All Because of Some Teen Drama 2 – The Weekend

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After giving her virginity to Matt, Haley continues flirting to get more loving from her older neighbor.

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Haley and I ended up making love once more that night before we finally fell asleep. After cumming twice, once from her jacking me off and the second time in her tight little cunt, I was surprised when my cock got hard for the third time. After cumming once again in her tight cunt, we fell asleep naked in each other’s arms. Her little body felt so good, with her round ass pushed up against my cock and the skin on skin feel of her back on my chest made everything perfect.

When I woke up the next day, it took me a minute to recall the events from the night before. Haley was lying on the bed next to me naked, spread out on her tummy with her bubble butt looking good and taking up more than half the bed. She looked so comfortable I did not bother waking her up. Instead, I grabbed my shorts and went to get the coffee started while I grabbed my iPad to read the morning news. Soon the coffee was ready and Haley walked in with a sleepy look on her face while I served myself my first cup. I laughed when I first saw her walk in wearing my t-shirt that almost reached the floor. I wished her a good morning and asked if she felt comfortable in my t-shirt.

“In all the movies I’ve seen, the girl is always wearing the guy’s shirt the morning after they make love, so I thought I’d wear yours. But now that I have it on, I kinda like it. Can I keep it?”

“Sure.” It actually turned me on seeing her in my t-shirt, knowing that she was naked under there. A picture came to me of her standing there naked with her little titties and her hairless pussy, enticing me to take her back to bed and bang the shit out of her. That was quite a visualization to wake me up.

“It’ll remind me of the first time we made love. It’ll always be our little secret.” she said before coming over, giving me a peck on the mouth before she grabbed a seat. I served her a cup of coffee and we sat at the table while I finished my reading and she too grabbed her tablet. She was playing some sort of game. I wasn’t sure what game but it kept her busy for a while, allowing me to keep to my morning routine. Ever so often I would glance over at her; even in her disheveled hair, she was beautiful.

After catching up on the news, I asked what she wanted to do. It was Saturday morning and Cheryl would not be back until late the next day. We decided to go grab some brunch and figure out the rest of our day from there. We got up and I headed to my bedroom while she made her way to my office where Cheryl had left her suitcase. After undressing, as I made my way into my shower, Haley walked into my bedroom with her clothes in her hand and a shy half-smile on her face. This thing between us was all new and I assumed she wasn’t exactly sure on the rules.

“Haley, would you like to shower with me?” I asked her in very loving tone.

“Do you mind?”

“Mind? I would love it if you would join me.”

I reached out my hand and she grabbed it as I pulled her into the bathroom with me. Long ago I had the bathtub removed and had a large walk-in shower installed that easily accommodates up to three people. With Haley at only 5′, there was plenty of space for us. When she asked me in her sweet little girl’s voice if I would help her get undressed, my cock got hard in an instant. I reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, revealing her beautiful little titties and her entire naked body. My visualization from earlier was now a reality. At 6′ 2” myself, I easily picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck as we started kissing, picking up from where we left off the night before.

We continued kissing as I walked us into the shower, with the rain-forest shower-head getting us wet. I was loving the feel of her little mouth as our lips meshed with each other. Her little tongue felt so sexy as our tongues swirled around each other, exploring each other’s mouths. As we made out, I was enjoying my hands on her tight ass while I held her up. I kneaded her butt cheeks, enjoying their fullness as I squeezed hard. I slid one of my hands further down and like a heat-seeking missile found her hot little pussy. Even under the warm water, her cunt felt hot. I started playing with her pussy and she started moaning while we continued kissing. As I slowly and softly played with her wet pussy, she started squeezing her arms around my neck, pulling us closer together.

“Do you like that? Does it feel good, baby.”

“Uh…uh…yeah. yeah!”

I switched things up a bit and started inserting a finger into her cunt. I was finger fucking her as we continued kissing, while still holding her up in my arms. There had been other women that I had enjoyed shower sex with, but to be able to hold my little sex doll up in my arms while finger fucking her was new for me. I had started off slow, but my finger was now fucking her at close to warp speed and her screams confirmed it. When she came, she started bucking hard, making it difficult to hold her up as she stretched out her legs. I held on tight, allowing her to enjoy her orgasm. When it finally passed, she stared at me with a lusful look before she went back to kissing me and telling me how much she loved me.

