A Traveling Salesman Pt. 02

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I woke up in bed, with my dildo, I was hungry, my legs were sore, I slipped off the bed and went to the kitchen, I left the dildo in the bed. I fed myself, took a shower, pajamas were next. I decided to soak in the tub, I brought in a glass of wine, ran the water, sipped the wine, sank in the tub and relaxed. I was still in a daze, I never thought my sex life would be so full, I enjoy love making, sex, and being fucked, I’ve had plenty of everything in the last month.

I sipped the wine, I felt the wine, mellow, I was enjoying the moment, I thought about my life with my husband, he had a great future, made good money, gave me everything I wanted but was away most of the time. My two lovers were on call anytime I needed loving or fucking, Ron had a big black cock, I never said no to him, he used me and I liked it. Tom was my gentle lover, my cuddler, I could call him anytime and he would come over.

The tub and wine did their job, I got out of the tub, dried off put my pajamas on and poured another glass of wine, turned on the TV. The last channel I had watched was a porn channel, Tom put it on, we watched and fucked, that was my first time watching porn, it certainly is a turn on. I switched channels, I did not need to play with myself, I had enough sex this weekend. I fell asleep on the couch, woke up and went to bed, tomorrow was the SPCA.

I stopped at Tom’s bike shop to say hi, he was always nice to talk to, he invited me for a ride with their club, probably about ten riders, maybe ten miles. I was hesitant, the most I’ve ever rode was six and I was tired after, Tom said if you get tired you can turn around, we’ll catch you on the trip back. Tom, said, go home get your bike, leave it here and we’ll leave at 5:00, so I agreed and got my bike, dropped it off and went to work. The day went by fast, I tried to conserve energy, I was excited but worried, I decided I would ride in the back.

I have never ridden with a group of people, so I didn’t know what to expect. I got there early, filled my water bottle and put on my gear. I set the GPS so it would remember the route and know how long the route was. It was a large group, maybe 15, I tried to be the last rider but Tom and one other club member brought up the rear they watched over the group. They kept me in front of them, on hills they would help me up by putting their hands on my back and helping me up the hill. I saw the miles click off, we were at five when the leader slowed down and pulled over.

Jan was the leader, she said we would have two groups the fast group and the others, Tom started off, most of the other riders followed him, Ron started and the rest followed. I was last, except for Jan, she watched the group from the rear. She came up beside me, we talked a little, I told her I wasn’t sure I could make it, so I am trying to pace myself, she said that’s a good move, she said don’t worry, she would stay with me. We had two miles left so I picked up the pace, a hill was ahead, I pushed harder, Jan stayed with me, this is a good pace she said, towards the top of the hill I slowed down, she put her hand on the small of my and help me keep pace. She was strong, we reached the top, my legs were burning, she kept her hand on my back and we kept pace.

Jan said, you’re hanging in, this is a pretty fast pace, she smiled at me, thanx I said. We had a half mile and my legs were getting tight, I told Jan my legs were tightening up, she said slow down, she pointed to the side and we stopped. The tops of my legs were aching, Jan stepped off her bike and dropped it and came over to me, she grabbed the seat and put her hand on my shoulder, I said I’m ok.

I stood for a few minutes, Jan said let’s sit on the curb, I stepped off my bike and Jan knelt next to me, she put her hand on the top of my thigh, she squeezed the tops and said let me get a cold pack. The cold pack helped keep my keg from cramping, after a few minutes of Jan massaging, the cramps subsided, I laid back on the curb, Jan asked how the cramps were, better I said. My left leg felt like a noodle, Jan massaged the whole leg, trying to get circulation. I apologized to Jan, I shouldn’t have pushed it, I said, she laughed, we girls always push too hard when we bike with the guys. She said maybe we can walk if off, I said ok, I drank some water, Jan helped me stand, she knelt behind me and rubbed my legs, they don’t feel too tight, I bent over to stretch my hamstrings, she rubbed the back of my legs.

We walked our bikes, Jan called Tom said we were okay and said we are walking back, we walked about ten minutes and Tom pulled up beside to us. Tom jumped out grabbed my bike and said get in, he put our bikes on the bike rack, we jumped in and drove back. Back at the bike shop they had Gatorade, bananas and snacks, Jan and I were chatting, I told her this was my longest ride and I’ve been riding for two weeks. Jan called Tom over and told him he was stupid and this ride was too advanced for someone who has been riding two weeks, he looked at me and bahis firmaları said she was right. Jan told me to rest, take a day off, hydrate and get potassium in me, asked me how my legs felt, still wobbly I said, keep moving, it helps circulation, Jan stood up and said I’ll ride with you a few times, we’ll maintain a good pace and not tackle any hills. I poked Jan’s thigh maybe I’d better ride alone for a while and strengthen my legs, Jan said training, not just riding is what I need, Tom said Jan’s right, I pushed you too hard.

