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What a memory! Helga was a Norwegian. She was not particularly attractive, but she could make the figures of a spreadsheet do what was wanted, and when she was spread out on a sheet with me, we were everything we wanted.

There were two women working in my insurance agency office at the time, Amanda and Helga. Amanda was the receptionist, and it was she I did my best to keep my eyes off. She dressed well, and one of my great pleasures was watching her leave my desk and walk across my office to the door. There was something hypnotising about her wonderful bottom. It was a work of art, and the way she walked was a thing of beauty. I’d often call her in, on some useless errand, just to see her leave. She’d put one foot right in front of the other, which made her walk in a most seductive manner. I could imagine the nylon of her stocking thighs making beautiful whispers as she strolled back to the door. I think she knew.

Helga was my accountant and she was big. She looked me straight in the eye, probably just under six feet and a little on the heavy side. Her blond hair was a little unruly, and though she dressed with care, there was nothing about her that was flirtatious. She always wore skirts and a cardigan over another sweater or a blouse. She was very businesslike in manner.

Both women were in their thirties and married. Amanda had two younger ones, Helga’s were in their teens or older. Each summer I have a pool party for the sales and office staff. The previous summer, they had arrived with children and husbands in tow, and the whole afternoon and evening had been great fun, with lots of activity and laughter. Amanda’s husband was quiet but something of a salesman. Helga’s husband was an ox of a man, probably six six and two hundred fifty pounds, but he was full of energy and spent as much time playing with the young people as sitting with the adults. The women seemed to have lots in common. My wife, Amy, got to know and like them all. Her only comment after they’d left was, “That Amanda is pretty.” I let it go.

So one night in the following January when Amy and I were watching the news and the weather before falling into bed, the forecast was for heavy snow the following day and I told her I’d probably stay in town the next night. It’s a forty-five minute drive into work at the best of times, and the snow… Well, there was no discussion. “Yup, Jimbo. You do that.” She understood.

As soon as I got to the office, I phoned a hotel. Something mischievous made me order up one of the elegant suites on the top floor. The ‘expense account’ would pay for it. I figured I’d get a bottle of scotch and while away the evening with dirty pay-for-view movies.

It was about noon when Amanda came in and asked if she could leave early. Her children’s school had been closed. There was no problem. I sent her on her way. I went into the other part of the office and asked Helga whether she’d like to go too. I figured there wouldn’t be much action for the rest of the day, but she said she’d be happy to stay. She knew her girls were safe at home and besides, she was staying with a sister whose apartment was only eight blocks away on Fifth Avenue. The sister worked at the library and wouldn’t be home until after nine, so she had nothing better to do but tidy up some files.

So we spent the afternoon quietly. I had a word or two with her as I got some paper from the supply cupboard, and she came in to check a few files with me. I must admit to thinking about her that afternoon, wondering how she and the ox did it. That would be a big event!

At four, I turned on the radio and the storm was turning out even worse than expected. It was getting dark and I thought we’d better close up. The phone hadn’t rung for an hour. I called her. “Helga, it’s time to quit. I’ll close up shop here. You should leave now.”

“O.K., Boss”, was her reply. She usually called me ‘Boss’. When I got out there she was still just putting on her coat. She never left a thing on her desk.

As we rode the elevator we talked about the storm, but when we got to the front door of the building, the wind and flying snow made us both stop. “You’re sure you can manage eight blocks in that?” I asked. “There won’t be a taxi out there, and the busses have long since stopped running.”

She didn’t answer at first, looking out through the glass. “I think I’ll be all right,” she said. “I’m a pretty strong lady.” She smiled a gracious smile. “Thanks for your concern.”

“Let me walk you part of the way. My hotel is on Third. It’s not out of my way.”

“How can I refuse?”

I offered my arm. She took it without hesitation and we pushed out into the storm.

It was hard going and the wind made it impossible to talk. The snow was thick and heavy on the sidewalks, and soon I was conscious that she was holding on tighter. A glance at the side of her face told me that she was feeling the cold. She was not properly dressed for the weather.

“Come on”, I said. “Let’s drop in here and get warm. I’ll buy you a drink.” There was no argument. She was cold.

I’d never been in the spot. It was exactly bahçelievler escort what the doctor ordered. The little bar was deliciously warm and comfortable, rather elegant and deserted. We found a booth about half way back.

