Amy’s Sluttiest Night

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Hi, I’m Amy. This is a true story about a night out in my hometown a few years back when I was 23.

I’m not skinny, not fat, but am slightly the wrong side of my ideal weight, with curves in the right places.

With the above description you might imagine me to be a buxom beauty with sizeable tits. Sadly for me this isn’t the case, and I hated the fact that my breasts were only a 34B cup.

I’ve got long, dark hair, pale skin and am on the short side. I’m 100% happy with how I look and don’t go out of my way to lose weight or diet. I’ve always been told I’m pretty and that does me fine.

For 23, I was what you might call ‘above average’ in terms of sexual experience. I’d done most of the things you might expect of a girl who’d gone away to University for 3 years in a party town, lived in student halls and spent a lot of time drinking and socialising.

I’ll be up-front about it – I have a problem with drink. Not in an alcoholic way where I depend on drink, but in the way that I don’t know my limits, despite years of scrapes and unfortunate events. I can admit this now, with the benefit of maturity. Until quite recently I would get drunk every time I went out. Not paraletic drunk, not being-sick drunk, but the sort of drunk where I get very tipsy and lose all inhibitions and sense of what is right or wrong.

I’ve also begun to question if I have a problem with fidelity. I don’t think of myself as a nasty or sneaky person, and I go out of my way to be nice to people. But in some quieter moments I’ve contemplated my past behaviour and my track record doesn’t make very good reading. Luckily there isn’t a single person alive other than myself who knows ALL the gory details.

From these last two admissions you can probably guess that clubs aren’t necessarily a good place for me to be going too often. But I’ve got several separate groups of friends who don’t really socialise together, so I’m pulled in all directions and as a result I end up out on the town more often than a girl like me should.

There’s my work friends in my hometown, plus my oldest ‘friends-for-life’ friends from school. I also have my friends from uni, who all get together every couple of months and take it in turns to travel and visit one of the group in their town. I then have my boyfriend’s (at the time) friends and their girls.

This particular story occurred during a night out with my work colleagues.

I work as a receptionist at a technology magazine, only about half an hour from home. Most of the people who work there live either in my town, or in the town where the office is based (notice I’m giving no locations away)! At the time I had been living with my boyfriend Chris for about 3 months. We met through a friend-of-a-friend. He rented a flat in my hometown and we were crazy about each other. I moved in officially after only 1 month together as I was spending all my time there anyway – and anything was an improvement on living with my parents since I finished uni.

Sex with Chris was about average, I’d probably say 5 or 6/10. He was obsessed with me. At first I found this exciting as he literally couldn’t get enough of me and always wanted sex – any time any place. This was great for the first couple of months together but soon got a little draining. I get bored quite easily and the initial spine-tingling excitement definitely wore off for me after a couple of months of the same old thing over and over. There was no let-up from Chris though and he would still pester me even when I’d had a long day and just wanted to relax, and make me feel guilty if I didn’t get him off one way or another.

This had led me – only about 2 weeks before the night of this story – to cheat. I’m not proud of it, but I was finally excited about sex again. Perversely, it even made sex with Chris more fun – it didn’t bother me that he wasn’t concerned with giving me a good time, I was having a good enough time of my own!

The guy in question was Dale. Dale was a marketing manager at the magazine. He was older than me – about 30 – single, and an absolute hunk. We’d had our eyes on each other for a while at work, and had bonded over marketing-talk in the cafe. I had a degree was in marketing but marketing roles were hard to come by, which is why I was slumming it on reception for the time being.

Dale was very charming and a coffee led to lunches.

Lunches lead to a drink with his team after work.

Team drinks then led to a drink with just us two, and the obvious lies that I had begun to tell Chris to cover.

By the time of the second drink between us, there was thick sexual tension in the air and the whole evening had an inevitability about it right from the time we greeted each other. Things escalated slowly through the few hours we were in the bar, with us gradually touching hands, and then legs under the table, leaning ever closer face-to-face and setting off a tingling between my legs.

As you can guess, he invited me back for coffee as he only lived round the corner from the bar (I knew this when erenköy escort we agreed to meet there – and he knew that I knew).

