A cold Cottage with Mum

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A cold Cottage with Mum
Mark walked into the cold house, he and his mother lived in.

“Hey Darling, I’m in the living room,” Mark’s mum Helen called from the other room and he went to her.

He walked in the living room and wondered what was going on. Mum was making a giant bed made in front of the fireplace and it was set up for two people. “What are you doing?” he asked and hoped that Mum wasn’t having a man over, but she hadn’t dated in the last few years and this was a big surprise.

His mum was 33 and she had shoulder lengh black hair, blue eyes. His mum had 38C breasts and her big nipples were easily seen through most of her blouses.

She stood up and smiled. “Hi darling, how was school?” Helen asked. “The weather man said that its going to get cold and snow, all week long so if we stay in here by the fire, we should be nice and warm,” she said and walked to hug her son.

Mark smiled as she stood and came towards him. He reached out and hugged her, but she jumped back and shivered. “No hugging until you get those cold damp clothes off!” she said and saw a shocked look on his face. “Keep your boxers on, but all the rest will have to go and then, we can snuggle in the bed with some hot chocolate and talk or does it bother you to be in bed with your Mum?” Helen asked as she watched Mark taking off his coat and kicking off his school shoes.

He didn’t know what to say, but if she wanted to cuddle, it was fine with him and was more than willing to be close to his sexy Mum. “I’d love to cuddle” he replied and saw that his Mum was watching him unbutton his shirt. “What are you going wear?” he asked with a big smile.

She heard him and wasn’t sure if she should keep her nightie on or not. Helen knew that Mark loved cuddling her and she loved it too.

“I’ll keep my nightie and knickers on.”

He smiled, unzipped his jeans and could feel his cock growing hard. “I don’t want you telling me off if I um…well, you know,” he said,
slowly pushing his jeans down and looked at his Mum. “What color are your knickers and are they hot and sexy?” Mark teased, His Mum reached to slap his arm.

“I’m sure you’ll see soon enough.” Helen said and looked down to the front of Mark boxers. “It looks like he’s excited about sleeping in bed with me!!, but he’s always like that, isn’t he?”.

“Hey, I can’t help the fact that he likes you Mum.” Mark smiled as he walked towards her in only his boxers. “Now may I get a cuddle?” he asked as his Mum’s eyes were on his stiff shaft and she moved into his arms.

“Oh God!” Helen moaned when Mark’s cock pressed against her thigh, next to her pussy and she felt like screaming, but she held it in and slowly pulled away from him. “I know you stay hard, but please behave or we’ll have to figure out a new sleeping plan, ok?” she said with one of those motherly tones and went to poke the fire.

“Sorry Mum, I can’t help it,” he said as he moved beside his her and put his arm around her shoulders.

“Just try and keep him under control,” she added, returned his hug and smiled. “A f******n year old boy shoud’nt get hard for his Mum. What am I going to do with you?” she said with a soft voice and Helen knew what she ‘could’ do, but it was against the law”” and she didn’t want to screw up their lives by doing something like that.

Mark loved her so much, but i****t was wrong and against the law. “I’ll try and keep it away from you,” he said and noticed that Mum’s silk robe, had come open and he could see both of her breasts.

She knew her robe came open a little, but it thrilled Helen when her son looked at her with such lust and need.

He just smiled and looked up into her eyes. “I told you before, you’re hot Mum” Mark said with a teasing wink. ” Cheeky devil” she told him.

He smiled and put a log on the fire. “You like having a cuddle just as much as I do and you know it.” Mark said as he looked into her eyes and he wanted her, mother or not.

“Pour some water into our cups and we’ll head under the covers.” Helen added and couldn’t help but noticing Mark was as hard as ever. She could see it pulsing with the beating of his heart and Helen wondered if she could do something so wrong, with her only son.

Mark could see Mum looking at him. He couldn’t wait to feel her body against his. He knew his Mum was lonely. “Sounds good to me,” he said, pouring the water and they moved to the bed she had made up. “Oh, I forgot to ask, how your day was?” he asked with interest as he watched his Mum slip into bed. “Mmmm, pale blue is one of my favorite colors!” Mark said with a wide grin, as his Mum’s pale blue knickers and chunky arse filled his eyes.

“I thought you liked dark colors.” Helen said as she thought about him looking at the black set, black stockings and black bra and knickers, she wore to work and how hard they made Mark.

He snuggled into the bed and lay on his stomach, hoping to keep his hard young cock under control and away from his Mum. “If you’re talking about the set you wear to work sometimes, hell yes I love them, but I love other colors too. light colors look great on you to Mum.” Mark said, turning on his side facing his Mum and hoped his cock didn’t stab her or get to close.

“I love when you say how pretty I am.” Helen said, feeling like a young girl on her first date and close to being seduced.

“You are very pretty Mum and I wish…”

She caressed Mark’s face and had a good idea of what he would wish for, but Mother’s and sons’ didn’t do those kinds of things. “What would you wish for or…should I even ask?” she said with a soft voice.

He just smiled and moved closer to his Mum, pushing his cock down and he leaned to kiss on the her cheek. “I’d wish that for just one night, you could be my girlfriend and not my Mum.” Mark said as he kissed her again, but this kiss was on the very side of her mouth and he felt her suck in a breath of air.

Helen couldn’t believe her ears, but she loved his soft kiss. “Wow, now that’s one I’ve never heard before and kind of odd, don’t you think,” she asked,
but deep down, Helen loved Mark’s idea and her pussy was getting wet. “You really need to make time and start going out more. You’re a very handsome young man and with what’s in your pants,” she said and felt her face getting red. “You’ll have the girls lining up for you.” Helen said as she shifted closer to him and could feel the heat coming from his young body.


“Well, it’s true and you know it, Mark,” she said looking into his eyes.

“But…I like older women like…you,” he said with a soft voice, leaned towards her and Mark lightly kissed her again, wishing he had the nerve to tell her the truth. Just like before, Helen sucked in a small breath of air and she smiled.

His lips touched hers and she felt like exploding. “Well, I don’t know what to say about that, but I think it’s very sweet of you and I also think you’re crazy.” Helen replied, as she caressed his face, turned on her back and reached to sip her chocolate, knowing his eyes would be down the front of her robe.

Mark watched his Mum’s breasts swaying inside her gown and his cock was at full hardness in a second. “Nah, I just know a good thing when I see it,” he replied, inching a little closer to his Mum and at last, his hip was against hers and her skin was hot.

Helen’s nipples began to grow. They were thick and when hard, they were the size of a small finger tip and she had very dark areola circles. “What’s so good about me?” she asked, turning on her side to face him and waited for his reply. He turned to face her and Helen saw his cock lift the covers. ‘Oh my God!’ she thought and couldn’t look away from it.

He had the smile when his Mum saw his cock and the look on her face. “Well, when you dress for work…you look so business-like, so in charge, it’s hot! Your black suits look awesome and there’s one that’s real short,” he paused to reach down and shift himself, before his cock broke in half and his Mum’s eyes on his hand the entire time. “I can see more of your legs and those sexy.. stockings!!”.

Helen leaned back and she laughed hard. “So, you like my sexy skirt, huh? I like it too,” she said, thinking of him looking at her body and just how hard Mark’s cock would get. “I wear it when I’m um…how do I put this?” she laughed.

“Come on, spit it out, Mum!” he teased with a laugh.

Helen laughed and inched a little closer to him. “When I’m in a good mood or um…horny,” she said, feeling the blood rushing to her face and turning it red again.

He heard and already knew the days she would wear it. His Mum would wear it after a good night snuggling on the sofa. “I will be sure to remember that,” he winked, reached to caress the side of his Mum’s face and Mark had to try something. He lightly ran his index finger over his Mum’s lips and she gave it a tiny kiss, plus a little grin.

Helen loved it when he caressed her so softly, but when Mark’s finger ran over her lips, she wanted to suck it and she wanted to suck it hard. Mark didn’t know this, but his Mum loved sucking cock, and he had what she loved to suck. “I bet you will,” she purred, as they looked into each other’s eyes and she wanted to crawl inside him.

He smiled and Mark wanted to know more about her. “So Mum, since I answered your questions, can I ask you a few?” he asked.

She smiled and wasn’t sure about this, but he did tell her some things about what he liked and it was her turn. “Ok, ask away!” Helen said, moving closer to him and she could smell him now.

Mark thought for a few seconds and he thought of something. “When we snuggle on the sofa…what do you enjoy the most about it?” he asked and couldn’t wait to hear what his Mum said.

She smiled and took a deep breath in. “I like the closeness and your arms around me. I feel so safe when you hold me.” Helen said with a low innocent voice as she chewed her lower lip.

He caressed his Mum’s face and he inched closer to her. “If there was one thing that I could do to make it better…what would it be?” he asked, reached towards her face and her lips parted. Mark moved his fingers to his Mum’s lips and she kissed them.

She kissed his fingers and quickly knew the answer to his question. “I like my back, shoulders and um…my neck kissed and nibbled on, but…don’t get any ideas, buster!” she said and moved a little closer to her son’s body.

“I would never do anything like that, mother,” he laughed and just like with her dress, he already knew that his Mum loved to be nibbled on and now, he would have to give it a try.

“Yeah, right!” Helen laughed and looked deep into his eyes, seeing his love for her, but it could never be or happen. “Well, guess we should try going to sleep. We need to get up at 6 am,” she said and saw a disappointed look on his face. “We have all week long, so relax and take things slow,” she whispered, leaned over and Helen kissed Mark on the lips. She looked into his eyes as her lips pressed against his and Helen felt him flex his long cock.

