A Brief Shower

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I love the idea of being with you in the shower – you don’t know that I’m in your house – I’ve sneaked in across your upstairs balcony early in the morning – hubby has already left early. You wake up feeling horny already – were you thinking of me? In any case, your gorgeous pussy requires attention. Standing just outside your bedroom door, I can hear your soft sexy moans as you masturbate gently leading up to an exquisite orgasm before you need to get up. But you really do need a shower now as you squirted well as you came.

You slip off your nightdress (what do you wear to bed?) and stand naked for a while, admiring at your own gorgeous body and caressing your lovely breasts. I’m able to watch you and I can almost not control a gasp of sheer lust at the sight of you. You walk slowly into the bathroom and turn on the shower. As you wait for the water temperature to settle, you idly play with your pussy because you’re still aching with desire. Your groans of pleasure turn me on totally!! You step into the shower and pull the shower curtain across.

I can still see your silhouette as you shampoo your hair, your pointy nipples showing on your lovely breasts. I slip quietly inside your bathroom and quickly pull off my clothes. My cock is stunningly erect and already pre-cum is drooling from the tip. In a sudden movement, I move into the shower beside you. You gasp, first in horror, but then with uncontrolled pleasure as you realize it’s me. Your hands grab at me and pull me close, forcing my hard cock against your belly. You groan as our lips meet, crushing together and then your tongue forces its way into my mouth, exploring with passion.

We are enwrapped in each others arms but your pussy is aching to feel me inside you while the hot shower spray cascades around us. You turn away from me and bend over, holding onto the shower taps. I hold my cock out towards you and gently press the head against your pussy. You groan with lust and urge me to slide it inside you. The head pushes your lovely pussy lips apart and I then drive it in – hard and deep in a single powerful aliağa escort thrust that knocks all the breath out of you. You struggle to hold yourself together as I literally sweep you off your feet. You feel that my big cock is driving almost between your breasts.

I’m holding you up off the shower floor on the hardness of my cock and you luv it. But you can’t move and you desperately want to feel the magic that my cock can work in your insides. You urge me to thrust into you and now you can feel the floor under your feet again. You moan again as I start to slide in and out of your very horny pussy, slowly and deeply, driving that last inch in deep as our bodies meet and crush together.

I slap your butt cheeks gently, enhancing your excitement while I slowly fuck deep into you. I can feel your fingers playing at your clit and occasionally feeling the hardness of my shaft where it’s going in and out of you. You cum explosively, suddenly and unexpectedly, even for you, but your squirting juices are just lost in the shower spray. What you can’t hide are the violent spasms inside your pussy that run up and down my throbbing cock shaft – and your cries of delight as your orgasm crashes through your body. Still hard, I hold my cock inside you while your orgasm slows and you can calm down – but now you’re hungry for more.

You brace yourself against the wall and urge me to thrust into you, hard and deep – not fast, but just hard. I willingly oblige, my cock rising even harder as I can feel the end of your cervix touching against the tip of my cock on each deep thrust. I keep going for several minutes until you crash into another orgasm, your body bucking wildly and uncontrollably on my shaft. Again, I hold still deep inside you until your orgasm calms and you can breathe again.

I then gently push you off my shaft and you groan in disappointment. But I quickly spin you round and lift you up to sit on the edge of the sink unit. You hold your legs wide apart and smile that super-seductive smile that sends me into raptures. aliağa escort bayan I grin back, slowly and sexily stroking my hard cock before you. You want me so much now, your body is becoming like an animal. You’re hungry with lust as you reach out your arms for me and pull me back against you. Your hands grab at my pulsating cock and push it straight inside your very willing pussy. I plunge in deep again and in a single thrust that makes you groan noisily, and almost makes you cum immediately.

My cock is so hard I know I can try something that we’ve never done before. I lift you up from the sink unit and now you are simply sitting on my hard cock with no support. In this way my cock buries into parts of you never reached by even your longest toy. You orgasm instantly, again squirting and coating us both with your juices. We kiss frantically and wildly, our tongues mashing together and exploring like teenagers. My cock is harder than ever and you begin to wonder whether I’m ever going to cum. IN my own mind, I’m just building you up for the big moment. I know how much it makes you explode to feel my hot cum spurting inside your pussy, but I want to feel your body aching with extreme desire before I let that happen. I stagger slowly under the shower again.

I bounce you up and down on my cock, my hands under your butt cheeks. I press your back against the shower wall and thrust my cock hard upwards as you descend each time. You really feel that I’m splitting you in two, but your cries confirm that this is taking you to a level of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. You are now completely incoherent with your cries, just urging me to finish the job!

My orgasm begins to take shape, obviously going to be the orgasm of a lifetime. I feel such an incredible ache beginning deep inside my balls as they slap against your body. Your breasts are bouncing in front of my face and I want to caress and kiss them, but maybe later. I slow a little to let you rest and to bring you back towards reality.

As your body registers the escort aliağa fact that now you are no longer being fucked by a madman, you laugh and giggle like a schoolgirl. But you are still helplessly waiting for my orgasm. Your body couldn’t struggle to lift itself from my cock under any circumstances. Your pussy clamps down on my shaft just to make sure I’m still deep inside you. You ache with a desire beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. You know it would kill you if I stopped now.

The doorbell rings! You freeze and scream in frustration. The door opens and from downstairs your hubby’s voice calls up.

“Are you there, darling?”

You struggle to respond, “I’m in the shower, dear. I’ll be finished soon.”

He shouts up, “Fine. I’ll just put on some coffee.”

“What’s he doing home?” you ask in astonishment.

However, you grin wickedly at me and again start to wriggle your amazing butt. My cock, somewhat softened by the fear of having to stop, rebuilds instantly and becomes harder still. My orgasm is still there, just waiting. You bounce yourself vigorously now on my shaft, pushing me in as deep as you can.

“You can cum now,” you giggle, as you feel my cock swell on the edge of the incredible orgasm we’ve built up.

I push you down so hard on my cock that you seem to almost break it off, but that last movement sends me into an amazing spurting, crashing, writhing orgasm, filling up your pussy so that hot cum drips out all over us both. You cum again, almost washing us clean with the amount of juices you squirt out. I grunt and groan noisily with my orgasm and your cries are loud, perhaps too loud. When we calm down, we listen to find out whether your hubby heard anything.

All is quiet downstairs and we slowly disengage. My cum pours from your pussy and pools on the floor, soon to be washed away by the shower spray. My cock does not soften completely and we both know we could do it again in less than 5 minutes, but not now…

“Go out the way you came in,” you murmur, “And thanks!”

You put on your bathroom gown and leave me with a grin, walking down the stairs with that sexy sway that turns me on so much.

I dress slowly, still crazed by the intensity of our lovemaking. I clamber out over the balcony and into the garden where I can hide in the bushes. Eventually, I return home and send you an e-mail of thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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