I agreed, and we made the 2 minute walk hand-in-hand, looking casual but really my heart was pounding out of my chest with excitement, and my knickers were wet with anticipation of what was certainly going to happen. I’d mentally prepared to cheat on Chris that night, and had worn my sexiest underwear just in case. I was desparate for Dale, and was almost trembling as we walked.

Once back at his flat, coffee was not on the agenda and he pinned me against the wall with a long, deep kiss before the door had even closed. We attacked each other’s clothing, leaving a desparate trail littering the hallway as we staggered to his bedroom like a bad movie cliche.

With me in just my knickers and Dale in his boxers, he pushed me back onto the bed, where I drunkenly flopped, arms above my head and my tiny tits probably barely noticable.

I was surprised when, instead of lying next to me, or climbing on top to continue our foreplay, he immediately hooked his thumbs into the waitband of my specially-chosen black lacy hipster knickers and aggressively slid them down my legs. I was shocked and my involuntary reaction was to grab them and stop him, even though I didn’t really want him to stop. Plus they were already past my knees by the time I got hold of them, leaving my neatly-trimmed bush fully exposed.

Instead of stopping, or even flinching at my attempt, he simply grabbed my naked thighs and firmly parted them. With my knickers still round my ankles, Dale dove into my soaking snatch, driving his tongue in as far as it would physically go as I writhed in ecstasy. He licked and sucked my clit and I came within a minute under his talented tongue, panting for breath spreadeagled on his bed. He moved up and continued the deep kiss I enjoyed so much earlier, smothering my face in my own juices. I finally kicked-off the knickers, giving him unlimited access to my body as I desparately pushed the waistband of his boxers down to stroke his rigid cock.

I only managed to get in a few lengths with my hand before Dale pressed the head against my pussy and slipped in easily though the juice and saliva. He ravished me missionary-style (which I like, by the way) for about 5 minutes before he looked like he was about to cum. I egged him on.

“Come on, come on, fuck me, don’t stop.” I panted.

“Not wearing anything.”

Teasing, I giggled “Yeah I noticed – I’m on the pill – cum inside me.”

I pride myself in my dirty talk skills and can always drive a guy over the edge. Dale exploded into me with jet after jet of warm cum as I passively laid there and took it all.

In the week after this, me and Dale were quite awkward around each other. He knew I lived with my boyfriend and I wondered if he’d lost interest having bedded me. I didn’t want to look like a desparate slut by chasing him, so we exchanged pleasentries but no more. That is, until excatly a week later when we went out with all the work guys on Friday night. After a few too many drinks we got chatting, away from the crowd. He opened up and he admitted he liked me and wanted to see me again but was concerned about my boyfriend.

“He has a name you know – Chris.”

“Yeah but if I use his name it’ll make what we’re doing seem wronger.”

“We haven’t been doing anything at all in the last week, so what exactly do you think it is that we are doing?” I asked, provocatively.

“Come on Ames, don’t pretend like last Friday didn’t happen.”

“I’m not, in fact I enjoyed myself… a lot” I added with a cheeky smirk.

“Really?” he said sarcatically. “I hadn’t noticed.”

“But I don’t think I was the only one now, was I?” I flirted back.

“I’m not sure I remember clearly, perhaps I need a reminder.” He teased.

I interjected, not really caring about the answer, but interested to see him squirm for ignoring me this past week.

“Do you actually like me, Dale, or am I just the girl you come to when you’re drunk and horny?”

“No – I do like you, I’m just not used to seeing someone… under these circumstances” he stumbled for words.

“You mean because I have a boyfriend?”

“You don’t just HAVE a boyfriend, you LIVE WITH your boyfriend. You go home to him every single night. We can’t have anything between us while you’re living there, you must see that?”

“He fucks me every single night too” I said, matter-of-factly.

“In fact, he was fucking me about… hmmm…” I consulted my watch. “…fourteen hours ago. Is that a problem for you?”

“Err… erm… well I don’t know, shouldn’t you leave him if you’re not happy?”

“Who said I was unhappy?”

“But, last Friday when we…”

“That doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with Chris, and I’m not leaving him unless I’m 100% sure it’s over, and I’m not.”

“So what about us?”

“What about us? So far all we’ve had is a drunken one-night stand, I didn’t even etiler escort sleep there, and you didn’t even ask if I might like to.”

