowing they had an unspoken but underlying motive as they wandered along the old fire-breaks, strangely they came to the clearing now known to them now as `film clearing” it was a mutually sub-conscious decision. In silence they undressed, then Alice laid herself down over the fallen trunk, kneeling so her belly was flat on the thin bough just as the woman had done in the film! Surprise, surprise, our Wally produced from his jacket pocket a roll of thin cord. He tied his very willing partner over the bough, then took her in the time-honoured way of any a****l, deep and hard. After they had both climaxed, he sat to watch his still secure sister, while he regained his breath and strength. Sam sensing that his mistress was available, began first sniffing at her sex, then tentatively dabbling at her wetness with his tongue. He looked up at his master as if to say; “whoops sorry!”
To his surprise Wally hissed at him “go on, enjoy her my lad!” the a****l returned to snuffle in the wet sexual cavity, turning to check his master was not upset in any-way as if seeking approval. Instead he found a face oozing encouragement, a naked Wally`s hand curled round his own rampant tool. Sam returned to his task, Alice grunting and obviously enjoying the rough pink tongue, lapping deep into her body eagerly and rapidly.
The old dog had sired many pups in the past, but this was different, no eager bitch letting him smell that she was his bitch, and standing for him, randy and keen to breed. But this was oh so different, this wet bitch was his mistress, his masters bitch, and though he was now as randy as hell, and stiff as a poker, how could he mate her, he began worrying back and forth, to left and right, making mewing sounds and not knowing if he dare jump on this, till now, unobtainable woman. Wally stood, caught his faithful hounds collar and encouraged him to straddle his sister, the dog did as he was encouraged, tipobet and stood above her, his front feet planted on the low bough, his hips already pistoning instinctively. The gamekeeper slid his hand to his dogs tool, thick, pink-blue and hot, guiding the jerking member to the wet lips of the secured lass. Instinct took over, the a****l stepped forward, the tool entered the soft body of the woman, jerking inwards, more, and more with every jerk of the hip, till his hairy balls banged against her clit, and odd stiff hairs pricked into her soft flesh.
Alice grunted, as the full impact of the big old dogs assault went home, he began humping at her, hard jerks of the hot tool deep inside her, it was magic, the a****l giving her more than she could ever remember, hard and fast, deep and exciting.
The knot began to form, she felt the thing widening, spreading her soft lips as it stretched her more than ever before, it was pain, stretching pain, filling her and seizing her body in a way that forced her sex open fiercely, with a grip that was mortal pain and excitement all in one, but her attention was distracted, by the hot seed, hotter than she had ever experienced deep, so very deep up in her womb, spurt upon spurt, boiling seed splashing and forcing itself into her every crevice , bloating her tummy stretching the skin of her belly. She began to groan loudly, part pain, part joy, Wally amazed at the woman`s obvious enjoyment of the discomfort, whispered to her, asking what she felt, begging for her to tell him she was OK, though all she could do was nod, words wouldn’t come, logical thought destroyed, the fantastic feelings beyond words. The seed by now had ceased to fill her, his knot sealing the discharge into her body, like a plug in some bizarre balloon. His heavy body slumped on hers now, her breathing hard under the weight, together they lay welded together.
Time hung heavy, minutes seem like hours, five, six, seven, would it never end… a bee wandered past, buzzing and weaving, the dogs drool, dripping on her between her shoulder blades, her back wet, her wrists red now hot and marked by the rough cords as she u*********sly pulled against her bonds, fly`s flickering past, birds singing in the silent woods. Then suddenly he is trying to remove himself from his used bitch, a feeling of tearing as the reducing knot cams free, tearing and painfully, it tore itself from its soft enclosure, pain lancing through her pelvis in red hot shafts. Dog cum splashes from her body as the a****l jumped from her secure body indifferent now to his used bitch as he began licking himself clean. Wally quickly mounted her in his dogs place, wet and slippery the feeling beyond fantastic though she knew he was in her, she could hardly feel him this time in her ravaged sex though his climax and seed soon added to her already full collection, her own climaxes having begun as the a****l mounted, and continued despite the pain through the whole, massive and fantastic act.
It was over.
Together, Alice released and on weak legs rubbing her marked wrists, they dressed and slowly set off home, a tired old dog his tongue lolling and in need of a drink, following them, wondering if he would get to do that again, his eyes shining with hope…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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