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My girlfriend Heather looked gorgeous as she came to join me on the couch. We were about to watch an adult film I had rented and she had decided to dress up for the occasion. Her soft round breasts were spilling out of her tiny top and the piece of material that was supposed to be a skirt slid right up over her panties as she sat down next to me.

She picked up the DVD case and smiled with anticipation, ‘This looks like a good one baby!’ She kissed my cheek and began massaging my leg softly as the movie started.

When we had first started dating I had rented some ‘couples’ oriented (i.e. soft-core) porn as Heather had hinted that she enjoyed watching sexy flicks. About half way through the movie she told me to ‘hang on’ and disappeared into her room. She came out with another DVD and replaced the one I had brought over! She skipped right to a scene in which a slutty looking Latina girl was stripping her clothes off for three very horny guys.

‘Well aren’t you full of surprises!’

Heather giggled as she spread her thighs and began to masturbate. I quickly came to appreciate her taste for hardcore porn as I watched her finger her gorgeous pussy to orgasm!

I knew I had picked a good flick as Heather spread her legs, her tiny pink panties coming fully into view. The girl on the screen was tossing her blonde hair self consciously as she played with her tits through the thin material of her tank top.

‘Oooh she is pretty!’

Heather smiled at me as she began rubbing her hand over her panties. The man on the screen was massaging the bulge in his pants as he instructed the blonde to peel off her skirt. She modeled her little thong long enough for him to comment on her ‘hot little ass’ and then dropped to her knees, crawling slowly to him.

‘She’s like a horny little dog…a little bitch!’ Heather giggled. She was in quite a mood tonight. Her finger was already pushing in and out of her pussy and her nipples were standing straight out, poking through her top.

The blonde was on her knees unzipping the man’s pants. He lifted his hips as she pulled them down over his thighs, his enormous erection springing out. Heather let out an involuntary groan, her cheeks turning bright red as I stared at her.

‘Wow, you really like that cock don’t you?!’

She grinned at me sheepishly for a moment and then turned her attention back toward the screen. şirinevler escort She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of his fat erection.

The blonde on the screen looked perplexed, her eyes widening as the man began pushing his cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched obscenely around his girth. Heather’s firm ass began lifting slightly as her fingering intensified.

‘You nasty slut! You wish it was you sucking him off don’t you?!’

She half giggled, half moaned, avoiding eye contact as she nodded. I had never heard her comment on any of the men before and found my mind racing. My cock was throbbing against my thigh as I continued to probe her for details.

‘Have you…have you ever sucked a dick that big before?’

I couldn’t believe I was asking her but suddenly I had to know. She pushed her panties off and spread her legs wide, whimpering as she shoved her fingers back into her pussy.

‘Well, have you?!’

The blonde on the screen looked like a cheap blow up doll as the man forced her mouth up and down on his cock. Had that been Heather at one time?

My dick was throbbing as I finally undid my pants. Heather moaned as she felt my hard on against her soft thigh.

‘It was bigger’ she suddenly blurted.


‘I’ve sucked bigger!’

The guy in the porn was at least eleven inches. I was stunned! Heather turned to me as the words began pouring out of her. Her fingers glistened as she played with herself and I knew her pussy was soaked.

‘It was a guy I barely knew in college…’

God, this was actually turning me on! I pushed up her shirt and began rubbing her beautiful tits.

‘We met at a party and he called me the next night. It was late but he somehow managed to talk me into coming over…’

I could tell she was not sure how much to admit.

‘Hmm, you must’ve really liked him,’ I teased.

As she sat next to me, legs spread wide, her breasts heaving, it was easy to figure out what he liked about her!

‘Not really…he just…he just got me…so horny!’

I slid my hand between her thighs and started rubbing Heather’s clit.


I pushed my fingers into her pussy and was amazed at how hot and wet she was.

‘He told me to wear a thong under my skirt for him…I didn’t even know him but I did it anyway!’

‘God, şişli escort baby I bet you looked so sexy!’

