A Chance Encounter

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It was a long day at the airports, and in flight to finally make my arrival to the Denver airport. The constant delays through security, departure and in obtaining my bags had made the trip almost already unbearable, and I hadn’t even had to do my work yet. I wasn’t anticipating a good weekend in the foothills of the Rockies.

After retrieving my delayed luggage I found my way to the car rental, picked up my small sedan, and headed out onto the freeway to Boulder, not more than 30 miles from the airport in Denver. The drive was beautiful and went a long way at easing my frazzled nerves from the trip. The air was cool and clean, unlike that in the cities of the Eastern seaboard where I had spent much of my time over the past decade. The drive into Boulder was quick and easy and I had found my small hotel without problem, checking into a modest room on the top floor with a modest view of the idyllic city.

I had time for a quick shower and changed into some jeans and top before heading out to meet some of the people I was going to be working with on the project tomorrow. They were a lively bunch of guys, all in their mid 30’s, and a good laugh to have around. One was married, but all of the others were still single and enjoying life on their own. We ate a nice dinner out in the center of town and then made our way to one of the well known watering holes near the park. The time had already slipped past 8 pm when we arrived and grabbed a few stools. By the time a few drinks had been downed the conversation had really livened up and we all got to knwo each other better. I felt sorry for Jake, the married guy, having to hear about the recent exploits of the other men, knowing full well that he likely went home to his wife every night and missed that aspect of his freedom. I couldn’t add too much good stuff about women as I had been overly busy with work as of late, but was always happy to live through others when I could. At least someone was having fun with the girls.

More and more drinks were consumed and it was then that Scott brought up that I hadn’t told any stories about my own dating life. They all jeered out at me, sensing that I was vulnerable on this topic, and urged me to tell them something. Surely, they assumed, I would have at least a few stories that would contribute to the overly good stories shared by all. Being a generally modest person, I told them that my own love life was not nearly as adventurous as their own and that I had been overly consumed with my work responsiblities of late. They did not take this well. Scott told me that it was going to be his goal to fix that, and as soon as possible. I shook my head no, hoping that the spotlight that was directed on me would soon move to someone else, but they wouldn’t let it go.

“Ok, Man. Look around this bar. There are plenty of good looking women in here. Go on…take a look around and pick the one that you think is the hottest…”

With this I swivel in my chair reluctantly and take a spy. Scott was correct in one thing, there were lots and lots of good looking young women in thise college town. Many appeared older than your average college aged student, more likely in graduate school by the more studied looks on their faces and maturity in their drinking. I saw all sorts of women that I wouldn’t have thought twice about hitting on normally.

“So?” Scott blurted out. “Which one is the best? Because I dare you to go up and start talking to that one as soon as possible and to try and leave here with her…”

I take a slug on my drink and look again. It was at this point that I notice a face that catches my attention. She is near my age, in her mid 30’s, and looks very familiar. She happens to turn in my general direction and I place it. Sue. An old ex-girlfriend from college. Wow, over ten years later and here we are, in the same bar in a little town in the foothills of the Rockies. I realize my chance and take it.

“Okay, gentlemen..I found her. I bet you each $50 that I can take a girl home tonight of my choosing.”

The bursa escort guys all take me up on this wager as I stand and walk over towards Kim. She surely never saw it coming, and was even more surprised to here such a confident line from a stranger behind her.

“So, you come here often?” I murmer.

She turns around, getting ready to laugh at the poor guy trying in vain with such a poor line to pick her up, but you can see in her face that she recognizs me. There is a moment where she registers it all, making sure I am who she seems to think i am. I know the guys at the table see us looking at each other and might think that all is going well, even though she had yet to say a word.

“Is that you?”

When I nod my approval she flashes a big beeming smile. I know that the guys are watching and must think I have used a very effective pick-up line, none the wiser that I have known this girl, quite intimately, before. We get to talking, catching up on old times and telling the old stories. I try and keep my posture and distance to make it appear as if this is all spontaneous.

It turns out that Sue was also in town visiting a friend. What are the chances? She soon got to telling me about a guy she was recently dating that she broke it off with cause she caught him with another woman. I had already known that I could make this appear like I was going to make it with this girl to the other guys, by simply walking out of the bar with her at the suggestion that we go someplace else. They would assume the best from me. However, hearing that she had recently broke it off with her boyfriend made me realize that she was vulnerable and possibly looking for something safe and comfortable to help ease her pain. I was more than happy to comply.

