A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 10

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A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 10
We had both drifted off to sleep yet it was not that late. I estimated that it was only around 9:00 or 9:30pm but with the travel day, anticipation of the meeting and then the intense fuck-fest, we must have both been exhausted. I awoke feeling refreshed yet alone in the bed. I then heard the shower and, in a few minutes, my beautiful and naked wife appeared from the bathroom.

“Ah, Good morning” said my wife, “How do you feel this morning?”

“I feel wonderful” I replied, “but the real question is-How do YOU feel this morning?”

“A bit tender, if that’s what you’re asking.” My wife replied after a bit of an embarrassment blush, “but I’m asking about how you feel, emotionally.”

“I feel like the luckiest man in the entire world” I said, as I reach out my hand for her.

She sat on the edge of the bed and took my hand.

“I hope that you mean that” she responded in here serious tone. “I never want to do anything to jeopardize what it is that we have.”

“If anything,” I added, “last night just solidified that we are more intimate than ever. I am SO proud of you and all that you did.”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed it” she said, with a smile, “Now go jump in the shower and I’ll get dressed. Is this a beach day?”

“It certainly is.” I replied as I walked into the bathroom.

When I exited the bathroom, a few minutes later, and was still drying off, my wife was seated on the bad and wanted to chat. It seemed a bit serious, so pinbahis I sat beside her.

“Baby?” she started in a somewhat serious tone, “I do want to talk to you about something….”

“Yes?” I replied.

“You do remember my conditional agreement” she began, “and about feeling safe, right?”

My heart sunk a little because I was afraid that she discovered the I found Dave on Craigslist.

“Yes?” I replied, swallowing hard.

“Well, last night” she went on, “Dave was prepared to put that thing up my butt! I definitely didn’t want that, not then anyway, and he wouldn’t stop. I then found out that you and he agreed on a safe word that could have stopped that potentially unpleasant experience.”

“I know” I said, sincerely being apologetic and a bit embarrassed. “I was just caught up in the moment.”

“Well” my wife said, “that can never happen again…” she hesitated, “Unless I want it too.” She added with a playful wink.

The excitement beneath my towel was evident and my wife was quick to call it out.

“So…” she said, while nodding toward the tent in my lap, “you want some more of last night too?”

“Too?” I replied.

“yes Baby” she said, adding her irresistible smile. “Certainly not right now, but that was really intense…. Dave was really intense.”

“Shall I see about later tonight?” I asked, trying not to sound too excited.

“Let’s see how I feel, oaky Baby?” she replied, “I’m still very tender… if you know what I mean.”

“Sure thing” I agreed.

I pinbahis güvenilir mi dressed, and my wife and I went to lite pastry breakfast, hand in hand and then headed to the beach for the midday. Around 1:00, we went to a waterside café for lunch and that when I got a text from Dave.

“Great time last night
How are you and Sheryl doing today?”

I showed it to my wife and she lite right up.

“May I?” she asked, holding her hand out for my phone.

“Sure thing” I said, as I passed her the device. Now, this had just taken an entirely new direction. Where I had initially arranged the meeting, my wife and Dave were now texting to each other. At least it was on my phone, so I could view the exchange at a later time. My wife was texting like a teenager, giggling and texting again. I sat there patiently and then cleared my throat, as a reminder that I was still sitting there.

“Oh Baby” my wife said, somewhat embarrassed, “I’m sorry.”

She then looked up and smiled:

“Dave invited you and I over tonight” my wife said, “At his place.”

“At his place?” I asked, somewhat surprised.

Yes”, my wife answered, “He said that he’s having a few friends over and wants us to stop by… around 9:00?”

“Hmmm” I replied, “Is it just social?” I asked.

“Based on his texts” she replied, with a sly grin, “I think that he want’s us to hang out a little later than the others.”

“Really? I said, “What do you think?”

“I think it might be fun” my wife pinbahis giriş replied, “to see how a guy like Dave lives. Are you okay with it?”

“I guess so” I tried to not sound so excited but the prospects of another session with Dave hade me very turned on.

“The only thing is” I added, trying to find the right words, “I like… I mean, WE like… me…, you know.”

My wife was looking a bit puzzled.

“You know” I said, “Right after Dave… “

“Oh!” giggled my wife, “I get it! Well, we can make that work, I’m sure.”

She texted Dave some more, indicating that we were on for later. He texted his address and then we finished our lunch. As we ate and chatted, my leaned in close.

“So” she said playfully, “You really enjoyed… you know,.. right after Dave?”

“I did” blushing a bit.

“Sloppy seconds?” My wife said.

“SHHHH” I said, “Keep your voice down” somewhat giggling myself at hearing my wife use the term.

“What did it feel like?” she pressed on.

“It felt really warm,” I tried to explain, “slippery,…. Very sexy. Knowing that another man’s cum…. It totally surrounded my cock…” I was talking as softly as I could, but two things were happening: As I reminisced about the details of the previous night’s activities, I was getting myself VERY turned on AND, my wife was looking very excited as well. She squeezed my hand in a reassuring gesture.

“It felt wonderful for me too” she said, “Having you inside me immediately after him…. Knowing that you wanted me so much right after…. Knowing that you love me so much….”

My cock was now a full-fledged raging hard-on at hearing these words from my adorable, sexy wife.

“Let’s go back to the room” my wife suggested, “I want to suck every drop of cum out of you.”

To Be Continued…..

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