A Cure for the Summertime Blues

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Dominic pressed the doorbell and wondered what would happen on the other side of the door.

Himself and Suzanne had been colleagues for almost two years now and, even though she was almost ten years older, there was definitely a connection between them. The fact that they both had devilishly naughty senses of humour and always saw the filthy side of everything only exacerbated the heat that had been growing between them in the staff room, on the corridor, visiting each other’s classrooms.

Dominic thought about the texts they’d exchanged and how they were an extension of their face-to-face conversations. And, even though, here he was – outside her door on a balmy summer evening, after a couple of weeks of almost non- stop texting, he still didn’t want to presume that this evening was going to end with him and Suzanne in bed together.

Until she answered the door and it took Dominic a second to register just who the gorgeous creature in front of him was.

He felt his eyes burn into her from the legs up, taking the sheen of her black heels that brought her closer to his height, but still short enough that she could easily snuggle into him. His gaze moved upwards, feeling a distinct twinge in his trousers as he noticed the sexy fishnet stockings she was wearing underneath a white silky dressing-gown – the top of which allowed her ample cleavage to be seen and her mousey-brown hair was down, when Suzanne usually wore it up.

Even though she was a decade older than he was, her petite frame was breath-takingly svelte and Dominic thought that her experience would definitely teach him a trick or two.

‘Wow!’ was all he could muster.

Suzanne smiled.

‘Just the reaction I wanted.’ She pulled him into the house, allowing the door to swing shut behind them.

Leading him into the living room, Suzanne and then, Dominic, stumbled into the side of a sofa. Still holding onto his shirt, she pulled him into her back, feeling his erect member stab through his shorts and onto her arse-cheeks.

“Ooh, you are ready and willing, aren’t you?”

Dominic had his hands on her hips, massaging them south, onto her thighs.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I hope you don’t disappoint.”

Dominic buried his lips beneath her ear, kissing her neck through her hair. At the same time, his hands found the bottom of her dressing-gown and reached under it, groping her arse firmly.

“I’ll certainly bursa escort try my best. Are you going to teach me a few things?”

“Oh, no. That’s where you’ve got it wrong, Dommy.”

She turned so that they were now face-to-face with each other.

“I want you to be in charge of me.”

Dominic smiled and could feel the glints in his own eyes as he drank in the sight of her.

“And, I’ve got every window in the house open, so my neighbours can hear what you do to me.”

Dominic felt his cock grow harder, dying to stick it inside her.

At this, she moved away from him and towards the wall of the living room. There, she stretched her hands up and faced the wall. Turning her head to him, Suzanne blew a little kiss in Dominic’s direction.

He walked over to her, leaning down and caressing one of her stocking-clad legs, racing his fingers from her ankles, up to her thighs, under her dressing gown and onto her arse once more, pinching one of her cheeks. Suzanne gasped and that gasp turned into a laugh as he did the same on her other leg, before he traced a finger from her taut buttocks, underneath – following the sheer material of her underwear – and to her cunt, where he inserted his finger, instantly sending a seismic eruption of pleasure through her body. As Dominic savoured the hot wet sensation of her hole, Suzanne had to moan and stand on her tip-toes, before she purred contently, whilst Dominic took his finger out.

“You’re so fucking wet!”

“I am every time I see you!”

Dominic stood up straight. He took in the sight of this fantastic cougar, ready to please him in whatever way she could and couldn’t believe the way he hadn’t read the signals from her as clearly as they’d been sent out. The suggestive comments, the time she sat on his desk, crossing her legs – so that he could see up her skirt – the time she stroked his thigh.

Now, he knew he had to take control of her.

Dominic grabbed onto her hair firmly and led her into the kitchen, where he found a long glass table. Perfect.

He leaned her over it, forcing her voluptuous breasts to press against the glass and, peeling the dressing gown upwards, Dominic slapped a firm hand across her taut arse, releasing a thrilled scream from Suzanne’s mouth.

“Dommy..” she moaned as he took in the sight of her big tits pressed against the top of the glass. He stood at the side of the table, now stroking her cheeks as he tilted his bursa escort bayan head to look at the red mark he’d made.

Suzanne noticed where he was looking and straightened her legs, so her arse looked even more magnificent, raised up in the air.