I stood up, my legs were wobbly, Jan said where do you live, I’ll drive your car home and bike home, I gave her my address, we loaded up the bikes and she drove me home. I stared at Jan while she was driving, she was ripped, her legs and arms rippled with muscle, she had a pretty face. I thanked her, she said it’s typical, newbies never really pushed themselves and try to ride in a group they push too hard and fail, you should have turned at four miles, I laughed, or maybe three, Jan added when women try to compete with men, they always underestimate their stamina.

We pulled up to my garage, I opened the door we pulled in, we got out and went to the back of the car and pulled the bikes out. Jan come in for some water, Jan said, I think I’ll pee first, it’s been awhile. I laughed, we can accommodate you, we went in, it was cool, we were hot, we both had hard nipples in a matter of minutes. I pointed down the hallway, she went. I opened the frig and yelled down the hall, water, lemonade, beer or wine?

She said hold on and came down the hall, I’ve had at least five waters during the ride, maybe something else, she asked how my legs feel, I said much better and not wobbly, Jan said good, I’ll have a glass of wine and you can drive me home, I don’t drink and bike.

I said sit down, she went to the couch, I brought two glasses and a bottle, I said glasses or straws, Jan laughed, straws would be more romantic, but a little crass. I laughed, we smell like armpits, so anything we do, won’t be crass, maybe a step up from crass. I sat facing her, gave her a glass and a pour, she sipped and I took a swig, we talked, I told her about my absent husband, and how lonely my bed is. She looked me in the eye, it’s tough, long distance relationships are tough, especially when you are use to having a physical relationship, being alone is a challenge.

I told Jan about our video chats, and how they moved from hello to me getting a dildo for a present and the fun I have masturbating for my husband, she smiled and said you are very open and honest. I said after what you did for me and the pep talk, I figured I owe you honesty. She laughed, she put her hand on my knee, maybe it’s my motherly instinct, I looked at her and we need more wine, we finished our second glass of wine. We had a moment, Jan leaned in and kissed me, this was a gentle, loving kiss.

I put my hand on her waist and pulled her to me, I pulled back and said wow, that was deep, I went in for another, I moaned a little, this time Jan pulled back and asked if I really wanted to do this, I said I don’t know what this is yet but I like it. I finished my wine, Jan finished hers and we put our glasses down, she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed, it was another slow, gentle kiss, I took her hand, we stood up and kissed, our arms wrapped, we pressed our bodies tight, I said how am I doing? Jan kissed me then said I don’t have a manual, but this would be better if we were naked.

I told Jan to peel me, she laughed and unzipped my pants, she pulled them down, she stooped down, I put my hand on her shoulder, I lifted my legs out of my pants, Jan kissed my mound, she actually took a whiff, I said stop that, she looked up, that’s nice, I grabbed the back of her head, arched my hips and rubbed her lips into my pussy. I pulled her up and kissed her, so that’s what my sweaty pussy smells like, she laughed. Jan asked if I’ve ever kissed a pussy, no, I said. Jan pulled off her top, pulled down her pants and sat back on the couch.

She pulled me down, and I was laying on top of her, we kissed, she pulled my top off, our breast were pressed flat, Jan started pushing my head down, first to her breast, they were small, with nice hard nipples. I’ve never had a nipple in my mouth, I sucked it gently and licked it, she pulled my head tight to her breast. She said, lick me, she spread her legs, she pushed my head down, I kissed her hairy mound, it smelled very strong, but sexy. Jan lifted her legs and put her feet on the couch, I kissed the top of her crack, slid my tongue down to her clit, she spread her lips with her fingers, my tongue lapped it, I heard her moan. I looked up at Jan, I kept licking and sucked a little, she stiffened, and moaned, I felt her orgasm, her legs clamped my head and pulled me tighter, she gushed, and I was flooded with her juices.

I was surprised by the flood, she kept my mouth pressed against her, my tongue kept moving, she pulled my head off. I looked up, I crawled kaçak iddaa up her body and kissed Jan, my face was wet and shiny. So this is what pussy taste like, Jan smiled, am I musty, just enough I said. Jan thanked me, she said she hadn’t been with anyone in a very long time, she said she doesn’t sleep around. I asked her how I got so lucky, she said I was really pretty and innocent looking.

