Adventures with Delicious DeeDee Part 3

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Adventures with Delicious DeeDee Part 3
Adventures with Delicious DeeDee
Part 3

Our kiss/introduction continues pulling each other tightly against one another, my hand moves down your back over your short skirt to feel the warm skin of your ass, pulling your hips even tighter against me so that you can feel my erection through our clothing. The closeness of it, and feeling it even through the barriers of our clothing increases you desire…your need to have it, feel it, to have it cum for you. As my hand slides slowly over your skin, moving to the suspenders framing your ass my fingers tracing along them lower, then moving between your ass…yes to check you had followed instructions…my fingers gently play with the end of the butt-plug as your hips move and gyrate against me, craving the hard cock that is so close but still covered.
This could continue but we have other pleasures to explore together, so reluctantly I break our kiss and take a step back, to again savour the image before me…My DeeDee, dressed as I had wished and craved for, with the addition of thigh boots, such a welcome and arousing surprise. The image before me, so much more than I had imagined…my mind now imagining the pleasures we were going to share this weekend, more pleasures than you could have imagined, as you had no idea you had been watched since arriving at the cabin, or the pleasures Gillian intended to share with you. Though I would also have a word with Gillian, I knew she shared my penchant for boots, she loved wearing them and others wearing them, but she had not let me know you had brought your own pair. Gillian I assumed was enjoying her fun with Stephen as she watched my reaction to see you in those gorgeous boots.

“I know you have it in place DeeDee, but we agreed that you were to show…present yourself…to show that you had followed your directions. Though I have to compliment you on your addition of your boots, not that they were part of your instructions….but you know I like boots, so I may let the infringement on instructed dress slip. And I wasn’t exactly as calm as anticipated on arriving…so though I know it is there, you still have to show me DeeDee.” Smiling at you with the glowing light of passion in my eyes, that you recognise so easily, and welcome.

Turning to face away from me, only feet from the open door to the cabin which not only offers a view of the wooded area the cabin is in, but also the doorway framed view of you showing, presenting your butt-plug to me as I begin to unfasten my jeans, to release my trapped cock. Positioning your feet so your legs are open you bend over, your hands lift your short skirt to ensure it does not get in the way despite its shortness, then pull your arse cheeks apart so that I have the best view of your plugged arse. You are unconcerned that anyone may see from the outside…Partly because you don’t believe anyone is out there in the woods, as the cabin is so secluded, it had taken some finding. And also there is the part of you that does not care if you are seen as you are loving the submission of your actions….though you oblivious to the fact that you are being watched, and have been since you arrived. You remain motionless, bent over, hands holding your arse presenting yourself and loving the arousal of your actions.

I leave you standing/presenting yourself as I remove my clothes, my cock jerking in unrestricted freedom…I cannot resist taking it in my hand and slowly stroke my hardness while looking at your plugged arse, and the clearly wet lips of your pussy…I want to bury my cock deep into you right now, fuck you with the hard sexual passion that is filling me and release my cum deep inside you. But this weekend is not about immediate sexual release, it is about something more, something deeper and more satisfying both physically and mentally. And there are the other surprises, pleasures that are to come your way…and there are many…least of all Gillian that you already have thought about, fantasised about in some way being involved in your weekend of enjoyment and exploration of all your desires.
With great difficulty I resist grabbing hold of your hips and sliding my hard cock deep inside your warm, wet pussy and fucking you frantically until I throb and jerk deep inside you, filling you with my cum…that will be happening often over the weekend…Stepping closer to you one hand still holding my erection, my other hand gently begins to caress your presented arse. Slowly my hand strokes your kaçak casino warm smooth skin, circling and my fingers running along your suspenders before caressing up the inside of your open legs. As my fingers move up your thigh, so teasingly close to your moist lips, you move slightly trying to connect your pussy with my fingers, desperate to feel them slide inside you. But then I pull my hand away from caressing your warm skin, before you can regret not feeling me touching you, you cry out from the surprise of my hand landing forcefully on your arse. Crying out is not against the pain, feel of my hand landing on your pale skin, now warm and red with my hand print, only the surprise. As your heart beats faster and your arousal grows with the feel of the slap of my hand and the intoxicating warmth it brings…craving more.

“Now, DeeDee…you should know better than to do that….when presenting yourself, don’t you?” As my hand returns to stroking your presented arse, slowly caressing the warmth of my hand print on your arse.

“Yes, James…sorry I just wanted to feel you….” I interrupt as my hand stops caressing and grips your arse, fingers tightly grabbing your flesh, bringing a submissively pleasure moan from you.

“You mean you wanted to feel something in your pussy…for your pleasure…your selfish pleasure…You just want to orgasm don’t you DeeDee?…That’s understandable as you have resisted touching yourself while here alone…that must be so frustrating for you DeeDee?….”

“Yes…very James.” Enjoying the feel of my hand again caressing your presented arse, but also craving to feel my hand smack against your skin again. You don’t question how I know you had not pleasured yourself while waiting for my arrival, assuming that I am just assuming you had followed your instructions. The knowledge that you had been watched since arriving will come soon enough.

