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He came from behind while she was washing the dishes, his hands moving, one to bring her neck back and the other to begin kneading her breast. His teeth found the tender flesh of her throat and he bit her before he kissed her delicate skin. His left hand joined the right at her breast, caressing her through her white dress, her mouth open in a silent sigh. She gasped as his hands moved down, over her stomach and now to the edge of her dress, lower still before rising to the line of her panties. He ran his fingers along this border before feeling below it.

At first her hands only rested on the counter, but his wandering fingers made her grip it for support. He found the nub of her clitoris and with two fingers rubbed it. He was in passion, almost inept from lust and excitement that caused him to lean into her as she fell back into him. She gasped as his fingers went deeper, lower, pushing inside her until she felt as though she might burst. His fingers curled back upon themselves, tapping at her weakest parts. She felt the back of his head pulling him closer as her heartbeat multiplied and her legs trembled until panting and moaning she could not stand alone.

He smiled and kissed her cheek. When he was like this he could not control himself. She let him turn her around and push her up onto the counter. Again he lifted up her dress only to duck his head down, to press his lips against her tender thighs, to bite, manipulate. He slowed himself, nibbling only at first, gently kissing, darting near her soft lips and then retreating quickly. The tremors from her previous orgasm still boiled just under her skin and they multiplied each caress beyond its small boundaries and caused them to ripple throughout her system.

He kadıköy escort bayan breathed softly against her lips, warning her, reminding her of what he could do, the power held in his tongue and mouth. He worked them all along the border of her south, kissing the soft carved V of her pubic hair and the smooth skin of her inner thigh. They traded a glance, his blue eyes meeting with her brown doe eyes. He pushed his mouth against her, his tongue pressing between her lips and finding the familiar nub with only its tip. She gasped as his tongue moved in circles, making her moan and gasp again. Her hand found him, one entrenching itself in his hair, the other pressing against his cheek gently lifting him up, the cold band on her finger digging into the delicate flesh of his face. He fought her at first, his tongue still seeking the edges of her sweet lips before he allowed her to pull him up to his feet.

She kissed him, her right hand releasing it grip on his hair to cup his face with her left. She brought him close and he relapsed into his lust, his hands immediately running to his belt and jeans, furiously pulling them off. His member now pressed against his underwear, pushing against her as he kissed her again. The wet spot on the tip grazed her inner thigh as his hips began to grind against her slowly. She could feel her own wet beneath her and she wanted him inside her, for him to fill her entirely. She pulled him closer and he slipped in.

He moaned a soft, weak moan, as his head pushed into her. He made it throb within her several times before he started the steady rhythm, slowly rubbing her deepest corners. She clutched him, her forehead pressed against kartal escort bayan her shoulder when she wasn’t quieting her moans by biting his shirt-collar. He grabbed the counter, his arms maneuvering her legs for a better angle. He pushed deeper, pumping faster and faster, blind thrusts of passion overcoming him until he was in a possession driven frenzy, an uncontrollable race to orgasm. She held him tight afraid she would fall, gasping as he panted, animal instinct controlling the two lover’s last throes until she felt emptiness and the warm sensation of him spurting on her thigh. She saw him shoot long white ropes that eventually turned into a solemn dribble before he stumbled to the dining room table.

She smiled at him, now slumped at one of the dining room chairs, some semen still dripping from his dying erection. She took a towel and cleaned her thigh of his seed, still eyeing his sexual totem. She crawled between his legs and licked the length of it before plunging it into her mouth, savoring the taste of his orgasm. At first he only smiled in response and he did not move as the woman moved her lips over it over and over again. Then his hands worked into her hair, his fingers intertwining just below the bun. With them he made her go deeper, forcing his head to push against the back of her throat. He moved his hips, working his shaft in and out of her thick lips. She caressed it with her tongue as well as she could, its tip meeting the tip of his member, his salty pre-cum infiltrating her taste buds. He was becoming hard again, as hard as before, and his lustiness was reborn.

He pulled out of her mouth, before giving her a hard slap on the rear. toprak escort bayan She loved that, but could never tell him. He pushed her toward the bedroom and as she walked ahead of him she could sense his gaze hard upon her swaying hips. She made an effort to slow down, to do to him what he had to her, to tease him. Each step became a delicate show, a moment for him to watch her long legs and full hips. She could hear his breath quicken and she knew that she would pay for her teasing in the sheets.

Once they passed the threshold he again came behind her. Somewhere between the kitchen and bedroom he had lost his clothes and now he quickly tore her dress off. Again he pushed her, this time onto the bed, and he pinned her, using his full weight to keep her front pressed to the bed. Now he kissed up her shoulder before biting it hard. He worked his hand into her hair again and again he pulled back her head and bit at her neck. She sighed, his hips again grinding against her as he felt himself fully drawn into madness.

The alarm clock on their bedside table began to chime and he smacked it away. Time vanished, and instead he lifted her hips to him in the infinitely repeated act. He kissed the sharp edges of her hipbones, his mouth and tongue working their way up along her spine until he could touch his lips to her ear. He then slid inside her again, his chest pressed against her back. He wrapped his arms around her, firmly holding her in place as he pushed into her, as he tried to fill her. Again his hip movements increased, again he charged fully towards orgasm even while he pushed her on ahead of him. He turned her over and their eyes and lips met as they neared the finish line of their mad dash. Their organs pulsed simultaneously, their lips held each other’s breath until, at once, they both released. He throbbed inside her for some minutes, unable to move as she held him close to her breast.

They alone were the man and the woman and after his breath and pulse had slowed and his strength had returned, he asked her, “Did you?”

To which she responded, “With you? Always.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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