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I was nervous, I’ll admit it. I was visiting Cincinnati after having been away for the better part of a decade. I met Gina there for a girls weekend and she’d gone out on a hot date with some old fling. I knew that if I came to town and didn’t visit Dave, he’d be pissed. So, why not visit while Gina was off getting some? I went to his office and his secretary let me in, saying he was in court and would be back within 15 minutes or so.

There I sat, nervously picking at the hem of my skirt. It was far shorter than I’d usually wear, but sneaking into an old friend’s office for a one time tryst was out of character for me, too. So I figured, fuck it, I’ll wear the shortest, hottest thing I can find!

As the minutes ticked away, I found myself lost in dirty fantasies and I didn’t even notice when the office door opened. When the click of the closing door brought me out of the filth in my head, I started a little, then looked up at him with a sly grin.

“Hi.” I said, “Why don’t you lock that?”

He grinned back at me as he reached back to click the lock. He looked absolutely edible in his thin white button down shirt and tie, jacket slung carelessly over his arm. I get wet for a hot guy in a suit, I guess I’m sappy like that.

I stood and crossed the short distance between us, watching him as he took in the over-the-top sex kitten look I’d so carefully put together for him. My favorite zebra striped heels, short, SHORT flouncy black skirt (sans panties, of course), kozyatağı escort and a low cut deep red shirt with the perfect amount of cleavage. I even added a Y necklace to draw the eye!

He dropped his jacket and briefcase on the floor when I approached and slid his hands around my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I realized I’d never hugged him before, and I’m a friendly hugger! The heat of his skin through his shirt combined with the way he pulled me into him and pressed against me instantly made my nipples hard and I felt my bare pussy get a little wet.

I knew why I was there, he thought he knew why I was there. Not much needed to be said at that moment. So, I walked around his desk, and motioned for him to sit on it. He followed me and sat on the desk in front of me, right where I wanted him but with far too many clothes for my liking. I stood there, hands on hips, smiling at him. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it off over my head then slid his hands around my waist again, pulled me against him and kissed me. With one hand on the small of my back (where I have a VERY responsive ‘spot’ that makes me moan when licked, or even touched) he used the other to unhook my black bra. Still kissing him hungrily, I slid my bra off and tossed it aside. I felt his hands sweep across my skin up to my now rock hard nipples and pinch just hard enough. I let out a little gasp and lifted my skirt so I could straddle his leg. I spread küçükyalı escort my wet pussy open and placed it against his leg. I wanted to make sure that he’d think of this in court later when he looked down and saw the spot on his pants. With one hand on my breast and the other on my hip, he guided me back and forth as I started to grind against him. I kissed him and rocked against him until I could feel his rock hard cock through his pants.

As I backed up a step, he tried to pull off my skirt. The poor guy thought he was going to get fucked right here on his desk. With a crooked smile and a little ‘tsk-tsk’ I sank slowly into his chair. I rolled myself up to the desk and unfastened his pants.

I’d seen plenty of pictures of Dave’s cock over the past year or so, but I was still taken aback a bit when I finally pulled it free of his pants. For a split second I worried that I wouldn’t be able to take it all, but this girl loves a challenge and I made it my goal to leave lipstick as close to his balls as possible. I wrapped my hand around the base, placed my lips centimeters from the head, looked up at him and exhaled. I felt him shudder as he felt my hot breath. He knew I was fucking with him, trying to make him crazy, and I liked that.

Suddenly, he grabbed me, one hand tangled into my hair while the other grabbed my jaw to open my mouth wide! I made a surprised little “Ungh” sound that was quickly muffled by his huge cock filling up my mouth. anadolu yakası escort The surprised sound turned into a muffled moan as I started sucking, making sure to get his dick as wet as I could. It’d need to be wet if I was going to get it all in my throat. Both of his hands were in my hair now, so it was a little hard to pull my head back, but I did, licked both my hands and wrapped them around the shaft as I put the head back into my hungry mouth. I heard him utter a little moan and that only made me want to hear more!

As I got into the rhythm of sucking his cock, each stroke became deeper and deeper. I felt him fill first my mouth, I removed one hand…then my throat as I got rid of the other hand. Finally, gagging a little, I got his entire cock into my dripping mouth. With his hands pulling on my hair and my hands guiding his hips, he fucked my mouth in long, deep strokes. I had to time my breaths just right and I had spit dripping down my chest, but I didn’t mind. His sexy growls were only making my want to suck harder and faster.

Then, I felt the throbbing that could only mean he was going to cum. He tightened his grip on my hair, I took a big breath and he thrust his hips at the same time that he tightened his fists in my hair. As he filled my throat up with his hot cum, I heard him moan LOUD. If I’d been his secretary, I’d have been listening at the door by this point!

I swallowed every drop of cum and then looked down. My entire chest was wet and giggled and maybe even blushed a little as a reached for my purse to find a napkin or something to clean myself up with. As he sat there panting on his desk I got up, put on my shirt, kissed the corner of his mouth and walked to the door.

“Have a good day, Dave!” I lilted, and let myself out of the office.

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