“Ok, Mum.” Mark whispered back, as their lips stayed together and he had to flex his cock. “I love you,” he added with that same whisper.

“I love you too.” Helen whispered as she pulled away and turned on her other side, putting her back to him and she hoped he would snuggle against it.

Mark watched his Mum turn over and he carefully moved behind her. “Is it ok if I snuggle against you, Mum?” he asked with a soft voice, making sure his cock stayed away from her and it didn’t touch her.

“Mmmm, I’d love that, but um…what will you do with…him?”

“I’ll do my best to keep him out the way or something.”

“You better or I’ll make you move, do you understand?” Helen said with her ‘Mum’ voice.

“Yes Mum, I understand.” Mark said, as he held back a laugh and he slowly moved behind her, keeping his hips angled down and his cock away from his Mum. He reached his right arm over her body, the same way they snuggled on the sofa at night and his hand rested on her tummy. He slid his left arm under his Mum’s side and it too, found her tummy. Mark felt her let out a low sigh as he gently hugged and he wanted to kiss her neck. “There’s only one thing missing,” he whispered in her ear. She heard him and pushed back, hoping he wouldn’t get carried away. “Behave or I’ll turn the other way.” Helen purred as he turned and she sucked in a deep breath of air. His cock was harder than ever and it felt good pressed against her arse cheeks.

He heard his Mum and quickly turned. His cock was resting on her arse and it felt great. “Mmmm, I was talking about kissing your back, shoulders and neck, but this is much better!” he said and had to try something else. He pushed his Mum’s hair from the side of her neck, he ran his lips over her flesh and Mark lightly kissed her. Helen sucked in another breath of air and he had to smile.

“Ahhh God, Mark,” she moaned, as he kissed her neck again and his right hand slid up her front, between her breasts and wrapped his fingers around her throat. He knew the other thing that excited her and his fingers felt wonderful on her neck.

“Want me to stop?” he teased and his Mum’s hand grabbed his, she held it tight and wasn’t letting go.

She heard him and quickly grabbed Mark’s hand. “No…not yet.” Helen moaned as he kissed her again and his left hand started doing something new. It was gently caressing her tummy and Helen felt it inching towards her knickers.

He held her tender neck with one hand, while his other hand was inching towards his Mum’s hairy pussy. Mark flexed his cock on her arse cheeks. She didn’t pull away or scold him, but she did push back to him and his Mum let out a soft moan.

“Ohhh, Darling…easy or…”

Mark’s right hand covered her mouth, he shifted his hips, moving his cock-shaft into the deep crack of her arse and he flexed again.

“Ohhh God, please don’t Mark, please.” Helen moaned as her son held her and she realized something. Mark was a strong young man and if he wanted, he could very easily take her and she would be totally helpless. “Oh darling, please…no…no,” she whimpered as he held her tight and she was in heaven.

Mark figured that he better stop and he knew that his Mum could be his in a day, maybe two at the most. The poor thing felt like she was on fire. His Mum’s skin was hot to the touch and he could only imagine what the inside of her hairy pussy would feel like.

“I know Mum, relax and enjoy. I won’t do anything more than this.” Mark whispered, kissed her ear, then her neck and he flexed once again. His Mum pushed back to him and the poor boy moaned louder than ever. “Doesn’t this feel sooo good, Mum? I won’t do anything else, unless…you tell me to, ok?” he whispered again, leaned down and he lightly bit the side of his Mum’s neck.

Helen couldn’t talk or move; she just moaned and felt his hand sliding over the tops of her knickers. “And um…where may I ask is that hand planning on going?” she panted and enjoyed his soft touch, hoping like hell she could stop this.

“I’m helping you to relax.” Mark said with a laugh and moved his hand back up to his Mum’s tummy.

“You didn’t have to move it; I was just asking what you had planned.” Helen smiled as he quickly moved his hand back down and on her knickers.

He continued to hold his Mum close and other than kissing the back of her soft shoulders, Mark stopped everything else. He wanted this to happen, but he wanted his Mum to want him, as badly as he wanted her and if that meant taking his time, so be it.

He woke the next morning and his Mum was completely against him, facing him. He could feel his hard cock against something very warm and Mark looked down to see where it was. ‘Oh shit!’ he moaned to himself and fought the need to flex. His cock was between his Mum’s leg’s.

“Good morning, darling.” Helen said with a lusty voice and she looked down too. “Does that thing ever go down or take a nap?” she teased and looked into his eyes.

“Not when you’re around.”

She laughed and loved the feel of his hard young cock on her most private place. “You need to find a girl to go out with.” Helen said as she ran her fingers through his hair and Mark moved his right hand over her arse. He started caressing and gently pulling her hips to his, driving her crazy. His cock was sliding back and forth, teasing her pussy to no end and Helen had to stop this.

Mark felt his Mum pull back and he stopped pulling on her. “I get paid for my paper round tonight, would you like to go out on a date?” he asked and wondered if his Mum would catch on.

She laughed and gave him a little slap. “I’d love to, but you’ll still be in the same condition or worse.” Helen said with a soft voice and put her lower lip out. “You should find someone that you can um…do it with and not waste your time with me.” Helen said as she leaned forward and gently kissed her son.

“I won’t waste my time if I take you out and I don’t care about um…you know.”

“Why don’t you go to the shop, get something nice for dinner and we’ll stay here. We’ll have a better time and if you’re a good boy…Mummy just ‘might’ wear the skirt you like so much. How does that sound?” she asked and knew this was a bad thing to do. She moved her hips and rubbed his hard cock into her wet,knickers and Mark flexed. “Oh Darling, oh my baby boy!” Helen cried out and hugged him with all of her might.

Mark was hurt, but his Mum’s plan sounded good and when she pushed to him, he flexed. “Oh shit, easy Mum! That thing is loaded and ready to go off at any second!” he laughed, grabbed her arse and he flexed harder, holding his Mum tight.

Helen was helpless and at her son’s mercy. “Oh shit, I hate to say this, but we need to stop this right now!” she moaned and eased away from him.

“What a way to start the day!” he laughed and got up to re build the fire. “I’ll have this going in a few minutes.” Mark said as he turned to see his Mum was admiring his cock and he winked at her.

“I could think of a better way, but…” she replied and made a sad face, wishing that Mark could take her, but he couldn’t and that was that. “I’m going to run and get my clothes, then put them next to the fire.” Helen said as she jumped up and ran to her bedroom.

Mark thought of his Mum’s words and it would be nice to make love in the morning light, but she was his Mum and it would be wrong. “I could too,” he said and loved the sight of his Mum’s big butt wiggling in her knickers.

She was back in few seconds and laid her clothes on a chair, next to the fire and she hugged Mark. “I’ll be glad when it gets warm again,” she moaned and felt his shaft against her stomach. “I get payed today?” Helen said as she looked up and into his eyes.

She smiled and had a nice idea. “Why don’t I get something nice for me to cook and um…maybe a bottle of cheap wine.” Helen said with an innocent look and I might buy one more thing. I might buy a new pair of knickers,” she paused to caress his back and tilt her head a little. “But, I want to get the color you like.” Beth smiled and she loved the look on his face.
Wow Mum” That would be great””

‘If you enjoy looking at me as much as you say, at least I can look better for you,’ she thought and felt his thick shaft pulsing against her body and hated to leave his arms.

“You’ll look good in anything you buy, Mum.”

Helen laughed, turned her back to Mark and slipped off her robe. “That’s why mothers always love their son’s! You’ll say anything to keep us happy and snuggling with you,” she smiled and after a few minutes Helen managed to get her boobs into her bra and turned to him. “I bet you’re enjoying this cold weather,” she said as his eyes looked to her breasts and Mark’s cock was pointing straight at her.

“What?” he asked, turning to see her holding in a laugh and he walked to her. “I bet you like it too.” Mark said, stopping an inch before it touched his Mum’s bare stomach and he saw her suck in air.

“I may, but I’ll never tell.” Helen teased and quickly dressed for her job. “Why don’t you come to the shopping center after school and we’ll come home on the bus home together darling?” she added and watched his face wrinkled up.

“Let’s live it up Mum and we get a taxi home.”

I should be there about four thirty,” he stopped and a thought filled his mind. “They have nice stores there for women, right?” he said with a grin.

Helen heard him and smiled. “Darling, they have all kinds of nice stores.

” I think it’s sexy. Your Mum, buying knickers for you to see her in them.”

“It is rather um…erotic, isn’t it?” she whispered to him.

He hugged his Mum and continued to flex it. “Yes it is and you promise to let me see you wearing them?” Mark asked as his hands circled her stomach and moved over her excited flesh.

“Yes I promise.” Helen moaned.

“Can I touch them?” he asked as his hands slid up her front and found her bra.

“Maybe…yes,” she moaned again and hugged him more, feeling his big hands over her bra and she hoped he would touch them.

“Can I rub ‘him’ on them too?” he teased and ran his fingers over each bra cup, slowly circling her hardening nipples and feeling his Mum’s breathing increasing.

She rested against Mark and knew she’d be lucky to resist him. “You should know the answer to that,” she moaned, pulled away and had to finish dressing for work.

Mark watched his Mum finish and he was kaçak iddaa hard. “Damn, look at him now!” he laughed and enjoyed his Mum’s face turning red.

“You’re an evil boy! You shouldn’t show such things to your mother, you know?” Helen said as they walked from the house and out into the cold.

They all but ran to the bus stop and were just in time for his Mum to catch her bus. “Why am I evil?” he yelled over the loud machine and watched her smile.

