An Afternoon of Fun

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When I’ve been traveling lately (over the past couple of years), I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to knock down barriers I have within myself mentally. This sounds stupid, but, there is a power, right when my orgasm hits, that makes me want to do anything. But as soon as the orgasm subsides, there is guilt, or a feeling of “I shouldn’t enjoy that.” And I don’t like that. I want to be able to take those barriers down for myself mentally. In addition, I want to experience different kinds of sexual stimulation. Mind you, I don’t do anything with anyone I don’t know and trust, and even then I am REALLY careful.

She called, and I went. Scared to death, but I knew what I wanted to happen. Who am I fooling. I shave my legs for cycling, and I made sure to do so, and of course I shaved my cock and balls as well. For good measure, I even made sure to carefully shave all around my ass. I cleaned virtually every part of my privates of all hair, and my legs, my chest and armpits. From the neck down, I was basically hairless. I was so turned on, I couldn’t even get my cock to go down. It wasn’t possible to even get out of the house. I had to jack off.

And jack off I did. The skin on it was pulled back tight like a drum, and with each slide up and down the shaft I thought about my cum. (I read a book about sexual satisfaction, and the point it made about masterbating, was not to dream about other people doing something to you, but to concentrate on yourself, and to make sure your pleasure is simply about your pleasure.) And that’s what I do. When I jack off, there are a few things I do, unless it’s not possible. I always like to have a small wine glass, I make sure I am very clean, and I love to have a dildo (or plug) to slide into my ass, and if possible a mirror or camera. Given the time, I enjoy cleaning myself out, and making sure there is no mess.

I did pretty much everything I could. I was clean on the inside and out. I know why I cleaned myself. I wanted to be ready if anything happened. I shaved my asshole, I gave myself several enemas, and finally, after feeling I was completely clean, I inserted the rubber hose and poured in some astro-glide. I was clean and ready to play. And mind you, I’ve done this in the past, when by myself, just do make anal stimulation more enjoyable.

My cock at this point is always begging for attention… and so I give it some. I’ll jack off, then stop, then again. Just so the feeling in the pit of my stomach begins. My level of sexual tension grows. Finally I press my oiled fingers into my ass, slowly, relaxing my asshole. It’s surrealistic to watch myself in the mirror, but I do, and I can’t help but wish I was being fucked, so I do, I work in the head of the dildo, and watch it pass the first muscle in my ass. It’s pretty realistic, and it’s about the size of my cock, so I know I could take one. And I start to fuck myself. My legs are pressed back, and I’m on and floor with my legs on either side of the mirror and I watch my asshole. Slowly, after several minutes I can slide the entire dildo out and my asshole stays open. I usually take advantage of this by squirting more lube inside myself, but this time I didn’t need to… I was slick and wet. Every I pulled the cock out, my ass would stay open, and then I would bury it inside again. Pretty soon, I was fully burying the dildo into my ass, at least 6-7 inches, just fucking it.

It’s like a dream. I almost disconnect from the scene and pretend I am the one fucking myself. Interestingly, with all the ass fucking, my cock invariably has several “non orgasms” and my cum just drips out. I take these pearls and place them on my tongue, wishing I had more.

I started to think about Hanna, and her boyfriend, and then I decided it was time to cum. I pulled the dildo out, one last time, and pushed the plug into my ass… then began to jack off. I’m pretty good about control, but I started to lose it. I wanted to cum to get the upper hand, and not have her have any control over me. But I knew I’d cleaned myself out just on the hope that I would get fucked. I jacked off harder… and I felt my asshole filled, and the cum was getting closer. My thoughts went to her pussy, and it being filled with cum, and me eating it out. And my cock got harder, and I flicked my tongue out, like I was eating her pussy, tasting her and the cum, and my cock got harder. My asshole tried to close tighter on the plug and I was jacking off like a man possessed. All I could think about was her cunt, right in my face being filled with his cock. Watching in my mind, his shaft burying into her cunt, and then pulsing.

My gripped down on the plug, and my cock pulsed, and pulsed and pulsed and pulsed. I caught at least a table spoon of cum in the glass, and then I put it to my lips and let it pour into my mouth.

The cum was wonderful. It slid into my mouth, stuck together, yet with fluid.

Honestly, I had to look like some weird gang bang… bahis firmaları Laying back, with a plug in my greased ass, a oiled dildo next to me, cum drops on my chest, my mouth open and full of cum, slowly jacking my cock.

