A New Taste Part 27 (Gabriel’s first time)

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A New Taste Part 27 (Gabriel’s first time)
June had been a pretty fallow month for me. My boys were all busy or away. I told myself it was probably for the best, it had been quite a cum harvest recently after all. However, every night I would drift off thinking about cock and every morning check online for messages hoping for a service request.

My thoughts turned to Gabriel’s lovely cock. He hadn’t messaged me since his second time and I assumed his religious guilt had constrained him. It was a shame. His penis was a joy to please. I looked through his most recent favourited videos and It was obvious he had not completely lost interest. In fact he had almost exclusively watched gay porn. It seemed to me that he was masturbating to more young men like him getting fucked than sucked. On a Friday evening at about 6pm I logged on when I got home and waited for Gabriel to do likewise. He seemed to need relief after he got home each day.

It took him a while to get back to me and we chatted non sexually for a few minutes. My suspicions were correct. He was wracked with guilt and stopped himself from texting me for a third appointment. I didn’t point out that masturbating over gay porn was not exactly avoiding the issues that were troubling him. I selfishly told him it was better to let me satisfy his needs discretely than to disappear into a world of porn. I admit I was manipulating him because I wanted a session of worshipping his cock and I wanted it as soon as possible. I had worked myself up into a horny state and against my better judgement told him he could visit me at home and we could talk about his troubles.

Gabriel must have been even more horny than me because he agreed to come to me. His wife wasn’t home yet. Some works drink. So he left a note saying he needed güvenilir bahis to collect some data that he had forgotten at his work and he would be late.

He arrived at my flat a bundle of nerves and I tried to put him at ease. He couldn’t help but return to his guilty conscience and after a while trying to calm him down I opened my laptop to put on one of his favourite videos. I confronted him with what turned him on in secret everyday. A skinny twink with a lovely cock getting blown, his body caressed sensuously, his butt rimmed and then ploughed by an older guy.

“In your mind that young guy is you isn’t he? He has a skinny body and gorgeous cock like you. You wank looking at him don’t you?” I said.

“I have masturbated looking at him yes.” He admitted.

“What do you think about when you close you eyes and cum?” I quizzed. He looked down and quietly spoke…

“Just lately… I think about you sucking me in that garage. About you deepthroating me. Swallowing my…. swallowing my seed. I think about when you held me when I was… naked.”

“Well I am going to suck your cock now Gabriel.” I said bluntly. “I require you to take all of your clothes off first.”

“Yes. I understand.” He replied. “May I use your bathroom first. I have not been able to shower today. I would be more comfortable”

“Yes. I do require cleanliness. Thats very good of you. Please do.” I showed him the bathroom and as I left him I added, “Gabriel… clean everywhere.” and he nodded.

I smiled to myself as I prepared my bedroom. He knows I am going to lick his skinny bum.

He entered my bedroom wearing a towel around his waist. I immediately threw it on a chair and Gabriel stood there with that uncut flaccid beauty dangling over his long balls. I embraced him and he slowly put his türkçe bahis arms around me. I let him get used to contact before my hands began to grope at his sweet buttocks.

“You have such a cute bum.” I whispered in his ear. “I am going to suck your cock and then I am going to lick you…” My middle finger gently rested on his anus. “Here!”

“Ok.” Was all he could manage. He had given in to his desire, guilty or not. I knelt down and quickly took his semi to the base of his shaft. He swayed and placed his hands on my head. My hands encouraged him to start face fucking me but he was cautious. Eventually I let his erection out of my delighted face and instructed him to…

“Get on the bed on all fours.”

He looked shocked and resisted.

“Do it!” I commanded. He did it sheepishly and I forcibly adjusted his body position until I was satisfied. His arse was on display.

“Masturbate.” I ordered and he stroked that long dick for me as I undressed and began to stroke myself.

“What a beautiful sight.” I said.

“What is?” Asked Gabriel.

“You are! You are very sexy Gabriel.” I replied truthfully. Then my tongue took a wet pass over his arsehole and he shivered. I gripped his hips and performed lusty analingus on his skinny arse for many minutes as he became newly aware of wonderful male pleasures. It was obvious what the next step would be. I rolled a condom on my rigid cock and slavered lube all over it. My fingers worked him for a while but he was ready. I touched my cock to his hole.

“Well?” I asked and waited for the correct reply.

“Please fuck me Ben.”

“Good boy.”

He was tight. Of course he was tight. It was his first time and I’m not exactly small, but Gabriel truly wanted me inside him and he quickly took every inch of me in his boy pussy. After his güvenilir bahis siteleri muscles became familiar and relaxed it became a beautiful slow fuck. His skinny bum and body really aroused me and I made it last. We changed positions and he wrapped his slim legs around me. His long dick left swipes of precum on his belly as his cock slipped from side to side like a windscreen wiper. I leaned in close to him, my shaft jamming the last inch of itself into his behind.

“Squeeze me.” I said. He did squeeze and with pride and we remained there face to face, slowly fucking.

“Are you going to kiss me?” I said. He needed permission but once given he french kissed me with unsuppressed gay passion. I found it liberating to help him explore himself but the kissing was going to make me cum so I hurriedly withdrew from his butt.

“Well Gabriel, you are not a virgin anymore.” I snapped the condom off my cock and towelled my groin down.

“One thing remains… Get on your knees and suck my cock.” He rushed to do as he was told and gave me a spirited attempt at a blow job. He was really enjoying himself trying to take as much as he could but failing halfway. Eventually I made him stand and briefly frotted our cocks one above the other. I wish I had taken a picture of our cocks together, it was beautiful. We kissed once more and caressed each others bodies, squishing our hard ons against each other. My finger teased at his used anus. Finally I pushed him away.

“Times up.” I got on my knees. “I need your cum Gabriel.” And I took his long slim dick into my throat and slobbered up and down its beautiful downward curving length. He lost control quickly and pulsed a volley of cumshots into my happy mouth as my cock spat my load onto his feet and shins.

When we finally stopped orgasming I towelled him off and told him he had to go home. We dressed and straightened ourselves up. As he reached the door I held him for a moment.

“It is our secret. No one will ever know.” I assured him.

“Thank you Ben.” Was all he could manage.

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