She leaned into him and said in his ear. “You’ve made your Mother horny now and I’ll be dripping all day!” Helen giggled and ran into the warm bus, knowing he was hard as steel and she had gotten him back, she laughed inside and was right, her pussy started dripping like a broken faucet and only one tool would fix it, her son’s very hard tool.
After work Helen went in to town and was walking around when she seen a shop!!
A run down shop and the hand-painted sign above it. ‘Miss Rachael’s Unique Gifts and Odditie

‘I know this place wasn’t here before…I don’t think it was,’ she thought””

Bath Sets, Magical Dolls,Seduction Kits.She thought she had better have a look in side”.

Helen’s nose was rapidly filled with hundreds of different aromas and her eyes slowly adjusted to the very dimly lit room. Helen looked around and there were hundreds of small dolls, old-fashioned toys and in the very back of the small store, she could see women’s clothing and sexy lingerie. She could also tell that this person was into some kind of witchcraft or something close to it. There were pentagrams on every Doll and she saw a bunch of spell books for sale too.

“Hello there madam, my name is, Miss Rachael and how may I assist you on this beautiful day?” A voice from behind him asked and Helen jumped.

She looked at the woman and other that wearing a small chain around her neck, she seemed normal. She was about five-foot-seven-inches tall, around Helen’s age and she had long, brown hair down her back.

Helen smiled at the woman and noticed her pretty, green eyes and they were mesmerizing. “Um…yeah, I was wondering about your seduction kits, but the young man I want to seduce, already loves me,”

She watched the woman and had a funny feel about this, but she would help her and only hope for the best. “Well now, the main thing is, if this person truly loves you, as you say,” she said and turned to walk to the back of the room.

She watched and listened with care. “Whatever you think.” Helen smiled as she went on.

“A seduction kit is very easy and my most popular. There are many different kinds, but the most effective one,” she stopped, slowly reached under the counter for a medium sized box and set it in front of Helen. “Are the ones you use, yourself,” she said, watching her face wrinkle and laughed. “Oh don’t worry, my kits are easy and they only consist of oils, candles, incense and a few other things that you pick out,” she reached to pat Helen’s hand and smiled again.

A hint of fear rushed over her and a lump filled her throat. “Are you sure that it’s easy? I’d hate poison him or worse!” Helen said with a shaky voice as she look to her for help.

She smiled bigger and laughed. “Oh no, if you use the kit wrong,” she stopped to caress Helen’s hand and went on. “It will not work and that’s all, nothing more,” she added and as her hand slid away, she sensed that she wanted to seduce someone very, very close in blood.

“I wouldn’t want to hurt him or do something bad.”

She looked into Helen’s eyes and knew. This woman, wanted to seduce a young boy and nothing was going to stop her. “This person you want to seduce…is he your…Son?”

Her jaw hit the floor and Helen wanted to run out the door, but her eyes held her in place and she saw the woman smile. “Yes and how did you know that?” she asked as the woman started pulling things from the box.

“I know many things young woman and I know a boy’s love for his mother is a strong, caring and very intense. But is his in the picture?”

“Hell no, he ran out on us ten years ago!” she snapped and after all this time, Helen still hated him.

“Well then, let’s get something put together for you and um…your Son!” she said with grin and a wink. “Do you like taking baths and soaking? If so, what is your favorite flower?” Miss Rachael asked as she looked to Helen’s face.

Helen could sit in the tub for hours and loves roses,” Miss Rachael reached back into the box and pulled out a small bottle of oil. She slowly waved her right hand over it, whispered some words that Helen couldn’t understand and she could suddenly smell roses. “Oh God how lovely!” she said and took a deep breath in, enjoying the soft scent and she had a good feeling.

Miss Rachael smiled and reached into the box. “Do you like your shoulders or feet rubbed?” she asked and when Helen smiled, Miss Rachael knew the answer and sat the bottle down.

She waved her left hand over the bottle and like before, she could smell more roses. “Im going to love this.” Helen said as she looked on and did not want to miss anything she did.

Miss Rachael smiled and looked to Helen again. “What is your son’s favorite fruit?” she asked with softness and waited for her to reply, wondering if the mother was truly in love with her son or lost in her own lust.

She didn’t even have to think and she quickly answered. “he loves cherries and if he could, he would eat them day and night!” Helen said with a laugh and Miss Rachael smiled.

“Very good! Cherries and their sweet juice can be added to a lot of different drinks and foods. What does your Son…like to drink, before bed?” Miss Rachael asked.

She smiled again and quickly replied. “We’ve been drinking hot chocolate the last few nights and cherries in it, will taste wonderful!”

She smiled at her and nodded yes. “Well now, maybe with thinking like that…you may not have needed me after all and you could have taken him on your own.” Miss Rachael smiled at her and knew the Helen did not need her help. She did love her son very much and if he were a smart boy, he would make love with her and unlock an unbelievable world of pleasures.

“I know what he likes, but I don’t want to mess things up and have him hate me afterwards.”

“This is very sensitive subject matter and it frightens most people. i****t is something that has been hidden away and kept quiet since man first walked the earth, but it does happen and more often than you may think.” Miss Rachael paused to pull one last thing from the box. “If you’ve studied the bible, you’ll know that it happened between a father and his…two daughters and the young ladies appeared to be very happy!” Miss Rachael smiled and motioned to the clothing.

“Yeah, I remember Sunday school and how they said that it was sooo bad!”

Miss Rachael just walked towards the lingerie and waited for Helen to join her. “These knickers are very special and I think you’ll like them.” Miss Rachael said as she showed Helen a very pretty pair. “Look at the front of them and the little present,” she added, rubbing her finger over the knickers. “As your about to give in and getting ready to surrender to him,” she whispered and watched her eyes growing wide. “The present will slowly move down and rest over the place you so desire.” Miss Rachael whispered and knew that Helen was ready to pop.

Helen nodded her head and pulled out her purse to pay her. “So, how much is this going to cost?”

Miss Rachael looked at her and she knew Helen was in love with her own son. “I will give you all these things for…a third of my normal price. I’m also giving you and your son something very special,” she added with a grin.

“What is it?”

Miss Rachael looked at her and hoped this wasn’t a mistake. “I’m giving you and your son one wish for Christmas and if they are the same…it will come true, but you cannot talk about it or cheat in anyway. Do you understand, Helen?” she asked and loved the look on her face.

“Yes,” she replied and could not wait to try this on Mark.

Mark quickly scanned the beautiful atrium, looking for his sexy Mum and two arms grabbed him from behind.

“Don’t move k** or I’ll be forced to subdue you,” her sexy voice whispered into his ear and she twisted his arm behind his back.

“Hey lady, what are you doing? Let me go, help, help!” he teased. “What are you doing?” Mark asked, trying not to laugh.

Helen just smiled and walked towards him, making sure to put some ‘extra’ sway in her hips and pressed herself completely against him. “Did you like what I said this morning?” she asked with a big smile, put her arms around his neck and looked deep into his eyes.

“I liked it a lot and I was hard all day.” Mark said as he return his Mum’s hug and he flexed his cock on her stomach.

Helen felt him flex and couldn’t help but moan. “Mmmm, you bad, bad boy, teasing me this way!” she laughed and her clit was throbbing again. “I’ve been so excited and wet, that I had to go in the ladies room and blow-dry my knickers!” she laughed and covered her face, but Mark pulled her hands away and to her surprise, he kissed her and it wasn’t a tiny kiss. It lasted for a good two minutes, maybe more and Helen was speechless.

He had to laugh at his Mum and Mark was ready to help her. She just hoped that the seduction kit he just spent fifty pounds on worked and her son would become her lover.Mark was still hugging her when he reached under Helen’s short skirt and he slowly caressed up the backs of her meaty thighs, enjoying her smooth, black stockings and her warm flesh against his fingers.

“Ohhh my poor baby.” Helen whispered as she pressed against him and could easily feel her son’s need, but he was her son and it would be wrong. “Maybe our sharing the bed and playing around, wasn’t such a good idea after all and we should stop.”

“Yes it was Mum and I think we should keep it that way…forever.”

She heard Mark and it was as if, her mature pussy had just caught on fire and Helen’s nipples started to swell. “Forever huh?” she asked, trying not to smile at him.

“Yes.” Mark quickly replied.

“Wouldn’t that be a little…strange and against the law?” Helen asked with one of those motherly looks, as she caressed his face and thought about him making love to her body. Yes, it would be wonderful to have Mark as her lover, but it was wrong and she had to make sure he understood all that could happen.

“Who cares? I wouldn’t tell anyone and I don’t think you would either.”

Helen let him go and turned to watch a group of k**s running to see Santa. “What if someone found out about us…what then?” she asked as they started walking hand in hand, towards the biggest Christmas display and Santa.

“We will deny it and if all else failed…we could always run away and hide.” Mark said with a laughed and he hoped his Mum would see things his way, but she wasn’t.

Helen held his hand and knew he wanted her, but Mark was young. “Well, the playing is all we’re doing Mark and nothing more…ok?”

“If it keeps me close to you, I’m fine with that.”

She heard him and didn’t know what to think. “You’re giving up, this easy?” Helen asked.

“Yeah, I don’t want to piss you off and mess everything up!” he laughed, slapped his Mum’s arse and ran away from her.

“That’s my boy!” she laughed, and ran after Mark and quickly caught him by the Santa display. “Want to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. Helen laughed and stepped in front of her son. Helen needed to feel his hard cock against her body and it was getter harder to refuse his advances.