But I had done it. I had cum, and bingo, I was in control. I swallowed my load and began to clean up. The plug was slowly worked out of my ass, and I hopped back in the shower.

In 20 minutes, I was on the bike, and happily riding.

I worked my way up the hill, and my issue was my asshole. The astro-glide was still deep inside me, and it was slick. The problem, it felt good. I could still taste the essence of my cum, and I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about feeling controlled by my cock, but unfortunately, I got the call.

It was Hanna. Point blank, she told me, and I quote, “Get over here now.” I tried to tell her no. I made an excuse, about not riding, but my heart wasn’t in it, and she just told me to hurry up. And I did. She was telling me what to do. And I was doing it. I got there about 15 minutes, and honestly, I couldn’t hid my erection.

Here I was… In cycling shorts, my cock was rock hard, my asshole is greased from essentially giving myself an astro-glide enema, my asshole, cock, legs, chest and armpits are shaved, and I can swear, I can still taste my cum.

She opened the door in her robe, and pulled me with my bike in, and then she kissed me. A deep tongue kiss, with her hands instantly dropping to my cock, where she matter of factly pulled my cock out and started to jack me off.

I’m sure it was to keep me under control. And jack me off she did. Like a piston, not even getting my helmet off, just pulling my shorts down and jacking me off. And it worked. I didn’t have the defense, nor in the back of my mind did I want to. She knew exactly what she was doing, and I knew it. I’m responsible. I could have just not ridden over. But I did. And she had me.

And she was crazy with her hand. It was gliding up and down my cock like a machine, trying to get me to that point where she would have complete control… she was talking about my cock, how nicely shaved I was, would I like to see her pussy, would I jack off for her. Then she stopped, turned around and walked into the back of the house, to the guest bedroom. And there it was. She slipped out of her robe and walked over to the bed. Did I mention he was there? In the bed with a hard on? And I undressed, without any prompting. My helmet, my jersey, my cleats, my socks, and my shorts. I was completely naked, hard as a rock, and ready.

Hanna told me to get on the bed, which I did. Then she told me to start to jack off. And I did. And he watched, and I jacked off, and Hanna pointed out my shaving… and I started to get lost. She leaned up, and showed me her pussy, then told me, “You can’t cum right now.”, and Matt started to jack off. Hanna kept adjusting me… pushing me… and before I knew it, my cock was right next to his.

He was jacking off, with no lube, as was I, and I watched his cock. Hanna pulled us even closer, talking about our cocks, and how badly she wanted us to fuck her, and I wanted to. I wanted to fuck her. My mouth was watering, and I wanted to see Matt fuck her… and then she pulled our hands away… and asked us to scoot closer to each other so she could jack us off… and we did. She was on her knees, and we were scissored together, with her jacking us off. And then she would rub our cocks together. Just a touch… and then jack some more, and then more agressively, and then jack some more, and finally she asked me to hold his cock.

I did. It felt really strange to hold another man’s cock. And without thinking, I did what I would want done. I began to jack him off. But I pulled my legs back, and put my legs on either side of him. He was starting to lean back, and then I began to jack him off in earnest. My cock was rock hard, as was his, and I finally knew what it was like to hold a cock (other than my own) and it was erotic. He was clean shaven as well, and cut. His cock was similar to mine, but not quite as thick. But I could tell he was enjoying the hand job. The signals, the pushing of the hips, and breathing change, and it made me feel good to make any one feel good.

Hanna was babbling the entire time, “Jack him off”, “grab his balls”, “Faster”, “My cunt is on fire”… all the time. She was completely flushed. And his cock got harder and harder. Then I noticed, his cock was leaking precum. Here I am, naked, jacking off her boyfriend, she’s finger fucking her cunt and ass, streaming dirty talk, and I leaned down, like I was floating watching, and took his cock into my mouth, and started to suck his cock. I could taste the soap, and I smelled his cock, and I started to give him a blow job. (I was surprised, it’s not that easy. I thought I could just do it, but it’s difficult.) Hanna was ecstatic. “Suck his cock”, “I love seeing that”, “Lick his balls”… kaçak iddaa I was following each direction.

