A Meeting of Minds Pt. 03

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This is possibly the most ambitious story I have ever embarked upon. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it. As always, Gari and Angel have my undying love and gratitude for their proofreading and feedback.

For Jen, there is undying love through every lifetime.

For Jodie there is pure love and our new bedtime story.


I awoke with the realisation that something was wrong. I still had my arm around Jen’s waist and our fingers were still intertwined, pressed gently against her breast, but the bed felt different and when I opened my eyes I looked around at a strange room. There were two large oak cupboards along one wall and thick, velvet curtains hanging in a bay window. It was significantly bigger than my bedroom at the cottage. The sounds from the street outside were strange. Were those horse clops I heard?

I felt Jen stir and she moved to turn over. I released her hand and she was there, those gorgeous brown eyes staring deep into my soul.

“Good morning, Miss Anna,” she said, “I pray you slept well?”

There was a moment’s disorientation and then suddenly I realised I knew this room. It was where we had spent the last ten years. My memory adjusted and I kissed her briefly before saying, “Little one! I had a future memory of us. Of when next we meet!”

I saw her enthusiasm that I adored so much as she said, “Where do we meet? How do we meet? When?”

I giggled and kissed her softly before replying, “Slow down little one. We meet on a hilltop and I dance naked for you while we pleasure ourselves.”

Jen’s eyes opened wide and she said, “Oh, I am so looking forward to that, Miss Anna. Perhaps we can do that today? We could go to Pendle Hill. Take a carriage up there and tell them to pick us up later.”

I smiled, “Slowly, little one. Yes, that sounds fun and the weather is set fair for today. I do need to finish my story for the paper, though. Perhaps we can arrange for a carriage after we have spent a little time in my room.”

Jen’s face lit up, “Oh yes, Miss Anna. That sounds wonderful. Can we wear our princess line dresses? I love them so much.”

I kissed her and said, “I can never refuse you anything, little one. Of course we shall.”

“Oh thank you. I love you so much. What was the world like when we meet again, Miss Anna?”

I thought hard, “Alien, little one. I clearly understood it when I was there but now it seems strange. I wore a scandalous dress, I can tell you that much.”

Jen’s eyebrows raised and she put her hands on my waist and said, “Tell me, Miss Anna! Scandalous how? Tell me or I shall tickle you.”

I felt her squeeze gently and giggled before kissing her nose.

“It was very short, little one. It barely covered my quim whiskers.”

I watched as her eyes widened, “And you wore this in polite society? With bare legs? Or are you some sort of strumpet in your new life?”

I laughed, “No, little one. It seems it is an acceptable fashion.”

She got a wicked look on her face and said, “Do you think we could make such a scandalous dress? I would love to see you in it. I’m becoming juicy just thinking of it.”

I thought for a moment and said, “You recall my old summer dress? The pale lilac one?” She nodded and I continued, “We could use that. Your sewing skills will be helpful here little one.”

“Oh yes, Miss Anna. I want to spend time measuring, which will involve a lot of inspection of your quim whiskers.”

She pushed gently and I read the signals, developed over the centuries between us, and lay back.

“I think Miss Anna needs her quim whiskers checked right now, don’t you?”

I felt the heat between my legs. The anticipation of her touch, her explorations of me. She kissed my lips softly and used what we called the ‘quim kiss’ and I shuddered as I felt the simultaneous touch of her tongue on my lips and on my love button. I used the quim kiss on her in return and we both moaned into each other’s mouths, our tongues simultaneously licking each other and our buttons.

She slid down between my legs, which I opened willingly to her, and watched as she parted my lips, feeling her fingers slide into my very well lubricated cave. I loved the stretched feeling. She found my inside button and stroked it with practiced ease, sending beautiful shocks out from my core. She placed her lips over my button and I felt her quim kiss and tongue at the same moment. I put my fingers in her hair, combing it through, pulling her to me.

Our minds linked and I shared the intensity of my pleasure with her.

Everything built up in a rush. The memories of our future escapades fuelling my passion. I felt the release on the edge and called out, “La petite mort arrive, little one! Oh…”

It rushed out from my centre, over my skin, through every cell of my being. I felt her there with me. It was enormous and beautifully shattering.

I lost consciousness for a moment and when I came back to reality I had the shock of my life.