He laughed and when his Mum stepped in front of him, Mark’s cock was hard and ready to fuck. “Be careful, he’s ready to blow,” he whispered in his Mum’s ear as he slipped his arms around her and hugged his Mum tight.

“Mmmm, he sure is!” Helen moaned and couldn’t help but push back. “I hate seeing you in pain, because of me and I feel so bad,” she said, turning to face him and his cock pressed into her thigh.

He smiled and ran his hands all over his Mum’s backside, “I love how you’ve been acting and the way you let me play with you.” Mark said as he looked into his Mum’s eyes and he hugged her.

“Every bad boy’s dream, huh? Playing dirty with his Mummy and rubbing his big, Hard thing all over her! Mmmm, it’s so nasty, but so hot and sooo fun!” Helen moaned as his hands rubbed all over her arse and the sides of her thighs.

“It is fun, if a guy has the right Mum and she’s as sexy as you,” he paused to hold her face and Mark kissed his Mum’s wet lips. “He could show her a new and very exciting life,” he added and kissed her again, not caring if anyone saw them or not and his hands roamed over his Mum’s skirt.

Helen smiled at him and was sure he was right, but it was still wrong and against the law. She nuzzled her face against his neck, enjoying his youthfull scent and Mark made her nipples swell with excitement. “I bet he’d show her all kinds of wonderful things, but a woman needs a man for lots of things like…hugging her when she’s scared or has a bad dream and not just sex,” she said as k**s kept running past them to Santa. “Will he do those things for her too?” Helen asked, as she kissed his ear and couldn’t wait for tonight.

“I’ll hold her and comfort her.” Mark whispered back to his Mum and flexed his cock against her thigh.

“Oh God, you evil boy!” she laughed and hugged him tighter, hoping that Mark would flex again and he did. “Ohhh baby, this is a fun game…isn’t it?” Helen moaned and knew they needed to stop. “I need to walk around and if anyone sees us kissing…I could get in trouble,” she added and saw a strange look cover his face, but didn’t think about it.

“We don’t need that,” he said and walked with his Mum, enjoying all the beautiful lights flashing and the decorations. “If you had one wish and you knew for sure that it would come true, what would it be?” Mark asked her, wondering what his Mum would say.

She thought and knew. “I’d want to be happy and not worry about living from one day to the next…and I’d want a good man that would love me.”

“You’d wish for a man? What if you already had one that loved you, what then?”

“Is this man young, horny and walking next to me?” she laughed, but Mark looked very serious about it and Helen hugged him. “And um…could he be my son?” she asked with a low and very sexy voice.

“What if he is?” Mark asked.

“I really wonder about you.” Helen smiled, as they walked hand in hand.

“Oh God, I’m so tired!” Helen said as she and Mark, walked into the cold cottage and she hated this so much. She watched as he gathered some paper, the matches and had a fire going in a few minutes.

He turned and looked at his Mum, she was lying back on the sofa, eyes closed and her skirt was to the tops of her thighs. He moved towards her and slipped between her legs. Mark slid his hands on her legs and slowly caressed.

“Mmmm, are you trying to make advances on me, young man?”

“What if I am?” he replied, as his hands slid to his Mum’s hips and slowly back down her legs.

“Mmmm, I was going to say…I’m enjoying it, very much.” Helen purred as his loving hands moved all over her tired legs and down to her feet. “Ohhh, that’s it, yes!” she moaned as he rubbed and caressed her aching feet.

He just smiled and kept rubbing his Mum’s tired feet. “I bought some steaks and chips for dinner. Plus, I got a very nice bottle of wine too.

‘I want you to baby and this is killing me!’ Helen thought as she looked to Mark and if he got the nerve to take her, Helen knew that she would not fight him. “Nothing, I’m just tired and hungry,” she whispered and closed her eyes.

Mark leaned to kiss his Mum and he stood up. “I’ll get things started and you rest,” he said and wasn’t even sure if his Mum heard him. “Oh well, rest for later and we can play with the new stuff you got.” Mark said as he stirred the fire and went to get the things for dinner.

He poked the small fire, and looked over at his Mum, she had turned on her side, sleeping like a baby, and her skirt went higher than ever. “Nice view, Mum!” he whispered, moving to the sofa and his sleeping Mum.

Mark looked over her legs and his Mum’s sexy stockings, enjoying every inch of her legs and thighs. “Oh Mum, I wish you would understand how I feel about you,” he whispered and Mark’s left hand slid over his Mum’s right thigh and he caressed. “I love touching you,” he whispered again, felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see his Mum smiling.

“Are you taking advantage of a sleeping woman?” she asked with a grin, as he moved up to her and Mark kissed her. “Mmmm, I’ll take that as a…yes then,” she smiled and hugged him.

“I’d never do that to you and besides, I’d want you to be awake and enjoy it!”

Helen giggled at him and she knew she wasn’t going to last very long, until her son was, back inside her and breaking so many laws. “I would never sleep through something so wonderful!” Helen smiled, as she kissed him and her pussy was on fire.

He returned his Mum’s kiss and Mark slid his hand over her legs, towards her thighs and between her legs. “You’re really hot,” he whispered as he slowly caressed higher, until he bumped his Mum’s wet knickers and she just, smiled.

“Yeah and I wonder why?” Helen teased as she enjoyed her sons loving hand moving towards the place he was forbidden to go, but she was lost in seduction and a dark, dark sin, unable to stop him.

He heard his Mum and watched her chewing her lower lip. “Maybe I should stop and get the wine,” he whispered into his Mum’s panting mouth and she kissed him.

“I think that would be nice,” she moaned and had to get up. “You get the wine and I’m going to the toilet!” Helen said with need and ran towards the bathroom.

He laughed and did as his Mum asked. “After dinner, I have a nice surprise for you and I think you’ll like it.” Helen said as she walked back into the room minus her bra, skirt and stockings. “Nice look!” he winked and stood to hug his Mum.

“I’m hoping to tease my son and make him happy. For some odd reason, he loves seeing me half naked and rubbing all over me.” Helen whispered as their lips touched, opened and they kissed as lovers.

“I don’t blame him!” he moaned as they kissed and Mark slid his right hand under his Mum’s blouse, cupped her left breast and gently squeezed. He held his Mum’s breast, his thumb slid over her nipple and he teased it.

Helen looked into his eyes as they kissed and she chewed her lower lip. “Oh shit, I have a feeling that you’ve done this before!” she whimpered as he continued to kiss her lips, while his thumb teased the nipple and Helen felt his cock against her upper thigh.

“I told you that I could take care of you Mum.” Mark said as he held the back of her head and kissed her deeper.

She pulled back and Helen fanned her face. “Damn, I’m in sooo much trouble.” Helen said with a smile and sat down on the sofa. “How much longer until dinner?” she asked.

“These chips are close, so I should get the steaks going now.”

“Need me to do anything?” Helen asked, but Mark had things under control and she stayed out of his way.

“Nope, I’m spoiling you until Christmas Eve Mum and you can’t refuse me.”

Helen looked at her son and the poor k** was going to die of a boner, but he wanted her to play and Mark was getting his wish. “That thing might fall off or break by then!” she laughed as his long cock pointed outward and it stretched his shorts.

“No way, I’m on a quest and nothing can stop me.” Mark said as he placed the steaks on the grill.

She looked at him and Helen had to smile. “I know one person that could, so…you better keep her very happy,” she said and Mark winked at her.

Helen sat and watched him. “Just remember this, some locks need opened slowly and with great care.”

“I will, Mum.”

After a nice dinner and lots of talking, Helen was seeing that her son was a wonderful young man and he did love her. “Hey Mum, I started you a hot bath and I put some bath oil in it.” Mark said as he walked back into the living room and to his Mum.

“Bath oil?

She hugged him and had a good idea that her son would have her very soon.” Helen went to enjoy her bath. She eased into the tub, a sweet scent of roses filled her nose and Helen’s entire body started to tingle. “Mmmm, this is nice,” she moaned and closed her eyes, not noticing that Mark put something on the sink and he slipped from the room.

Helen sat in the hot water thinking of Mark, being lonely and all of the love they shared. ‘I’m not sure if I should let him or not,’ she thought and slowly rubbed her swollen nipples, wishing that this wasn’t so complicated and hoped she would do the right thing. She inhaled the sweet smell of the roses and his reasoning did seem right. They did love each other and they both were lonely. ‘Maybe just…one time and we’ll stop.” Helen moaned as she twisted her nipples, thinking of her son in her body and she would be loved again.

She stepped from the bath tub, dried her body and Helen looked on the sink. ‘Oh, how cute!’ she thought, lifting the tiny pair of red knickers up and Helen loved the color. Helen slipped the knickers up her legs, over her thighs and on her hips. She gently ran her hands over them and Helen had to smile. It was as if, they were tingling against her skin and it felt good.

‘Wow, this is insane and they don’t canlı casino siteleri cover much, as she looked at her dark pubic hair sticking out of the sides, but…oh well,’ she thought with a grin, looking down and knew Mark was going to love them. She quietly walked from the bathroom, down the hall and into his room. ‘I’m going to drive you nuts, mister!’ Helen giggled to herself, looked in his wardrobe and found one of Mark’s white school shirts, and she put it on. ‘I’ll do the two middle buttons and leave the rest open.’ Helen thought as she stood in front of his big mirror and Helen was impressed. ‘Damn, not to fucking bad, girl!’ she smiled to herself and she did look good for her age. “Here goes!” Helen whispered and took a deep breath.