“Thanks.” was all she said as I encouraged her out of her coat. “Maybe I should keep it on for a while.”

“The heat of the room will get to you faster without it.”

“I think I’ll keep it just the same. I can’t believe it. I’m frozen in less than three blocks. My hands. My feet.”

“I wonder if they make a hot rum toddy.”

“Sounds marvellous.”

The waiter arrived at that moment and he said they didn’t but he would. “Nothing like that after an afternoon of cross-country skiing”, and smiled. “Two?” We nodded.

We waited in silence, and for the first time I felt awkward. When I glanced at her, she too seemed a little uncomfortable. “I wish I could offer you another sweater or something.”

She smiled her thanks, then looking away said, “It’s been years since I’ve been in a bar alone with a man other than my husband, more than twenty.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, but tried to make light of the remark with, “I occasionally meet clients as you must know. Please relax. I’m not dangerous.”

“Oh, I am very comfortable here, Boss. It just put me in mind of my younger days”, and she smiled a warm happy smile. ” ‘Those were the days, my friend'”. She laughed softly.

“Call me Jim, please.”

She looked at me and nodded. “I’ll try.”

The drinks arrived and we both took a sip of the hot liquor. It steamed up my nose and flowed down into my stomach like a burst of summer. “Oh, god, that’s wonderful!” she whispered. Her hands were wrapped around the mug, and she spoke between sips. “I probably want another,” and after a pause, “Jim.” and she smiled.

I gave the high sign to the waiter, two fingers and he nodded.

“I haven’t been that cold for a long time. I should know better than to wear a skirt in wintertime, but I just can’t get a pair of slacks I like. Stupid.”

Again silence came between us.

The waiter arrived with the drinks and I asked whether the weather was improving. “The weather channel says it will last past midnight”, was his response. I asked if there was a restaurant. Yes,it was open and just through a door on the left. “By the way, if you folks are stuck in town, I know there is aleast one room left. Would you like me to ask the desk to put it aside for you?”

“No, I don’t think so”, I blurted out far too fast

“Oh. I bet your pardon.” He bowed slightly and left.

Helga looked at me. She was blushing. I could see it even in the reduced light. I shrugged and laughed. “I guess we look pretty ordinary.”

She said nothing. In a moment, she finished the first drink and took up the second. “This stuff does wonders to my disposition. I think I am regaining some of the feeling in my toes.”

“Have dinner, Helga. You know that will be best. You haven’t eaten since lunch. Two good belts of rum and you won’t have the strength to get home. Dinner will be a good way to spend the time. Here it is just after five. I’ll have you to your sister’s door by nine.”

“I’m not sure. Tell you what. I’ll pay for my own, Boss, I mean, Jim.”

“No way. You know the health of our finances. We can afford it.”

She looked at me a moment and then, I guess to change the subject, said, “I should phone my sister. I said I would when I got home. She’ll be expecting the call about now.”

I stood to give her a hand up. Her hand was warm in mine, and she looked into my eyes and said, “Won’t be a moment.”

Swear to the pope, I’d never thought of doing her before that moment. Even the waiter’s remark had not set my mind on that track, but it was now. I watched her walk away, speak to the waiter and get directions to the phone, and I fancied her. I knew the possibility was remote, but it was fun to tease myself, to think I could seduce her.

She returned to report her sister, Helen, was stuck at work but had arranged to spend the night with a friend just around the corner from the library. “I guess I’ll have the place to myself”, she added.

“Over my dead body!” I said to myself. Then added aloud, “Come on, Helga. Let’s have some dinner. Bring that drink with you.”

There was a slight hesitation, then again she gave me her hand as she rose, and we went into the dining room. Again, we had the place to ourselves. The same waiter brought us menus and discreetly retired.

I started the campaign to bed her. “I must admit, I’m getting a charge out of seeming to be naughty. It’s sort of fun.”

She laughed. “Yes, I find myself grinning too. My life is quite predictable. I can truly say, I haven’t felt this kind of little twinge of excitement for years. Naughty is the word.”

“I think it’s called titillation. A pleasant excitement.”

She looked at me but said nothing.

“You talked earlier of those days that were. Where were you then?”

“I went to school in Oslo. It bakırköy escort was the mid-seventies. We had lots of fun. School wasn’t all that hard and we had time to play.”

“How did you get here?”