I told her I loved her too, but right now I wanted to cum in her tight little pussy. She reached down and held my cock in place, as I instructed her. I slowly lowered my fuck doll onto my hard cock. When it started going into her tight cunt, the look on her face told me how much she was loving it. I had taken her virginity the night before, so there was nothing in the way to cause her pain. I continued lowering her slowly as more and more of my dick slid its way into her cunt. She was small, so I wondered for a minute how was her little body able to accommodate my big, fat cock. It felt like her cunt was a hand that was tightly squeezing my cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” She was moaning over and over with her lips pressed against mine. Her arms were pulling us tight against each other while I held her up with her ass in my hands, bouncing her hard on my cock as I fucked izmit rus escort her. Although I was not able to see my dick going into her cunt, the memory from the night before of her pussy lips wrapped tightly around my cock had me pushing her up and down, fucking her nonstop. When I saw the look on her face that told me that she was very close to coming, I squeezed her ass hard and my cum exploded straight into her young little cunt, spraying hard against her womb. I was high on sexual adrenaline and the thought of getting her pregnant made me cum even harder.

We wrapped up our shower, managing to actually use soap and shampoo before we stepped out and dried each other off. Eventually we got dressed and made it out the front door. We were giddy, behaving like two teenagers that had discovered sex for the first time. It felt like the rest of the day was going to be about her learning all about sex and I was looking forward to teaching her. We were being silly with each other, but I warned her that we needed to be discrete around her mom. I not ready to suffer the wrath of Cheryl.

My hands were on her silky smooth legs on our way to brunch. I have always loved when women show off their legs in either short skirts or short shorts. Haley was wearing another short ruffled red skirt with a tight white top that came down to the skirts waistband. It was not overly revealing, but just enough to look cute on her, showing her belly button if she lifted her arms. Her little titties certainly looked good in her tight blouse. Her hard nipples pushing out against her blouse made it clear that she was not wearing a bra, not that she really needed one. Her titties were quite perky and jiggled just a touch whenever she laughed or giggled. She had her hair up in a pony that definitely added to her sexiness and my partial hard on.

When we arrived at the diner, we parked the car and she grabbed my hand as we walked towards the entrance. We walked in and the hostess welcomed us, making a comment on how sweet it was that we were having a daddy and daughter day. I chose not correct her and Haley played along.

“Yup, my daddy is the best. He always takes good care of me.” We were seated and the waitress gave us some menus before walking away. We studied the menu for a bit before she returned and we placed our order. I looked at Haley seated across from me, giving her a quizzical look.

“So, I’m your daddy now, huh? What happened to boyfriend for the weekend?”

“Well, I couldn’t tell her you’re my boyfriend. Besides, I kinda like calling you daddy.” She crossed her arms and rested them on the table, leaning towards me. I did the same. In her sweet little voice, she softly said to me with a coquettish smile “Daddy, I’m not wearing any panties.” She was incorrigible. My cock hurt as it grew hard in my tight jeans, sitting there looking at her and hoping she was being truthful.

“I can also see that your not wearing a bra.” I whispered to her with a smile on my face. She looked at me with a coquettish smile on her face.

“You like?” she asked with a big knowing smile across her face.

“I love.” I whispered.

After finishing breakfast, we were both feeling horny with all the back and forth teasing. On the way back home, my hand landed back on her thigh. I was excited, wanting to confirm what she had shared with me, but I also wanted to tease her some more. I caressed and stroked her legs for awhile, gently making my way up her legs under her skirt. I could hear her breathing getting heavier and heavier as I got closer, feeling the heat emanating from her hot little cunt.

“Oh, my god! You get me so wet, daddy. My pussy is feeling so excited.”

