Adult Swim: Thad and Lucy Ch. 01

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It was the summer before his Senior year in college. Thad Underwood had decided to forego summer classes and come home to work at the local country club on the golf course maintenance crew. Thad had two big loves – golf and women. Working from 5:00 AM to Noon everyday allowed him plenty of time to enjoy both.

Thad was a nice looking, well built young man at 22. He was 6’2, weighed 185 pounds and kept himself in good physical condition. Sun-bleached hair hanging in his eyes a la a young Brad Pitt gave him the look of a California surfer stranded in Central Tennessee.

With his looks, he had attracted plenty of women willing to toss around in the sack for a few hours. Most of them were college girls, but he had even had the pleasure of entertaining a couple of more experienced women – one, a college professor, the other, his Mom’s best friend. But, more on that another time….

Besides playing golf in the afternoons after work, Thad enjoyed hanging out at the club pool where the current object of his sexual desires was working as a lifeguard. Lucinda Wells, or Lucy as she was known, had attended the same high school as Thad, but was a year behind him. He had never paid much attention to the skinny version of Lucy Wells, but now, as a 21 year old, she had matured into quite a beauty.

At 5’10, 110 pounds, she was tall, athletic and shaped like a Hollywood model. Blond hair, blue eyes and a devastating smile made her the envy of many young men around the pool, not to mention many horny married guys coming off the golf course where they had a great view of her endless legs sitting atop the lifeguard chair.

Thad had made the usual small-talk on his visits to the pool, but most of their conversations had revolved around high school memories and college comparisons. He had determined that she didn’t have a steady boyfriend, but this was as far as they had progressed down the personal information path so far. Until that particular Tuesday when everything changed….for the better.

Thad had finished his golf course duties, showered and changed into his swim trunks. As he entered the pool area, his eyes were drawn, as usual, to the lifeguard chair where Lucy sat watching over the pool brats dressed in her usual one-piece red swimsuit. The club required her to wear one piece suits, as bikinis would not be considered “professional” wear, even for a lifeguard.

“Hey Luce,” he called as he walked over to her position.

“Hi Thad, good day at the office?”

“Can’t complain,” he replied. “Of course, no one would listen if I did.”

This was the standard banter they had exchanged over the couple of weeks since both had returned to Tennessee from college. Thad strolled over and leaned against the tower, kartal escort looking out at the pool full of youngsters playing Marco Polo and trying to out-do each other on the diving board.

“Doesn’t this job get boring?” Thad questioned, knowing he didn’t have the patience to baby-sit a crew like this.

“Yeah, but it has its advantages,” she replied with the hint of a smile on her face.

“Like what?” Thad quizzed.

“Well, getting to see guys like yourself without their shirts on for hours at a time,” she answered.

Thad blushed, never having expected to hear something like this come from the lips of Lucy Wells. She blushed in return and looked away, pretending to monitor a grade-school diver about to perform a back flip off of the high dive.

Nothing else was said for several minutes until Lucy broke the silence, “Adult swim!”

All of the kids groaned and complained, but began making their way out of the pool. Several adults got up from their lounge chairs and slipped into the pool for a few minutes of peace without splashing.

“What exactly do you do when you disappear during these adult swims,” Thad asked, expecting some generic answer like using the restroom.

Lucy gave the expected answer, “Potty break,” but then leaned into his ear and stunned him. “But sometimes, I also take the opportunity to touch myself. Especially when I’ve been thinking about you….”

And with that, she turned and walked away toward the pool house without another look back.

Having just been presented with the shock of his life, Thad wasn’t sure what to do next. He stood in silence watching her stroll away, fighting the familiar feeling surging through his now awakened manhood. How the hell was he supposed to respond to that?

After ten long minutes during which his mind had raced through multiple fantasies involving Lucy, she reappeared and walked slowly back toward her post. Thad had been unable to tear himself away from the spot he had been standing when she left him speechless and wondering.

As she approached, she grinned and said, “You okay, Thad? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”

She walked up, took her right index finger and ran it under his nose.

“Bet a ghost never smelled like this….”

The faint, musky odor of female arousal numbed him. She had actually touched her pussy during the break, just as she had teased. His head spinning, Thad was powerless to say anything, however, his response was evident in the tenting of his swimsuit that he was unable to hide. He quickly dove into the pool to cool off while Lucy climbed back into the lifeguard chair.

After clearing his head for a few moments and finally kurtköy escort gaining control over his sizeable erection, Thad swam back over to the side of the pool beneath Lucy’s perch.

“You are really quite the tease, aren’t you?”

