Anita loves my tight asshole

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Anita loves my tight asshole
That night I had fucked my sexy wife in a very wild manner.
Ana even had given to me her sweet tight asshole; knowing that I loved to sodomize her.
As he recovered our breath lying in bed; Ana put on a porn movie.

The porn showed a blonde chick with a Latin guy and a black man.
She was taking the huge black cock into her mouth while being fucked hard by the Latin mate from behind. Soon the scene changed, as the woman was taking the Latin cock in her ass.
But at same time, that Latin guy fucking her in the ass was sucking the other’s guy black cock.

Anita looked over at me to see my reaction and then I felt my own cock was hard as a rock hard, with pre cum dripping from the tip.
My wife smiled as both guys now were fucking each other.

When the movie ended, Ana smiled and told me she had really liked the part where the two guys were going at it with each other.

She reached around to squeeze my cock and wanted to know if I had been aroused just like her. I had to admit that I had also liked the man to man anal action…

Then Ana laughed loud and she said that she had imagined that the Latin guy was me, sucking a huge black cock and taking it in the ass…

I laughed back; saying that would be so fucking hot. I added if she would dare to be into that. Ana opened her nice eyes widely and asked me if I was serious…and if I would be fine by bringing a huge black guy to fuck me in our own marital bed as she was there as a witness for all the whole anal action…

Ana got serious güvenilir bahis and told me she would be present to direct the action and watch. I nodded in agreement; if my sweet wife would be happy; then I also would be happy…

Then I told her that I would love to know what it was like to get fucked; to have a guy pounding my ass while my wife watched…

Ana kissed me and told me to have sweet dreams… She would get a surprise for me in the next days.

A couple days after, as I came back home from the gym at late night, I found my sexy wife on our bedroom, lying on the bed.

My sweet Ana was wearing a sexy outfit I had never seen before; the lights were real dim and she had lit candles all around.
But my full attention was really caught by a huge ten inches long black dildo and a bottle of lube close to her body…

Anita purred like a soft kitten and she asked me to get undressed.

I stripped my clothes off in record time, thinking about what was to come. Ana got up from the bed, walked over to me and pushed me forward so that I was bent over, facing the TV.

I looked up and saw three naked black guys on the screen, all standing around a Latin type fourth guy, who was kneeling, taking turn to suck each huge dark cock. I imagined that guy could be me; in the middle of a cock fest, just about to be used.

Then I felt a hard smack on my exposed buttocks; causing me to jump, at same time as my cock jumped as well.
Anita began rubbing my asshole before making me a nice blow. Then he left my cock canlı casino and her long fingers explored my very tight butthole, as I moaned with pleasure…
My sexy wife spanked me again, saying I was a very bad boy.

I looked back at her and received another hard smack.
Ana ordered me to watch the scene and imagine I was being used by those three niggers. I felt my cock getting hard by the minute.

In the screen now the young Latin guy was riding one of the black cocks, taking the full length up his ass while sucking off other guy.

I was turned on by the scene, thinking about a hot, hard black cock up my own ass, when I felt Anita spread my cheeks and her tongue on my tight butthole.
She was kissing and licking my ass for all she was worth…

I wanted more and I needed more. I groaned in pleasure, reaching down to stroke my cock. I used my own pre cum as lube and slowly stroked my dick, as I closed my eyes, feeling Ana’s tongue behind.

On the screen now the guy was crying in tears, as another huge black cock was destroying her asshole. It looked as it hurt too…

Then I felt lube squirt on my asshole, followed by a long finger slide inside of me. Ana quickly shoved two fingers.
I moaned loudly from how good it felt. She knew I wanted more.

I begged her to fuck my ass.
That was all of the encouragement she needed.
Then I felt my sexy wife withdraw her fingers and imagined the sight of me with my ass in the air.

Again the porn movie changed to the Latin guy getting fucked being bent over, kaçak casino with the third black man pounding him with no mercy…
Then I felt the head of the dildo at the entrance to my own ass.
Ana giggled and she asked if I was ready for her nice toy. I nodded.
But then Ana said I had to ask for it.

I almost whimpered, telling her I could not wait …

The thick black dildo slid in, filling me completely.
I thought it was all the way in, but it kept going still a bit more.
It hurt a little, but it felt so good.

Slowly at first, Ana withdrew it and then pushed it back in.
Soon the pain had faded, replaced by a very intense pleasure.
With every stroke she gave me, my cock jumped a little.

I started really getting in to it, backing up on that wonderful thing and trying to get Ana to fuck me harder, like the Latin guy there…

I rolled over, putting my own legs in the air. Then Anita began to suck my cock while fucking my ass with the whole length of her black dildo. I was about to cum and my lustful wife knew it.

Then Ana squirted more lube on the dildo and whispered to me that my unknown male lover had just come in my ass…
It put me over the edge. I felt like my balls were on fire with the need to cum. I exploded so hard, spraying my own cum all over my belly and my sweet wife’s face…

Anita laughed and then she said now I was ready to enjoy her wet cunt. We fucked two more times that night and I made her cum very hard. We both finished exhausted after that wild sex session.

As we were there lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling, Ana said that she could arrange everything so I could enjoy it for real.

She purred, saying that her black trainer at the gym was a good lover for her; but he could become also a good cock for me

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