I could hear the excitement in her voice as my fingers got closer and closer to her cunt, feeling her spread her legs open for me. When I finally made contact, her pussy was drenched and my finger easily slipped in. I was enjoying the sounds she was making as we drove home, telling me how good I made her feel and how much she wanted daddy to fuck her when we got home. I played with her, telling her that the first time was free, but from now on she had to do something special to earn a good fucking from daddy. I was liking the idea of her calling me daddy.

She asked what I wanted and I told her I was sure she could think of something. She was so naive. The truth was all she had to do was ask that I fuck her and I would’ve. We teased each other all the way home, laughing and playfully bantering back and forth. My fingers stayed in her cunt all the way home, softly caressing her slit but never enouhg to make her cum. On several occasions she asked that I do it harder and faster, but I was enjoying just keeping her on edge all the way home.

When we got home, she grabbed my hand and pulled over the couch, asking me to sit. I asked what she was up to and she told me she was earning a good fucking. Just hearing her say that got my dick harder. I sat on the couch as she requested while she ran to turn off most of the lights, leaving only a few on. She played some slow music on her phone before she started dancing for me. I can only assume it was something else she had seen on TV, not that I was complaining.

She was a good dancer, sensually moving her hips from side to side as she made eye contact with me. Right away she took off her sandals, looking so sexy dancing barefooted. She kept dancing slowly as she reached down to grab the hem of her shirt, ready to remove it and reveal her titties to me.

“Do you like my little boobies, daddy? Aren’t they too small?”

“No, baby, I love seeing them. They’re perfect.”

With those words of assurance, she pulled her blouse up and over head. She was now dancing topless, only in her little ruffled skirt. She looked fucking sexy dancing for me and knowing she wasn’t wearing anything under her cute little skirt only got me more aroused. My mouth was salivating looking at this little girl dancing topless just for me. She looked so fucking hot in only her skirt! She was my private little stripper.

“Am I earning a good fucking, daddy? Is this turning you on.” she seductively whispered, which only added to my arousal.

“Yes, sweetie. You’re doing a very good job. You really do like this daddy thing don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do. You don’t mind, izmit escort do you……daddy?” I slowly shook my head as I kept my eyes on her sexy little body.

She continued dancing as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband, ready to push down her little skirt. When it hit the ground, she was now completely nude. I was hoping she would come over to straddle me, but she didn’t. She just kept dancing and I was a bit confused.

While dancing, she started touching herself. She started off by slowly running her little hands all over her body. She would touch her titties before running her hands down over her tummy before she spread her legs open to rub her cunt. She then brought her hands up to her titties and softly caressed them before she grabbed and squeezed them. She dropped to her knees right in front of me and brought one hand down to her pussy while her other hand continued kneading her titties. I rubbed my crotch over my jeans when she started touching herself.

“Do you like it when I touch myself, daddy? Does it get you hard when I touch my pussy?”

Her words were driving me crazy, she could obviously see the a big lump in my jeans,. Just yesterday she was a young innocent virgin and now here she was dancing like a little slut, getting me close to cumming without even touching me. She laid on her back, opening her legs to show me the pinkness of her young little pussy.Are all girls born knowing how to use their sexuality to drive boys crazy?

“Daddy, I want to see your dick. Show it to me while I play with my pussy.”

Starting off slow, one of her hands was caressing her titties and her other hand was on her pussy. Her fingers were sliding up and down her tight little slit as she started moaning, getting louder and louder while rubbing her hand hard against her slit and squeezing her titties harder. As quickly as possible, I pulled down both my jeans and boxers.

I couldn’t hold back. I grabbed my rock hard cock and started stroking it as I watched her on the floor playing with herself. It was obvious she played with herself before, only this time she was doing it for me. I was stroking myself faster and faster looking at her as she stroked her clit harder and harder. Her moaning was arousing. With her elevated breathing, it was obvious she was close to cumming, as was I.

“Cum on my daddy, cum on me…..pleaaaasseee!”

I quickly stood up and started stroking my cock as fast as humanely possible. As you would expect, it did not take much before my cum was shooting all over her breasts and abdomen. I made sure some landed on her opened mouth. The minute my warm cum landed on her, an orgasm overtook her. She gave out a loud exhale as her abdomen tightened up, with her pushing her pelvis up before her ass landed back on the floor. She looked beautiful just laying her on the floor with her little body and face covered in my cum as she breathed hard, enjoying her orgasm. She was my little porn star.