“Fred was a merchant seaman. I met him one night in a bar and the rest is history. We worked the ships for a while, he an engineer in the engine room, me a stewardess to the officers. We saw the world for a few years.”

“Great! Any travelling I’ve done I’ve paid for. We got married while I was still at school. The kids came quickly. I had to settle down fast.” I paused. “Now what are you going to have to eat?”

“This menu is very expensive. I wonder if I can have a soup and a sandwich?”

“You’ve got to be kidding! You know what will happen tomorrow morning. I’ll come in and drop this receipt and one for my hotel on your desk. You’ll put one against the entertaining clients account, and the other against miscellaneous expenses and no one will care. In fact, we’ll write them off against income for a tax break. It’s not me that’s taking you out to supper, it’s the tax man.”

She laughed. “Yes, but I’m sure it’s illicit or illegal or whatever.”

“Yes, but it adds to the fun.”

Her eyes had not left mine in the exchange, and I wondered what she was thinking. “You are very persuasive. I shall have the lamb.”

“My choice, too. And wine?”

Again she was looking at me and my stomach tightened. “A nice robust Merlot would be my choice.”


The next few moments were spent with the waiter in ordering and we were quiet. “How did you get such excellent computer skills? You really are the best I’ve ever employed. Aside from the first few instructions, you have known exactly what to do. You keep very clear records.”

“I went to the local community college when my kids got to high school. I did have some math from before, but this came so naturally to me. Some people find it boring. I find it fun. It appeals to my sense of organization.”

“You really are wonderful.” She looked at me and knew I was flirting with her. She laughed lightly as she turned away and said, “Thanks.”

“Are you warmer? “

“Much better. It’s just my feet now.”

“I wish there was something I could do.” I was thinking of holding and rubbing them.


The wine arrived and was poured. We sipped. It was a very good wine. “I could get used to this,” she said, holding the glass up to the light.

The salads came a moment later – she had mixed greens dressed with a nutty pistachio vinaigrette, and I had some tiger shrimp with herb house dressing. I figured they would increase my stamina should the need arise.

“How interesting! The mixture of tastes!”

” I love a good salad. Some guy called a good one ‘the organic experience’.”

She looked at me again. I just laughed.

Then came the lamb. It was a visual feast, a work of art, and smelled heavenly. Helga sat back in her seat and stared at the plate. “I honestly have never seen such a beautiful plate except maybe in a magazine. I am totally impressed.”

“I assure you I have never been in this place before. I think it may be one to come to again.” Again, her eyes were smiling on my face and I bet she was wondering if she would come with me. I smiled broadly, and gave nothing away. “You taste first.”

The rack of lamb was delicious – tender and very tasty. The splendid array of vegetables consisted of some snow peas, a couple of carrots, a little red cabbage, carefully layered disks of potato with a touch of parsley and paprika for colour. It was the kind of meal you eat slowly to savour.

“Am I in heaven? This is so good. I have never tasted anything so good. The wine is just right.” She sat back, her eyes closed, chewing slowly, savouring the food. I had a chance to savour her excellent bosom.

“Thank goodness there are always new things to tempt us. That’s what makes life interesting. It’s funny how fate affects what happens. We would never have had this opportunity except for the storm.”

This time she did not look up and I knew she was thinking what I wanted her to think. I kept watching as we ooed and awed our way through the meal, but she wouldn’t look me in the eye as she had. I kept her wine glass full. I felt the excitement rising in my loins.

Finally we finished , and we sat back to sip the rest of the wine. It was then she had to glance at me as she said, “That was the most delicious meal I think I have ever eaten, Jim. Thank you so much. I think I had more than my share of the wine. I should be going.”

“It’s not over. There’s dessert and coffee. We have the whole evening. Please don’t be in a rush. It’s still broody cold out there.”

She looked at me steadily for the first time in ten minutes, then said, “I have to visit the ladies and make another phone call.” I helped her up, but she didn’t look.

I went too, then found another phone and called home. All was well.

She was sitting with her feet tucked up beside her when I got back to the booth. başakşehir escort The dishes had been cleared and dessert menus were at our places. “Feet still cold?” She nodded.

“Everything okay?” Again the nod.


She glanced at me. “All right. Let’s see. I want the Chocolate Mouse.”

“I’ll have the Amaretto Cheesecake. That sounds sinful and suitable decadent. And coffee?”


“And a liqueur?”