She turned toward him and her blue eyes bore into his with an intensity he had never seen before.

“I never tease, Thad.”

This girl wasn’t playing around. She had decided that Thad was something she wanted, and she was making it plain that she was there for the taking. Thad couldn’t believe this was actually happening right here in front of all of these people. If they had the slightest inkling of what had transpired the last half hour, he and Lucy would probably both lose their jobs.

“Lucy, you are an amazingly beautiful woman,” Thad started, “I wish I had paid more attention to you in high school.”

“Well,” she responded, “no sense worrying about regrets. I live for the present. I think it is time you corrected your mistakes.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Oh, plenty,” she answered with a grin, “Next time I call for an adult swim, why don’t you join me in the pool house.”

Thad had thought he couldn’t be shocked anymore today, but here she had done it again.

“Uh, yeah. Sure,” he stuttered, not completely convinced this wasn’t some insane prank set up by his maintenance buddies.

The ensuing half hour passed like a turtle crossing the interstate. Thad swam around the pool wondering what Lucy was really planning when she took her next break. His mind was racing through the possible scenarios in which he might get his hands on her incredible body. But, her breaks were only ten minutes. How much could they really expect to do in that amount of time? Certainly, a quick fuck was a possibility, but is that all she was after? Was he okay with that? Would that be it?

“Geez, I’m starting to sound like a girl contemplating her first time with a guy on prom night,” he mumbled to himself.

This girl had made a major pass at him and he had fallen hard. His good-natured flirtations with her over the past few weeks had certainly peeked his interest as someone he’d like to go out with, but he just hadn’t gotten to the point of asking. And now, here she was, taking control of the situation in a manner he’d not experienced before. Did he actually care if she just fucked him and didn’t expect anything to continue?

He was torn from his thoughts by her angelic voice, “Adult swim!”

He watched as she walked around the pool to make sure all of the kids got out. As she headed toward the pool house she looked over her shoulder and winked.

“It’s now or never,” he thought to himself as maltepe escort he pulled himself up out of the pool and grabbed the nearest pool towel. He walked briskly toward the pool house drying off as quickly as he could.

When he got to the door he had seen Lucy walk through, she was standing inside a small concession stand area that the club used for pool parties. During normal pool hours, the rolling shutter over the bar was closed, giving the lifeguards some semblance of privacy during their breaks. Thad walked in and closed the door behind him.

“I can’t believe I actually said all of that to you,” whispered Lucy. Thad smiled.

She walked to him and they embraced, their mouths hungrily devouring the other.

“I’ve wanted you so bad ever since you came to the pool the first time a few weeks ago,” she said as they broke the kiss to breathe. “We don’t have a lot of time. I am going to let you fuck me. Believe me, I am going to rock your world. But right now, I need your mouth on my fucking cunt!”

She raised herself up onto the counter and pulled his head toward her waiting pussy. “Eat me right through this fucking bathing suit,” she moaned as his mouth made contact with the damp material.

He was amazed as her scent, much stronger now than the tease she had given him with her finger earlier. He could tell that her lips were wide open and soaked with her juices from her excitement.

“Yes, right there, baby,” she purred as he licked his tongue along her well defined camel toe.

He assaulted her covered mound with alternating licks, nibbles and kisses. She entwined her fingers in his hair and moaned more urgently. He knew it would not take long for her orgasm to overcome her. He decided it was time for more direct contact. She whimpered as he pulled his mouth away, but soon began panting again as he slipped his fingers under the crotch of her suit and pulled the material away from her exposed opening. He could not believe how open her pussy was just from this oral contact.

“You are so fucking wet, Luce,” he groaned.

“I need to cum, Thad,” she begged, “Please make me cum.”

He inserted two fingers deep inside her soaked cunt and began sucking on her swollen clit. Her moans of pleasure increased as he curled his fingers to caress her hidden g-spot. Faster and faster he rubbed and sucked until her body heaved and her pussy muscles began contracting around his fingers.

“Oh my god, I’m cuuummmmminnnnng,” she cried, certainly loudly enough for anyone standing outside of the pool house to hear. Her contractions continued for a good thirty seconds, thoroughly soaking Thad’s face in her expelled juices.

As her removed his fingers and gave her swollen mound one final kiss, she relaxed and sighed a heavy breath of satisfaction.

“I knew you would be good at that,” she purred, “I can’t wait to see what else you might be good at. Meet me in the parking lot at 6:00.” With that, she straightened her bathing suit and left the room, giving Thad a final wink as she walked out the door.

More to come….

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