Mark was just finishing the hot chocolate, when his Mum cleared her throat and he turned to see her leaning against the door, smiling from ear to ear and her face. Her 38C breasts were half covered and he could see the knickers. The knickers formed to his Mum’s hairy pussy, as if they had been painted on her and he could see the slit up her middle, but something caught his eye and he smiled. He love the way her bush was sticking out of the sides.

He quickly stood up, walked to his Mum. He reached up to her face with his left hand and pressed it against her cheek.

She turned her head to his hand and Helen felt her face blush. Have you been a good boy this year?” Helen asked with a giggle and she peeked down to the front of Mark’s shorts. “I think he likes the way I’m dressed or um…something,” she whispered and wanted to grab him and squeeze it as hard as she could, but she stood firm and resisted him. Helen hadn’t had a cock in years and Mark’s had made her so wet.

“You look so sexy!” Mark moaned and he pulled his Mum against his body. “Oh Mum, I could hug and squeeze you all the time!” he moaned again, as his hands roamed her lower back, until they found his Mum’s arse in the red nylon. “Aren’t they so soft and sexy? “Mark said as he gently caressed her knickers and pressed his hard young cock, on his Mum’s upper thigh and he heard a soft moan.

Helen melted into her son’s arms and she felt his stiff cock against her thigh, enjoying its hardness and his lust for her. “Mmmm, are you having ‘nasty’ thoughts about your Mummy again?” she teased, kissing the side of Mark’s neck and Helen shifted her hips.

Helen moved to her right and Mark wanted to scream. His hard young cock was only an inch from her hairy pussy and he was dying to rub it on her bush. “Why don’t we lie down and do this?” he said and Mum laughed.

“If I were to lay down right now…I um…in a few minutes,” she moaned, reluctantly pulled from away from Mark and walked to the bed. Helen sat down on her knees and hoped she could keep this under control, but the playing was turning down a new road and it was taking its toll on her.
Mark let her go and figured that his Mum was close to giving in or something. “I made you your hot chocolate while you were in the bath and it should be ready to drink,” he said, looking into his Mum’s eyes and he saw them sparkle.

She took the mug from him. Helen wanted him, but it was i****t and wrong. “Thank you, darling.” Helen whispered as Rodger moved in front of her and put one of his knees, between hers and she could feel his warm breath on her face. “What would I do without you?” she asked and he leaned forward, kissing her on the lips and Helen felt his left hand creeping under the shirt and it moved up her quivering body.

“You’d be very lonely and you wouldn’t have me to…kiss you.” Mark replied, as he leaned to his Mum and he kissed her again, while his hand continued up her front and found her breast. “Or…touch you,” he moaned into her open mouth and Mark gently sucked her lower lip. His hand cupped his Mum’s breast and his thumb slowly brushed over her hardening nipple.

Helen felt odd, but it was a pleasant feeling and each time Mark touched her, the knickers got wetter. His hand held her breast and Helen wanted to scream, but as Mark’s thumb crept over her nipple, she moaned his name and her back arched. “Oh Mark, yes!” Helen moaned without thinking and this was getting so hard.

He held his Mum and Mark just smiled, as his thumb teased her rubbery nipple and Mark slid his right up her thigh. “Oh Mum, I love touching you!” he moaned to her and his hand found its goal. Mark was holding his Mum’s very hot, very wet hairy pussy. “Oh fuck…you are so hot!” he moaned again and very slowly, started to pull away from her and let things cool down.

Helen was disappointed, but they did need to cool down and relax. “Wow, you sure are a ladies man,” she said with a half smile and sipped from her mug. “Where did you lean to touch and kiss, so well?” she asked and wanted to know. Mark just laught.

Beth smiled and sipped her mug. “Is it one woman or more?” she quickly sipped and hoped to catch Rodger off guard.

“One very, very wonderful ladies.” Mark said and he could see his Mum trying to think of who she could be.

She thought and tried to think of any woman Mark had been around, but she couldn’t. “Anyone I know?” Helen asked and he laughed at her.

“I told you Mum, I won’t talk about it,”

She sipped her drink and couldn’t think of anyone he could have been with. ” what would you want for Christmas?” Helen asked and sat down her mug. ” what you’d like,” she added and lay on her side, her arm by her head and leaning on her hand.

He thought and Mark always wanted a big TV. “I think I’d want a giant TV with all the sports and movie channels…and,” he replied and moved next to his Mum, caressed her face and kissed her lips. “A pretty woman to snuggle with.” Mark added and kissed his Mum again, but this one lingered and his fingers moved back to her breast.

Helen was lost in his soft touch and his sweet words. “Oh really now and who would you snuggle with?” she asked and waited for his reply.

Mark’s other hand moved between her legs and she spread them. “You’re the one I’m crazy about…who do you think?” he asked as his fingers caressed Mom’s wet mound of mother pussy and it were soaked. Helen was dripping wet and he loved it.

“A woman loves hearing that she’s needed and wanted.” Helen said, spreading her knees for Mark’s probing fingers and her heart was pounding. “Oh darling…you make me feel so good…it hurts!” she moaned and turned on her back. The panties were tingling more and her flesh was on fire.

He moved over her upper body and smiled. “You are so beautiful!” Mark said and lightly kissed her, as his hand slid over her pussy again and gently rubbed her.

She watched his hand sliding down her belly and between her legs, but she didn’t say anything or stop him. “Thank you, darling.” Helen whispered and looked into his loving eyes for an answer, but he never spoke. He caressed her wet mound and Helen felt his fingers tracing up her middle. He found her clit and Mark teased it. “Oh darling, please!” she moaned, her back arched and Helen was losing the battle.

Mark knew his Mum was close and he was excited. “Want me to stop and let you rest?” he asked and Helen didn’t say anything or move. “Earth to Mum, hello!” he teased and sat up.

She turned her head and smiled. “Whoever taught you to make out so good…tell them that your mother says, thank you.” Helen said as she tried to gather her thoughts and pull herself together.

She looked at him with wide eyes and wasn’t sure if Mark whould tell anyone about this. “Are you sure you will never tell anyone? We haven’t done anything but play and touch, but still,” she said and saw him smile.

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise, Mum.”

Helen looked between Mark’s legs and for the first time, she saw how big and hard he was. “How big are you? I haven’t had the pleasure of touching you, like you have me.” Helen smiled as Mark got on his knees and pulled out his cock. “Oh my, how beautiful!” she moaned as her eyes roamed up and down his long, throbbing cock-shaft and her insides burned.

Mark didn’t hesitate and he dropped his shorts. He loved the way his Mum looked up and down his cock. It was as if, she was going to eat him alive. “If I can touch you, why can’t you touch me, Mum? I think that would be fun too.” Mark said as he took her right hand and he put it on his cock.

She couldn’t move and when Mark took her hand, Helen wanted to jerk him off and let him spray it on her. She was burning and needed to be loved. No, Helen needed a long, hard fuck by her son and she needed it soon.

“What would people think if they saw this?” Helen whispered and didn’t see any harm in holding Mark’s cock, so she left her hand on him and enjoyed the blood rushing through him.

Mark smiled and moved a little closer to his Mum. Her hand stayed on him and it felt like she was about to squeeze him. “He’d be jealous of me and I’m sure of that!” he said with a grin and Helen just lay there.

“You’re a big boy and I bet you could have about any girl you wanted…why do you want me?” she asked, running her fingernail over the head of it and Helen watched his cock jump.

“I love you and I want you.” Mark said as he lifted his hips and pushed to his Mum. She squeezed and held him, but Helen wasn’t ready for anything more. Not yet, anyway.

“I think you’re crazy and you need to find someone your own age.” Helen said as he throbbed in her hand and she knew he was dying to have her, but it was wrong.

He leaned to his Mother, kissed her lips and her hand moved. Helen started stroking him as they kissed and she was moaning. “Oh Mum, yeah, oh God, oh Mum!” Mark moaned and kissed her more, deeper and with more passion.

“Oh baby, yeah, yeah!” Helen growled as she held his thick shaft and stroked him harder. “This is all for me? Is it for your…Mummy?” she teased and pulled his cock head, stretching hard and she twisted it. “Does Mark want his…sexy Mum? Hum?” she whispered and smiled.
Mark could not believe that his Mum was wanking him off, but he wasn’t going to complain or stop her. “Holy crap Mum, what’s gotten into you?” he moaned as she pulled and tugged on his cock, but Mark was getting close to cuming all over her and he wasn’t sure if she’d want that or not. “I’m getting close Mum,” he moaned and kissed his Mother on the lips.

She didn’t want to stop, but they had to and Helen moved her hand. “I was getting even for some of the things you’ve done to me,” she said with a little grin and rolled on her stomach. “I’m so tired tonight and I wanted to ‘play’ more, but…” she paused and yawned. “I’m so sleepy,” she said and rested her head on her pillow.

Mark was heartbroken, but his Mum worked hard in her job and he knew she was worn out. “You sleep and don’t worry about anything,” he whispered and pulled the blankets on his Mum. ‘Don’t worry that I lost my job,’ he thought and reached to have a smoke before bed.

Mark woke the next morning, Helen was already awake, lying by him, and she kissed him. “I’m sorry about last night, I was sooo tired,” she whispered and kissed him again. “I’ll make it up to you…tonight and you’re going to love it.” Helen said with a soft voice, as she caressed his face.

“Do I get any hints?”

“Nope, but all I can say is…you will like it!” she giggled and quickly got up. “Come on or you’ll be late for school and your coffee is getting cold.” Helen said as she went to finish her makeup and hair.

Oh ye” I’ll be late for school!’ he laughed to himself and got up, going through the motions of getting ready.