Jan asked me to lay on the couch, she laid next to me, she squeezed and played with my breast, her hands were soft, she was turning me on. Her hand move to my pussy, her finger rubbed my clit, I opened my legs, I looked at Jan, finger me. Jan looked at me, her finger was pushed into me, Jan kissed my wet face, and then my lips. I was excited but needed to cum, Tom or Ron would spread my legs and fuck me, I wasn’t sure what was next. I told Jan I wanted to cum, she moved her face down, her tongue felt great but I wanted a cock, I had a quick orgasm, I had to for Jan.

This was a new experience, sex with a girl, a hot, well built girl. I wish one of the guys was here, preferably Ron, he would fuck me three or four times and leave. I was in Jan’s arms, I asked her if she was ever with a man, she smiled and said cock’s don’t satisfy her. I hugged her and we kissed, I asked Jan if we could use the dildo, she laughed and said we could, I went to get it.

I jumped up, the dildo was in the bedroom, I came back with my pink toy. I said open your legs, Jan laughed, I knelt between her legs, kissed her mound and rubbed tip was between her lips, I pushed it in about an inch. She pulled my head down to her pussy, and held it there, I tongued her clit and started fucking with the dildo.

She lifted her legs up and spread her legs farther apart, be gentle she said, I pulled the dildo out and put my tongue in her. I licked her lips and let my tongue slide in her, I pushed the dildo in and I pressed my mouth against her. She started moving her hips and pressing my head against her, I kept working the dildo, it was about half in, she started cumming, I pushed in, she grabbed my head and came against my mouth, another gusher. She reached down and pulled out the dildo, kiss my pussy. I kissed it and pressed my tongue in her, I slid it down and licked her ass, I lingered and kept licking, she kept still, I pushed my tongue in. Jan said don’t do that, it’s nasty, I buried my face and tongue in her ass.

She reached down and pulled her ass cheeks apart, I tongued her ass and used my thumb on her clit, her moans were turning me on. Jan had long orgasm, she relaxed, I asked her to turn over, she spun around and I was staring at her ass cheeks. I buried my face again, I lubed her ass with my tongue, I pushed the tip of the dildo in her, she grunted, I don’t do that said Jan. I want your ass I said, Jan pulled her cheeks apart, I turned the dildo on, Jan pushed it up her ass, I pushed it farther in. Ow, I pushed it farther in and she winced, I am not sure why, I enjoyed using Jan.

I finished with her ass and pulled the toy out, Jan said thank you, it felt strange but good, I giggled. I asked Jan, how am I doing as a lesbian, Jan said, I don’t think you’re a lesbian and I don’t think you’ll ever convert, she picked up the dildo and said, you enjoy dick. I asked her if it bothered her that I was married, she laughed, L like you and would cherish you as a girlfriend and lover, but I don’t have my hopes too high of converting you. I took her hand and said if I were going to fall in love with a girl it would be her, we kissed.

It was a nice kiss, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard, she pushed me down and kept kissing. She was laying between my legs, our crotches were pressing, she reached down and lifted my legs, my knees were against my breast, she ground her pelvis into mine. This how girls fuck, I moaned, she ground against me, Jan had an orgasm, I squeezed her tight, ground against her and let her ride me. We kissed , I squeezed her, Jan lay next to me and said you need a dick, I laughed.

After a few minutes we started talking, I told her I volunteered at the SPCA and work with Ron, that’s how I started biking. She lifted up on her elbow and asked how big his dick was, I laughed and said, what do you mean? Jan laughed and said if I needed dick, I would go after Ron’s. I went to get my phone, I found a picture of Ron’s black dick in me, it was just the tip, it looked black, long and thick. Jan said wow, I said he fucks me until I’m sore, and then a little more. Please don’t tell anyone, Jan said don’t worry, I’m not big on chatting.

Jan said should I see if he wants to come over and put it in? I said do you want to watch? Jan said I’ll even help”, do you think Ron would mind. Jan went for her camera, she took a picture of me naked and sent it to Ron, with the caption, “Lana has an open slot that she needs filled”. She showed it to me and I said ok, she sent it. I asked Jan how well she knew Ron, she said she had many rides with him, it’s hard not to see the bulge in his biking kaçak bahis shorts. It’s not common knowledge that I’m a lesbian, so he always hitting on me, I bet when he got my text he was confused. No response from Ron, Jan said, maybe he’s already tied up, I laughed and said he must be. I kissed her and said, “More wine”.