I bahçelievler escort was back in our cottage in the present day and Jen was laying next to me, looking into my eyes with wonder.

Simultaneously we said, “Miss Anna…” and “Little one…”

I started with, “I was there, little one, in Lancaster.”

She nodded, “I know. I was there too. I remembered it in our dreams, how you told me about our future selves and I was there, with you. I am beginning to remember that day. The dress, the trip to Pendle. You wrote a story for me.”

I smiled and we kissed. I felt the need and heat in her as our minds linked. With every passing second our link was becoming second nature. I could now sense her body as part of mine and I gave her clit a mind lick.

She sighed as I pushed back on her and said, “And you gave me such a wonderful orgasm that I think my little one deserves a present.”

I slid down between her legs and looked up to see her looking down and smiling as I mind and physically kissed her wet and engorged clit. She sighed and closed her eyes, her head driving back into the pillow as she gripped my hair with both hands, pulling my lips onto her. We soared to a point a little above and I witnessed once more the beauty of my lover of the ages as her body reacted to me. I shared her beautiful taste with her and slid two fingers easily into her waiting, wanton cunt.

I stroked upwards inside her and felt her clamping on my fingers. Her clit seemed to vibrate under my touch, hardening under the flicks of my tongue. I felt the electric thrill run through her body as her fingers tightened, pulling my hair.

She cried out, “Yes, Miss Anna. Fuck me. Fuck me. I’m coming!”

She started to shake and we both felt the rush from her, spreading out, fusing us. Her orgasm slipped into me and reflected into my own pussy. Our minds kissed as we watched.

I felt her pussy walls slowly relax as the orgasm ebbed and slowly withdrew my fingers. I slid up next to her, kissing her softly, my arm draped over her. It took both of us some minutes before either of us could talk.

Jen was the first to speak. “Oh, Miss Anna. I’d forgotten how wonderful it can be. That was the most amazing feeling. Not coming together but sharing the same orgasm.”

We kissed again and I had a sudden thought.

“Little one, you remember that day on Pendle Hill?”

She giggled, “Of course I do, my love. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know… just a thought. We’re linked to our former selves by more than just memory now. This is new. Perhaps we should go up to the Tor again. Today. Do you remember what time we went there?”

She thought for a moment and said, “Yes. It was just after noon when we arrived at the top. You had said that was when you wanted to get there if you remember?”

I placed a kiss on her nose and said, “Then we had better get ready, hadn’t we? We can shower. I can do some writing, just like I did back then, and then we’ll head up there. How does that sound?”

She giggled, “Oh Miss Anna. You are so romantic. Yes. That sounds perfect. I love you so much for even thinking of it.”

“I love you too, little one.”

We spent a little time just holding each other and kissing before finally rising and starting our adventure.

We showered and then, without dressing, went into my writing room and, as was our habit, I sat and wrote while Jen kneeled quietly at my feet, occasionally placing a kiss on my knee. I would occasionally take a break and comb my fingers through her hair while we chatted.

When it was time to head for the Tor I dressed once again in my white mini-dress and we went over to Jen’s room and packed her bags, since we would now clearly be together forever. She checked out of the bed and breakfast. It was all paid for in advance and she didn’t want to bother trying to claim the small amount she was due. It was after all, as she put it, “The place that brought us back together.”

Jen dressed in the same outfit she had worn the day before, this time without bra or panties, and we headed out. We walked up the hill, hand in hand, both nervously excited about what might happen when we got up there.

“I hope there’s nobody else there, Miss Anna,” she said at one point on the walk.

I squeezed her hand and said, “There were no cars, little one. I’m pretty sure we’ll be alone.”

She squeezed back. “Does that mean we can both dance naked like we did on Pendle?”

The very thought sent a delicious warmth, tingle and a familiar wetness to my pussy. I shared my senses with Jen and she shared back. We were both clearly in a very heightened state.

We got to the top, walked through the tower and were relieved to see that we were, indeed, alone.

It was almost ceremonial. We put down our bag, laid out the rug and slowly undressed each other without saying a word. Once we were naked we embraced. The warm breeze caught our hair which seemed to bahçeşehir escort move around us as we kissed.

I closed my eyes, sensing with Jen the memory of our past life.


“Hold still Miss Anna. Now, show me where this scandalous dress came to.”