“Dommy, I want you to take control. I’ve wanted you to take control of me for a long time now and I need to feel you inside of me! It’s been too long since somebody used me the way I want you to use me! Please, Dommy. If you want me to beg, I’ll beg for you to take me. I’ll do anything you ask. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it, so long as you let me have you. I’ll be your little bitch. Your little slut. Just please give it to me hard and deep and fast. I know you can, Dommy. I’m begging you to stick it in me and make me scream. I’m all yours.”

Dominic unzipped his fly and took his raging cock out, before grabbing a thick handful of Suzanne’s hair and leading her face towards it. Her head still resting on the glass table, he felt the cool surface on his erect dick before she began to lick the tip. He sucked in air as she then kissed it tenderly.

“Don’t tease me, Suzanne!”

“You’re in control, remember?”

With that, Dominic forced his pulsing penis deep into her mouth, catching her by surprise at first, only for her mouth to welcome him in fully, anaconda-like.

As he felt the tip of his cock touch the back of his throat, his hand reached the left cheek of her arse. Squeezing it roughly, her breath enveloped around his schlong, sending a rapturous sensation up his body. Suzanne moaned with pleasure; Dominic gasped. He squeezed her buttock again, releasing a squeal from her, as she moved her mouth away for air.

Dominic took his hand from her arse and tilting his cock upwards, he let it slap down on her face, leaving a trickle of pre-cum and spit on her cheek.

Stepping away from the table, he grabs her dressing-gown and begins to roughly tear it from her, revealing the incredible body underneath.

“You know how many times I’ve cum over the thought of breaking my dick off in your arse?”

“Oh, baby. Do it, please. I’m your little sex-slave, Dommy,” Suzanne purred, almost instinctively pressing her hand on the table-top and arching up, as he made his way behind her, hooking a finger into her underwear and pulling it down to her ankles, grazing the lace of her stocking-top as he stood back up straight and, lining himself up, drilled his cock into escort bursa her bud.

Suzanne screamed so intensely and loudly that Dominic didn’t think someone could scream that loudly.

She stood up, almost straight. Her hands leapt from the table to the top of her head, clawing at her own hair. Dominic pressed himself in deeper, forcing her to rigidly arch her back towards his front, sending of wave of her aromatic perfume in his direction.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” she finally exhaled. Her arse clenched itself around his cock as he moved it in and out of her.

“Aw, you fucking dirty girl!”

He stabbed his cock into her again.


He brought it back out.

“Look how eagerly you bent over for me?”

He stabbed it back in.

“Fuck, you feel so good!”

He brought it back out.

“Baby, I’m going to cum so hard for you!”

Dominic stabbed it in once more.

“Dommy, don’t ever stop doing this to me, please! I want to do this in school!”

He slid his cock out of her arse and arrowed it into her soaking wet pussy. Suzanne felt his tip smash into her hole and she screamed again.

“You want me to do this to you at work?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”

“Tell me what you’d want.”

“Babe, I’d bend over your desk for you! I’d want you to fuck me so hard, like this!”

“You promise?”

“Oh, God! I promise! I’ll spit on your dick and suck you so hard! You can cum on my face, if you want!”

Dominic grabbed Suzanne’s hips and fucked her hard, her upper thighs pressed against the glass table.

“I’ll wear the stockings for you, Dommy.”


“I know you like them!”

Suzanne stretched one of her legs onto the table, making it easier for him to drill his dick in and out of her, causing her to moan.

“Fuck! I’ll wear them every day, just ready for you to come and take me! You belong to-“

Suzanne suddenly contorted her face into an expression of mixed pleasure and pain. Dominic felt her minge clench round his cock and, before he could control it, a wave of ecstasy erupted a burst of hot cum into her hole, as she screamed as loud as she did when he took her arse.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, Jesus! Oh, Dommy!”

He took himself out of her and, as she turned around, she kissed him passionately on the lips.

“We are definitely doing that again!”

“I wonder if your neighbours heard us.”

Suzanne smiled mischievously, as she pulled her knickers back on and with a little finger, wiped some moisture away from her mouth.

“Well, if not, how about we order some pizza and you can fuck me again, so they definitely hear us then?”

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