Anal Fantasies Come to Fruition Pt. 02

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“You are a tease,” She whispers into the phone, “I’m teasing myself right now.”

I do nothing. Just sit watching.

“Undressing…” She sighs to her unknown lover.

I do nothing. Just watch sitting.

“I’m looping my knickers around my ankles. I hate the word panties,” she breathes, “Twisting them tight. Tight…”

And she has too; purple lace trapping her bare feet. Ankle to ankle, inhibiting her movement. I can feel my cock starting to be affected. The pants feel constraining. The temperature in the room seems to have risen slightly.

“My feet are tethered, can’t move my ankles at all now. Tight like my… The silky purple fabric strains to hold me. My nipples rise as I twist.” She exhales into the receiver.

I rise quietly so as not to alert our invisible partner. I slowly undo my trousers letting them fall to the carpet and flick them against the wall where they collapse into a heap of fabric. My shirt joins it in a mess of white sleeves and pearl-like buttons. I breathe easier now that my cock is less compressed. She looks at me. First my face then slowly her eyes travel downward to the bulge making its presence known. Reaching out with one hand she gestures me closer. I walk over to her. How can I not?

“My knees are still together. My box of tricks is at hand.” She winks at me while enjoying our secret innuendo. I cannot hear the response bit it elicits a sly smile. “I long for you to fill my box.” A pause for her invisible partner to respond then, “I have a towel under my naked arse lest things get messy.”

My erection forces the front of my boxers outward even further. She just looks at it, looks up into my eyes. An eyebrow arches over her jade eyes. “Yes lover” I mouth. Slowly I remove the expanding boxers. I turn and bend, retrieving the now useless material. I can feel those beautiful green eyes on my back and thigh muscles.

“The rough fabric abrades my cheeks.” She continues to Mr Anonymous. Another sexually charged pause ensues. “My nails rasp my skin as I trace my contours.” I turn and watch her amethyst nails draw up a smooth thigh, across her abdomen bahis firmaları and finishing between her perfect breasts.

I notice a shiver track down her spine. Her hand comes up and a long, slender finger beckons me. Like a magnet to hard steel I draw forward. She covers the mouthpiece and tells me it’s time to begin worshiping her arse.

As I process this command she rolls onto her stomach. Long, muscular legs stretch the length of the bed and I position myself at her smooth calves. “I draw my knees up to resist and roll over.” she says to him. Leaning forward I kiss each calf just above her purple, lacy cuffs.

My mouth pauses every few centimetres to plant a kiss or a nip on her legs. I pay special attention to the softest of skin hidden away behind each knee. For I know how much this pleases her. I arrive at the crease below her cheeks where those magnificent thighs join her torso. I pause, long enough to hear her exhale in expectation of those next nips. She tells him “My pelvis rocks involuntarily. It betrays my protestations.”

I’m not sure what he tells her but it causes her hips to arch off the bed. I use this unexpected movement to force a couple of pillows under her hips. With her flawless arse higher I can smell the scent of pleasure rising from her. I lean into her and place a tender and prolonged kiss on each cheek. “No… No… Please don’t” she says but I know that isn’t meant for me.

I sit on my heels and gently pries her orbs apart. Her shy prize is exposed to me and I expel warm air from my lungs upon the exposed and wrinkled surface. She arches her hips further into the soft flow of air. “So raw and exposed. I’m shy under your gaze and touch. Torn betwixt and between fear and shame, “she moans to her hidden partner, “and wanton greed.” I barely touch her star with the tip of my tongue and a shiver causes her cheeks to shake.

I repeat the tongue touch, but a little harder this time. A moan escapes from her red painted lips. “I want …I want to consume every drop of that clear, viscous pre-cum but I can’t reach you. You have me pressed completely to the bed.” I smile because kaçak iddaa although she isn’t speaking to me, I know that she really means me.

Once again I dive into her posterial crevasse. My tongue is no longer teasing and testing but instead its task is a tortuous tasting from as far down as I can dive up until the dimples just above her flanks are met. I knew I had her attention because she pushed back against my face. I could hear her moaning, whispering to cease, to do it again. “I want more.” She exhales, “I reach back not knowing if I’ll push you away or hold you face there.”

Fingers grip my head trying to control my vertical movement and speed but I resist and continue at the speed I want as I repeat my path. “Your curls clutched between my fingers. Rich, fine, soft in contrast to the unshaven shadow gracing your face.” She speaks aloud. “The sensations crowd, vying for attention, is surging towards a peak.” My tongue pushes into her, breaking the muscular ring’s attempts to reject me. I twist and turn that muscle until it tires of the exertion.

Once again I repeat my ministrations. This time the ring relaxes allowing me easier entry. I tongue fuck you as best I can because my jaw and neck are beginning to fatigue of the strain. Suddenly she places the tube of lubricant in front of my probing face. I know what she wants. I withdraw my aching tongue.

Sitting on my knees, I direct a squeeze of gel onto her shining sphincter. Another drop falls onto my fingers. Then I slowly start spreading it around her wanting entrance. “I twist and lock eyes with you,” she tells him, and she does. Only she is looking into my eyes. I carefully slide one cautious finger in to spread the clear liquid around inside her hole. “Yes I want it.” She pleads. “I want all of you to fill meeee.”

A smile and nod from me, she turns back. I withdraw the finger and gently proceed to slide it in and out of the loosening tunnel. A second finger is placed alongside the first and both begin their penetration of her. “Be gentle, go slow. I’m trembling.” I’m not sure if she is now talking to me or her unknown suitor but I kaçak bahis pay heed and gently, slowly, carefully slide them in and out. A little at a time and with more lubricant added, it begins to become easier and more pleasurable for her.

While the hand is rocking her arse I lean forward and barely whisper so her man cannot hear “I’m going to fuck your arsehole now.”

“Yes… Please… Do what you will.” She responds to me.

I apply a generous amount to the angry, purple head of my cock. “I’m so vulnerable- totally at your mercy. I trust but fear you.” I have adjusted myself so the head is pressing against her pulsing starfish. I press my hips forward until I can feel the muscle trying to restrict me. Another gentle push and I am in.

“You are huge.” She groans. At this point my hips are screaming at me to fill her but I know better. “So tight. Filling me. Oh God, the pressure. I want you.” She looks around and smiles to me. I know she is ready and I mime “I love You.”.

Turning back to the phone she tells him “I cry out in triumph and pain and pleasure.” I steadily push all the way in until my hips have met her round posterior. I withdraw until the head remains then I slide back in. She lets out a groan of pleasure to me. “I fear you will be rough. As punishment for making you wait so long.”

Your combination of grasping muscles and silky smooth walls has me keyed up to burst any moment. Knowing I cannot last long, I begin see-sawing into your arse. I know you like this speed and not the rapid machine gunning of your bowels. I hear you moan that special exaltation that tells me you just came. Thank goodness as I couldn’t last another stroke so I shove myself into you as far as I can and release my fluid. Another whimper escapes your lips and I know you feel my jettison filling you.

“Reeling. Processing.” The breath enters and exits her pumping lungs. “Speechless. Entwined. Spent. Perfect…”

She exhaustedly passes me the phone and I hear him for the first time. Strangely he is thanking me and taking my money at the same time. The line clicks clear and I toss it onto the floor.

I extract my shrinking cock from you and pull you into a spooning embrace. Uncaring of the world around us, I listen to your breathing as it slowly returns to calm. “Happy birthday Sarah” I smile into your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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