A Fantasy in Life

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A bean is planted deep in the soil, covered and watered to nuture and grow, and the seed becomes a seedling and rises through the ground, spreads and grows stronger until it reaches the surface, unfolds and reaches proudly toward the warmth and light of the sun. Just as my interest in you was planted and my cock is nurtured from my very life’s blood, then surges, fills and grows and is happy to unfold, grow stronger and reach toward the warmth and tenderness that I know you are… in my mind.

I see the tender pinkness as your hand reaches slowly down and your palm slides along the firmness of your tummy. The firmness relaxes and becomes soft and gentle. The firmness is special because it allows reaction and response to pleasure and feedback to me… while the softness is a gentle caress on each finger pad and to my lips. Your fingers proceed and lightly caress your lips causing the dampness to flow and soften your petals like the morning dew spreading across a beautiful flower.

Slowly the dew spreads wider and its sweetness provides the new day’s nectar that draws me as an early honeybee. Your fingers search as the honeybee does in the fresh day of a blooming flower’s bud while attracted to the sweet scent of what it knows lies beneath. The honeybee dances among those petals seeking entrance to that morning nectar, and your hand slowly enters and is moistened by the pendik escort dew it finds there and then continues. The honeybee slowly gains entrance and milks the bud and your finger milks and finds solace and peace when it finds your clit. The gentle folds and depths beneath your lips await that finger’s pleasure and it circles as the honeybee. Soon the warmth of the sun causes the flowers petals to unfold, open and embrace the day, and your excitement and passion open your petals to find the light of passion while seeking the pleasure and caress of that moistened finger. Soon the honeybee is filled with nectar and departs… as your own nectar flows at climax and you move deeper into other things.

As an autumn leaf falls, slowly and then gracefully circles on its way to the ground the warm tip of my tongue barely touches and circles each nipple before me. As a gentle breeze through the leaves on a crowded limb, my lips have parted your lips and my tongue replaces your moistened finger. The gentle breeze blows that leaf softly into a drain where it’s caught by a stream and washed away, so goes my desire as I fall and gently part your lips and my need becomes rushed and immediate.

I am swollen like the creek after a sudden storm where its flow slows and enters a gentle pool to linger and rest before it is hurried on by the filling inflow and… my tongue has sought you and escort pendik liesurely rests at the pool between your petals and then my cock’s demand drives me relentlessly on.

I feel your gentle touch as your fingers and thumb surround my head, barely touching the ridge between head and shaft. The pad of each fingertip touching a different spot, not the circling of a thumb and finger, but coming from the top with your palm above. They slide gently up and down… still only the ridge is touched. Your thumb slides up and across the top of my head … rubbing and caressing its sensitive covering. A finger lies at that point beneath my head where it is most sensitive — possibly the residence and center of my senses for this moment. That small juncture is where the edges meet and join beneath… and your finger finds it and slides across it as your thumb moves enticingly on my head.

As your fingers and thumb stroke, I feel my head strike your palm gently… much like it might if I were bottoming within you. Then I feel your fingers, nail first, sliding down the back of my shaft until they reach the skin at the base and continue depressing the flesh until you touch the hardness of hip… and you stroke me. Your hand releases and then you have me again. Your hand surrounds me and unlike a novice, you know that it isn’t a thumb and finger circling and stroking, but the fullness pendik escort bayan of hand. The palm slides up and down, presses not squeezes, with each stroke. The surrounding skin stretches and yields to your stroke and my core slides within it. Another hand… cups my balls and kneads the soft sack containing them. That hand captures each and caresses it with a thumb… and I feel myself in another palm.

Now it is my turn and like a thirsty steed at the water’s edge… I am kneeling before your fountain and my lips replace your hand and slowly I sip. As the steed’s tongue draws water with each lap and its nose brushes the surface of that gentle pool … so my tongue draws nectar and your scent fills me as I nuzzle your folds. The steed tastes sugar from palm with a gentle tongue before closing lips to take the sugar’s cube… my tongue finds your nub, tastes and licks before it’s hunger devours you. The animal raises its head in thanks before nuzzling further to gain another… and my tongue extends and my mouth nuzzles you to reach a climax. The rider mounts and pulls back the head before digging heels in flank… and my hands slide beneath my chin and enter in before finding your spot and my stroking begins.

As your palm presses and strokes I feel the warm of your lips surround me and the wetness of your tongue tease me… my lips have surrounded your warmth and your teasing damp flow increases. Together in the interlude we pleasure each other by demanding… and receiving in near equal measure… before I turn, roll on my back and I feel you mount. Like that rider… you are in my saddle.

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