I was wearing my old lilac dress which was sheer and fell from my bust to my ankles. I cast my mind to my future self and put my hand just below my quim, indicating with my finger where I thought was about right.

“Just about here, little one.”

She stared up, eyes wide, and said in a breathy purr, “Oh my. If anyone had followed behind you they would have seen your buttocks, I am sure of it. Let me mark and we’ll remove it so I can cut and hem it.”

A mere half hour later I was standing in my newly shortened dress. It felt deliciously sinful.

Jen said, “Oh, Miss Anna. You look so delightfully naughty. I wish you could wear it when we ascend the hill, but it is too much to be seen by other eyes.”

I thought for a moment and said, “We could take it with us, little one. Once the coach has departed I could change.”

“Oh, yes. Yes, please,” she said in rapturous excitement, “shall we also forswear our drawers for the day?”

I smiled at the thought, “Yes, little one. Let us be free of conventions. Let us be thoroughly scandalous. Now, I will sit and write a story for you. I shall dictate it as I write and you shall take your place naked at my feet. I shall write about you and I making love on the hill. Of the pleasure we bring to each other.”

She shuddered and replied, “Wear this dress, Miss Anna. I will love to watch how your quim reacts as you become excited.”

We went through to the study and I sat at my desk, drew out a fresh sheet of paper, picked up my fountain pen and began to write as Jen sat quietly at my feet.

“The Mischievous Adventures of Miss Anna and her Little One on Pendle Hill,” I wrote and read out loud.

As I continued, Jen started to fidget after only a scant ten minutes. I knew well what this presaged so I said, “Is your quim aching little one?”

She stared at me with those beautiful brown eyes and nodded, saying, “Yes Miss Anna. Your words always affect me thus. Would you grant me the favour of allowing me to touch myself?”

I smiled and said, “Always, little one. You have my favour in this matter as long as you do me the boon of stroking me also as I write. It will help with my creative soul, as it always does.”

I felt her hand slide up my thighs and her fingers stroked through the curls of my quim, finding my wetness and my love button. I watched as her other hand went between her now parted legs and stroked her own. We joined minds and shared our pleasure, which was immense and increasing.

I continued to write and dictate as she played, our adventure on paper becoming more extreme as she elicited such feelings in me

When she cried out, “I shall melt Miss Anna,” my response was to join her, placing my pen on the desk and leaning back into my chair, widening my legs and crying out, “Oh, little one, you are perfect. I shall melt with you. Now.”

Our melting spread through our bodies and our minds. The intensity was enormous and we hung on it for what seemed an eternity of bliss.

Once we had calmed I said, “Thank you, my little harlot. You have pleased me no end.”

“No, thank you, my love. It was so beautiful.”

“Now, let us dress and organise our carriage. I look forward with great anticipation to our adventure.”

We dressed, packed our essentials in a large bag which Jen carried, and headed to the coaching inn where we hired a small landau and driver for the day.

After the long journey we left the carriage with instructions to return in three hours. The driver looked curiously at us, clearly wondering what we were planning to do, but merely replied, “I shall be here, ma’am. Enjoy your walk.”

Once we were out of sight of the carriage my little one helped me take off my respectable attire and replace it with the short dress, which was hardly more than a long bodice.

“Walk ahead of me, Miss Anna, just for a moment. I wish to see how much I can see,” she said with a glint in her eye. I smiled and walked up ahead of her and she said, “Oh, Miss Anna. You are a vision and no mistake.”

She giggled and shuffled up to walk next to me.

As we walked, my little one said, “I do so hope there’s nobody else up there, that we shall be alone.”

I replied, “As do I little one. I want to embrace you, naked. I want to pleasure you and have you pleasure me as only we know how. My quim is aquiver with anticipation. Can you feel it?”

She giggled and stopped walking and turned me towards her. She placed a hand under the hem of my dress, cupping my quim and stroking gently.

In a low voice that sent shivers through me she said, “Oh yes, Miss Anna, in both ways. You are surely aware that mine is likewise warm and ready for you, bakırköy escort are you not?”

We kissed and I said, “Come little one. I wish us to be on top of the hill by noon.”

As we walked she would often unlink from my hand and stroke gently on my quim whiskers, enhanced by a mind kiss of my love button so that by the time we came to the peak I was also close to my own peak.

