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That made three day that the best friend of my companion of the moment lodged to the house. I had never seen him previously. We could not tell that he was an Apollon, compared to my man, but he did not lack charm.

He worked in time that cooperating in Africa black. It had taken six month leave. My companion and had received me it to opened arm.

The night of the third day, while we made the love savagely, with my companion, I noticed that the door of our bedroom was open. That did not calm my ardors, on the contrary. I am a little exhibitionist and the fact to feel me observed increases tenfold my pleasure. It was there someone behind the door? I turned the back to my companion, overlapping it as a mad. I the overview finally on the mirror of my table to make-up. He used it equally to look us. This unmasked clairvoyant, he fails to leave. I made a rapid gesture in order that he would understand that I wanted that it remains. I made him a wink of eyes accomplice. I would have wanted to see his cock that I guessed powerful under his shorts. He was contented to keep it well to the hot, while caressing it vigorously. I made the soft of resentment towards him, but continued my labor, enjoying increasingly. A violent orgasm took me. I fell backwards. My companion imprisoned my covered body shivers and jolts, caressing me tender breasts to die some. When I open again my eyes, I live that he had disappeared.

I rocked then on the side, liberating the cock of my man and lull the smile to the lip. There was a long time that I had not known a such pleasure.

We arrived at the end of the week, and our friend was going to take leave. By twice, he come again to look us to make the love. I was a sad bit to lose an accomplice. I had noticed that I liked to enjoy under the look of a third party.

To thank us for our welcome, he invited us to the restaurant. He offers me flowers and a beautiful delivers to his friend. During all the meal, our legs brushed. The contact ankarada yeni escortlar of its pants on my sheath leg with a low electrified me.

Return to the house, we decided to drink the last glass of the friendship. We was all the three, a bit drunk. I laughed for a nothing. I carried this evening there my red dress that ground marvelously my body. I had put the low blacks and no support stuff. My man liked a lot that I wear this dress and that put it in great form. The party of fuck that followed in was only best. I had put it especially in the honor of our guest in order that he guards a best to remember me, especially if my man honored me heatly in the night.

The last glass of the friendship was not the last. We discussed, especially them, as if it was the last time that we saw. While I lifted to go to serve me an other glass, the silence fell. I felt their eyes on my hindquarters. I was exhilarated.

I finished to fill my glass when I feel hands of my dear and to tend on my buttocks and my thigh. I started lacking to reverse my glass. Instinctively, I arched under his hand. His mouth pasted to my ear and a hot tongue licked it.

“You know that you excite me in your dress!” tells me.

“Yes, I know it very well.” tell I by feeling his tender sex against my thigh.

“I do not think to be the alone. Raymond seems excited too.”

“Good?” made I the innocent air.

“Yes! One would tell that you have made it deliberately to put this dress. You are a bitch and I like that. I want to show your buttocks to Raymond.”

I desired only that.

“Ho no, you are going to shock it!” tell I with perfidy.

“He has the to see some other in Africa.”

He unveiled my behind to Raymond. My Thong did not hide great thing.

“He does not leave you eyes. I think he appreciates. If you let down your panty.”

“No, I do not think that that is well!” I some had grandly envy.

“Go my love, for me?”

I taken bayan escort ankara my Thong and let down it while my husband kissed me greedily. I felt the heavy look of Raymond on my buttocks. Hands of my companion on the former did not calm my fire.

“Ho shit, what a cock!!!” swore my man.

I returned and discover finally the penis of Raymond. Effectively, as I had guessed it, it was superb in size and length. I passed my tongue with greed on my lips.

“What do you think about?”


“Do you like to suck it?”

I howled some envies.


It’s my man that took me near it while declining the high of my dress so as to release my breasts. I knelt between its thighs. I did not dare to look it preferring the vision of its superb sex.

“Go there my love! You see, he offers it to you. Show him how you appreciate his gift!”

I taken gently his cock between my fingers, open the mouth and slipped it inside.

That made long that I had tasted an other cock only that my companion. It was as a discovery and I polished it with greed. I cleared him completely his pants without split his offering. In my back, my man licked me the anus and the clitoris with vigor what increased tenfold my pleasure. I did not drop for as much my baton to groan.

My companion insisted grandly on my anus, knowing my weak for the sodomy. My buttocks swayed under his soft touch. Little by little, it prepared me to the penetration.

“Do you want Raymond fuck in your ass?”

“Humm yes!” tell I the nose in its spheres stuffed of seed.


I finish by dropping its sex shining saliva.

“Yes, I want it in my ass.”


My man helped me to lift me and accompanied me on the other sofa. I trembled, more fear that he refuses to take me. While I knelt, I live it behind me.

I quartered me even and feel, by trembling his cock to the entry of my anus.

“Are going smashes there me!” shouted escort bayan ankara I.

Despite its thickness, that here penetrated me without retaining. While my companion told me softnesses to the ear and kissed the neck, Raymond me fuck my ass savagely. I enjoyed and enjoy again. My world rocked in an intense pleasure.

I had orgasms to repetition. My body escaped my will. I feel to rock on the back. My taken man the most normal way while I sucked liqueurs of Raymond. He replaced then my man.

I was taken and resumption again by them two. I was in a world of pleasure. When they rendered grace, it seemed me to hear birds to sing. They had made me the love during four hour.

I woke in my fresh bed and muscles a bit hard. My companion was not there, but the small breakfast was posed on my night table with a rose. I found a word of Raymond.

He thanked me for the stay and especially for the last night. He would think a lot of me thereafter and me also.

I passed a undressed transparent and exit the bedroom. I found him on the of the door. I had the time to recapture him and to kiss him finally on the mouth. His hands kneaded my buttocks.

“Come here when you want, and the earlier will be the better!” tell I.

“You has only to come to see me in Africa, my love!”

“I would think about that!”

One kissed tenderly a last time.

“The taxi waits me!” tell he by repelling me with regret. “Good-bye!”

“No good-bye! Goodbye!” shine tell I by caressing his cock through its jeans. “I feel it again to pulse in me!”

He closed the door and I heard the car to leave.

“He has left?” tell my companion in the lounge.

“Yes, he has left!” replied it by trying to hide my bitterness.

“He lacks you already?”

“Yes, I like it well!”

“I knew that he would please you. All girls have told me that he was good lover. I could only offer you this present, as well as to it. One will see it do not you in make and squeeze as good.”

On these last word, one took the small breakfast and I forgot Raymond for the day. I searched his eyes in the evening while we made the love. I sought him via the mirror but he no longer was there. I had less pleasure be evening there.

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