I couldn’t wait to start recording us making love or just her masturbating

We showered and ended up taking a nap together before deciding to go out for an early dinner. Not really knowing where to go, we settled on a pizza joint in town that’s a popular hang out for all the teenagers in town. Why I let her talk me into it, I don’t know? Well, I guess I do. I was drunk on pussy juice. I suppose she was secretly trying to show off her new boyfriend, even though we couldn’t exactly behave like a couple.

After we finished our pizza, we had some fun playing video games. It had been a long time since I had last played Pac-Man, I was not even aware that the game was still around. More so, I was impressed on how good Haley was. I was having so much fun playing and I thought Haley would’ve loved it, but she was like any teenager when they first discover sex. They want it all the time. While I was on my last Pac-Man, she leaned in and whispered into my ear.

“Daddy, I wanna go home. You owe my pussy a good fucking.” She knew exactly how to get my attention. I turned to look at her and she had a flirtatious smile on her face. So young and already she knew what she was doing. We walked out, forgetting our left-over pizza as we made our way to the car. It was hard to stick to the speed limit knowing what was about to happen.

As soon as the front door closed, we were tearing each other’s clothes off as we made our way to my bedroom. When she started climbing onto the bed, she was on all fours and had her ass pointing in my direction with her pussy glistening. I stopped her before she moved any further.

“Stop!” She immediately stopped and looked back at me with a questioning look.

“I love the way you look from here. Your pussy looks so fucking delicious.”

“Do you really like my little pussy, even if it doesn’t have any hairs like mommy’s?”

“Baby, you’re pussy is beautiful. I always want you to keep it like that, even when your hair starts growing out. Daddy wants his little girl’s pussy nice and smooth when he eats her out.” I walked towards her and once again enjoyed the nectar from her sweet pussy. She knew exactly what I wanted as she spread out her knees to give me better access to her little clam.

She looked so fucking sexy. Her head was now resting on the bed and her ass was up in the air. My hands were on her butt cheeks, spreading them nice and wide, as I licked her cunt. She immediately moaned out loud, letting me know she was enjoying my tongue on her pussy. My god, her pussy was delicious and I was licking up her juices.

I was planning on fucking her from behind so I wanted her cunt nice and moist before my cock penetrated her. However, being so close to her beautiful little starfish, I couldn’t hold back. I spread her cheeks out as wide as possible and brought up my tongue to give it a lick. Her reaction was immediate and loud.


I changed my focus for a bit from her pussy to her ass. I continued licking her little anus, opening her cheeks wide while shoving my face into her little ass. I started licking her anus in all directions, making sure to give my little doll the ass licking she deserved. I was so tempted to fuck her up the ass, but her poop chute was still too small. I would need to wait until she got older. However, I had to give a taste of what to expect. I reached kocaeli escort for some lube and applied some to my finger. I started off slow by caressing her little anus for awhile, hearing her moaning and telling me how good my finger felt.

“Oh my god, that feels sooooo good.”

“Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Mmmm hmmm. It feels really good.”

“It’s gonna feel even better when I push my finger in.”


“Do you trust me, baby?”


“Then relax your butt for me.” That was the moment I started slowly pushing my finger in. Her anus automatically squeezed tight, trying to prevent me from going in, but I was determined to take her anal virginity. In the end, I knew she would enjoy it.

Her initial reaction was pain. She fell flat on her tummy, trying to get away, but I wouldn’t allow her. As I continued pushing my finger in, I held her in place with my hand on her shoulder, telling her to relax.

“Sh, sh, sh. You need to relax, baby. Just lay there and let your butt get used to it.”

“But, but…it feels so weird.”

“Just relax your butt, baby. Be a good girl for daddy and I’m sure you’ll learn to love it.”

“Ok” she said meekly. She sounded like she wanted to cry, but I had to do it. I needed to show my young girlfriend all the wonderful things about sex. I loved standing there next to the bed while violating her little anus. It felt even tighter than her pussy.

