Alyson’s Second Anal Experience

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This story takes place a few days after Alyson’s First Anal Experience.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

Emilia told Alyson it was because she had the most intense, body-shattering orgasm she ever had when she watched her boyfriend fuck her in the ass and make her cry aloud. She said seeing someone so quiet holler from a good ass fucking drove her over the edge. She enjoyed the view from her chair across the room while she had a leg over the armrest and a pair of fingers furiously rubbing her clit until she burst.

Emilia didn’t leave much doubt she reveled in that show but there was something else. After knowing Emilia twelve years, there wasn’t much she could hide. Something in the midst of their primal desires hinted Emilia was after more—or at least thinking about more. A subtle head tilt, a lingering gaze, or a soft sigh reminded Alyson of how Emilia reacted towards her when they were together in college. She usually followed that with, “You’re so beautiful” or “I can’t wait until we’re in the sheets again because I’m going to fuck you so good.” Sometimes it would lead to, “I love you more than anyone I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Alyson was fluttering away. Emilia was the first woman she’d ever been with and the first person to introduce her to anal. Not to mention their bond was so strong, nothing could separate them. On the surface, Emilia claimed she was in love with Cameron and would never leave him. Scratching off the superficial layer and delving into what was beneath revealed something else. What that “else” was could have been anyone’s guess. Emilia may have been able to lead people in a Fortune 500 investment firm but when it came to her feelings, she couldn’t lead them to the surface if she tried. She didn’t mind being a villainess at work but she treated the feelings of those closest to her like fine porcelain.

Alyson would go along with their personal training session until she could discover her friend’s secret.

They were in the gym where Alyson worked. Alyson had placed their workout mats in the corner for a semblance of privacy though at least a half dozen people occupied the place.

Alyson was donned in her trainer attire: a black shirt with trainer in white letters across the back, black stretchy workout pants, black ankle socks, and matching shoes. Her red locks were pulled into a ponytail but a few stray strands dangled alongside her face. Emilia wore a blue tank, black pants, blue socks, and black shoes. Her golden blonde tresses were also in a ponytail. Alyson couldn’t help but notice how her pants hugged her legs and backside to accentuate their thickness.

Both women were on their backs doing crunches.

After ten, Alyson stopped and asked, “Are you sure there’s not another reason you keep looking at me?”

Emilia continued crunching and strained to speak. “Oh…this hurts. Mmm. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…”

Alyson descended into madness when Emilia pretended to be deaf.

Alyson waited for her to finish. “Are you done?”

Her tone had some attitude instead of her normal friendliness.

“Twenty…whew…” Emilia said as her back came to a rest on the mat and she held her tummy. “Oh, yeah. I’m finished. I feel like someone whacked my abs with a paddle. I have to do this more often. Oww!”

Alyson scoffed. “I wasn’t talking about that. Are you done acting like you can’t hear me when I ask you something you don’t want to talk about?”

Emilia rolled on her side and rubbed her hands over Alyson’s legs, to her breasts, and back to her legs. Alyson gasped and a rush sped to her sweet hole.

Emilia said, “I’m sorry. Cameron wanted me to ask you something but we didn’t know how you would feel about it. The last thing we want is for something to come between us.”

Alyson raised a brow in curiosity. “Why don’t you try me?”

Emilia caressed Alyson’s cheek and she was changing into mush.

“Aly, I like you a lot and so does Cameron. We were wondering if you’d like to date us?”

Alyson tried to come up with something to say but nothing came except to ask, “What do you mean? How would that work?”

“All three of us would be together. Instead of a couple, it’d be us three.”

Things were never dull around Emilia but this was on another level altogether. In a way, it made perfect sense because Alyson loved both of them. Emilia’s concern was nothing to take lightly. If things went sour, their theme song would become Bad Blood, and it may ruin everything between them. Maybe it would work for now. It’s not like Alyson was dating anyone else.

Alyson held Emilia’s hand. “I’ll think about it. I can’t say anyone’s asked me that before. I do know I’ve always loved both of you but if it comes time for me to find someone to marry, you know what I have to do.”

Emilia ran her fingertips through her friend’s red strands. “I know but you’re alone now and I don’t want to hear about anymore dates that went up in flames. I love you so much.”

Alyson choked and her words were lost. Her tummy was doing rolls and twists. The vibrations in her chest rumbled a few ticks faster. She had banished all thoughts of being with her since college but Emilia’s proposal brought bahis firmaları them rushing back. Being with her and Cameron would take some getting used to.

