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After high school, I enlisted in the Army and did four years as an enlisted man assigned to the Third Army. That made me four years older than the other freshmen at UNC, when I started college after my Army enlistment, but I quickly made three life-long friends. Nora and Adele were roommates. Starting in our sophomore year, Adele and I became lovers. We moved in together. I thought it would last forever but she met a glad-handing football jock in our senior year and I never saw the break-up coming. Nora did. She was my consoling rock. That was seventeen years, three kids, lots of financial success and happy times ago for Nora and me. Our sex life has been good, playful, creative and active. I’ve had no complaints; but I did have one longing.

In college, Adele and I began dating when she went through her hot and horny period three days before her period about mid-April. During those three days, she was so worked up that she let out her secret. I was wearing a black t-shirt with the bright red circle with blue background and a large white “A” in the middle, the well known patch of the Third Army. She called out, “Hay Craig, what’s the “A” for?” I answered soberly, only to get an eye opening reply, “Oh, I was hoping it stood for “Anal Man.””

Through our two years of living together, Adele lived up to her tease. Adele nicknamed Nora in our junior year. “NIMA” translated two ways: “Norma I. Matsen ass-phobic” and “Not in my ass.” Adele loved to be flipped over several times a week. She squealed as she masturbated herself with my cock deep in her beautiful tight ass. She also talked a lot about the wild stuff we did. Nora always punctuated Adele’s stories with “Not in my ass.” So, you get the idea, for seventeen years, I’ve had a great wife, friend and lover, but no anal sex.

The forth member of this group is G.D. Potsman. Today, it is Dr. G.D. Potsman, Internist and family doctor. Back then it was “Giant Dick” Potsman. Even soft, George looks like he has a tall can of Red Bull hanging between his legs. Twice every week, I tell him it’s because of all that extra weight that he cannot beat me at racquetball. My story begins right after such a racquetball game about eighteen months ago.


“Craig, remember Adele Kale?”

I didn’t even respond. Of course, I remembered the first love of my life; the woman who fucked me from an “A” student to a struggling “B” student and the only woman who ever broke my heart. I was expecting some smart-ass comment. Instead, I got, “She’s back in town. She’s a very good nurse now. I hired her this week to work in my practice.”

At the time, I felt a twinge or two, but, after I spread the news to my wife, Nora worked harder for a couple of weeks to make me not think about my old flame. Eventually, Nora and Adele rekindled their old friendship and began shopping together. Seems Adele’s “Mr. Perfect” was a ladies’ man – lots and lots of ladies. And he was not a worker, so they just squeaked by until she got her nursing license and they divorced. It did not take long for the single Doctor Potsman and his newly hired single nurse to begin dating.

Nora whispered to me one evening, “Adele says George is a straight-laced lover, so she is having to learn to like vanilla.”

I instantly had two responses that I did not share. First, “They must not be good at communicating because I know both of them and both are wild and adventurous.” Second, “I wonder if Adele can take that fence post?”

For months, I had been working night and day to sell off a product line from my company. If I succeeded, Nora and I would be set for life and I could slow down; we could travel and enjoy life. For the last few months I had not been giving her the attention she needed. She complained often to my tired body and deaf ears. The same day the sale was finalized, I discovered Nora and Adele had restarted their college sexual experiments together. Years ago, hearing about those times always excited me, but now this new reality, unhinged me. I was having trouble getting leveled out again. I felt I had failed Nora and wasn’t what she wanted. No matter what she said, I couldn’t get out of my funk. We had tried to talk it through a dozen times.

My fortieth birthday physical came due. I asked Nora twice if the appointment time was correct. Six p.m. seemed strange. George’s office hours were only until four p.m. Monday through Thursday and then only a half day on Friday. His office was empty of patients when I arrived. Adele ushered me into an examining room.

“Here’s your gown; you know the routine.”

Her nurse’s smock seemed to show extra cleavage and her smiling glance back at me seemed too friendly. George had warned me about new tests when I turned 40. I was almost covered when Adele whisked in to set up a tray on the counter. I sat on the end of the examination table not knowing where to put my hands, where to look or what to say. Adele was bent forward and was moving enough to make her smock and dress ride up. My cock looked first; then I did. bahis firmaları He whispered, “She’s trying to show you her ass on purpose.”