I was scared shitless. I didn’t even have a hard on. I was just doing what needed to be done. I was jacking him off with my hand, and sucking the top 1/2 of his cock. And it was really different. I let my spit flow all over his cock, and I jacked it quicker into my mouth. I tried to take as much as I could, but I couldn’t take that much… He started to make noise, and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted that load of cum. I was looking directly at his cock, and his balls, and all I could think about was getting him to cum in my mouth. He was moving his hips, and there I was, sucking his cock. I was doing my best, determined to make him cum, and he was getting closer. It was amazing, he would tense his cock, and I could taste the precum. Deb, I wanted his load so bad. Then Hanna stopped me. She had to pull me off. My lips were hurting, they were kind of numb, and if she had backed up, I would have grabbed his cock and finished what I started. But she pulled me back.

Matt complained, and said he was just about to cum, then she said it was my turn. There was no playing around. No fooling, no little touch, she just leaned over and started to suck and jack me off. She pushed me down, and proceeded to inhale my entire cock, and as she did it, she slid two fingers deep into my ass. I was laying on the bed, away from the head board, her cunt in front of my face, a classic 69 position, holding my legs back, sucking my cock and finger fucking my asshole. And it felt wonderful. I was in a different world. The only sensations were her mouth on my cock, her fingers fucking my ass, and her pussy in my face, swollen and red, literally dripping with cunt oils. And I can feel my cock being passed back and forth. Her mouth is soft, his is hard, but he sucks, just like I did. I have no idea whose fingers are in my ass, but I love the feeling.

She’s splayed out, her cunt open, me eating it out, and all of a sudden, it changes. His cock slides into her cunt. I’m not in the best location to fully participate, but I lick his cock, and eat her pussy, while he fucks her, and she finger fucks my ass.

I’m getting closer and closer to cumming, and I Hanna can sense it, and she stops sucking. She’s just working her fingers in my ass, as Matt fucks her. At this point, I’ve gone way beyond the point of no return, and I’m actively licking his cock every time I can, I get to taste the deep oils in Hanna’s pussy, and it’s different. The deep oils in her pussy taste like nectar off his cock.

Matt wanted to get on the bed, so we all turn around and Hanna lets her fingers out of my ass… she wiggled up toward the headboard, and bent over.

It was beautiful. Her ass was pushed up into the air, her cunt open, her head on the mattress, and two guys with rock hard cocks dying to fuck her.

Matt made the first move. He slid up, and began to fuck her doggie style, and I watched, then grabbed a pillow… wiggled my way up, and started to eat her out. Her hips pressed down, my mouth was at the perfect angle to suck on her clit, and then Matt pulled back too far. His cock came out, and he slid it on my face. Every few fucks, he would pull it out, and then slip it into my mouth. I was trying to taste everything. He did this over and over and over… and just about when I thought Hanna was going to cum… He did. I was licking the base of his balls, and then it pulsed. I saw and felt EVERY BIT OF IT. His cock muscle spasming, his asshole, his grunt… and he came. He just held it… Dumping all his seed into her. And then I got it all.

Hanna pulled back and slid her cunt directly onto my mouth and pushed it down. She leaned up, and furiously fingered her clit, while every bit of his cum went into my mouth, directly from her cunt. It was unreal. It felt like gallons, but it couldn’t be. Every push, I could feel her, more cum came out, and was sucking like there was no tomorrow, and she started to cum… with my face and tongue all over her cunt and ass. And cum she did. Gushing me with her cunt, and his cum… and I couldn’t stop eating her out.

I was so turned on. My cock was so hard I think it could have cut a diamond. I’d finally eaten a full creampie. It was like nothing I had ever thought. Was I gay? I didn’t think so.

And then Hanna asked me what I wanted to do… and I simply said, I’ve got to cum.

She pushed me back, pulled out a dildo, and started to fuck my ass. I told her, Hanna, I have got to cum. And she said I was going to… just to lay back… and close my eyes. But I didn’t. I watched, as she lubed up my asshole, and the dildo, and began to fuck me. She slid it in just a touch, just to loosen my asshole, and then she would pull it out. She did this over and over, and then I begged. “Please, I have GOT to cum.” And Matt leaned down and started to suck my cock. He licked it and sucked kaçak bahis it, and she fucked my ass. Over and over and over. Just before I started to feel like I was going to finally do it, he quit, and she asked if I would like to be really fucked.