We talked, laughed and drank for another half an hour at the bar. Finally, I know that I had to make the move.

“You look really great, by the way…Better than yo uhave ever looked…” I lauded to her. This caused a shy blush from her and I know that this was the sort of comment that she needed in her current state. It worked a charm.

“Well, you are still looking as handsome and fit as ever yourself, I have to say…” she replied.

“Thank-you…” I murmered.

“Listen, I am staying at that nice hotel downtown. There is a really nice bar there, and my room. maybe we can go back there and continue this?” She asks.

I smile and simply take her hand, helping her to her feet. I walk her towards the door, making sure to go directly poass the guys on the way out. I flash them a little grin, and exit straight out the front door. I can see the look of utter amazement on their faces.

We catch a cab, and are oson at her hotel. The bar in the lobby is exquisite and we share a few drinks and laugh and talk more. Soon though, I feel her hand come to rest on my thigh.

“So, what do you say that we take this up to my room?” She croons with a sexy smile.

I have no resistance, and trying to sound as cool and composed as possible I say sure, and off we go. Even though I had been with her many, many times, my heart is pounding in my chest again like it is our first time. We reach her room, and as she fumbles around in her purse for the key, I take a good long look at her legs in the short sun dress. She has obviously been to the gym a lot in the past several months, as her muscles are toned and tight. Up top, she still had the great chest, which she proudly displayed with the low fitting top of the dress. She really did look wonderful, and her bright short heels finished off her ensemble perfectly. She opened the door, finally, and we made our way inside.

It wasn’t more than two steps into the room that she turned and planted a deep, long, slow wet kiss on me. I fervently returned the kiss, pressing my lips into hers. Our mouths parted and soon our tongues were dancing and playing in each others mouths. this went on for a solid 30 seconds, easily the most passionate and assuming kiss I had received in a long while. bursa escort bayan We finally broke our lip lock, and she looked me in my eyes, holding my gaze. Meanwhile, her hand trailed down the front of my shirt and started to graze over the front of my pants.

“Nothing has changed down here, I hope…? she coyly and teasingly taunts me.

“Well, you might wanna take a look to make sure…” is all I can muster in reply.

With that, she bites her lower lip slightly, and drops down to her knees before me. Her hands run over the outline of my cock in my pants, still flaccid, but not for long. She seems to explore its curves, wanting more as her fingers undo my belt and the top button of my pants. One hand continues to press harder into my crotch, firmly grabbing my meat, as her free fingers tug down the zipper. My member swells quickly at her animal advances and I can only gasp slightly as she pulls my pants down. I stand there now before her in my dark blue boxer-briefs, the growing outline of my manhood finely revealed in the soft light of the room. She strokes it again through the thin fabric, but just as quickly rips my underwear down and off. My cock springs out of its tight confines, standing now at rigid attention and bobbing slightly right before her face. She looks up at me and gives a devilish smile, and then takes hold of my balls with the palm of one hand, and guides my head to her lips with the other.

The soft feel of her lips and tongue drive me wild as they engulf my head. She licks along the soft, sensitive underside of my head, knowing and remembering just how I like it, as she teases me. holding the shaft, she licks slowly down the underside of the cock, all the wya down to my hanging balls. Her tongue lavishes and wetness my dangling testicles as she licks and sucks them softly. I moan out at this expert treatment. She pushes me back into the door, my back slamming into the hard wood, as she presses into me. As she comes back up she gives me one last look as she takes my cock into her mouth and slowly descends over it. I can feel the pressure of her sucking in, coupled with the fasiculations of her tongue along my hard meat. I give a heavy sigh to let her know I love this, while she bobs slowly up and down my pole, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth with every suck.

She soon picks up the pace, as her own desires and lust grow. I can tell she is enjoying doing this to me as her hand disappars under the hem of her dress, manually fondling her own love bud as she sucks my rigid tool in and out of her mouth. I let my hands trace through her hair and rest on the sides of her head, encouraging her to take more and more of me deeper into her mouth. I watch as nearly all of my shaft disappears in her lips. With one final gesture she attempts to take it all and gags as the swollen head of my dick rubs the back of her throat. She still stays deep on it, gagging, but wanting to make me feel good. Her own fingers playing with herself lets me know that she is really loving this.