I was about to choke him and say, “Bullshit,” when I noticed a flash of bright red just where her bare thighs became her bare ass cheeks. Couldn’t be? That was seventeen years ago. No one keeps “one” for so long. True, I had only seen “one” colored like that before; in fact, I had bought it for her. She loved it. She would have worn it out by now.

Adele pushed her ass toward me and looked over her shoulder as she pulled her clothing up to her waist. My cock was standing, rock hard, when she spoke, “I’m so glad you remember my red butt plug.”

I was speechless but words were not needed from me. My mind flashed, “Nora sat me up with this. She knows. She is giving me Adele’s ass for my birthday.”

Adele called me back from my thoughts, “Do you remember what to do to please me?”

Even I did not believe in my feeble defense, “Adele, George is my friend, your lover and boss; this is not a good idea.”

“I’m going nuts. Nora said she told you. He’s not taking my ass, and I need it. Are you going to take me or not?”

She had already locked the examining room door. I lifted the towel over the items she had laid out on the tray. She had lube and some other toys. The selection of items, brought back memories of one hot night seventeen years ago. She and I had talked about that night many times. For my years with Nora, it had been my major unshared fantasy.

I am usually a physical lover. It has worked well for me. I stood Adele up, stripped her, laid her on her back on the examining table and put her feet into the stirrups of the Ritter exam table.

“Craig, I don’t need all this. I need you in my ass.”

“Little Girl, you will be satisfied, but if you give me orders you won’t walk straight for a week. If you shut up, I promise, you won’t walk up-right for two weeks.”

Her body let out a surprised and unexpected squeal. It was remembering, I can do, what I promise.

Her pussy was wet and her clit was half way from under its hood. She welcomed me by spreading her knees and thighs wider. I pushed two fingers easily into her to press and play with her large g-spot. I had answered my question. Her roomy sheath said she could take and had taken G.D. Potsman’s infamous equipment. It also took the unlubed vibrating egg that I pushed into her and pressed up against her magic spongy spot so her clit stood proud for my tongue and lips. Her well trained Kegel muscles sucked my fingers. I made my only mistake of the night, “Your body is still magic. As much as I love your ass, it still makes me fantasize about it sucking my cum into a puddle around your cervix, you getting pregnant and your lovely belly growing.”

Adele’s body recoiled as if I had hit her with my fist. I shut up, licked, kissed and buzzed her spot. I even pushed and played with her red butt plug. She was back with me in less than a minute and cuming in less than two. I have only known multi-orgasmic women but Adele is something special. Eight or nine times is not unusual for her and she can get so worked up she passes out on the crest of a great orgasm. I never tire of watching her face contort and her sexy body struggle through painful pleasures.

While her body was still in its high, I grabbed her, pulled her up, kissed her, twisted her nipples and finger fucked her hard. I was rough and her body raced into another high. I think she could hear me when I said, “I’m going to push you over that chair, pull out your butt plug and fuck your ass long, hard and deep. Are you going to fight me?”

She wanted to say she would not fight me but she did not have the air to speak. I was so hot and wild, her body did not seem to have any weight. I moved her like a rag doll.

“Fight me for the plug.”

Adele pulled and I pulled. She can tighten her ass muscles so tight that she can hurt my cock. With some effort, she let me have the plug. She had let me win. She wanted cock in her ass.

I handed her another vibrating egg. It was attached to the same battery pack. She knew what to do with it but she waited, holding the humming toy. I opened her slightly gaping ass even wider with my thumbs and licked all around and just inside. She moaned. I pulled stretching her even wider. She moaned some more as I talked, “I used to wake up to notes that said you went to class with your red butt plug up your ass. For a year I could not think about anything except you sitting on it, driving it deep, rocking on it and trying to listen to lectures. Your ass drove me mad and cost me some grades. I would happily have flunked out for you and your ass.”

For maybe ten minutes I stretched her ass, pushed her hand with the second egg to her clit and used my mouth to worship the puckered ring that I knew I would soon stretch even wider.

“I want you to surrender her to me. I want you to open her and ask me.”

