Airplane Adventures

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We were finally taking the vacation of our dreams. One that had been put on hold for years, due to work, school, lack of funds, etc. But we finally got everything worked out and we were headed south to the Virgin Islands. Actually, we were headed to a deserted island off the coast, but we couldn’t fly onto it. We had to take a boat there. It was the plan to charter a boat to drop us off there for 4 days then come back and get us. It was going to be heaven. 4 beautiful day s on a white sandy beach with nobody around but you and me.

I couldn’t help but giggle a little as I watched you though. We were standing in line about to board the plane, and you were fidgeting, not standing still, and checking your bag every five seconds. “Relax,” I tell you. “Everything’s going to be fine.” It was your first time flying and you were not excited about it. Fear of heights was not helping your cause either. We finally boarded and found our seats. You fastened your seatbelt and pulled it extra tight. I just shook my head as I put our things in the overhead compartment and sat down. You didn’t know it yet, but I had a plan ataşehir escort that was going to keep your mind far from this plane, the height, or anything else but me.

The stewardess got on the speaker system and did her little speech on plane safety and no smoking, fasten seatbelts, yada yada. I completely tuned her out but you were hanging on her every word. I took your hand in mine and you relaxed a little, but not much. The plane pulled away and headed for the runway and you were freaking out. I put my hand on your thigh and rubbed back and forth. You looked at my hand then back at me and I just winked at you then looked forward.

Just as the plane started speeding up for takeoff, I started rubbing your sex over your clothes. You were completely astounded I would do this now out in the open, but the look on your face said you loved it. Your eyes were closed and you were just enjoying what I was doing. As soon as the plane leveled out I stopped and started reading a magazine like nothing had happened. You just stared at me. I grinned into my magazine, loving that I was able bagdat caddesi escort to shock you like that.

The flight was a little bumpy, but every time you started getting scared I rubbed you again. After a while I figured out you were pretending to be scared so I’d touch you, but I didn’t care, the publicity of what we were doing and the possibility of getting caught was making me crazy. All of a sudden you looked at me and just said two words: follow me. You got up and acted like you were going to be sick and ran for the bathroom. I followed, wanting to make sure you were ok. You pulled me into the bathroom with you but instead of getting sick you kissed me with so much passion. We made out for what seemed like forever and belts were coming undone and shirts were hitting the floor. Next thing I knew I was against the door and your fingers were in me and you were biting my neck and I was trying so hard to be quiet, not wanting to alert everyone on the plane of our little adventure. You kept telling me how wet I was and how turned on you were and I was biting my lip trying bostancı escort to keep from yelling out in pleasure.

I stopped you and flipped around so you were against the door and I went to town, kissing and biting your neck and chest and whatever flesh my mouth came in contact with while my hands were busy down south. I fingered you while using my thumb to rub your clit. You weren’t holding back at all, moaning and egging me on, telling me what you wanted. After a few minutes I dropped to my knees and started feasting on your cunt. I took your clit in my mouth and you came on my face. Your orgasm was stronger than I’d ever remembered before. I got up and kissed you softly while your breathing got back to normal.

We just stood there a moment, trying to catch our breaths. After getting our clothes back on and situated, I opened the door and told the stewardess that you were not feeling well at all and asked for some water for you. I must have been quite a good liar because she didn’t question me at all. I pretended to help you back to the seat where as soon as everyone checked to make sure you were ok, we cracked up laughing.

After landing I asked you if flying was as bad as you thought it would be, and you replied, “No baby, flying is probably my new favorite thing to do.” As we walked to get our luggage, we planned our adventures for our 4 days on the beach, and for the flight home.

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