After Work in the Hottub

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As usual, I have had to work late Friday night to wrap up for the week. As a result, I don’t get home until after sundown. I walk into the kitchen and flip though the mail on the counter. Bill, bill, junk mail, credit card offer, coupons, catalog, … either I owe someone money or they want me to spend money with them. You walk out of the bedroom; apparently you’ve been home only a few minutes yourself.

“How was your day?” I ask.

“The usual, how was yours?”


“What do you want for supper?” you ask.

“Nothing right now. I think I’ll go sit in the hot tub. Care to join me?”

“Not right now.”

I walk into the bedroom and undress. I wrap a towel around my waist and head out to the patio. The night air is just cool enough to make ribbons of steam rise from the water when I remove the cover from the hot tub. I turn on the jets and the light, hang up my towel, and climb in. The water embraces me like a warm blanket. I sit down and recline into the curved seat until the water reaches up to my neck. I lean my head back and I notice the tiny crescent of the setting moon cupping Venus low in the sky.

I not sure how long I sit alone. I study the gradients of blue in the Western sky; sky blue to cobalt blue to indigo. The sound of the patio door opening draws my attention. You’re wearing your emerald green silk wrap with the belt tied just below your breasts. As you turn from closing the door, your breasts sway gently within their silk cradles. The cool night air makes your nipples spring to life through the silk. I catch a glimpse of your auburn bush when you step forward and cause the wrap to part along your inner thigh.

“Changed you mind?” I asked.

“Yeah, do you mind?”

“Not at all.”

You untie the belt and let the wrap fall to the ground. You stand still for a few extra seconds, as if you relish my approval of your naked body. There is something about being outdoors that adds an extra level of sexiness to seeing you naked.

You climb into the tub and sat directly across from me. The buoyancy of water slightly lifts your breasts, cupping them upward just like the green silk had just a moment before. The light causes little maltepe escort diamonds on the top of the water to sparkle around your breasts as the water laps at your nipples.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask.

“Nothing, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about sex now. Why don’t you tell me about something that turned you on today?” I ask.

“Nothing turned me on today. What if I tell you about something from the other day?”


“Do you remember the day we spent at the beach when we were on vacation?”


“Do you remember the young Brazilian guy that sat in the chair next to me?”


“Well, I first saw him when he walked out of the water. I couldn’t help but notice his broad shoulders and his chest as the water dripped down his perfect abs. He had jet-black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue Speedo swimsuit that left little to the imagination. I couldn’t believe it when he walked straight towards me. My hips sort of twitched towards him as he approached.”

As you start telling me this story, I notice your legs spread slightly and your right hand drifts unconsciously up your inner thigh. The shadows caused by the hot tub light dance across your skin like hundreds of little fingers

“When he stretched out on the lounge chair beside me, I realized I had been holding my breath. I rolled over onto my stomach and turned my head to face him. He couldn’t tell that I was watching him because my shades were too dark. I stared at the drops of water beaded up on his muscular thighs. When I reached back to unfasten my swimsuit top, he turned his head to look at me.”

I notice your right hand is now cupping your pussy as your legs spread even wider. My cock, made half-hard by your entrance, is now at full attention in the warm water. It is so hard that it is not even waving back and forth in the water. It points like a compass toward the surface. You slide your index finger into your pussy and hold it there as you continue your story.

“When he looked at me, I could feel myself start to get wet. I propped myself up on my elbows to let him see the side of maslak escort my breast while I pretended to adjust my swimsuit top. I could see his cock start to swell through his swimsuit. It may have just been my imagination, but it seemed huge. The beach was not very crowded, but he didn’t seem to care if anyone else noticed his erection. He kept his head turned sideways to watch me. I lay still for several minutes, pretending to be asleep. His bulge did not go down.”

Now your finger is slowly circling your clit. I drop my left hand under the water to squeeze the base of my cock as you continue.

“I decided that it would be safe to play this little game further, so I propped myself up again, a little further this time. He could see my entire breast and my nipple when I lifted clear of my swimsuit. I reached for the tanning lotion and squeezed some onto my right hand. When I reached across to rub it onto my shoulder, my left breast was pointed straight at him. My nipples were hard as rocks. I put some lotion on my other shoulder and lay back down with my head turned toward him. His cock was even harder, the head was lifting up the waistband of his swimsuit and I could see the wet tip of it peeking out.”

I watch as you cup your breast with left hand, pinching the nipple between your fingers. Your finger is circling your clit even faster. Your gaze drifts down and finds my hand stroking up and down on my cock under the water.

“That made my pussy throb so much that I squeezed my thighs together. That must have made my ass move or something and he must have noticed, because the head of his cock popped completely past the waistband of his swimsuit. It must have been it least eight inches long because at least two inches were showing above his swimsuit. The head of it was swollen and purple and there was drop of moisture glistening at the tip. He must have remembered where he was, because he rolled over onto his stomach. I turned my head the other way and pretended to fall asleep. After I waited a while, I waded out into the water, hoping I could get my suit wet before someone noticed the wet spot on my crotch.”

You stop talking and mecidiyeköy escort close your eyes to revisit the scene in your mind. Your hand is moving more intensely on you pussy, rubbing your finger up and down and around your clit. I don’t want to come yet, so I stop stroking my cock and watch you as your hips start lifting away from the tub seat. Your breasts bob rhythmically in the water, the little diamonds sparkling and disappearing around them.

“Oh god, I’m coming!” you moan as you lift your hips higher and thrust your finger deep into your pussy.

When the explosions wane, you ask breathlessly, “What are you thinking?”

“I think I want to fuck you. Now! Let’s go inside.”

You don’t say a word. You rise from the water with a sense of urgency and step over the side of the tub, leaving your wrap on the patio. I follow, watching your ass bounce up and down with your quick steps. Inside, I spread my towel on the living room floor and motion for you to lie down on it. My cock was now super-erect, pointing straight up and pulsing with each beat of my heart. I kiss you fiercely on the lips as I position myself on my knees between your legs. I look down and see your swollen, open pussy wet from your orgasm. Of course, it’s wet from the hot tub, too. But that doesn’t count. I don’t even have to guide my cock to your pussy. As I lean forward to kiss you again, the head of my cock slips straight between your open lips. In one smooth motion, I slide my cock totally into you. Your pussy it so hot that it embraces my cock just like the hot water had embraced my body when I sat in the hot tub earlier. You body is still warm from the water as I pressed my chest against your breasts. I felt your hard nipples against my chest as I pull my cock back for another stroke. Since I am so aroused by your story and by watching you make yourself come, I know I will not last long. I stroke the full length of my cock in and out of your incredible pussy slowly five or six times and then thrust as deep as I can and hold it there. You lift you hips and grasp with your pussy. The explosion begins at the base of my cock and erupts from the head. As the hot jet blasts into your pussy, the head of my cock swells to prepare another blast. I can feel the heat of my cum wash around my cock. You shudder with a little after-shock orgasm as your pussy tremors to squeeze out the last drop.

I collapse beside you and try to catch my breath. When I can finally speak, I ask, “I hungry now, what do you say we order a pizza?”

“Sounds good to me.”

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