Adele trapped the second egg between her belly and the chair; she reached kaçak iddaa back; she grabbed one of her ass cheeks in each hand and pulled. Then she spoke the exact words that only she knew would drive me to do anything she wanted, “Craig, I need it. Please, Craig, push your cock up my ass and fuck me. Fuck me until I can’t take it anymore. Please, Craig, satisfy my ass. Make me scream. Let me feel you stretch me and cum in my ass.”

Like so many years ago my logical mind went into neutral. I licked her a few more times, stood and rested the head of my cock just outside her inch wide gaping ass. She pushed back and I pulled back. Again she pushed and I pulled back.

“Please, Craig, I need it very bad.”

I pushed just enough for the wide head of my helmed to stretch her, squeeze through and disappear into her begging ass. Her sphincter felt like a rubber band, just under my sensitive ridge. She was hot inside. She had always been hot inside. Her hands gripped the chair and she pushed back. I did not let her have more of me. I loved her little girl whimper.

In and out. In and out. In and out. I let the head of my cock pop in and out teasing her outer sphincter. Her knuckles were white because she was gripping the chair so tightly.

I told her, “Be very still. Hold your breath.”

I pushed slowly and gently. One, two and then a third additional inch slid into her. My cock is widest in the middle. The next push would open her as wide as my cock could. Instead, I pulled out and just thrust back in only as deep as I had already gone. I was fucking from outside to four inches deep. I heard the egg objecting to her grinding it into her clit and knew its mate was buzzing on her magic spot. As I slid in this time, juices from her womb forced out around my cock; she cried out and came. The crest of her high was long. Her cunt sucked me and it took all my strength not to bury myself in her bowels and just pour into her.

Her spasms lessened. I could still feel her contracting around my dick. “Really tighten down on me.” She did and I pushed. She ground down painfully into her plastic egg and started to cum again. The suction inside her almost did not let me pull back and fuck into her again. I had a steady rhythm of giving and taking away five inches of my thick seven. The view was beautiful; I almost could not watch. The pleasure was really pain because I did not want to disappoint her and cum too quickly. Almost more than life, I wanted to slam into her, hear her scream and cum in her ass.

Twice more we went through this ritual. Each time she had one more inch of me to suck. Nestled between the cheeks of her lovely tight ass was as close to heaven as I’ll ever get. We had talked dozens of times about her beauty and how much I desired her. She had probably been too secure with me and taken me for granted. I grasped her hips and made her pay. My thrusts were deep and probably hurt her. I liked that idea until she screamed in another climax. Strangely my mind was now filled with memories and I was not close to cuming.

Slowly I fucked into Adele, while she recovered. I put her on her back again on the examining table and put her feet in the stirrups again. I decided to use her. I lowered the head of the table and stood so my cock throbbed over her and my balls almost drug on her forehead. She had prepared well. My cock was clean as a whistle, still I cleaned it more with the special tissues on the tray.

Adele’s eyes barely focused when I used my fingertips to spread her mouth open. She helped, parted her lips and let her tongue slip out over her bottom teeth. I pushed my cock down and rolled my hips forward. I had watched my cock slide in and out of this lovely’s ass. Now I watched it disappear between the lips of her almost open mouth. She had learned a new skill since we were in college together. I pushed again and then again. She did not gag. My heart pounded. This was an unrequited fantasy from the internet. Adele licked at it and rose up to suck me. I wanted this to last.

I retrieved her egg. I could hear the tireless one inside her. I also got her red butt plug. I had a toy in each hand, resting on her knees. Perfection reached up to angle my cock down, then both hands reached behind me, grasped the cheeks of my ass and pulled. My knees buckled when I saw the head of my cock stretch into her throat. Its outline was clearly visible as her lovely skin and throat molded around it. I pulled back and thrust, just to watch my dick’s shape sliding toward her belly. My cock lurched and my balls tightened up. I was about to lose it. I got busy with my hands.

Adele’s eyes were closed and her throat was full but her ass recognized her butt plug. It opened and sucked in her plug almost too easily. Her clit welcomed the egg again and her hips began to churn. It was too much for me, I thrust hard. Her eyes opened very wide, were filled with panic and some pain. Her fingernails dug into my ass and her body convulsed searching for her next breath because my cock had slid all the way down her kaçak bahis throat. My short pubic hair was pressed flat into her lips. Her body and mind remembered me. Her hips thrust up vibrating her clit and letting me molest her asshole with the butt plug. Her essence knew I would let her breathe before it was too late.

