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Oh, man. This is the stuff right there. What I love most in this world. Finally, it’s all done just right. That big, uncircumcised black cock is stretching my tight asshole, practically tearing me into. It’s making my plump body shake and my voluminous breasts jiggle. And you know what? I’m absolutely loving every minute of it. Why? Simply because there’s nothing I love more in this world than a big cock fucking my tight asshole. Jasmine is the name and I’m a plump, busty, big-booty black woman of Haitian descent living in Brockton, Massachusetts. Most people who know me would never guess I was a sexual submissive in bed. A six-foot-three, three-hundred-pound, big-boned black woman doesn’t look like anyone’s idea of a submissive. Yet this is what I am. In bed, I let my man dominate me completely. In fact, I get off on it. I especially love the whole cock up the ass thing. I’m quite proud to be an anal addict. This here is my story.

I love being on my hands and knees. Even in the ladies room of Massasoit Community College. I like to get fucked in this way. And I don’t care where I happen to be. Doggy style is great. I think it’s my favorite sexual position. Face down and ass up. My plump ass cheeks are spread wide open as my man Samuel is drilling his cock into my asshole. He does that so well. Samuel digs his hands into the tender flesh of my hips and thrusts his cock deep into my asshole. I scream as his long and thick black cock invades my booty hole. My man is going deep, just the way I like it. I love to feel his cock deep inside my shit hole, down where the laws of nature say he’s got no business being. Anal bahis firmaları sex is better than vaginal sex. It’s raunchier. It’s dirtier. It’s kinkier. And it’s so much more intense!

Samuel is so good at fucking my ass it’s not even funny. He’s a stocky, dark-skinned, kind of average-looking Haitian guy I met at the local campus. He’s not exactly mister pretty boy but he has a big dick and knows how to work it. He is more than welcome to put it anywhere. My mouth, pussy and especially my tight asshole absolutely crave that cock of his. Samuel’s ten inches of Black Man Power have been known to make women of all races squeal in pleasure, myself included. That’s why I’m with him, I guess. I love sucking on his big cock and hairy balls. I like his masculine scent. I like the way he likes to pinch my big fat ass. And above all else, I absolutely love it when he grabs me, throws me on all fours and shoves his cock into my asshole. Samuel fucks my fat ass like anal sex is going out of style. I am screaming my lungs out and having the time of my life. Yeah, he’s that good when it comes to butt fucking.

As Samuel is fucking me, I grasp my own ass cheeks and spread them as far apart as they can go. I can’t get enough of his big black cock deep inside of me. I want more of it. I want him so deep inside of me that you wouldn’t be able to tell where he ends and I begin. I shout at Samuel to bury his big dick deep inside my tight asshole and he does just that. He’s really getting into it now. He squeezes my plump black butt cheeks hard, and pinches them as he fucks me. Oh, man. I really get off on the rough stuff. I kaçak iddaa love it when a big strong man roughs me up while jamming his big cock in my tight shit hole. I love it when a man is tough enough and confident enough to show his woman who’s boss.

As Samuel plunges his big black cock into my ever widening asshole, I scream with wild abandon. At this point, I really could care less who hears me. I’m on my hands and knees, face down and ass up in the ladies room located near the Cafeteria inside the Student Center. People studying inside the nearby library might hear us, then again they might not. All I know is Samuel’s hard dick is drilling my deliciously hot and juicy asshole and I can’t get enough of it. It’s become my entire universe. The big black dick is the master of my world. It owns my fat ass. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Samuel grabs my hair and yanks my head back as he slams his dick even deeper into my asshole. I scream as loud as I can, and then some. I’ve been fucked in the ass before, by big dicks too. However, I’ve never had a cock go that deep inside my asshole. It affects me so much that it makes me lose control. So caught up am I in this incredibly intense experience that I let loose. Yes, I let one rip. Before I could prevent it, my anal muscles clenched and unclenched around Samuel’s long and thick black cock, relaxing enough to allow me to fart. Boom! Oh, man. I can’t believe what I just did. I am so fucking embarrassed. Samuel is shocked. He starts to laugh, saying he cannot believe I just farted, right in the middle of anal sex. I am blushing, though you can’t kaçak bahis tell. Samuel tells me to lighten up and I can’t. What kind of woman farts when she’s got a man’s big black dick buried so far up her asshole you can’t tell where she ends and it begins?

Samuel resumes fucking me and I try to take my mind off bodily functions and focus on the intense backdoor sexing I’m receiving. That’s when it happens. Samuel lets one rip. Yep, the big black guy farts. I am stunned. Then he breaks out laughing. After a moment, I join him. This is actually pretty funny, when you think about it. Yeah, I’ve really got to learn to lighten up. So, without further ado, I relaxed and enjoyed as my boyfriend happily plowed into my asshole with his super-sized black dick. Until the magic finally happens. Samuel screams as he lets loose. I feel it. His cum rushes deep inside my asshole, flooding my booty hole. It is shocking. It is intense. And I absolutely love it! I scream in ecstasy. It’s so much fun!

Samuel slowly pulls his cock out of my now gaping asshole. Man, that was so much fun. Samuel looks at me sternly. I kneel before him. He’s still not done with me. He holds his cock inches from my face and orders me to clean it up. I hesitate briefly and for my mistake, Samuel whacks me across the face. Like a real pimp. Lesson learned. I take Samuel’s cock into my mouth. That cock which was up my ass mere moments ago. And I suck it eagerly. I clean it up with my mouth and lick it until it’s shiny. Like a polished stone. Samuel is pleased. He takes me by hand and pulls me up. I look at him and smile. He smiles too, and tells me I’m his all-time favorite big-booty ghetto bitch. I am so happy I feel like jumping for joy. Out of all the big-booty ghetto chicks in the hood, he picked me to be his favorite toy. Yippee! We’re going to be so happy together!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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