“Hey, why don’t you come and meet me at work again. I liked it yesterday and the fun we had.” Helen said with a sweet voice and she couldn’t resist giving her son a morning kiss.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“Just because,” she replied and Helen was in love with her son.

“I like it.” Mark said

“Oh, you better hurry or we’ll miss our bus!”

“I love you so much!” she said and kissed him deep. After a minute or so, she pulled away and said. “Come to my work, when you get finish school, please,” she begged and got on the bus.

Rodger watched her bus pull away and waited for his bus. Mark had seven, long hours at school, thinking of his Mother. He walked through town and loved the flashing lights, the decorations and the smell of pine trees filling the air. He walked and he walked, thinking of his Mum, how much he loved and wanted her, but she was right and if anyone found out, it could be hell.

later that night, Mark watched his Mother come from her bath. “Did you enjoy it as much as last night?” he asked and saw that his Mum’s face was blushing. She had a loose nightshirt of hers and he could see her breasts with ease.

She smiled and moved to the bed. Helen went down on her knees, sat on her feet and smiled. “Yes and we have to get more of that bath oil. It makes me feel wonderful!” she giggled and looked to see he was hard as ever. “How do you manage that thing?” she asked and loved to see it throbbing, knowing it was all for her and only her.

“I’m glad you like it that much and it can be very hard to keep under control, but I hope to have help with it, soon.” Mark said as he handed his Mum her hot chocolate and cherry liquor.
She took her mug “Mmmm, it smells wonderful and is that…” she inhaled and knew it was cherries. “Cherries!” Helen moaned and took a long sip. “Oh how nice and it taste sooo good!” she moaned again and took another small drink.

Mark looked on and he had to smile. ‘Cool, I wonder what they will do to her and how soon?’ he thought and watched his Mum sipping her chocolate.

“Oh God, I love the taste of cherries!” she moaned, smiled at Mark and drank more.

He watched Helen; she loved the chocolate and was quickly drinking it. “I’m glad you liked it, would you like more?” he asked and watched his Mum start to lean towards him.

“Yes, I’d love more, but do you remember this morning…and what I told you?” she asked with a grin and reached to squeeze Mark’s cock.

“Yes Mum, how could I ever forget that?” he asked and poured her more hot water in her mug. Mark let two drops of the cherry liquor fall into his Mother’s mug and he gently stirred it. “Here ya go Mum!” he said with a wink and he loved the way his Mum’s face always blushed for him.

“You bad boy, trying to turn me, she laughed and sipped from her mug. “Not that I’m complaining or anything,” she with a giggle and moved closer to her son.

He watched his Mum and Mark was happy. Helen was acting as if she was loaded and horny as hell. “Enjoy it and have fun. You deserve it Mum.” Mark said with a low voice, as they looked into each other’s eyes and he kissed her.

She returned his kiss and Helen needed more. “This morning, at the bus stop and what I promised you, remember?” she asked, but didn’t give him any time to answer. Helen reached between his legs, pulled out Mark’s cock and started stroking him. “I’m sorry I fell asleep and um…left my baby boy hard and all alone last night,” she purred and slowly stoked him with love.

He looked on and was ready to blow, but his Mum always seemed to know when to stop or slow down. “Oh fuck, you are sooo hot, Mum! Oh God, yes, yes!” he moaned as she moved faster and his Mother pulled the head.

“My darling, my baby boy!” Helen whimpered as she helped him and his beautiful young cock. “Yeah, enjoy your Mother and have fun!” she whispered into his ear and they started kissing as lovers. “My baby! My big, big boy!” she moaned, as her hands stroked his seven-inch cock and Helen wanted to suck him, but the best would be saved.

Mark was in heaven. Her hands slowly stroked his length, twisting and pulling him, as she smiled and enjoyed the blissful look on his handsome face. “Is Mummy doing it right? Hum?” Helen whispered as she stroked and continued to gently pull the head. “Do you like seeing your Mummy…play with your hard…cock? Huh? Tell Mummy you like it, please!” she moaned, leaned over him and let a big blob of saliva on his cock.

“Oh Mum…yes…yes! I love it!” Mark moaned as he watched his Mum and her very skilled hands, working up and down his hard shaft. She was smiling and he could see that she was enjoying it too. “Oh God, yes! I love you, Mum! I love you!” he moaned and she kept smiling, as her hands worked him and Helen knew her baby was close to cumming.

She started moaning and pulling him harder. “Oh God Mark…are you going to cum on your…your mother?” she asked with a playful, shocked voice and Helen went faster. “Oh no, don’t, don’t cum on me! No baby, no…don’t cum on Mummy’s face!” she whimpered as he stood in front of her and Helen could feel him tense. “Oh no, don’t cum on me! I’m your mother, no, no!” Helen moaned as she pulled and twisted his hard young shaft, pointing it to her face and panting mouth.

Mark didn’t know what got into his Mother and at this moment, he did not give a fuck. He was standing if front of his Mum, her mouth open and she was wanking him off. “I’m going to cum Mum and want you to open your mouth!” he growled as she pulled, tugged and twisted his cock. “I want to cum in your mouth…please, Mum! Let me do it!” Mark begged as he gently caressed the sides of her face and hoped that she’d give in.

“You nasty, nasty boy! I should stop right now and never do this again!” she teased with an angry voice, but she loved his words and they made her even wetter. “How dare you ask such a thing from me…your mother! I am your…Mother and not some filthy slut from school!” Helen playfully said to him and she leaned her face closer to him.

“I think you like it and you can’t wait! Mum? Do you like the thought of my cum spraying into your mouth and you drinking it? Do you, Mum?” he asked her and his hips moved with her hands now. Mark could feel his balls were getting close to exploding and Mom was close to getting a shower.

“Oh baby…yes…yes!” Helen yelled and her hands were fucking Mark’s young cock. She moved so fast, that they were a blur and Helen had to please him. “Yes, cum on me, anyplace you want! I’ll drink it all, Mummy will drink it all!” she cried and pumped more, watching his face and Helen had to please him. He was her man, her future lover and if Mark wanted.

Mark stopped, he grabbed his Mum’s head, but she pushed his hands away and she opened her mouth. “Ohhh shit! Ohhh fuck! Ohhh fuckin’, shit!” Mark screamed when his cock jumped and he started filling his Mum’s mouth with his cum. He grunted and more of his hot thick seed shot into her mouth, Helen gagged, but she kept drinking and moaning.

He shot into her mouth so fast and with such force, it gagged her. ‘Oh my God! Yes, yes!’ Helen thought as she drank her baby’s boys cum. She held his hips, keeping him from fucking her mouth, but he would wait for that and enjoy that, another night.

He finished and Helen sat back on her arse. “Damn, my baby sure does pack a punch! I’ve never seen a man ‘ever’ cum like that!” she smiled and pulled him close, until her face was against his thigh and his throbbing cock filled her eyes!” Helen giggled and hugged him close.

“Mark smiled and sat down in front of his Mum. She caressed his face and smiled.

“Darling, you’re any women’s dream come true… and I love you,” she whispered as they both moved forward and started kissing. “Oh Mark, I do love you, I do!” Helen said as she hugged him and she needed to rest her eyes. “My eyes are tired and feet hurt,” she whispered and slowly lay back on the bed, watching Mark move next to her and they kissed more, until she fell asleep in his arms.

The next night, Helen was taking her bath and Mark thought what will Mum enjoy tonight?’ he thought and picked up a small box of chocolates.

He made her drink, Helen came in the warm room just minutes after and she saw the box of chocolates. “Awe, is this for me?” she asked with a soft and very sexy voice, wondering what would happen tonight and if last night would be repeated or not. She opened the box, took out a chocolate and put it into her mouth. “Ohhh Mark!” Helen moaned as she ate the tiny morsel.

“I’m glad you like them.” Mark said as he reached and put another in her mouth.

Helen was floating on air and she liked this. “I have no clue what was in those, but I love them, darling!” she moaned and pulled his face to hers. “What would you like…tonight?” Helen whispered and slid her tongue into his mouth. “Any sexy thoughts about me or something you’d um…like Mummy to um…do for you? Huh? Tell Mummy, please,” she purred into her Mark’s mouth and thought of jerking him again, but letting him lay over her body and she’d hold his cock between her breasts. Helen did it with a marks farther back when they were married and she loved it. “Would you enjoy fucking my breasts or do you have something in mind?” she asked with a cool voice and she was ready for action.

“Oh God, are you joking? Yes, I’d love to Mum!” Mark said, grabbed her and started kissing his Mum. “I love you!” he moaned as the kissed ended, she lay on her back and Mark sat over his Mum. She lifted her 38C breasts, smiled and he put his cock between them. “I can’t believe this!” he moaned and started fucking his Mum’s tits.

She loved the way he jumped on her and he was going to town, in a few seconds. “Mmmm, fuck them, baby! Oh God, Mark, yes casino şirketleri darling, yes!” Helen cried as her son fucked her tits and it was very clear that they both were enjoying it.

“Oh Mum, I love you, I love youuuu!” he moaned. Mark was enjoying this, but he would rather be kissing her and he lay on her body. “I need a kiss,” he said as they looked into each other’s eyes and they kissed.

“Hi and I missed you too.” Helen whispered as she hugged him and returned his kiss of love. “I thought that you wanted to um…cum on my breasts, darling?” she asked, as her fingers ran through his hair and she kissed him.

“I do, but I just want to make out with you tonight and look into your beautiful eyes.” Mark whispered as he kissed her nose and hugged his Mum.