“Well obviously not, figured you’d have to get home to the boyfriend… And I think we both know that us being drunk played no role in what happened. Was he suspicious at all when you got back?”

“I’m not sure, maybe a little at first, but he soon distracted himself.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s always in the mood when I get back from a night out, it’s like a tradition.”

Dale looked put-out. “Oh my god, you had sex with him that same night?”

The emphasis he placed on the word ‘same’ and the mild tone of outrage gave away that he wasn’t happy, perhaps even a little possessive.

“Err, none of your business thanks.” I said, with a playful smile on my face at him gradually giving away his feelings.

“I’d like it to be my business.”

“You’d like me to inform you whenever I have sex with my boyfriend? That kind of thing turn you on does it?”

“What? No that’s not what I…” Did I touch a nerve? I cut him off.

“Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. No, actually we didn’t – although it wasn’t for his want of trying. My head just wasn’t in the right place to do that.”

“Good, I don’t want to share you.”

“Share me? Sorry mister. Sharing me is what you signed-up for when you came after a girl with a boyfriend. And sharing me is exactly what you did the next morning and every day since.”

Dale looked a little hurt. Then he grabbed my face and began to kiss me hard and passionately. I responded in an instant and we made out for ages, getting ever more touchy with our hands. I ended up back at his flat again before making a getaway in the early hours after being screwed hard the first time, but then far more intimately.

It was less animalistic and more ‘loving’. We cuddled and chatted affectionately in between before we were ready to start again.

And so began my week-long ‘affair’ which brings me to the start of this evening’s story. After the Friday night fireworks, there was the come-down of a painful gap over the weekend, where all I could do was think about seeing Dale again.

Having got over that, I’d had sex with Dale every day that week. Sometimes I’d leave for work early and go via his place, other times I’d ‘work late’ and we’d go straight back to his place.

It even transpired that we liked each other when we were sober, which was a bonus and meant I could drive home afterwards so as not to raise suspicion with Chris.

Home-life didn’t change much, other than me being missing a lot that week. Chris was still insatiable and jumped me regularly. To be honest I was leaning towards breaking it off over that week. I was beginning to feel like simply warm flesh and bones to Chris. I’m not sure he valued me much as a partner and treated me more like a regular lay who would let him get off almost every time he wanted.

Like I said, sneaking around with Dale had made me enjoy sex with Chris more and some days I’d had sex 3 or 4 times between the two of them, which played into my personality – Being the object of someone’s desire makes me happy, and I’d certainly never felt this desired before!

Friday came round and I was in the flat getting ready to head out with a few friends, while Chris was having some of his mates round for poker. I’d told him I’d be leaving early to meet up with a friend from work and head into town together. This was at least, partly true. I never said it was a girlfriend.

I showered, and did all the things a girl has to do before going out for the night. I’d even shaved my pussy bare as a special treat for Dale. He loves eating me and had dropped hints he liked a shaven girl. Chris, on the other hand, had always said he didn’t want me to shave when I’d offered before.

I had a brand new short summer dress which I squeezed into and wandered through to the kitchen to get the vodka I was taking around to my pretend-girlfriend’s house. Chris’s reaction was great, the best I’d had from him in a while actually. He said I looked fantastic (good enough to eat he said) and encircled me from behind in his arms, pressing my front up against the worktop. I could immediately tell where this was heading and I tried to wriggle free. But he was very persistent and pressed all my buttons by nibbling my earlobes and kissing my neck as he squeezed and grinded into my ass.

I was getting very hot and Dale disappeared from my mind as I let my boyfriend crudely pull my dress up over my hips and felt his fingers drop, sliding over my tummy. I leaned back from the counter allowing his hand room to slide under the waistband of my new and tiny thong. He felt the bare naked skin of my mound and paused to stoke its smoothness, as if he was trying to work out what had happened. I was immediately worried he might start asking questions as he had always said he loved my bush, so I decided quickly to distract him by parting my legs slightly and giving an florya escort enouraging moan.

Predictably, this was enough for him to reset his brain and continue, slipping first one, then two fingers into me. He continued to grind into me from behind as he fingered me, paying me the most attention he had in some time. After a few minutes he pushed down my thong enough for me to step out, and steered me to the kithen table where he gently laid me back. I spread my legs as he stared in amazement at my bald pussy before licking my juice off his fingers and plunging his cock into me. He fucked me for about 10 mins before he blew his load inside me as we came together.

