Baroness (of Butt)

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Picture this. You and your boyfriend are deeply engrossed in each other. He lies face up on the bed and you straddle him, facing forward, with his long, hard prick thrusting deeply into your tight snatch. You want more pressure on your clit so you fall forward to rest on his chest and you kiss long and hard with tongues intertwined and the breath rasping in your throats from the passion of your lovemaking.

Your eyes are shut tight as you feel a slight breeze caressing your backside, teasing away the sweat between your wide-spread cheeks, cooling your puckered orifice. You think nothing of it until, suddenly, the bed sags from the weight of another body. Before either of you can react you feel the presence of my hot, fat cockhead pushing against your butthole. Your boyfriend yells and attempts to push you off in order to get at me, ready to kill in his rage at this intrusion. You hold him down, calming him, clenching your pussy around his dick to get his attention. You tell him that it’s OK, that you have dreamed of this for years and to please let it happen.

In the meantime I have pushed past your constricted sphincter and have about two inches inside your butt. My prick is almost totally dry, only a small amount of spit coats it. You grimace in pain for you weren’t truly ready for the reality of two huge cocks stretching you so completely. I feel that the moment must be seized, however, and continue my plunge into your bowels without letup. You know that the pain will soon pass and you grit your teeth and thrust back against me, opening up your passage by pushing out with the muscles surrounding your rectal walls. Even so it’s a struggle to get my prick into you with the massive cock filling your pussy, adding tremendous pressure to your butthole.

With a grunt and a tremendous thrust I enter you fully and you cry out with the fullness of me slamming into your hot hole. My pubic hairs mash against your ass split and your anal opening disappears as it is pushed inward along with the last of my prick. I reach down to grab your straining cheeks, just on each side of your asshole, and pull them further apart as I shove as hard as I can into your butt. Suddenly the stretched pucker of your opening pops out and I am as deeply into you as it is possible to be.

We rest and your boyfriend sighs with pleasure at the extra pressure your cunt wraps him in. He and I can feel each other through the thin membrane separating bahis firmaları your asshole and pussy. We begin to move. I pull out as he pushes in and increasing the pleasure as the sensitive undersides of our pricks are stimulated by the friction.

You beg us to stop, then ask us to fuck you in unison so as to get the maximum stretching of our pricks cramming into both your holes at once. You clench tight with your ass and cunt around our thrusting pricks and within minutes you feel the beginnings of your orgasm. We pick up the pace, slamming full tilt into your spasming holes as we sense your orgasm building, triggering our own.

We pound away for what seems an eternity, constantly on the edge of cumming. You scream with pleasure as you cum with a ferocity you never thought possible. For many moments you shake with release as we thrust harder and harder into you. Your asshole becomes raw from the friction but the pain only intensifies your orgasm. I ram my dick as far into your asshole as I can get while your boyfriend totally fills your overheated snatch. We spurt our hot juices into your hot holes as you reach the peak of your own orgasm.

Your boyfriend quickly softens and slips out of your snatch. I remain hard, having only cum this first time. Surprising yourself, you realize that you want more of my butt reaming. We roll over so that you lay with your back against my chest and my prick trapped in your clenching asshole. You lever yourself up on your hands and begin to bounce your ass up off my thighs. My dick pops almost all the way out each time you raise up and slams in to the hilt each time you drop your full weight back down.

Your boyfriend gets down between my legs to watch and thrusts two fingers into your pussy. You shriek with delight as he times his fingering to match your own movements. He’s already cum three times now but, the sight of my butt splitter cramming your shithole gets him so stiff that it’s painful. He stops you and lays you back down on my chest. The angle of your butthole increases the pressure on your hole and my dick to the point where it hurts.

Without pause he rams his dick fully into your soaked pussy and begins to pound away at you while we lie still. After a time he gets a gleam in his eye that you know means something really nasty is coming.

