A surprise quickie at the ladies room (Part 1)

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A surprise quickie at the ladies room (Part 1)
By Dina Petro

Leaving the office I work in, I walked into a bar during happy hour, in the afternoon, it wasn’t busy at all, I was dressed in a black formal suit of a knee high skirt and a jacket, a white button up shirt with high nylon stockings.
I sat at a table, ordered a drink, at a nearby table there was a couple chatting, the guy was a great looking, handsome young man of late teens or early twenties, the woman was an older one in her thirties, and she was good looking too, dressed in sexy clothes as well.
The guy was totally facing me, while the woman was sitting sideways, but she could still see me too if she looked sideways, the guy was all eyes on me, following me and staring at me obviously, not that I felt uncomfortable, on the contrary, I could not keep my eyes off him, he was totally gorgeous, a tall guy and very attractively handsome too.
My name is Dana, 28 year old married woman, I am a good looking woman, I may have to admit it one way or another, I also happen to be very much of sex loving, bisexual woman, who lives a free sexual life with my, open minded husband, who is bisexual as well.
The guy was flirting with me without saying it, but he was watching me, smiling and showing all signs of interest in me, I tried my best to loosen up a little, smile back at him and I tried making a show for him under the table to the best I could, flashing some of my assets to the best I could, I managed to unbutton a couple of buttons of my shirt without being noticed or seen, showing part of my cleavage, but I was wearing a bra under my shirt, I was also wearing some panties under my skirt which has blocked any site of my pussy I really wanted him to have a glance at it at that point, I was turned on by all means.
I was trying to figure out what kind of relations between him and his partner, for following me noticeable at that point, as she was much older than him, she looked too old to be his wife or girlfriend, but everything is possible, although he seemed to be more free as he was obviously flirting with me while sitting with her, some anger started to show on her face, but she tried to keep her smile on while talking to him, but once she looked at me she showed some anger.
I stood up to go to the ladies room, I walked to the waiter who was very close to their table asking him where was the ladies room, I just wanted the boy to know where I was going, I wasn’t sure why, but I did make it clear to him, the woman accompanying him knew it too.
I was in the spacy bathroom lobby by the huge mirror trying to check my make up against the mirror when the door opened and the same guy walked in slowly, closed the door behind him and stood there, I was surprised, I asked him “what do you think you are doing? This is the ladies room” but I said it with a sarcastic smile on my face.
He smiled back saying “I know it is, but, out here I saw something I really liked and was hoping to take a clear, close look”
I looked him up and down, he was dressed in a very expensive suit, looked like a rich boy, I smiled saying “you rich boys think you can always get what you want, but this time it will cost you to take a closer look at what you seem to like”
As if he was waiting for what I said, he locked the bathroom door from the inside, walked to me hugged me from behind, planted a kiss on my cheek I said “how could you lock the door, someone may want to use the ladies room”
He smiled saying “there is another one around the corner, they would go there if they found the door locked”
I said “what if the restaurant staff wants to know why it is locked?”
He smiled saying “No, they will not, it is taken care of, I managed to let someone know I will lock it, I tipped him with some cash to be quite and guard us”
He got much closer to me from behind till I almost felt his semi hard cock rubbing my ass cheeks over the material of my clothes; he whispered bahis siteleri in my ear “name your price, I will not argue, unless you want to leave it up to me, which may be much better, depending on your performance”
I smiled answering “I guess I would leave it up to you, hoping you would like my performance”
What I need to mention here is that I worked as a “call girl”, besides being an executive secretary, I worked part time prostitute, but not like a street hooker, a real high class one that only take expensive dates in fancy hotels, I usually work by a (full night with a client) or by the hour, in some cases, in this guy’s case, I wasn’t thinking of him as a customer at all, I fell in love, or should I say in lust with his body looks, and wanted him as bad as he wanted me, but somehow I found words of saying (it would cost him) without thinking about it, which was a hint of me being a prostitute, although I did not meant to tell him that, but it was too late to back up, so I went along with it.
Besides, being a married woman, I wasn’t really looking for a lover or any serious relationship, all I wanted was for him to fuck me and disappear, it would not have mattered weather he paid me or not, I was interested in his male body for pure sexual pleasure, and the prostitute thing would make it faster and easier, and it seemed to work, as it gave him the courage to go for it, direct forward as I wanted him to.