“Well my DeeDee you are not the only one that has not pleasured themselves….perhaps we should do something about that…but first I have a little gift for you.” My hand now gently playing with the butt-plug, bring gentle moans of enjoyment from you, then a not so gentle smack on your arse. “Stand up DeeDee and I’ll give you your little present.”

As you stand up, smoothing your short skirt down, we are standing facing each other my cock hard and standing between us, both of our eyes filled with lust in what we see before us, and what is to come. Then your eyes drift towards the wooden box you had collected from the receptionist (Gillian) on arrival, hoping it continued what you wished for. You had not taken notice of my emphasis on the word ‘little’ when offering you the present.

“Not that present DeeDee…not just yet, very soon. First things first…I believe you should earn that present [slightly nodding towards the box] don’t you my DeeDee?”

“Yes Sir” Your excitement growing though we had barely touched so far.

“It’s alright DeeDee, I don’t feel the need for a title…so James is fine, not Sir or Master….though feel free to end a sentence with Sir if it adds to your enjoyment and arousal…I feel titles can at times be redundant when both know their roles in the relationship…though they do at times add to things. Don’t you agree DeeDee?”

“Yes James…can see that…but sometimes…I do like to.”

“Well you do if you want to my DeeDee…after all this is for both of us to enjoy…though saying that I want to enjoy those wonderful oral talents of yours that I have only seen on video…but first your ‘little’ present.” Reaching to my discarded clothing I retrieve the small package, and produce the cloverleaf nipple-clamps I had brought with me.

Your eyes widen, not with surprise but with longing knowing the delicious pain of wearing nipple-clamps and the intense searing pleasure when removed. Moving closer to you, my hand slides inside the cup of your corset, caressing your warm flesh of your breast moving towards your erect nipple, gripping and twisting it between my fingers as you let out a soft moan. Freeing your breast I lower my head and take your nipple between my lips, sucking deeply, gently biting and pulling causing you to moan more. My mouth, lips, teeth, tongue play with enjoy your erect nipple while my hand now begins to slide inside the other cup of your corset, stroking and caressing your other breast. Moaning softly as you enjoy our physical connection, loving the feel of my lips on your nipple, but wanting more…more sensation, more pleasure…you want to casino oyna grip my head and hold it tight against your breast. My lips release one nipple and move to the other, again you want to hold my head and prolong me sucking, pulling, biting your nipple…but things have to move forward.
Standing in front of you my hard cock pointing upwards towards you, almost touch I take one erect nipple between my fingers (giving a little twist, just to make you moan, for both our pleasure) then my other hand applies the nipple-clamp…that wonderful initial sharp pleasure runs through you, so delicious and welcomed…then I apply the other nipple-clamp to your other hard, erect nipple. Then to add to your enjoyment, once both gripping tightly to your nipples I pull downwards on the chain connecting them, tightening the grip, pain, pleasure bringing a low and guttural moan of acceptance, pleasure, submission.
Now we move forward, the pull on the chain of the nipple-clamps also an indication of what is to happen. Kneeling before me in your new boots takes some help, they are new after all and need wearing in. The nipple-clamps becoming that numbness your hand takes my hard cock and slide your lips slowly over the head, your tongue licking at the precum already coming from me….it is my turn to moan in joy and ecstasy, your mouth and hand working in unison is bringing me so quickly to the point of orgasm, the climax I have been thinking of on my long drive to here. But you have your own tricks, your hand slows as you swallow with difficult my cock. We are in the wrong positions for me to fully experience your oral skills, but you also know I want to cum…you want me to cum too…Your hand moves faster, your mouth and tongue through my cock emptying my mind of everything, but for what I am experiencing right now. You play me like a violin, knowing you can make me climax, your other hand begins to play, stoke my balls…it is intense. My cock jerks and pulses in your mouth as you swallow. Jet after jet of cum explodes from my twitching cock as you hungrily swallow as my thick warm semen fills your mouth, some small amounts escaping your mouth running from the corners of your lips. I stand almost motionless as my body tenses from the intense pleasure of my orgasm, the only movement the thrusting of my hips matching the jerking of my cock with each eruption of cum, as my hands hold your head tightly. Though there is no need to hold your head, as you have no intention of releasing my cock from your mouth until you had drained me of every drop of the thick warm liquid you crave.
After a few minutes my orgasm eases as I regain movement to my body, though having filled your mouth with my cum, my cock only softens a little, the excitement and arousal I am filled with from our meeting keeping me semi-erect…though we both know I will be full hard again very soon, and eager to fuck you. Finally releasing my cock from your mouth, having made sure you had sucked out you could your hand moves to your face and your finger catches the small streaks of cum that had escaped your mouth, returning them to your mouth then sucking your finger clean with deliberate slutiness while looking up at me, smiling as you see my cock twitch with arousal again.

“Well DeeDee….think it’s time for your present…think we can say you have definitely earned it.” We both smile broadly with lust in our eyes, both knowing that our fun has only just begun.

