A College Romp

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It was late Tuesday night at school, and she had just finished her work for the next day of classes. For some reason, despite the 8:35 class she had earlier that morning, she was not tired in the least. She thought to herself that maybe she should go over to his room and hang out for a bit or maybe they could meet somewhere and enjoy each other’s company until she was ready to go to bed. She IM’ed him to see what he thought about the whole idea, and he gladly invited her over to his room…they had already talked about some of the things they could do while there, but she was still waiting in anticipation. She made sure that she looked her best before leaving her room, and she was off.

The whole way over she continued to think about how it felt to be with him that first night – pure enjoyment. She could still feel his hands grabbing her ass as she rocked back and forth on his lap, hearing her mattress noisily hitting the frame of the bed. Hopefully she would once again enjoy herself this very night. He claimed that his bed made too much noise to have too much fun on it, but she was sure that they would somehow manage.

She finally reached his door, but before she could even bursa escort knock he opened it wide and invited her in. Without hesitation, she pushed him against the now closed door and began kissing him passionately. Slowly moving to his ears and neck, she could sense his increasing arousal while he placed a firm grip on her ass with both of his hands. He pulled her hips into his as their bodies began rubbing against one another. He undressed her slowly, first stripping her shirt off and then dragging her pants down past her thighs. As she continued to grind up against him, she could feel his hard cock against her now soaking wet panties. She pulled his shirt off over his head and began to kiss his chest all over, using her tongue in just the right spots. She slowly moved further and further down until she was completely on her knees.

As she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, she wrapped her fingers around his dick, stroking it gently back a forth. She licked the tip several times, causing him to moan in pure pleasure. She took all of him into her mouth and began sucking his cock harder and harder. His hand firmly placed on the back of her head guided her in his pleasure. She bursa escort bayan slowed down as if to tease him just a bit, and then she began slowly moving back up kissing every part of him until she once again reached his lips.

He then guided her over to his bed, laying her down and climbing on top of her. She could not stand it any longer; she wanted to feel him kissing her all over. He pulled her bra up around her breasts and flicked each nipple with just the tip of his tongue, absolutely driving her wild. He kissed her stomach and then skipped down to her thighs, finally removing her soaked through underwear. His warm mouth felt incredible on her clit as he licked back and forth. She wanted to cum right then and there, but first she wanted him inside her.

He moved back up to kiss her lips and neck, but they both had one thing on their minds…they wanted to fuck. They wanted to make the bed rock so hard that it would fall apart. He laid on his back as she straddled him, slowly inserting his throbbing cock into her wet pussy. Once he was inside her she moved up and down, first starting gently then increasing her speed faster and faster. It felt so good to be inside of escort bursa her for both of them as she rocked back and forth fucking him harder and harder. The bed began to shake with the motion of their bodies, while the mattress squeaked from the stress of their encounter.

He wanted to fuck her from behind next, so he flipped her over on all fours and once again inserted himself into her. The sounds of their bodies slapping against one another could have woken up the entire house…but these two didn’t care. He smacked her ass as he pounded harder and harder into her. His hand then reached around her thigh, rubbing her clit while he fucked her deeper and faster. She was ready to cum, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Her legs shook with pleasure as she screamed his name over and over again. Her orgasm pushed him over the edge as he grabbed firmly onto her hips and came inside her, moaning in delight. Their bodies moved back and forth together until they could both catch their breath.

Both dripping in sweat, they laid next to one another with legs still entangled. She knew it was time for her to return to her building, and fool all her friends into thinking she was anywhere but in his room. She slowly got up and gathered up her clothes that were earlier thrown from her body. Before she left she kissed him passionately once more, and finally headed on her way. That was exactly what she needed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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