Fifteen minutes later, he walked in. I was sipping my wine, we were both naked, he looked and said wow! I pointed at him and beckoned him with my finger, he walked over, bent and kissed me. He smelled my face, is that wine, no, I said it’s Jan, he looked at Jan and walked over and smelled her face, Jan said, that’s Lana. Why did you invite me over? Lana called him back over and zipped down his shorts, she pulled his shorts and his supporter off, she grabbed his dick with both hands and guided it to her mouth. She sucked the head in, she shoved the soft cock in as far as she could, she didn’t even gag when it hit her throat, when she pulled it out it was dripping, she smiled.

Jan watched, the black cock was getting hard, Lana went down on it, she was throating it, she started moaning, this was the most erotic scene Jan had ever witnessed. Lana wrapped her arms around Ron’s waste and grabbed his ass, Ron fucked her mouth, Lana’s head was jolted every time Ron’s dick hit the back of throat, Jan could see Lana’s throat bulged when the dick went deep.

Jan could see Lana was enjoying herself, she stood up and knelt behind Lana, her hand went to Lana’s crotch and her finger started sliding into Lana’s crack, Lana pushed her ass out. Ron watched Jan, he grabbed Lana’s head with both hands and fucked her throat. Lana was excited, taking it from both ends, she felt Jan’s fingers pushing into her pussy. Lana pulled Ron’s dick out of her mouth and said, “fuck me.” Lay down let me sit on you, Ron laid down and held the big black cock straight up.

Lana stood over the cock and squatted down, the head of his cock was pushing into her, she let it slide into her as she squatted on it. She stopped, it was filling her, she never took his whole cock when it was hard, Ron was pumping into her, she felt it spreading her cunt open. Jan watched Lana from the back and saw the black dick sliding into her, she put her hand on Lana’s ass and slid her finger in. She shoved it in past the second knuckle, Lana kept sliding down Ron’s dick. Lana had half of Ron’s cock in her, she could kneel, she put her hands on Ron’s chest and let him fuck her.

She felt her orgasm building, the finger in her ass didn’t feel good, but the big dick in her did. She rocked on it and started cumming, it was a good one, Ron kept pumping while she came. She lifted off of Ron, and lay next to him. Jan knelt between Lana’s legs, she bent down and put her mouth on Lana’s mound, she started licking, Lana put her hand on Jan’s head and started rubbing her cunt against Jan’s mouth, Lana came again, Jan lifted her head, laid on Lana and kissed her, they hugged.

Ron knelt behind Jan and started rubbing his cock on Jan, Jan rolled off Lana, Lana laughed and said sorry Ron you have to fuck me, she grabbed his cock and pulled it to her pussy, she bent her knees and Ron shoved into her, she grunted and wrapped her legs and arms around him. He started fucking her, she took his cock, he kissed her and fucked her deep, Lana said, you’re too big, go slow, Ron kept fucking her, his cock was stretching her, it hurt but it felt good.

Ron started to cum, Lana grunted with each stroke, she felt his cum, Ron finished in her, his dick softened, Lana said let me suck you, he straddled her chest and rubbed his wet cock on her mouth, she sucked the head in her mouth. Jan watched Lana suck the black cock, Lana was enjoying herself. Ron started sliding into her mouth, she sucked and smiled, she liked sucking the messy black dick.

Ron’s cock started getting hard in Lana’s mouth, she wrapped her hands around it and started stroking it, she sucked and licked with her mouth, her hands stroked and squeezed, Ron was ready to cum. Lana pushed her tongue into the slit in his cock, she wanted to feel it spurt, his cum raced down his cock into her mouth, she felt it on her tongue and down her throat, he pushed into her mouth and was cumming in her throat, she swallowed, she coughed, Ron shoved his cock deep in her throat, she took the load and kept sucking. His dick grew small in her mouth, he pulled out and cum ran out of her mouth. Ron stood up, Lana wanted a kiss from Jan.

Lana sat up and wrapped her arms around Jan and kissed her, Jan spit and said I hate cum, Lana laughed and asked Jan to eat her, Jan said, no, your pussy is too messy, maybe later. I stood up and asked Ron if he wanted a glass of wine, he accepted, we sat in the kitchen, naked drinking wine.

Ron looked at Jan’s body, he said I never pictured you’re body to be so tight and sexy, Jan looked at Ron and complimented his on his huge cock, I never pictured it would be so black, he laughed. Lana sat on the stool, a puddle was forming between her legs, she said I guess I’m the lucky one, I can be the sex slave for both of you. Jan smiled I hate sharing, Lana said, don’t worry, I’ll be available for both of you, and the other can watch if they want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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