Standing next to the wooden box, you are excited about what is inside though you do have a suspicion of what it contains, or have a hope that it contains what you want. Slowly I lift the lid to reveal the contents and your hopes have been fulfilled, looking into the box your excitement and arousal grows, desperate to feel, wear the contents of the box.

“You like your present then DeeDee?”
Despite standing naked before you with my cock returning to full hardness your eyes and mind are completely focused on the contents of the box, so much that you do not even hear my question. But a slight pull on the chain of the nipple-clamps so brings your mind back to the present, the delicious numb-like pain in your nipples as the clamps are pulled bringing a low moan from you, though not of protest from the pain but of the glorious submissiveness of the arousing pain.

“You like?…” I repeat.

“Oh yes…I love them Sir…sorry James….”

“If your more comfortable with ‘Sir’ while we play that’s fine DeeDee, don’t worry about it. And I am after all going canlı casino siteleri to putting on your collar…so ‘Sir’ it does fit, doesn’t it.” [Both of us smile and laugh lightly as I lift the collar from the box.] “So shall we see how it feels on DeeDee?”

“Oh god….yes James…Sir…James…” Again we both smile as you try to decide how to best address me, as you step closer to me for your collar to be put on.

The Collar was identical to the picture I had sent you, dark red in colour a wide slave collar with the words scored into the leather ‘IT PLEASES ME’ to one side of the ring at the front of the collar and ‘TO PLEASE YOU’ the other. Also in the box were 4 matching cuffs…from this point on you would be Collared & Cuffed, mine to use and enjoy…looking at the collar and cuffs all you wanted so deeply and intensely was to feel them, wear them with submissive pride, to be owned…and you welcomed, eagerly wanted to feel and accept your ownership by another, it is what you had craved for so long and now becoming reality.

Moving behind you I put the…’your’…collar around your neck. As you feel the leather against your skin you cannot help yourself, your fingers reach up and gently caress the leather as it circles your neck, my fingers fastening the buckle…then you hear a soft click….’your collar’ is now secured in place ‘locked’ in place and I hold the key. The feel of the collar is exhilarating, the leather on your skin, but much more is the intoxicating feeling of submission, to be ‘collared’ to be ‘owned’. What you have craved for so long, now reality. You stand motionless fully experiencing your emotions and arousal as you accept and feel me take each wrist in turn and lock the cuffs in place, each time you hear the soft click of them being ‘locked’ sends a shiver of desire through your body, all your sensations seem more intense in this moment than ever before. Your skin alive where it is circled in your collar and wrist-cuffs, your heart beating so deeply that you feel it pulsing in your pussy as you get wetter (craving filling), with every heart beat you can feel your arse pulse while filled with the butt-plug. Your body and sensations flooding your mind, you are in another place, a place of beauty, of sensation, of submission, of sexual excess there is nothing you would not willingly experience right now…you are owned and are loving it, you feel complete. As your mind travels through every passion, desire, depravity I secure the ankle cuffs around the unexpected, but so appreciated boots and lock them in place.

All of our meeting, your enjoying of my cock and being ‘collared’, has been viewed and recorded by Gillian, as she continues to slide her fingers into her shaven wet pussy…
“I’m going to have so much fun with you DeeDee….my lovely sub slut….” Gillian’s thoughts of you and your abuse are disrupted by her mobile ringing. Gillian’s work mobile, so there are only three people that would call, and all three Gillian is submissive and ‘owned’ by in varying degrees.
Picking up the mobile, Gillian answers the call, seeing from the caller ID ho is calling her, while continuing to watch the live feed from the cabin, as I lock your collar and cuffs in place, her fingers still slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. Stephen remaining kneeling naked in front of Gillian, waiting for instruction.

“Hello Mother Superior…” Gillian’s tone submissive to the caller, so different to her dominant tone when talking with you, that had aroused so many thoughts of being used by Gillian within you.
“Things seem to be going well with our new friend Gillian…we are enjoying the feed from the cameras…though it is time for you and Stephen to get ready, don’t you think? We will continue to monitor the video feed…The Reverend wants Stephen as Stephanie for the next progression.”

“Yes Mother Superior…I’ll make sure we are both ready for when you, The Reverend and Goddess Evdam decide it is time to progress DeeDee’s initiation.”

“Such a good girl Gillian….If you do well today I may have a special treat for you…Lucy is visiting this weekend, perhaps we will allow you have some time together….you would like that wouldn’t you Gillian?”

“Thank you Mother Superior…yes I would love to have some time with Lucy. I will make sure ‘Stephanie’ and I do everything to bring DeeDee into our group, Mother Superior”

Gillian puts down her mobile and instructs Stephen to shower and shave (completely) and dress as ‘Stephanie’ , taking a last look at the screen….as I lock the ankle cuffs around your boots and then lead you to the bedroom….Gillian joins Stephen in the shower before preparing herself for the short journey to the cabin we are in….through the locked door in the bedroom.

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