‘Mmm hmm…I did…I even borrowed one of my roommate’s tiny little ‘slut’ skirts…It barely fit over my ass…I’d never worn anything like it…I kept tugging at it as I walked up to his apartment even though I knew my ass was still hanging out!’

My cock was throbbing against Heather’s thigh as I fingered her slowly. I glanced over at the TV. The blonde was trying to ride the man’s cock, crying out as he tried to shove up in her. She looked like such a slut as he held her hips, making her hold still as he stretched her cunt. I imagined Heather, nervous and excited as she prepared to meet this guy again.

‘When I got to his apartment, he was watching porn…I had never even seen one…God, this poor little girl was being forced to suck so many cocks! I noticed it right away…the way his pants were bulging but it seemed…not right! Like way, way too big ya’ know?!’

Heather was pumping her hips into my hand, trying to get me to finger her harder. I continued teasing her, taking my fingers out of her pussy and watching her moan with frustration.

‘Before I could even sit down next to him, he asked me if I had worn the thong…when I nodded, he told me to bend my ass over and show him…just like that, ‘Bend your ass over!’…and I did…I stared at the porn and bent over for him…seeing that girl getting her ass fucked so hard…I pushed my ass out for him…I didn’t want him looking at her!’

‘Fuck…you sound like a dumb little college bimbo!’

‘I know…I know! He made me strip down to my thong in front of him…he made me play with my tits…suck on my nipples…’

‘You liked him treating you like a cheap piece of ass didn’t you?!’

‘Mmmm…yes! When I sat next to him, he was all over me…squeezing my tits so rough and shoving his tongue in my mouth…I was getting so wet I didn’t even realize he had…had pulled it out till I felt him shoving my face towards it!’

‘Oh honey’ I started pumping my hips back and forth, rubbing my hard on against her thigh as I fingered her.

‘His dick was so fucking big baby…I got scared…I couldn’t even suck it…it felt like I would never get in into my mouth but held me down and kept forcing it…’

‘God, he fucked your little slut mouth didn’t suadiye escort he?!’

‘Mmm hmmm!’

I suddenly saw her in a new light. Barely out of high school and already on her knees…letting some guy she didn’t even know use her like a fuck toy! I could practically see the look in his eyes as he stared down at her, an animal toying with his prey as he forced his fat dick into her throat. He probably had her pegged the night before at the party. The way she had giggled when he teased her about her large bust. How she had blushed over and over as she allowed him to stare openly at her tits and ass. He knew he had scored!

‘He gagged you with that big cock didn’t he, just held your head and fucked your face?’


Heather looked so hot as she bucked her hips toward my fingers. Her pussy was dripping and I easily shoved one of my fingers into her tight little ass…finally thrusting into her the way she had been wanting.


‘Did you like being on your knees for him?’

‘Oh god…oh god!’

‘…gagging on that dick like a dumb little bimbo?!’


Heather’s tits bounced up and down as she came all over my hand. She looked fucking gorgeous as I stood over her and began jerking my cock in her face.

‘Did you let that asshole fuck your little pussy too?’

She stared up at me, fully in the moment. I knew she was picturing his cock…how he had abused her with it…made her his slut.

‘I wanted it…I wanted his big dick in me…he kept calling me names, rubbing his cock all over my face and then shoving me right over his couch!’

I was gripping my cock hard and tugging it harder.

‘He got behind me and started trying to shove it into my little cunt…I felt his big dick just banging against my hole…’

‘Oh god…you’re a nasty little girl!’ my balls were tensing as I stroked myself inches from her face.

‘I yelled out so loud when he finally shoved it in me…screaming every time he rammed into me…he just pushed my face into the cushions and pounded my tight pussy so fucking hard!’


I jerked off on her like the slut that she was, my knees buckling as hot cum began pumping out of my cock. I wanted every last drop to splatter all over her beautiful face!

I collapsed beside her and both of us began laughing. Heather giggled as she grabbed my shirt, using it to wipe my cum off of her face.

‘That was some movie, huh baby?’

‘Best so far by a long shot!’

I knew we had entered a new phase in our sex life and could hardly wait to learn more about my sexy little slut!

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