I did let her breathe but we would have to talk. Her new skill was almost too much for me. A little more excited and I would not have pulled back. I watched her lovely breasts rise and I pushed, fascinated by the cock shape stretching inside her throat. I felt her neck with my hand and squeezed my cock. I used that hand to twist and squeeze her nipples when she thrust up against the never tiring egg.

At some point madness took over. I was rough with her nipples, ground the egg so hard it disappeared into her like the first one and buried my cock down her throat again. Adele is the perfect lover. Climax after climax racked through her. Her body convulsed from lack of oxygen, yet she pushed her lips up to take the last millimeter of cock I had to plunge down her throat. My first rope shot from me so hard I saw stars, lightening and red flashes in my closed eyes. I thrust even harder to assure my second offering reached her belly. I tried to pull back but she sucked me hard for my third shot.

Adele remembered one thing I really liked. She was dying from lack of air but she still grasped my cock to milk the last of my cum from its base, up my shaft and out of the tip of my cock. I remember driving into her. I remember her turning her head and guiding my cock out of her throat. Strings of saliva and cum were all over her face, her hand, my cock, my balls and dripping onto the floor. One last time, as my body lurched, she came and pulled both eggs out of her pussy. I smiled knowing the red butt plug was still inside her.

It was after eight p.m. when Adele said, “I should let you get home.”

“Snuggle with me on this little couch and talk to me for a while.”

Adele was quiet. I kept going, “Nora, put you up to this?”

“Sort of. We’ve talked a lot and she is still “ass-a-phobic.” You guys have done well. She is really worried about you getting over our girl-on-girl session.”

“I got carried away with work and neglected her. I guess I took her for granted. I felt the same anger with myself and the same deep loss when you left me. I never suspected a thing. It really hurt for a long time. Maybe I’m still not over us.”

She was very quiet but she stroked my hardening cock and I kept her clit half-interested in me.

“Earlier tonight I teased you verbally like we used to do but you really pulled back from me. What happened?”

Tears filled Adele’s lovely eyes. This was supposed to be a fun night. I was screwing it up.

“George and I have not talked about the future. I guess we are casually dating and that might be all there is. Since college, I’ve really wanted a baby. Now I’m probably too old and George has had a vasectomy. You always wanted to see my belly grow with our baby. That is something special we shared. The memory hit a nerve. I’m sorry.”

“You’re healthy and not too old. You could have a baby.”

“Let’s drop this subject.”

“Ok, but I would still like to see your belly full of our baby. I can make you pregnant. Nora is finished with kids; her tubes are tied.”

Adele started to cry, so I took her. The “how to” books would have approved of my technique. We kissed, I worked my way to her breasts and got her to the edge with my tongue twice. Somewhere in all that I cleaned my cock again. She raised her legs so I could have her ass missionary style. Instead, I pushed them down and entered her pussy, grinding the base of my cock against her clit. I am older now. Having cum recently, I could last forever.

I lifted her impaled on me. I turned around and laid down positioning her on top. “Use me, Adele. Let me watch you use me and cum on my cock. I like the idea of it buried in your belly.”

Twice she came. She was tired and I was angry for some reason. I turned her over again. I pounded into her loosened cunt until she came and then jerked out of her. I flipped her over under me, spread her ass cheeks, yanked her red butt plug out and threw it against the wall. She was deathly still. My slippery cock pressed at her now tight brown puckered ring. My hardness stretched into her before she relaxed. Still I thrust hard. Her cry was not of pain; it was surprise and encouragement. I took her hard, fast and my belly slapped into her ass cheeks. I felt her hands, snake under her. I could feel fingers inside her cunt pressing against my cock as they masturbated her g-spot. I could feel the rhythm her other hand’s fingers masturbating her clit. Hell, she could take care of herself. This would be a lot of work. I wanted to cum but my cock was only half interested. Mentally I wanted to fill her.

As I slammed into her, fucking her, I could feel her ass cheeks open and her bowels suck me. Harder and harder I took her. Adele arched her hips up for me to sink deeper. Sweat dripped off my chin and forehead onto her back. My lungs burned and my arms trembled. Finally my balls tightened. Finally the head of my cock swelled and finally I screamed, “Now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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