She finally comes up, and takes the cock out of her mouth, gasping for a deep breath of air.

“Your cock is wonderful…I want to feel it inside of me…soon…” she says as she drops back down and licks and sucks sloppily all over me now. I let her go for a bit more before I finally decide that I want to bury my manhood deep into her pussy. With that, I have her stand and lead her by the hand.

Leading her by the hand I take her over to the table which is positioned directly in front of the window which has a view of the city. I turn her towards the window, and position myself behind her. I let my hands roam all over her body, carressing her breasts and feeling all of the curves of her back, hips and ass, as I kiss hungrily at her neck. She groans out her approval as I continue this for a moment.

finally I take the small zipper on the back of her dress and take it down all the way. I assist her shoulders get free of the dress and let her step out of it and fall onto escort bursa the floor where she steps out of it and kicks it aside. She has a black lacey bra on and a red thong panty. I grasp at her ass and massage and carress it. She has always had a nice ass, and still does after all of these years. I unhook the bra strap expertly and toss it aside as I take her large C-cup tits into my hands to play with. She is breathing heavily and reaching one hand back over her should to play with my hair, urging me onward. My hands continue to feel all over her body and I let my hard cock now trace over the back of her ass flesh.

“oh baby, you are so hard” she pants out. “I want that inside of me”.

I yank down her panties with one hard thrust and spread her legs apart by placing my feet inside of hers and pushing them apart. One hand holds my cock, while the other pushes her head down so she is lying with her chest flat on the tabletop. Her ass is pointing directly up at me, supported by her heels which she is still wearing. I let my fingers run between her thighs from behind, feeling instantly the heat and wetness that reveals her excitement. She is horny and ready to go at it.

With that I position the head of my cock at her lips, and slowly drive my manhood inside of her. I can hear her groaning out as her tight pussy stretched to accomadate the fleshy intruder. My head can feel the tight wet folds of her inner flesh separating at my insistence as I press my hips forward. Finally, I am buried all the way inside of her, and I hold it there briefly. My hand still rests on her neck, holding her down flat on the table when I finally slide out slowly, letting the length of my cock come almost all the way out, before pushing it back in again. She grunts out when I am deep again. In and out I move…slowly building the tempo, but knowing that I will soon be ravaging her hard as I want, sating my animal lusts for her, as I take her how I please.

I can sense that this is what she wants to, as one of her hands reaches back to the side of my hip and she urges me to go faster and deeper. This is my cue as I start to rail myself into her. Her body shakes violently along with the table as I start to drive harder and deeper into her wet tight hole of lust. My balls slap into her underside as I just go at her with all I’ve got. Her gasping breaths are intermingled with grunts and moans of pleasure and desire. My body quickly heats as a little sweat forms on my brow, having to take deeper long breaths to fuel this hard, animalistic fucking. Our bodies slam into each other, the sound of our flesh slapping fills the room rythmically. Finally, I start to groan out, as my balls tighten and I can sense my orgasm nearing.

She seems to bentering her own orgasmic pleasure as I do, our bodies yielding to each others. As I near the end of my endurnace, she looks back over her shoulder and gives me a begging plea…

“I want you to cum all over me…” she forces out.

this takes me right to the edge. I pull myself out of her and she quickly swivels off the table and drops down onto her knees before me. I take my long hard cock in my hand, lubricated by her pussy juice, and start to jerk it frantically over her. She places her hand between her legs again and start to masturbate herself as I do the same. her body begins to shake out irregularly as her breathing becomes erratic, as she fingers herself to her own climax.

“Oooohhhh, I’m cumminnnggg.,.,,” she moans out. Her eyes fixed on mine, seeming to plead with me to do the same.

I don’t last any longer. Looking down at her I give one final shudder, as my own orgasm shakes through my groin. I begin to spray one long steamy rope of hot white cum after another onto her neck and upper chest. She leans her head back slightly, always looking at me and my cum shooting onto her. She continues to finger herself frantically as I cover her chest in my thick sticky liquid of lust. I seem to go on forever, as her own orgasm mirrors mine. Finally, my cumming subsides, and I look down at her, sweaty and tracing her fingers through my cum on her chest and taking it to her lips to taste. I grab a chair and just look down at her and smile as we glow in the finale of a wonderful chance encounter…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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