He was so sweet to me, he was hugging me very close with my ass rubbing his hardening cock, kissing me on the lips after turning my face to his’, he was licking the back of my nick and my ears while his hand was rubbing my ass lifting my skirt up, his other hand was unbuttoning my shirt bushing my bra downwards taking my boobs out, during all of that, he was appraising my body making excellent compliments on how much he liked me.
Between the moans I managed to whisper in his ear “what about your partner? Your wife, girlfriend or whoever she is out there?”
He smiled saying “Oh, she can wait, she is my mother”
I said “really? She seemed to be clearly angry on your flirting with me out there; I thought she was your wife or girlfriend?”
He laughed saying “I know she is always jealous and over protective of me, she is a single mother and I am all she got, but she is very nice providing me with the excellent life I am living”
I said “she must be rich then?”
He nodded saying “yes very rich, but she gets on my nerves, not wanting any other girl or woman around me”
I was silent for a few minutes while he was kissing me and playing with my body all over, but I thought about it, coming from a family that is deeply involved in i****t sex, I thought his mother might be of that type but could not get to her son in anyway, then I let all the thoughts dissipate as he got me in the real moaning mood, making my whole body melt turning me on making my pussy leaking wet.
He was bending me over, pulling my panties down, then he started planting a few kisses on my ass cheeks while massaging them, getting lower and lower till I felt his face almost under me between my legs, spreading them wide and barely touching my already swelled pussy lips with the tip of his tongue, which made my whole body shiver as of a sudden.
He got up, turned me around and hugged me face to face, helped me out of my jacket, shirt and the bra, I was totally nude, from the waist up, he started kissing me on the lips then sucking on my hard nipple while rubbing my other tit with his free hand.
He started kissing his way downwards to my belly, licking and kissing my naval, till he got between my wide spread legs and started licking my pussy, again, making me fly all over with joy and endless pleasure, he seemed to know what he was doing when around a willing pussy, knew how to treat it well and lick it properly, he made me cum in his mouth in no time, I was trembling and screaming, trying to bahis şirketleri lower my voice so I cannot be heard from people outside.
He got up again, lowered his pants and boxers, letting his super hard cock spring out, without allowing me to touch it, he started rubbing it to my pussy lips while kissing me passionately on the lips, it did not need any efforts to start sliding into my pussy inch by inch, while I was moaning louder enjoying every inch of that lovely dick in me, he kept at it in a very low speed till he was inside me to the hilt.
Without pulling his cock out of my pussy, he lifted me up, sat me on the counter by the large mirror, spread my legs apart and started fucking me the best way any man could, the closer he was to me, the better look I took at him finding out how gorgeous of a man he was, looking at his face, and eyes made me even much hornier than I was.
He was changing positions and fucking me in every possible way, he made me cum at least twice after that first one I came while he was licking my pussy, I somehow managed to get on my knees and suck the beautiful dick he had, and was enjoying it so much till he was breathing hard, I slowed down then stopped, I did not want him to cum yet, I would say I had a daydream about feeling that cock in my ass.
I got up turned around bent over the counter raising my ass and pussy upwards, I held his dick from behind and started rubbing it to my asshole, he seemed to have been shocked as his cock was relatively huge, he kissed my neck and whispered in my ear “are you sure you can take it there?”
I nodded saying “I would love to feel it there if ok with you?”
He laughed saying “not only it is ok with me, but I was hoping I would be able to fuck you in the ass, I just love doing it” he was pushing it harder into my ass while holding my waist then lifting his hands up, rubbing my tits, easing up the little pain, I felt his cock head popping into my ass, there was a little itch, but I could not call it pain, as I am used to being fucked in the ass and I love it as a matter of fact.
He was a great fuck partner, he knew how to deal with a woman and respect her body unlike young guys his age, which are usually in a hurry to fuck the woman and cum inside her or all over her, but this guy was slow, considerate and very careful to please me before being pleased himself, even after he knew I was a hooker.
Soon enough he froze being so deep into my ass, kissed me again saying “are you ready?”
I smiled saying “more than ever, fuck my ass please” he pulled out of my ass hole slowly till only the tip of his dick was in, then pushed it all the way inside in one fast push, making me scream and moan of pleasure, not pain, he started slamming his huge, gorgeous cock into my ass, in and out as fast and as hard as he could, I was shaking and trembling enjoying every second and every inch of it in me.
