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It was in our cold snowy winter of 1987 when I was doing post-graduate work at University living at an off-campus apartment house. I had been dating Matt for about 3 months. We had a good relationship. Our sex was good.

After my second time sleeping with Matt he asked me if I had ever thought of trying anal sex. I told him I hadn’t and it would not happen anytime soon.

As our time together developed on Matt kept asking me about any interest in anal sex. It was obvious Matt was interested in anal sex. I kept my anus and rectum clean just in case he began wandering with his fingers. I also kept a jar of Vaseline handy too for lubrication if needed.

We got to a point where I would let him insert a finger inside my anus while he was going down on me while his mouth was sucking my clit. I reached a point where feeling his finger inside excited me sexually. I was warming up an idea of trying anal sex.

One night while attending a campus party both of us consumed too much alcohol Matt I found ourselves in his apartment. His roommate was staying at his girlfriend’s so we had a private place to ourselves.

Both of us were loose, drunk, horny, and very sexually aroused. We hardly made it inside his apartment before we ripped each other’s clothes off ending up naked on his couch with my feet on a wood coffee table.

My legs spread while Matt kneeled on his knees using his wonderful tongue pleasing me licking, sucking, and flicking my clit.

I was buzzed sitting there enjoying his attention. My head rested on couch back with my eyes half-closed. He was licking me everywhere between my legs.

I let out a yelp as I felt his wet tongue insert itself into my anus. Normally, I would have been grossed out, but on this night Matt turned me on. I was whispering letting him just where to bahis firmaları move his tongue. Matt knew I was enjoyed his foreplay. His tongue alternated between my pussy and my anus. I just sat back enjoying it.

As he was tongue flicking my clit, he was sending me through the roof. I felt him insert a well lubed finger into my anus. I orgasmed right there with my pussy cumming twitching in orgasm as I spoke out loudly in pleasure.

I told him not to stop. He kept on going and did not stop as he carried our sexual momentum forward to ever increasing waves of pleasure.

I felt another orgasm building. Matt smiled when I asked him to put another finger inside my anus. I stretched to accommodate his second finger and it felt really good.

Matt twirled his fingers around slowly as I concentrated on these new felt sensations. We slowed down as he continued. He was teasing me keeping me on edge. I loved his touch inside me as he was keeping me as highly aroused.

Words can’t describe what I was feeling. After some time I told Math I wanted to cum while his cock was inside my pussy. I wanted to feel him explode inside me squirting his semen straight up into my vagina.

He lay down on his leather couch, as I gently lubricated Matts cock as well as my anus. My slow stroking with Vaseline on his cock made his erection point skyward.

I hiked up on top of matt facing him, gently lowering my pussy on Matts cockhead. He eagerly complied. I pushed down upon him slowly feeling his cockhead enter my cunt. I was tight. I was leaning back on couch with my arms bracing me as he moved himself in and out of my vagina slowly.

Everything felt good. We moved as a single body unit as we enjoyed this part of our sex. I was buzzed, relaxed, turned on, and thoroughly enjoying myself. My pussy was wet kaçak iddaa cumming in waves of orgasm as he used his fingers on my clit in rhythm to our breathing. I kept washing down my thighs each time I orgasmed. Matt was soaked.

I suppose alcohol was affecting Matt since he took a long time. We had been going at it for nearly an hour when Matt slumped exhausted.

We fell asleep like that for some time. I woke up with Matt kissing me. I was still aroused. Quickly we became passionate again. Matt’s cock was erect ready for more anal action. He lubricated my anus. Knowing he would use his finger inside my anus.

I Lubricated his cock putting sliding deep inside of my pussy again. He felt good.

Suddenly he popped out of my pussy while he tried to put himself back in me. Tip of his cock tip was at wrong hole. I squirmed to move but had a difficult time in my sleepy drunken state. I ended up just sitting there.

I felt his cockhead tip enter my anus for my first time being fucked in my ass. Once Matt realized what he was doing he tried to pull himself out saying he was sorry.

I told him to put it there again. I didn’t have to ask twice. I was thankful that he made sure we used lots of lube. I pushed naturally down on his cock, feeling him enter my anus slowly. I felt his cockhead tip expand my anus entering into me past my sphincter muscle.

Slowly he pushed his cock tip up inside. I focused on relaxing my Sphincter pushing down on him as I continued to widen accepting him into me. He slowly advanced as I relaxed not wanting his girth to hurt.

Most of his cock was inside my ass. Matt moved himself slowly in and out.

I fingered my clit as he continued. I was enjoying this new found sexual pleasure. Matt quickened his pace moving full length of his cock in and out of my kaçak bahis anus. It was a new foreign feeling but felt good.

Continuing to finger my clit I came with incredible waves of orgasm rocking through me.

Realizing I was cumming Matt let go filling my ass with his semen. Matt had a unusual habit of cumming several times often 7 or 8 long squirts with a large volume of thick sticky cum. Days later I would feel his semen leak down my legs at strangest times.

Matt and I really got into anal sex. For maybe our next four or five months afterward whenever we slept together we ended up with joy of having Matt’s cock plunging in and out of my ass.

I had gotten so I could take his cock easily. I remember one evening when we were at a party in a secluded hallway, all of a sudden I felt Matt’s strong hands on my ass (I wasn’t wearing panties or bra under my dress).

I knew what was coming. I braced my hands on a secluded wall, spread my legs wide apart. Matt had lubricated his cock with KY jelly sliding into my ass. I moaned and bent farther down pushing my ass back into his groin.

My legs were too weak. I could feel them giving way so I turned and Matt who gradually eased me down onto a carpeted floor, never for one moment stopping, using his steady deep thrusts into my ass. There on hallway floor where somebody could just walk in on us, he butt-fucked me doggie style. I undid front of my dress buttons so he could play with my breasts begging him to fuck me harder as I pushed back upon him.

“Matt, your cock is so hard in my ass! Yessss, like that, Fuck me, Fuck my ass.”

“Ohhhhhh, yes, I want you to shoot your cum up inside me. I want it mmmmmmmmm, you to spank my ass, and then shoot your hot cum up inside me. Ohhh Baby, Shoot your cum in me!”

“Oooohhhh, don’t ever stop fucking my ass, I want your cock up there. I’m coming right now. I feel you shooting cum, Fuck me, Fuck me, I am cumming hard”

Matt loved it when I talked to him describing my feelings as we enjoyed our sex.

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