She heard him and kissed him back. “I’m betting that Santa will bring you something very, very special this year for Christmas. You have been sooo good to Mummy and Santa rewards ‘good’ boy’s who are kind and loving to their Mum’s,” she said with a soft voice and Mark was doing something bad. She could feel his bare cock rubbing on her pussy and Helen knew her knickers wouldn’t keep him out. “No you don’t, mister!” Helen said with a firm voice and made him get off of her body.

“You can’t blame me for trying!”

“I know and I’m sorry,” she said and they kissed more, holding each other and Beth knew Mark would love his present this year.

He kissed her and didn’t care. He did love making out with his Mum and he was happy with it. “I’m fine with this Mum and kissing you.” Mark said as he caressed his Mother’s left breast and he gently touched her nipple.

She pushed him on his back, moved over Mark and smiled. “Mmmm, Mummy has an idea and if you’re a good boy…Mummy will let you cum again, like last night, ok?” Helen said as she lifted and pulled his hard young cock in front of her body, looked at it and moaned. “Oh my Lord, look darling!” she moaned louder and pulled him to her tummy. “Ohhh God, this is going to be a wonderful Christmas this year, isn’t it?” she cooed and started to wank him off, while sitting over her son’s hips and Helen didn’t care. She loved him and it was time to show him.

“Oh God, Mum, you’re going to kill me!” he laughed and loved how far he would be inside his Mum. “Every minute with you, is special to me,” he whispered and watched his Mum spit on his cock. “Ohhh fuck, that’s it, Mum! Pull it!” he moaned and reached hold his Mum’s arse.

“Yeah, baby, squeeze Mummy’s arse and help me cum with you! Ohhh my baby, my baby boy!”

Mark watched as Mum stroked him, pulled him and she went wild with his cock. “Oh Mum, yes, yes!” he moaned as she pulled and looked deep into his eyes, knowing what they both wanted, but his Mum needed time.

“Is this right? Is Mummy fucking you the way you like it, baby? Huh? Is Mummy doing it good? Hum? Tell Mummy, tell Mummy.”

He watched as his Mum wanked him and voice was driving him nuts. Mark could not wait to sink his cock in her and see what his Mother did then. “Yes Mum, its perfect…perfect!” he moaned as she twisted, pulled and jerked him faster. “Oh Mum, oh God!” he moaned as she moved down, sensing he was close and his Mum was right. “Holy…fucking…God!” he yelled and watched his Mum open her mouth. She looked at him and lowered her mouth over his cock. “Oh Mum, Mum!” Rodger yelled and his balls opened, filling his Mum with a massive load of his cum and like before, she drank it all.

Helen gagged, but never missed a drop and she started sucking the head. She watched his eyes grow wide and he smiled to her. “How was that darling?” Helen asked as she moved next to him and hugged.

“Oh Mum, I love you!”

“I love you too, baby boy.”

Just like the night before, Mark ran his Mum’s bath, put the oil in and went to boil some water. He made her chocolate and took it to the living room. He put his Mum’s chocolate by her mug. “I wonder what tonight will bring?” he laughed thinking of his Mum going crazy and the way she wanked him off last night.

“Hey there darling.” Helen purred as she walked to him and sat down on her knees.Are you going to take advantage of me again tonight.” Helen teased and saw the two chocolates by her mug. “Yummy!” she moaned and quickly ate them both.

She didn’t care, no one is going to find out about her and Mark. This was fun, even if it was with her son. Helen slithered on his Mark’s body, kissing his face, his eyes and his lips. “I’m so um…” she laughed and figured what the hell. “I’m so horny!” Helen laughed and started kissing her Mark, her son and soon to be, lover.

“Mark moaned as his hands slid down his Mum’s back and they found her arse cheeks. “You should let me help you tonight. You’ve been doing everything to me and it isn’t fair.” Mark whispered as he caressed his Mum’s smooth arse, trying to push his shift cock up and rub it on her hairy pussy, but she kept moving away and she laughed at him.

“No I play with you or we can go to sleep.” Helen said with her mother voice and Mark quickly stopped. Her head was spinning again, but she liked this feeling and it made Helen want to please Mark more than ever. “Baby, I will do it all and you’re job is to…enjoy your Mother!” she purred and reached for his hard cock.

“Alright Mum. Helen smiled and she jerked his cock.

“Oh poop, I almost forgot my hot chocolate!” she laughed, leaned over him and Mark’s face was covered by her tits. “Oops, I’m sorry!” she laughed and just looked into his dark eyes, thinking of him on her and fucking her brains out.

“Helen leaned down to kiss him, she purred against his mouth and slid her tongue inside Mark’s mouth and he sucked her warm tongue.

She eased from her son’s mouth and Helen’s head was spinning. “Ohhh, yes!” Helen moaned and knew she would be his tomorrow night, Christmas Eve.

“I’m going to caress…every…single inch of your body Mum and you can’t stop me! My Christmas wish is to have you Mum.”

Helen heard him and smiled. “Mummy knows what you want, darling,” she moaned, turned on her side and reached for his shaft. “I want to help you again…can Mummy help you with your big, hard cock? Hum? Can Mummy help her baby again?” she purred against his mouth and she stroked him. Her son’s cock was sooo hard and his hot blood pulsed through it. “You’re always sooo hard my baby boy!” Helen moaned as her hands slid up and down his stiff shaft.

“I’m hard for you, Mum!” he replied and watched as his Mum work her magic, on him. She leaned up, let a long drip of wetness drop from her mouth and landed on his cock-head. Helen moved it around, smiled and her hands worked him. She twisted, pulled and slowly moved up and down. “Oh Mum!” he moaned and knew she would keep him happy.

She smiled and watched her son’s pleasure. Helen knew how to please a man and her son would be the that man. If anything ever came between her and Mark, that would be it and no more men. “Ohhh yeah, that’s my boy! Are you Mummy’s good boy? Hum?” she purred and leaned to nibble his neck and Helen started dry humping his leg.

He grabbed his Mother’s arse and Mark pushed her onto his hip. “Oh Mum, I’m dying!” he moaned as she stroked his cock and humped his hip.

“I know…me too!” she moaned and had to sit up, but Helen couldn’t move. Her hand kept pumping his cock, but her hips slowly and moved away from Rodger. “This is getting crazy, isn’t it?” Helen asked and slowly sat up, fanning her face and watching his cock throb.

Mark pressed against her side and hugged his Mum. “Hopefully, it will be over soon,” he said with a soft voice, ran his fingers between her legs and traced up her center. Helen’s eyes closed and she moaned.

“Ohhh Mark, your driving me crazy!” she moaned louder and spread her legs. “Maybe by tomorrow night, your present will be ready to open and um…you can play with it!” she giggled and quickly closed her legs.

“If I get to open it…I’ll be playing with it, all night long!”

“You sure you could handle it?”

“I’ll give it my best shot!” he laughed and Helen’s face turned red.

“I’ve seen a few of your shots and I was very impressed.” Helen whispered and wondered what it would feel like shooting in her womb. He came like a horse and she knew it would feel great, filling her insides.

He just looked into her eyes and couldn’t wait to be with his Mum, filling her and holding her close. “Wait until tomorrow.” Mark said as he gently kissed her and caressed her breasts.

“I’m looking very forward to it, trust me!” she replied with a little moan of need and want. “Want me to help you again?” Helen asked with a soft voice and ran her fingers over his cock-head, hoping he did and she’d get to play with him.

“I was thinking about just waiting and saving it.”

“Oh really, what or for whom, are you going to save it for?” Helen teased and knew he wanted to save it for her.

He caressed her face and kissed his Mother’s lips. “Tomorrow night, I’m going to be with the most beautiful woman in the world and I’m giving it to her.”

“She’s a very lucky woman and I would give anything to trade places.” Helen teased and Mark’s cock was throbbing. “It looks very painful, are you sure, Maru?” she asked again as his cock pulsed with need.

“No, I’m saving it for someone special,” he said and hugged his Mom’s side. “She’ll get it real soon and not until then.” Mark added as his eyes closed and thought of being with his Mum.

Mark nuzzled his face into her breasts and Helen caressed his face. ‘You rest darling, you’re going to need your strength for Mummy. I’m going to fuck you and fuck you good, until one of us faint!’ she laughed to herself and drifted off to sleep.

“Come on, Mark get up and let’s get moving!” Helen yelled from the hall and couldn’t believe that Rodger was still sleeping. “You’ll be late” she yelled again and he finally sat up. “It’s about time!” she added and threw her knickers at him. you better hurry or we’ll miss the bus!” Helen added with a firm voice and he got up.

“I’m up and moving, so calm down,” he replied and followed his Mum into the bathroom. He walked up to to toilet, lifted the seat and as Mark peed, he watched his Mum putting on the rest of her makeup. His cock filled with blood and he smiled. “Damn, I almost forgot! Tonight is Christmas Eve!” he added and watched her more.

“How could you forget that and do you remember what we do on Christmas Eve?” she asked with a sexy smile and a little wink.

He smiled back and wished they had time for his Mum to help him jwank off, but Mark did want to save up a big load for his Mum’s hairy pussy and fill her full. “Oh yes, I remember and I hope I get something ‘really’ good this year,” he said and finished his pee, shook off his cock and moved against his Mum’s arse.

“What do you want Santa to bring you?” she teased and enjoyed the feel of his very stiff cock pressed into her arse cheeks. Helen couldn’t wait to feel it ease into her hairy pussy and split it apart. Mark was a big boy and Helen had’nt had a cock in her pussy for years.

He laughed and slowly lifted the back of his Mum’s skirt. “I’ll give you a hint…I’m very close to what I want!” Mark whispered, rubbed his cock on Helen’s pussy and kissed the back of her neck.