Cameron reminded Alyson of Saint Nick. Jolly with a rolling belly when he laughed or moved. He was there to lend an ear when she needed it and her well-being topped his concern list. She was also his movie trivia partner as well as the one to point out goofs in films. It appeared with Cameron and Emilia that Alyson would have everything she liked in people and lovers. Would it be that simple?

Emilia traced the length of Alyson’s pants leg from the waist to her shoe. She skipped to her other leg and traveled to her stomach beneath her shirt. Alyson quivered and she found herself sprawled out like she was giving herself to Emilia. Reality set in. They were in the gym!

Emilia slipped a hand between Alyson’s legs and massaged her causing a flare to erupt. Alyson was shaking her head for fear of being discovered when Emilia’s red lips approached hers.

Alyson said, “We shouldn’t…”

Emilia’s kiss covered her words. Alyson grunted at first as she tried to escape but another kiss had her submitting. Emilia kept the frenzied pace of her fingers playing with her sex while kissing Alyson in an equal fervor.

Emilia slithered a hand into Alyson’s pants and wiggled into her panties to find her sweltering, wet folds. She slid a pair of fingers through her sex’s lips with her kisses burning the personal trainer. Alyson moaned into their kiss and she drew her legs up. Emilia allowed the last kiss to stay attached for a few moments before pulling away and gazing at her. Alyson was flooding in a torrent of arousal and whimpered at the loss of physical connection.

Emilia giggled and tossed a leg over Alyson at the waist and straddled her.

Alyson was straining to escape and looked around for any prying eyes. Her nerves were shaking her to bits yet she was turning on at the same time.

“Hey! We’re going to get caught!”

Emilia said, “Admit that you want me to introduce my strap-on between those luscious cheeks of yours.”

Alyson gave a half-hearted chuckle. “Ha, you want to fuck my ass with a fake cock? Why would I do that when Cameron has a real one?”

“Because I’ll be the one fucking you.”

“What if I said no?”

Emilia slid her fingers along Alyson’s sides beneath her shirt and tickled her without mercy. Alyson squirmed but was stuck in place.

“Hehe! Stop it! Hehe! I can’t breathe! Okay, okay!” Alyson’s tummy cramped and she struggled for air but the assault didn’t stop. “Quit! I said ‘okay’ didn’t I?”

Emilia shrugged. “Okay, ‘what?’ What are you talking about?”

“God! Hehe! I want you to fuck my ass with a strap-on!”

Emilia grinned and ceased her attack. “That’s all you had to say! Don’t worry if you want the real thing, too. Cameron couldn’t stop talking about how he wanted to be in your tight little ass again. You are a dirty slut. You want both of us in your ass.”

The more Emilia called her that, the more she was starting to believe it. Wanting her best friend and her boyfriend to have their way with her might categorize her as a slut but Alyson made no apologies for it. She wasn’t going to verbalize it, though.

Emilia leaned forward to kiss Alyson again and she stayed against her lips for a minute that seemed to make the world cease rotating. Emilia was rubbing against her warm sex the whole time. Alyson was growing hotter by the moment.

As Emilia moved off her, Alyson asked, “Can I ask why you’re acting like a teenager that just hit puberty?”

Emilia blushed. “I’m crazy about you. You’re the best friend anyone could have and I found out how hot you are in bed. In college, you were so timid. Now, look at you.”

Alyson was also radiating red. “Aww, you’re so sweet. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Emilia rolled her eyes. “Whatever. You still love me.”

“Yeah, like a toothache. You should go. I have another client in a few minutes,” Alyson said as she stood.

Emilia rose from the floor and entrapped her in a squeeze. “Um hum. We’ll be over tonight. You better be ready and think about what I said about the three of us being together.”

There was no way she couldn’t think about it.


Emilia strolled away with a wink over her shoulder before heading for the exit.

It was around nine that evening when Emilia graced Alyson with her presence. Cameron was working late and that gave Alyson a chance to think about things and tidy her home. Emilia volunteered to assist while they waited for him.

Emilia’s confession of wanting a three way relationship would have normally taken days to consider but her admission of love for Alyson sealed it. Alyson wouldn’t consider it official until she spoke with Cameron, though.

Alyson was in front of her sofa fluffing pillows and arranging them when Emilia called to her from the kitchen.

“Hey, Aly! Where do these go?” Emilia was holding some forks and spoons that came from the dish drainer.

“The drawer they go in is next to the stove.”

Alyson bent over and wiped off the coffee table. The last thing she heard was the silverware kaçak iddaa jingling together in the drawer. She became so lost in her thoughts that Emilia’s approach escaped her notice but not the handful of ass she grabbed. Alyson popped upright in surprise.

“Hey! I’m trying to make the place presentable. Can’t you wait?”