He pulls out of your cunt and lines the head of his swollen dick at your over-stretched anal passage. Neither kaçak iddaa of us can believe it as he shoves with all his strength and enters your butthole to join my hard cock inside you. Inch by inch he puts more of himself inside and you are almost ready to pass out from the pain. I am amazed that your ass will take us both but I am concerned that you will be damaged. He sees the look on my face and tells me not to worry, that you are capable of handling this.

He gets in all the way and our pricks throb against each other inside your tunnel. We all rest, waiting for you to get used to the unbelievable sensations of having two pricks filling your asshole. After a bit you begin to move, slowly at first and a little at a time. You pick up the pace and as you move faster more and more of our pricks slide out only to be engulfed again.

The air around us reeks from the thin, brown juice flowing from your shithole, forced out by the huge cocks filling it. My cock is bent backwards and not getting much stroking in this position. I pull out of you and you moan with disappointment. I slide out from under you and come around behind your boyfriend where he is kneeling with his cock fucking your butt. I had intended to get you to sit on him with his cock in your ass while I fucked your cunt but then I noticed that his asshole was quite girlish and hairless and I suddenly wondered if there was any real difference between fucking a woman’s butt or a man’s.

In a moment the decision was made and I put my slimy cock against his straining pucker and started shoving in. He said nothing, just opened himself up to accept me. I was right, there was no difference, his hole felt just as good and I hoped to find out whether I would like his dick up my ass. It was such a turn on, his dick in your butt and my dick in his. I held still and let him stroke my cock with his anal passage as he pumped in and out of yours. He moved faster and faster, grunting with effort and the sensation of my cock rubbing against his prostate. I could tell that there wasn’t much time left before he shot his load and his hole twitched and tightened around my cock as he pumped faster and faster into your ass. Suddenly he plunged as far into you as he could get and stopped. My prick almost slid out of his butt so I slammed to the hilt in it. That did it for him and he grunted and squeezed tighter on my dick as the jiz squirted out into your bowels.

After he came kaçak bahis my dick started to hurt in his ass so he pushed me back and I slid out. He went limp very quickly and popped out of your ass. You weren’t ready to stop and neither was I so I quickly moved up behind you and plunged full length into your shitthole. You squealed with pleasure as I bottomed out in your ass and I immediately pulled all the way out. Just as your hole snapped shut I ploughed the tip of my prick just inside and jerked it out again. I did this a few more times and you pushed back with your butt, trying to get me further inside you. Finally I wanted more so I slammed all the way into your asshole and began some hard, full thrust pounding, working your hole until it was loose around my dick then, rising up so that I increased the angle by bending over your back.

Doing that exposed my own pucker and the next thing I knew a hard, fat cockhead pushed up against me. I couldn’t believe he was stiff again. We must have been a real turn on for him. I pushed out with my sphincter and opened myself so that he could get inside me. I was just inside your shitthole, holding very still while he pushed all the way into my butt. It was very strange, a full feeling like I had to shit and it hurt a little but that was going away. I stroked into you and he slid out of me and the sensation was excellent. So we began to do what we had done before when I was in his ass.

You were getting sore from so much cornholing but I was way to far gone into this to stop. I moved faster and faster, slamming back hard on his dick, pulling all the way out of your ass, then pounding all the way back into you, taking his cock all the way out of me. As soon as I felt him leave me I pushed back hard so that he ploughed into my tight pucker, all the way up me, rubbing my prostate as he went.

I could feel another load coming on and told you to clench as tight as you could on my cock with you ass walls. I did the same to him and soon the cum boiled up out of me and I could feel his cock twitch and the hot jiz pour into my bowels and you were shaking and crying both from the pain of your abused butt and from the orgasm it made you achieve.

We had been hard so many times and for so long that we couldn’t get soft again. He pulled out of my ass and went around to your head. You took him into your mouth and sucked hard at his dick. I pulled out of your slimy asshole and shoved into your hot pussy. I stroked in and out of your snatch at a slow easy pace while you sucked his dick. Finally it all caught up and we both went limp in spite of the wonderful feel of your mouth and pussy on our dicks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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