Alan and Beth

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Alan sighed as he watched Beth cross the yard to his greenhouse. She was such a help to him. She loved plants almost as much as he did and together, they had cross-pollinated many new species of exotic foliage. His private greenhouse was not only his solace from work, but also a showplace of blossom and vine, an oasis of sweet fragrance and heady perfume that aroused and thrilled the senses of all who came to marvel at it. He put down his potting spade and removed his gloves. This morning he would transplant the graft from their newest creation—a spider orchid in shades of umber and pearl. It had thrived under Beth’s tender attentions. He smiled thinking about how her gentle hands pressed the soil around its fragile roots, how she was so specific about measuring its fertilizer and water.

He pushed aside the wave of want and need surging up inside him. He had loved a woman once—a raven-haired beauty with mesmerizing eyes and soft alluring curves. But alas, she belonged to another. The affair had left him with bitter memories that tainted his efforts to pursue others. Then, at age forty, he met Beth. She was thirty, tall and thin with long brown hair that curled softly on the ends. One day she came to visit. She seemed to enjoy his creations and so he took the opportunity to invite her to become his assistant—explaining that he needed someone to help keep notes of his creations. She had eagerly accepted, smiling up şerifali escort at him with her pretty face all aglow.

For months that had worked side by side, sometimes touching hands while moving a transplant to a larger pot or brushing shoulders while staking up an eagerly growing vine. His feelings for her had blossomed and at times he believed she was harboring feelings for him, but they never spoke of their inner thoughts, choosing rather to focus their energies on coaxing beauty out of seed and soil.

Suddenly a shrill scream broke into his thoughts. He lunged through the door of the potting shed, thoughts of Beth’s safety filling his mind as he sprinted across the yard to the greenhouse.

Entering the greenhouse he found Beth sitting on the floor, her thin legs spread, her upper body braced by both hands. Potting soil was strewn across her body and sprinkled in her long brown hair. She blinked sad tear-filled eyes up at Alan. On the floor beside her lay his beloved orchid, its new growth broken and mangled, its tender roots exposed.

“I’m sorry.”

Alan sucked in a quick breath. The sight of Beth sitting on the floor, her summer blouse and Bermuda shorts covered with dirt, her long legs exposed up to her crotch sent his mind reeling toward the erotic. He felt his prick begin to harden. He crossed the floor and kneeled beside her.

“I don’t know what happened…”

He suadiye escort was overcome with wanting to console her and his lusty need to fuck her.

He stroked her hair, brushing the potting soil from the silky tresses, all the while his cock grew in his crotch. Sweat popped out on his forehead. He brushed the dirt from Beth’s shoulders, then lowered his hands to her chest. His palm felt the thrust of a nipple.

The aroma of moist potting soil and female phonemes assaulted his senses. He gazed down at Beth, a vision of loveliness despite the black smears of dirt on her silken flesh. Suddenly he took hold of her blouse and raised it over her head, pulling it off. She gasped slightly, then smiled up at him.

Her compliance fueled his actions. He reached behind her and released her bra. He reached out both hands and covered her small breasts. She sighed and pushed her body against his, reaching one hand to press against his erection.



He stripped out of his shirt and loosened his belt, pushing his jeans off his hips. His erection sprang forth, bobbing at his crotch and begging to be touched. He took hold of Beth’s shorts and yanked them down, exposing her bushy pussy and causing the dirt to spray across her white smooth flesh.

Beth gasped and filled her hands with soil. She rubbed his chest, tweaking his tiny male nipples with ümraniye escort gritty fingers. He laughed and swiped his hands across her belly sliding them low until he dipped one fingertip into her navel, leaving a black dirty smear as he preceded to lower his fingers to delve between her pussy lips.

She yelped and spread her legs. She grabbed his prick in one dirty hand and began pumping her fist. “For Gods sake, Alan! Play with me!”

He rubbed her pussy, fingering her clit and making her buck her hips in the spilled dirt. He grasped her breast and smeared the round mound with black soil. He breathed in the aroma of cunt and moist loam, filling his lungs as he bucked his hips against Beth’s pumping hand.

Finally, the heat building inside him exploded in a crescendo of carnal need. He pushed her hand away and mounted her lush body. He drove inside her tight sheath and speared her warm insides.

Beth grasped his shoulders and arched her back, opening herself up for his lunging thrusts. A cloud of dust rose around their thrashing bodies.

He hammered her insides. He pumped his hips and thrust deeply, making Beth cry out. Suddenly the orgasm was upon him. It came full bloom, ricocheting inside his body, spiraling along his limbs until he bellowed his release.

Beth panted and bucked her hips. She grasped his ass in grimy hands.

“I’m coming!”

“Beth, I love you.”

She writhed beneath him. Dust billowed up and coated their naked bodies.

“I love you, Alan.” She panted to catch her breath. “I’m sorry about your plant.”

“We’ll create another.” He stroked her hair. “We have a life time to create new varieties.”

“Yes, darling.”

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