Emilia said, “No, I really can’t. Did you think about what I said earlier?”

“I did but I want to talk to Cameron about it, too.”

“Okay. I understand.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be helping me clean? You know I hate a dirty house!”

Emilia folded her arms like she was annoyed. “Okay, okay.”

“Make yourself useful and sweep my kitchen floor.”

Emilia said, “You better enjoy ordering me around now because when Cam gets here, you’re mine.”

“Yeah, yeah. Now get to work.” Emilia showed her back when she walked away and Alyson gave her a spank. Emilia looked over her shoulder in shock but Alyson giggled and went back to cleaning.

Emilia grabbed the broom and worked her magic on the kitchen floor. Alyson feather-dusted the curtains and ceiling fan. She watched her friend huff and puff. Emilia was used to getting other people to do such mundane tasks but Alyson cherished the time they spent together.

Alyson wiped off her flat screen TV and sought to direct Emilia’s thoughts away from the chore. “How was your day, honey?”

Emilia dumped the dustpan’s contents into the trash. “I didn’t sweep any floors if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Boohoo. You whined about doing a few crunches and now you’re getting tears on my tile because you have to clean it. Big baby.”

“Oh, shut up. You know what I rather be doing,” Emilia said. She rested the broom and dustpan against the fridge and went back to her friend. “What else would you like me to do?”

Alyson surveyed her abode. “You can water my plants.”

“Can I?” Emilia said sultrily.

“That wasn’t sexual, nympho!”

Emilia filled the watering pot that was on the kitchen floor by the wall and walked it to the plants near the front door. “I never said it was sexual. So, you want to know about my day? Busy. We’re gaining new clients every day. I make it where people can’t refuse to join us.”

“I’m not surprised. You could intimidate a lion into running the other way.”

“What does that mean?” Emilia said as she answered her phone, which was ringing through their conversation. “Hello? Hey Gary…”

Emilia took her conversation to the front porch and Alyson finished watering her daisies. She couldn’t get enough of Emilia despite her being a princess sometimes. No matter how she behaved, she was always unwavering in her loyalty to Alyson.

A few minutes later, Emilia stepped back into the house. “Sorry, that was work. It’s all day and night for me.”

Alyson dropped the watering pot in the kitchen. “No problem. When is Cameron getting off?”

“He should be here soon. Speaking of which, we need to get ready for him.”

Alyson spotted some dirty dishes in the sink that were asking to be cleaned. “The dishes need some attention.”

Emilia pouted, “Oh, why? They’ll be there tomorrow!”

Alyson slapped her hands on her hips and cocked her head sideways. “Okay, so how do we get ready?”

Emilia exaggerated a stare at her friend’s breasts. “Mmm, I think you know.”

Alyson tingled with arousal but tried to keep up the tease. “Nope, dishes need washing!” She walked to the sink and Emilia shadowed her footsteps. “I’ll wash and you dry.”

Emilia stopped next to her. “Sure…”

Alyson lifted the handle to start the flow of water. She grabbed a plate and a dishrag and started washing. Emilia was carrying the allure of sweet smelling French perfume that was sending Alyson into a trance and making it a challenge to wash.

Emilia slipped behind Alyson and pressed her body into her to force her against the sink. Emilia was warm and how she pursued her and went after what she wanted had Alyson creaming.

She kneaded one of Alyson’s ass cheeks for a minute while she kissed the back of her neck and with soft but hot touches of the lips.

Alyson said, “No, we’re supposed to be cleaning the dishes…”

As soon as she spoke, Alyson realized how weak her resistance had become and Emilia wasn’t the type to miss when her prey was ripe for the taking.

Emilia whispered into her ear. “You want this. Stop denying me and let go.” Alyson couldn’t tease anymore. She wanted Emilia to take her because she knew all of her buttons and how to stimulate them to have her hitting orgasm after shuddering orgasm.

Alyson ceased the water, closed her eyes, and rested her tits on the sink. The position had her ass pushed towards Emilia. It was her way of giving herself to her friend in her quiet kind of way. She winced from a tickle when Emilia’s hands slid inside the waist of her workout pants. She ripped them and her blue panties to her ankles.

Emilia kneeled and massaged her fingertips deep into her calf muscles while she kissed the back of her knees. She kissed up her legs to her pussy where she dove in and licked it swirls. Alyson clutched the sink as gasps pumped from her mouth. Emilia gripped her ass and swept kaçak bahis her tongue through her fleshy lips to her perineum. She took her time dragging it to her creamy opening. She whipped her tongue around it and rubbed her clit at the same time. She was moaning with Alyson as she seemed to get just as much pleasure from pleasing her friend.