Before long, I felt her anus starting to loosen up as I drove my finger in and of her ass with her legs spread wide open. When she started moaning softly I leaned down and started kissing her on the cheek, asking her if it was starting to feel good.

“Uh huh.” she moaned.

“You like daddy’s finger fucking your ass?”

“Oh my god, yes. That feels really good. I think I’m gonna cum.” I started drilling my finger faster into her ass and hearing her start to moan louder than before. Suddenly, her little body started shaking out of control as she gave out a loud “AAHHHHHHH”. That would be her first of many anal orgasm we would enjoy together. Eventually, I would get the pleasure of fucking her up the ass. That is a story for another day.

By this time, her cunt had my bed sheets soaked with pussy juice dripping from her cunt. I climbed onto the bed, getting ready to now give her pussy the fucking it deserved. I got behind her and pulled her back up to her knees. I grabbed my cock to line it up to her little slit. Her nether lips were so small and tight, I was still not sure how she had managed to take me in, both last night and earlier that morning.

I pressed my cock up against her slit and started rubbing it up and down, which only got to her to moan more as her head just laid on the bed. Her pussy could obviously stretch out enough to accommodate my thick cock, but her tight little slit had me worried. As I slowly started pushing forward, her labia kept stretching more and more as I pushed my hips forward, pushing more of my cock into her tight young cunt. It was awesome seeing how her little cunt just kept stretching open as I kept pushing in. She was on fire and it was definitely hot in there, it felt like her pussy was contracting as I went it.

When I was completely in, I grabbed her little hips and started off slow. I took my time at first to enjoy her tight cunt as my dick slowly went in. I was still in disbelief that I was able to fuck her, even as I saw my cock sawing in and out of her cunt. It was incredible how tight her cunt lips looked wrapped around my cock. Although I started off slow, I was soon at full speed. I was fucking this little girl like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed her hips and our bodies were slapping against each other as my balls slapped her clit.

I had cum twice that day already, so I knew that she would be sore by the time I was done with her. I continued pounding hard into her cunt, with her cumming on my cock several times while we fucked. She would moan and groan, but she never complained about me being too rough with her as I pounded hard into her over and over as we fucked. Towards the end, I started feeling my nuts boiling as they stimulated banging against her clit. I knew it was going to be a big load. I pushed hard into her one last time before I held myself deep in her cunt. My cock exloded and filled her up with thick hot cum.

“FUUUUUUCK!” she screamed, cumming once more as she felt my hot cum shoot into her cunt. I fell over next to her as she just laid there, trembling with her eyes closed as she enjoyed the orgasm flow throughout her body, from head to toe. We laid there for a moment, breathing hard and enjoying the fucking I had just given her. When she eventually she got up to use the restroom, it was funny watching her walk away with her hands between her legs, trying to catch my cum dripping out of her pussy.

We woke up late the next day, somewhere close to noon. Since Cheryl was not due to arrive until later that evening, we had some time to ourselves before I had to give her back. I wanted to enjoy her as much as possible. We got up and made breakfast at home. Naked, we spent some time cuddling on couch watch TV as I softly ran my hands all over her naked little body. I’m sure she could feel my dick getting hard against her back.

After a while, she slipped onto the floor and asked me to sit up, telling me she wanted to do something special for me.. She knelt between my legs and started slowly stroking my cock with both her little hands. She leaned over and tried taking my cock into her cute little mouth. She was only able to wrap her lips around my cockhead. I couldn’t wait until the day would be able to take all me into her mouth. With her hands continuing to stroke me and the feel of her little tongue swirling on my cock, it was too much for me. She started stroking even faster and I just leaned head back and came into her mouth. As much as she tried, she was only able to swallow some of it with the rest ending up on the floor.

We were asleep when Haley’s phone woke us up. It was Cheryl calling to let us know that her plane had just landed. She apologized over and over for her late arrival, explaining that her plane had been delayed due to some mechanical malfunction. I told her it was fine, for her not to worry. As soon as I hung up, we both jumped out of bed and into the shower.

We had ended our weekend by making sweet love before falling into a deep sleep. I thanked my lucky stars for the mechanical malfunction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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