We placed our supplies on the ground, unpacked the blanket and spread it out. I undid my little one’s dress and helped her out of it, along with the stout shoes required for the terrain. She likewise assisted me in disrobing and finally we were there, together, naked. We embraced and the warm breeze caught us so that my red hair and her jet black locks became ensnared as we kissed. I closed my eyes and suddenly we were there, on the other hill in the future.

Somehow we were in both worlds at once.

Jen said, “Make love with me, Miss Anna,” and it was as if her words were in my ears on both hilltops.


The sun high in the sky lured me on. I had awoken with a feeling of destiny clear in my mind. With all that Pia had revealed to me as we had made love on the previous evening I was surprised that I was so calm.

I was sure that I must walk to the top of Lakshu Mound to fulfil my destiny. I walked through the streets leading away from the city, passing friends and strangers, hailing those I knew with greetings and close embraces.

As was the current fashion, some wore the short skirtlet, others, like me, were naked save for shoes to protect from the hard streets. My long red hair I wore down with green weaves stranded through it.

I encountered Ola. She was likewise naked. We embraced and kissed. Her dark skin tone and beautifully contrasting blond hair shimmering in the sun. Her mind touched mine.

She looked at me with her golden eyes. “Ana, you have determination in you, I can feel it,” she said in her sweet sing-song voice.

“Ola, I can’t explain it. Something is driving me to Lakshu. I must go there. Now, while the sun is high.”

She smiled, “Do you wish for company? It is a pleasant enough stroll.”

I shook my head and smiled in return, “No, sweet Ola. I thank you for your kind offer but I know I must be alone. I shall meditate when I arrive there.”

She kissed me once more and said, “We should make love again soon, Ana. I have missed your touch.”

I felt a familiar tingle at the thought. Ola was one of the best gurus of the art of passion. She had taught me so much.

I smiled and said, “Yes, we must. When next I see you, if I am not accompanied, we shall.”

She kissed me again, this time with more heat in her lips and said, “I shall hold you to it, fair Ana. Will you be leading the council this evening? I hear there is news from Pia. She and her coterie have been researching the sun’s weather.”

I nodded, “She was with me last night and laid out the evidence. We will find a way to survive. Future generations will forget us, which brings sadness, but not all will be lost. Pia says there is a way for us to be remembered. Perhaps that is my destiny today, to discover it. I shall reveal all when I know more. Will you be attending?”

She smiled and said, “Of course, sweet Ana. If you are unaccompanied I will look forward to the revelry with you that will surely follow.”

I kissed her and said, “Even if I am accompanied it could be something to consider.”

She giggled, “I am wet in anticipation and can feel the same in you. To share a three would be wonderful. Now take my love with you and go. Enjoy your day and your destiny.”

We parted and I walked on and up the winding path to the top of Lakshu. When I arrived there I was surprised to find a young woman already standing there. I did not know her but she felt familiar. She had raven black, long straight hair and fair skin. Her breasts were fuller than mine and she, like me, followed the style of Kan, having no hair other than that on her head.

I smiled, putting aside my plans for meditation for now. She smiled back, her deep brown eyes seeming to settle on my soul.

“Ana,” she said, “I knew you would come.”

Her voice was like liquid gold in my ears. She was mind speaking me.

I looked, “Do I know you?” I asked.

“Not yet, but you will. Forever. I am Jen. I am to be your little one.”

I was taken aback, “What does that mean? Forever? And ‘little one’?”

“We were born to meet, to love, to be reborn and on forever. Feel me.”

She was suddenly in me and I in her and I felt us and my heart knew true love. I gasped in astonishment.

“I… I see it. I feel it. Oh little one, I feel it. I love you.”

She walked up to me and we embraced and kissed, the warm air swirling our hair around us.

When our kiss broke she said, “Let us make love, here, now. Let us learn how fulfilling our lives will be.”

Jen knelt on the soft grass and I parted my legs slightly as she placed soft kisses on my mound and then down. I moaned, my fingers knotting in her hair as she administered beautiful kisses on my nerve centre with her mind and tongue. I felt her fingers slide into me and our minds fused, raising up above to watch us. I saw that Jen had the fingers of her other hand on her own sex and felt her own feelings moving through me.

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