Addicted to Love Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Usually the more quiet and shy type, there was just one person she could not contain herself around. One man. He made her body react like she never imagined possible. Being in the same room with him made her heart race, her skin tingle, her body tense and make her lightheaded. She trusted him, told him all of her secrets and fantasies. Even after sharing intimate details with him, the thought of how badly she wanted him made her blush like never before. She wanted him, needed him, and had to have him.

Amy and Brad met less than a year ago but their friendship blossomed pretty quickly. There were many all night conversations and several daily emails. He easily distracted her from her work but she loved that about him. It seemed as if they never ran out of things to talk about. There were times when they would share sultry details on fantasies they both had and even some erotic stories they enjoyed. As much as she loved getting to know Brad and about his life, these conversations were her favorite. It never failed she would get all hot and bothered by the things he told her. Many days she would get home as soon as she could just so she could think of what he told her, shared with her, and she would imagine him doing those things to her. His hands roaming across her smooth skin, his mouth and tongue teasing her until she couldn’t take any more. Yes…one day, she had to have him and that day would be soon.

Amy had been away on a business trip for a few days and because she had been so busy, her and Brad didn’t have much time to talk or email. She couldn’t believe how much she şişli escort missed him. Once the plane landed, Amy was ecstatic to be back home. All she had was her purse and one carry-on bag so she quickly got a taxi back to her apartment about half an hour away. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and the weekend weather would continue to be sunny but cool. The moment she made it home, she put her bag down, kicked off her heels and grabbed her phone to text Brad. She apologized for being so preoccupied over the past few days and asked if he would feel like meeting up later. To her surprise he mentioned a party one of their mutual friends was having and asked her to meet him there. Neither one of them were the party type but “What the hell..” she thought, as long as she was able to see him.

After a short nap, shower, and drying her long dark brown hair, she put on a little bit of makeup and got dressed. She glanced at herself in her full body mirror…black open toe heels, black skirt that hit just above her knees and showed off her curvy hips and bottom, and her black lace tank with nude colored lining underneath. She was fair skinned so the nude lining was a little darker than her natural skin color but that didn’t matter. She smiled at herself in the mirror and said to herself, “I want him…tonight”.

Knowing she would be having a couple of drinks, Amy took a taxi to the party, which was only a couple of miles away from her apartment. She looked at her phone while in the taxi…10:13pm. Pulling up in front of the house, she began suadiye escort to feel butterflies in her stomach. She was nervous and excited to see him…the man she had become so close with, the man that made her feel good in more ways than he knew. Their friend, Adam, greeted Amy at the door and gave her a quick hug. The place wasn’t too crowded but the party had just begun. The music wasn’t too loud, yet, and there was plenty of beer…for now. Adam told her he had just seen Brad in the kitchen, getting himself a drink.

“He hasn’t been here long and asked about you once he got here. You two have something going on?” Adam asked, having to speak louder so she could hear him over the music playing. Immediately Amy blushed and smiled at Adam, not sure what to tell him but gave him a wink and started making her way to the kitchen. She needed a drink to calm her nerves a little bit.

The kitchen was towards the back of the house and on the way there she had to say hi to Adam’s wife, Lydia, and a few other friends she recognized. Every time she saw another female, she began to feel self conscious. They were all so pretty and dressed a little more casual…she felt a bit out of place. Turning the corner into the kitchen, Brad nearly ran into her. “Whoa..” he mumbled and one of his hands grabbed around her waist, resting softly on the small of her back. She blushed and gave him a smile before he moved his hand.

“I’m sorry, I was coming in for a drink.” she was able to tell him but her eyes were locked on his. Brad had taksim escort the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Her eyes were also blue but a darker shade..not nearly as bright and gorgeous as his.

“Here, I’ll get it for you. Just want a beer?” he asked, stepping back but still gazing down at her. All she could do at the moment was nod.

Once he turned around the get her a beer from the fridge she let out a breath that she felt like she had been holding in forever. Her pulse was gradually picking up the pace already. She watched him walk across the kitchen, letting her eyes roam over his entire body. Brad was wearing black sneakers, medium rinse jeans that made his ass look great, and a black t shirt with gray long sleeves that gave off that layered look. There was some sort of design on the shirt but she didn’t pay much attention to that. She didn’t want to be caught staring. Amy wasn’t short but Brad still towered over her with his just over six foot tall frame. Walking back, Brad gave her a quick grin and handed her the cold beer he fetched for her. She thanked him but her voice was so low and soft, she wasn’t sure he even heard her.

Taking a sip, he finally broke the silence between them. “I’m glad you could make it. I was hoping you would since we haven’t had much of a chance to talk lately. How was your trip?” They stood there in the kitchen and she caught him up on how boring the past few days had been and how she was just glad to be home. A couple of people walked in from time to time but never stayed long enough to interrupt their conversation. Three beers later, Amy was beginning to feel a little brave.

Her nerves had relaxed and she was enjoying this time with Brad. She needed this. She needed him. Amy peered at the time on the stove behind Brad, noticing they had been talking for nearly an hour. She either made her move now or never. She knew what she had to do.

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