I had the dildo in my ass. I’d had the butt plug in my ass. Her fingers. I’d sucked his cock. He’d sucked mine. I ate his cum from her cunt. I asked if they had a condom, and he said of course. He went to the bedside, pulled out a condom and slid it down his shaft. Hanna crawled over me, with her asshole and cunt in my face, and held my legs back… then fucked me over and over with the dildo… she would pull it all the way out and then back in… Preparing me… I could feel all the slick oil on my ass. Hanna would stop with the Dildo buried inside of me, then jack me off 3 or 4 times… then pull it out. She was holding my arms back with her legs, her cunt directly in my face, with me lubed up, and sliding an entire dildo into my ass. She’d pull it out… leaving my asshole empty, then slide it right back in. She did this over and over. I was meeting the dildo with thrusts, trying to fuck it. Each time she would pull it out, I would try and thrust back into it. She pulled it out, and something else slid in. It was his cock. Not just a touch, but the entire length, buried in my ass.

And Hanna said it. “You’re being ass fucked. Say it.”

It was completely different. I could feel every thrust with his hips meeting my ass. And I did. “Fuck my ass.” Over and over.

He started to sincerely fuck me. Slowly, then he would pull all the way out, and then right back in. Over and over. My cock was going soft, I didn’t know what to do. Hanna’s asshole was right in my face, so I tongued it. I licked it. “Fuck my ass.” I could taste his cum. And he was fucking me. I don’t know how long he fucked me. My legs were sore, my ass was burning, and Hanna just kept talking dirty. And so did I. It was an out of body experience. I was being ass fucked. “Fuck my ass.” And I wanted it.

He was fucking me, and I was eating her asshole, and I couldn’t see anything else. Hanna just sliding her cunt and ass up and down my face, constantly talking about my asshole and his cock. She was egging him on, “Fuck his ass”, “You like to fuck his ass.” “Are you going to cum in his ass.”

I was pressing my asshole to his cock. Feeling the rythym of his cock. I wanted him to cum. And I said it. “Cum in my ass!” “Cum in my ass!” “Fuck my asshole!” I was literally thrusting to his fucks. And he was really going. Fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow. I thought it would hurt, I thought it would be bad, but I just wanted him to fuck me and cum.

Then it happened. He pressed down hard, and I felt his cock pulse. “I’m cumming!” was all Matt said. He was coming in my ass. I had just been ass fucked. I could feel each twitch. I quit moving, and just relished the feeling. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he pulled back, and his cock slid out.

Here I am, my ass freshly fucked. I’m completely shocked. I’ve just been ass fucked. I can’t believe I did it. I just had another man fuck my asshole and cum inside me.

Hanna’s pussy is in my mouth, I’ve eaten his cum from her cunt. She’s finger fucked my asshole, I’ve eaten her asshole. I’ve sucked his cock, He’s sucked mine. I’ve done just about everything I never thought I would do, and yet I still hadn’t cum.

I don’t think we moved for at least 5 minutes. She lifted up, and then started to play with my cock. It had gone down considerably while I was being fucked, and she said, “Now you get to cum” and she offered me any hole I wanted. And I wanted one. I wanted her pussy. I turned over and got my composure, and started to get rigid, REALLY QUICKLY. I had to cum. That’s all I could think about. Cum. Anywhere. I have got to cum. Cum.

She laid down, pulled her legs back as far as they would go, and offered her cunt to me. I had to cum. I pulled myself up right away, and slid my entire length into her in one stroke… and I almost came. I was possessed. I had to cum. It had been so long since this all started that I didn’t care at all. All I wanted to do was cum. Here I am, holding her legs and fucking her like there is no tomorrow. I’m kissing and pinching her, she’s just going on non-stop about having watched me be ass fucked. “Will you fuck me again?”, “Will you fuck his ass”, “You liked being ass fucked”, “You like eating his cum”, “I love to watch your cock.”

I’m saying anything… “Let me fuck you”, “I’ll let you fuck me”, “You can fuck my ass” “I’ve got to cum”. “I’ve got to cum” I’m saying anything… just stream of consciousness. And then I came.

It was an explosion. I could have blacked out it was so strong. My orgasm was so hard I literally yelled. I buried my cock in her cunt, as hard as I could, with her slick pussy lips holding on. Digging my hands into her legs, driving every bit of my cock into her. Willing out every drop of cum in my balls. Pulse after pulse after pulse. There was cum on our faces, cum in her cunt, my ass had been fucked and my balls were twitching. I came like a horse. It hurt to move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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