It wasn’t long when he started moaning, breathing harder, announcing he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out of me, I turned around, got on my knees, held his dick in my hand, started massaging it jacking it off, then I took it into my mouth as he was screaming “I am cumming, cumming, cummiiinnngggg” I was nodding asking him to let it out in my mouth and he sure did, the first load was so strong into my mouth, till I felt it go deep inside my throat, then the second, he was draining his balls into my mouth.
I started sucking the last few drops, swallowing each and every drop, not allowing any drop to escape out, even the little cum droplets on my mouth sides and lips, I collected them with my fingers, returning them into my mouth, putting them over my tongue while I stuck it out for him smiling then I swallowed them.
I used some paper towels to clean and dry his dick, then washed up myself, as we got dressed again, my panties were in my hand and I was about to put them on when he hugged me very close, kissed me on illegal bahis the lips, I felt his hand unzipping my purse which was on the counter, slipped something in there, I knew it was money, I looked him in the eyes, trying to return what he gave me, but he held my hand and stopped me, I said “I am very sorry Damien, I did not mean what I said earlier, I honestly enjoyed your company and no need for that at all”
He smiled, kissed me again and said “I know I enjoyed it too, please take it as a special gift from me, not the price of anything, the love making we both enjoyed is priceless, I want to know much more of you Dana please, we have to get together again very soon, can we?”
I nodded saying “it would be my pleasure any time”
I started lifting my leg up to put my panties on when he stopped me, grabbed my panties put them close to his nose inhaling the smell of my pussy, saying “I would love to keep them Dana, may I please?” I nodded with a huge smile.
As he unlocked the door he mumbled some words about the hard time he was going to get from his mother, he said he was sure she knew what he was doing, she must have followed us and knew we locked the ladies room.
I smiled saying “Damien, I would like to meet her, may I please? but I may drive her insane first, then I will loosen up, it would be the best way to get closer to her and help you out with her”
He smiled saying “by all means, be my guest, I am sure she is closely watching the ladies room door now, waiting for us to get out any minute”
I said “Look, you go ahead I want to spend a few more minutes her acting as if I am straightening my make up or so, you just make sure she knows you are the only one who got out, then find some excuse to leave her alone for a few minutes, I have a feeling she will walk in here”
He said “what do you have on mind Dana?”
I smiled saying “Don’t you worry, I am fully experienced with such situations, and don’t you want to be in good, close terms with your mother?”
He said “yes that would be perfect, but please be careful; she is not an easy woman”
Before he left the room, I looked him in the eyes in a very naughty way saying “Damien, how open minded are you?”
He said “it depends on what you have on mind”
I smiled saying “I might seduce your mom, I am bisexual, and would that be ok with you? Would it bother you if I had sex with her?”
His eyes widened, his lower jaw dropped down, he was silent for a moment then he said “it is not me you should worry about, I am totally fine with it, but you may have an impossible mission with her”
I said “you leave her to me and worry about yourself; it is you I am concerned with for now”
He nodded saying it is completely fine with me, I love bisexual women in fact, but to be honest with you, I have never expected my mother to be one of them”
I looked him straight in the eyes in a very naughty way again; he asked “what else miss naughty, gorgeous girl?”
I said “what if things advanced further than just woman to woman sex, I mean, her being very jealous for you may mean…?”
He interrupted me saying “what? Be direct forward and open honey, please?”
I said “what if I used my special expertise to find she wants to have you, sexually, are you prepared for it, don’t tell me you have never seen her naked or semi-nude, or haven’t fantasized about her nude body?”
He hesitated for a moment, then smiled saying “true I have just met you, but I do like you and feel comfortable around you, I will not lie about it, Yes I have sneaked a few looks at her nude body in the bathroom or in her bedroom while her door was cracked open without her noticing, and yes I have had some fantasies about her, but again, it is her you would have a hard time with, not me”
I gave him my cell phone saying, save your number for me and save mines in your phone, and leave me here, but expect a phone call from me any minute or just an SMS message, if I call you, just listen to my phone, I may do it without her knowledge, clear?” he saved our numbers on our phones, smiled and shook his head, kissed me on the lips and walked out.

To be continued in part 2

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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