She giggled and pushed him back. “Stop it!” Helen smiled and she hated to do that, but they were running behind.

Mark walked around the shops in town for a few hours. I guess I should go to Mum’s work and see if she’s finished,’ he thought.

He looked around and she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Mark saw one of his Mum’s co-workers and he walked up to the man. “Hi Carl, have you seen My Mother anywhere? I can’t find her.” mark said and the man gave him an odd look.

“Yeah, she came in, got her wages and said she was quitting her job.”

“What?” Mark replied with shock and hoped his Mum hadn’t gone crazy. “Did she say anything or…”

Carl just shook his head. “Nope, but this was kind of odd, she was smiling and looked very happy,” he said to Mark and gave him at pat on the back. “I hope you find her and get her to come back to work.” Carl added and he walked away.

Mark left and tried to think of anyplace that his Mum would go.

He kept walking to every place he could think, but no Mum. Mark even went home, but there were no lights on and no sign of Helen. When he walked inside, something wasn’t right. There was no fire burning, but the house was very warm, almost hot and he heard his Mum.

“Hi darling, stay there and don’t move!” Helen yelled as she rushed to the front door and jumped into his arms. He grabbed his Mum and Mark hugged her tight.
“Hey, why is it so warm in here and I don’t smell a fire burning?” he asked and his Mum smiled, but it wasn’t her normal smile. This smile was big and Helen’s entire face lit up.

She bit her lip and Helen still wanted to jump up and down. “Today on my way to work, after someone pissed me off, I stopped for a coffee and I saw something,” she paused and tears filled her eyes.

“What Mum…did somebody hurt you?”

She smiled again and couldn’t hold it in any longer. “WE WON THE EURO LOTTERY! WE WON NINTY FIVE MILLION POUNDS!” she screamed and jumped into his arms.

“What?” he asked and leaned against the front door.

“I won the jackpot! We won all the money!” She took his hand and led Mark through the dark house. “Look, Santa came while you were out!” Helen said as she turned on the lights and Mark fell to his knees.

“Holy fuck, you did win! “Mark laughed, as he looked at the massive Christmas tree, a hundred or more gifts under it and big TV next to all of that. “All I need now is…a pretty woman and I’ll be set.”

“That’s odd, I need a man to help me spend a ton of money and um…I want him young, thick and um…very hard,” she purred and slipped off her robe, exposing a white bra, white stockings and a tiny pair of white sheer knickers. “Do you know anyone that might be interested?” Helen teased and even through his clothes, Helen could see his cock growing hard.

He could feel his cock getting stiff and started pulling off his things. “Oh yes and he is very close to you his Mum and is ready!” Mark said and tried unbuttoning his shirt, but his hands were shaking out of control.

“Let me help you, baby.” Helen said as she moved against her son and quickly undressed him. “Mummy needs you to hug her and make me feel good! Will you help me, please,” she whispered and reached to hold his hard young cock.

He sat down on the floor and had to gather his thoughts. “This has to be a dream. I’m going to get my beautiful Mother and you won all that money. It can’t be real and I’m going to wake up any second!” Mark laughed and Helen sat down in front of him.

She smiled and was so glad that the heat was turned on again. “Isn’t it nice to be warm again? Now we can clean this up and sleep in our bedroom.” Helen said, but Mark looked sad. “What’s wrong, darling?” she asked and slid on his lap, facing him and Helen felt something hard, under her arse.

“I’m going to miss sleeping with you.”

“What are you talking about?” she teased and just listened to him.

“I don’t want to put the bed up. I liked playing with you and sleeping with you too.”

“You’ll like it even more…in my bedroom, silly and after Christmas, we’ll go and buy a nice, new house!”

“Oh God yes, where and when can we go?” Mark asked as he hugged his Mother.

“We can and travel all over the world!” Helen hugged her son and she needed to show him something. “Come to my room and look,” she smiled, stood up and took him by the hand.

Mark followed his Mum into her room and he smiled. Helen had candles burning, “Someone sure is ready for fun!” he laughed and slipped off his shorts. “Did you take a bath and use the oil?” he asked and moved into her arms, looking at her white bra and her nipples under the thin sheer fabric. “You look sooo sexy Mum!” Mark moaned and reached to put his throbbing cock under her pussy.

She smiled and felt like melting into his arms. “I wanted to wear white for you. It’s our first time and I feel like I’m a um…virgin again and you’ll be my first man,” she said with a soft voice and Helen’s heart was pounding with excitement.

Mark hugged his Mum and caressed over her back. “You look so beautiful and I’ll do everything I can to make this a special night,” he said as his hands found his Mum’s arse.
I’m all yours and I’m…ready for you, Helen said. “Mark could feel her wetness dripping on his cock.

Helen smiled at him, I know how bad you want me and you are going to have me…tonight,” she smiled, Helen sat down on her knees in front of Mark and was ready for her son. “You get to open the best present a son could ever have…his Mum and you get to open me!” Helen moaned, reached up with both hands and she held him tight. “Can Mummy suck this big, hard cock for her baby boy? Hum?” she teased with that voice women talk to babies with and Helen felt him jump.

He reached down and caressed the sides of her face. “I can’t wait Mum and I’m going to never let you go!” he added and Helen reached to hold his shaft. “I’ll always be ready for you,” he smiled, Helen opened her mouth and she leaned forward.

Helen heard his sweet words and she wanted him. She looked at his young throbbing cock, she took a deep breath and she took him to the back of her throat. ‘Oh my, baby! My baby!’ she moaned to herself, as she sucked and sucked Mark. She loved watching his face and the pleasure that she was giving her son. ‘Yes darling, enjoy me! Enjoy your Mother! Enjoy me!’ she thought as her mouth sucked Mark and his moaning filled the room.

“Oh Mum, Mum!” he moaned and moved his hips with her mouth, forcing his cock deeper and Helen loved it. “I’m not going to last much longer, Mum! You’re sucking me dry!” he laughed and kept thrusting his hips to his Mother’s mouth. “Do you want it in your mouth or what? I’m cuming in just a minute!” Mark yelled, Helen grabbed his hips and she took all of Mark. His cock was down her throat and his Mum was still sucking him. Ever time Helen would swallow, her throat muscles would pull down on his cock and they pulled hard.

‘Yeah baby, cum in my mouth and then…Mummy wants you to screw her to death!’ she thought, sucking him and letting him ease into her warm throat. Helen loved his cock and this was her best ever. He was her son, but she didn’t care and she needed him to cum.

Helen sucked him harder and deeper. His cock was being massaged by his Mother’s silky throat muscles and Mark was ready. “Ahhh, God, Mum! Mum!” he yelled out, grabbed the sides of her face and Mark blew.

She looked up, heard him and Helen sucked harder. ‘Come on, baby! Give Mummy that yummy stuff! Yes, oh God, yes!’ she screamed to herself as his cum shot into her mouth and Helen fought to swallow it, but she did and it was wonderful. Her beautiful son filled her mouth and tummy. Now she needed him to fill up her hairy pussy.

Cum shot from the tip of his cock so hard and so fast, it burned. “Ohhh Mum, Mum! Yes, oh God! Suck it, suck me!” he yelled again and moved his hips back and forth, driving his cock in for more pleasure and Helen gave it to him. “Ohhh fuck!” he yelled one last time and he felt to the floor.

Helen laughed and lay on her bed. “What’s wrong, did Mummy get the best of you?” she laughed and when Mark stood, he grabbed her legs and pulled her to the side of the bed. “Yes she did and now…it’s my turn to get her,” he smiled, pointed his swollen cock-head to his Mum’s dripping hole and he eased forward. “Oh my God! You’re sooo fuckin’ wet!” Mark grunted as Helen’s pussy muscles grabbed him and they locked.

His cock spread her hairy hole like never before and Helen loved the feel. A real man was going in her and this man, truly loved her. “Oh baby, oh God, oh God!” Helen cried out as his hard young cock spread her lips and the young cock filled her aching pussy. “My baby, my sweet, sweet baby boy! You’re in me, you’re in me, FUCK MUMMY!” she moaned as Mark sank deeper and deeper, touching placed Helen never knew about and she held back.

“Mum, Mum!” he moaned as they started kissing and he kept pushing into his Mother, his friend and his lover. “Oh God, I love you so much!” Mark moaned as he pushed and at long last, their hips touched. “He smiled and thought of his Mum being his lover and all of the fun they would have. They could spend money and never, ever run out, plus they could fuck each other all they wanted.

“Oh baby, ‘That Mother-fucker’ feels wonderful in me!” she moaned into his mouth and Helen needed one more thing. “I need something from you. I need you to push in as fast as you can and…cum in me! I want to feel my lover and my beautiful son, fill my pussy with your hot cum!” she moaned again and he started moving in and out of her hairy pussy hole. “Ohhh, yes! My baby boy, fuck me! Fuck me…harder!” she cooed into his mouth and Mark moved faster, wanting to please his lover and his Mother. She always came first.

He moved faster, pushing in harder and Helen cried for more. “Cum for me, cum for me Mum,” he whispered into her ear and Helen froze. Her pussy clamped around Mark, her heart started pounding and Helen came.

“Fuck, oh fuck!” she screamed her baby boy, her lover and her son was fucking her like a fucking whore. He pumped her hairy pussy with no regard, no respect and he didn’t seem to care that she was his Mother or not. Her darling son was getting out all of his wants and needs. She teased him and now she was letting him enjoy her all he wanted. It was Christmas Eve and she was his present.

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