“Yes. What the hell!” She laughed. “”In for a penny, in for a pound’. Isn’t that what the English say? I’ll pay tomorrow.”

“Madam. Tomorrow is another day.”

“Yes. How well I know.”

Then the most wonderful thing happened. She said she was warmer, and because of the way she was sitting, when she leaned forward to reach behind her to pull off the cardigan, she twisted away from me and her rib cage came against the edge of the table revealing the profile of a most beautiful breast, a breast I had never seen before because of the way she normally dressed. I was mesmerised. When I finally realized she was struggling with the sleeve I helped. I was able to touch her body for the first time.

She looked at me and smiled her thanks. She seemed to have relaxed in a way, have gained some confidence. I wasn’t. The desserts came and were the beautiful presentations we had come to expect. Both were laced with liquor. “I could get drunk on just this alone. It is scrumptious! It’s temptation itself.” I laughed and agreed.

The coffee and liqueur followed. It was heady stuff. “Are your feet warm now?”

“Yes, thanks.” She leaned forward and took my hand which was resting on the table and looked me dead in the eyes. “I think I’m having trouble focusing, Jim. It must the booze, but truthfully, I haven’t had a meal like that ever before in my life. I’m warm now, and totally relaxed. It’s been a lovely evening. I think you’ve spoiled me for ever. I’ll never be the same.”

“Then we should do it again.”

“Oh dear. I don’t want to admit that I think I’d like that.” Her eyes had not left mine, and the excitement in my stomach was intense. She smiled a slow smile. “Come on. Pay the bill. Let’s leave.” I was surprised. I thought we were going upstairs.

We struggled into our coats and boots and all. I paid the bill and we pushed our way out into the cold again. It was milder than before, but the sidewalks were still heavy with snow. The salt trucks had been out, and the roads were a slushy mess. It was a raw cold as we crossed First.


“Just”, she said, but I felt her hug my arm closer, and I was sure I could feel that breast whereas I hadn’t before. At the corner of Second, a car sped past and splashed us both. “Well damn! All down my legs!” She bent to brush it off. The heat of my lust was being overtaken by the cold. Not much hope now, I thought.

We crossed safely, but I was soon aware of the sound of a motor behind us and the flashing blue light, a little snow plow behind us on the sidewalk. “Here. Over here”, and I guided her into the doorway of a shop where we huddled as the beast went by.

My arm was around her, and I was in no hurry to move, and nor was she. Slowly I turned to look at her and found her looking at me. “Now what?” she asked.

“Now we kiss.” We looked at each other for a moment and then slowly moved to the kiss. Her eyes stayed open for a moment, then closed. I backed her up against the wall and kissed her with every ounce of passion I could muster. It was returned! We said nothing, just kissed.

Finally our lips parted and we were looking into each other’s eyes. She smiled. “That was lovely, Jim. Do it again.” We did. The next time we came up for air it was hard to be first to speak.

“And now what?” she asked.

“We go to my hotel room.”

“I would like that. I’ve wanted to bed you since the third bite of lamb.”

“I’ve wanted to bed you since your first phone call.”


We found the way much easier, and when we got to the corner of Third, there was a pharmacy and I asked if she want some protection. She shook her head and we turned and it was only half a block to the hotel entrance. I could hear nothing but the pounding of my heart in my ears. “You comfortable?”

“Of course. Excited but very comfortable.”

“Wait by the elevators. I think they’re straight ahead on the left. I won’t be a sec. Want to make another call?” Again she shook her head.

I put down the credit card, asked for a bottle of good Merlot to be sent up to the room, with a corkscrew, and we boarded the elevator. We kissed on the way up. We had undone our coats, and I reached under hers and cradled the treasured breast in my hand. It was softly clad and I could feel the hardness of a gigantic nipple between my fingers. She smiled and said “Yes. Feeling a little horny, are we?


We found the room. “God, I’m really cold. Do you mind if I have a bath first?”

“The place is yours, Maam.”

The size and elegance of the room surprised her. “It is a beautiful room. It’s a palace! I guess if you are going to hell, you might as well sin in luxury. Kiss me again.” I took her in my arms. It was delicious. I ran my hands over her bottom and she pushed her pelvis at me. “I’m looking forward to this,” she grinned. With that she turned towards the bathroom. She paused by the bureau and took off her rings. “Silly, ay?” Then she disappeared into the bathroom. I put mine there too.

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