As soon as I came off my high I now realised I would be half an hour late by the time I got ready (again) and left for Dale’s. I extracted Chris’s limp cock from me, climbed down from the table, cupped myself with my hand and headed to the bathroom. I did briefly consider whether I should avoid Dale’s flat that evening, but even just thinking about Dale got me all hot and bothered again, so I didn’t entertain the idea for long. I didn’t have time for another shower, just enough to clean Chris’s cum from me, fix my hair and do some basic make-up touches.

Within three-quarters of an hour, I was climbing out of the taxi at Dale’s and buzzing the door.

“Hey sexy” came the response over the mic as he buzzed it open. Dale already had the door to his flat open and was standing there with a double-shot of tequila each. We sat on the sofa, necked the tequila and started making out. I was a little less enthusiastic than normal given my very recent release at the hands of Chris.

Dale seemed to sense this and went slower than normal, really concentrating on building up to the main event.

“How long have we got?” he muffled as we made out.

“I’m meeting Kara at 8:30.”

“My god it’s 8:15 now!” he said, surprised. The wind seemed to go from his sails a little.

“Sorry, I got held up at home. Besides it’s only 5 minutes away and I guess maybe I could be a few minutes late…”

“But…” I teased, now thoroughly in the mood and wanting a ravishing from Dale before I left “…I do have a VERY good reason for being late…”

I stared directly into his eyes as I forcefully grabbed his hand and guided it under my dress, rubbing it up and down the outside of my wet thong, before slipping it under the elastic and letting him touch my hairless mound.

Dale practically came in his pants right then and there as he realised what I’d done for him.

I struggled on the sofa under his weight to pull my thong off and show Dale his present. He went to go down on me but I scolded him playfully – “Not now mister, there’s no time, it’s straight into the main course only. Next time you can have as long as you want.”

He didn’t argue, just pushed his jeans down far enough to take out his cock, which I eagerly guided into my hungry (and very juicy) pussy. It slipped in easier than ever with all the added lubrucation provided by Chris less than an hour ago.

“My god you’re so wet…” He groaned into my ear as he pummelled me missionary style on the sofa. “…and so…fucking…hot!”

As he fucked me, I realised how filthy this all was. Shaving my pussy and getting dolled-up in front of my boyfriend for my secret lover… being roughly taken by my boyfriend on the kitchen table and filled with cum… tidying myself up less than I would like… in order to rush round to my lover’s in a taxi to get taken again, this time fully-clothed on the sofa… filled with cum again before heading out with my friends for a fun night.

I pushed Dale back up onto his knees and slowly pulled my dress up to my chest, exposing my smooth pussy for him to watch as he screwed it. As his pace slowed to savour the sight I slid my fingers down and began to stroke my clit as he fucked me. Slowly at first to match his strokes, and then faster and faster as he fed his cock to me like a piston. I used my other hand to squeeze my small tits through my dress, putting on a full show for my man, fully submissive beneath him. Desparate for me, he leaned down to resume making out and tried to pull my dress off my shoulders.

“Uh-huh…” I teased as I shook my head and pushed him back up with my free hand. “…you’re not making a mess of me before I go out or I’ll be really late for Kara.”

My fingers were a blur as I frigged my hard clit as quickly as I could manage, teetering on the edge of a huge orgasm. Dale sensed this and grabbed my naked, pale hips and screwed me fast and deep. I panted as I came which set Dale off too, he looked amazing as he remained upright and unloaded into me harder than he’d done all week. As soon as we’d calmed down, we got sorted and said our goodbyes. The time? 8:25 – a ‘quickie’ can be fun too!

Needless to say I felt a little skanky and like I needed a shower, but that wasn’t an option. I walked into the bar and greeted Kara, who guessed immediately I’d been up to no good.

“Chrissy keeping you busy?” she smirked.

As the evening went on, I confided in Kara that I was unhappy and thinking of leaving Chris. I left out the bit where I’d been cheating with Dale and was actually having the time of my life! On the flip-side, Kara had recently split up with her boyfriend of over a year and was on a bit of a mission.

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