Emilia slid her tongue inside her womanhood and stiffened it to fuck her. Alyson’s legs wobbled and clenched as her friend’s mouth bounced against her pussy with every push of her tongue into her.

“Make me cum! I’m so close…” Alyson spoke from her sexual daze.

Emilia tongue-fucked her faster for a bit but switched to lashing her sex and Alyson shook and squealed. She was on the edge of the apex when Emilia spread her ass cheeks and danced around its wrinkled rim before closing in on her dirty opening. Alyson was pulsing and the sensations grew stronger when Emilia ravished her asshole in a flurry of licks in all angles. Alyson was melting and rumbling to the core. Emilia plunged her fingers into her pussy and sloshed them through her nectar while eating her asshole. She fucked her hard with her digits and Alyson screamed as an orgasm blasted through her. She collapsed against the sink. She was bursting with tingles as her heart was speeding and she fought to regain herself.

Alyson said, “Ohhh, God! That was incredible…”

Emilia swiveled Alyson by the hips and buried her in kisses. Alyson returned them in matching hunger and darted her tongue into her moist, heated mouth where they flicked together. Alyson slid her hands all over her friend’s back. As they kissed more, she dropped them lower and groped her thick butt cheeks.

Emilia giggled into their kiss and pulled away. “You like my ass, too?”

Alyson squinted. “I always have.”

“Mmm, maybe you want to have a little fun with it?”

Emilia chewed her thumbnail and tilted her neck with a bedroom grin. “Maybe I do.”

Emilia snatched Alyson’s hand and they trotted towards the sofa but the ringing of the doorbell had them leaping in smiles. Alyson kicked off her pants and panties from her ankles and the women rushed to open the door for Cameron. It was the first time she’d ever answered a door bare below the waist and she felt so damn naughty.

She fumbled to get it unlocked but Emilia grabbed her hands.

“Wait!” Emilia said. She pulled down her jeans and black panties and threw them aside. “Let’s see what he thinks about this!”

“Hehe! I can’t wait!”

Alyson unlocked the door and tossed it open. The girls were so giddy, they couldn’t hold still.

“Hey Emilia and Alyson…oh shit!” Cameron exclaimed as his eyes grew to the size of baseballs and dropped to scan their legs and wet pussies. “Damn. Looks like the party started without me!”

Alyson took an arm and Emilia grabbed his necktie to lead him inside.

Emilia drew his lips closer by his tie. “It’s just getting started, baby.”

Alyson secured the door and the couple was already kissing. Cameron was in a navy and white tie over a white shirt that was half-tucked in his dark gray slacks. Cameron opened his arms and Alyson joined the huddle and he smothered Alyson with his lips and sucked her air away. Alyson melted and into his chub. His whiskers were tickling her but she barely noticed as she was too busy reciprocating his affections.

Emilia slid a pair of fingers alongside Alyson’s chin and turned her so she could adhere their lips again. Her kisses were fast and aggressive and Alyson almost believed there was some competition between the couple. Not that she minded being in the center of it.

While they were locked at the lips, a couple of plump and rough fingers toyed with Alyson’s pussy folds and she moaned into Emilia’s kiss. That had Alyson playing with Emilia’s sex. She was dripping wet and they were purring together. Cameron moved his digits around Alyson’s pussy in unpredictable movements and she glided her digits through Emilia’s sweet slit. Cameron wiggled his fore and middle fingers into Alyson and pumped them hard. Her knees were akin to butter.

Emilia broke away and shoved Cameron’s shoulders to back him to the couch. “It’s time we got you ready, honey. After that, you get to see what our bad friend was about to do to me.”

“I can’t wait for that,” Cameron spoke with bass as his girlfriend sat him on the cushions.

Alyson couldn’t wait either.

Emilia fell to the carpet between her lover’s legs and Alyson dropped next to her. Emilia unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and wiggled them down with his boxer briefs until his cock stood at attention. Emilia brought it to her mouth and parted it over his cock. Cameron adjusted himself to prepare for Emilia to close her lips on his hardness. She slid her lips down the shaft to swallow as much of him as she could. Alyson played with his hairy balls and Cameron growled like a wild animal while Emilia pulled her lips up his erection to the head. She suckled on his swollen bell head and flicked at his piss slit. She sucked half his cock in rapid head bobs until she started to take in his whole manhood again. Alyson watched her drag her lips over his cock, down and up slowly, then faster. Emilia popped it out and glided her tongue around his head then along his cock to the bottom. She tilted it towards Alyson and with shining glee, curled her hand around his rock and licked the head in swift sweeps.

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