Birthday Suprise

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Birthday Suprise
It was Monday April 8th a very nice day outside just after a few storms that had blown through over the weekend. I was in my office when I got a text message from my wife. “Hey you will need to feed yourself I am going out with a friend for her birthday” I replied back “ok” after a few hours in my office I thought I get out and go visit some customers near by. I was out at one customer and just as I was leaving my wife texted me “Hey if we get drunk will you come and get us tonight” I was like really she is rubbing it in a little but I responded “You know I will all you have to do is call me and I will be there” Well it was time for the end of the day and I headed home stopping off to pick up a pizza.

I sat there watching TV and eating pizza and I was getting bored so I went and grabbed a couple of porno movies and put them in the blue ray player. Sitting there watching them and getting all worked but and just about the time I was going to pull my cock out a text came across my phone. It was a picture of her and her friend with drinks in their hands and an address and a comment COME GET US! I replied back “On my way” “HURRY WE NEED YOU LOL” She replied back. I was a little let down cause I was so turned on by the porno but oh well I got in my truck and headed that way.

On my arrival went inside the bar and found them both and they came out with me. I knew Gena from my wife for years and she was a very good looking lady on the bigger side but looked good and my wife is on the bigger side as well. Once I got them to our house I asked my wife if I was to take Gena home and she said “NO SHE IS GOING TO SLEEP ON TEH SOFA AND SHE WOULD TAKE HER HOME IN TEH MORNING” I laughed and asked “How you going to do that I picked you both up and your car is at the bar, so I guess I will have to drive you both to your car before I go into the office in the morning” She looked at me smiled and said “OH YEA”

Well I headed to the bedroom with my wife a little behind me after she got Gena all situated on the sofa. Once in the bedroom my wife wanted a little loven and so did I after watching the porno movie and not getting to take care of myself. My wife went down on my cock sucking and licking it until I was hard and I was playing with her wet pussy. She pushed me back and got on top and started ridding me. She started getting loud and I told her to hold it down that bahis siteleri Gena was just down the hall. She smiled and said “Oops I forgot” We both laughed a little and laid there in silence for just a few minutes to insure we had not woken her. In that time we both heard moaning coming from down the hall way. I think we both at first thought it was Gena getting off on hearing us, but then we heard the sound of a man saying “I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR ASS BITCH” I then knew she was watching the porno movie I had started looking. I told my wife and she laughed a little/ Then she got up and headed out the door and down the hall way. She returned and motioned me to fallow her. So I did and once I got to the living room I saw Gena propped up on the sofa arm and with one foot on the floor and her other up on the sofa with one hand playing with her nipple and the other down in her panties. I was so hard and my wife noticed it and dropped to her knees and started sucking on my hard cock.

It was not long before I let out a loud moan and we both saw Gena jump and turn towards us and tried covering up along with trying to stop the movie. But she dropped the remote and my wife never stopped sucking on my cock. I noticed Gena stopped her panic and watched my wife sucking my cock. She was fixated on watching my wife’s moth working back and forth on my cock and how my wife was playing with my balls and ass with one free hand while rubbing her pussy with the other. I then noticed Gena went back to rubbing her pussy but this time she pulled her panties down to her ankles. I could see her blonde bushy pussy and even see her wetness running down towards her ass. My eyes were fixed on watching her fingers working on her clit and driving deep inside her wet pussy. I then noticed my wife had stopped sucking on my cock and was pulling me to the sofa. We sat down all the time Gena had not stopped fucking herself with her fingers.

My wife spoke out “DAMN GENA THAT IS ONE HOT LOOKING HAIRY PUSSY YOU GOT” a pause “DONT YOU THINK SO HONEY YOU THINK GENA”S PUSSY IS HOT LOOKING” “YOU DAMN RIGHT I DO I THINK THAT WET PUSSY IS VERY HOT BABY” then it was as if the TV knew just what I was thinking over the surround sound speakers this voice ran out “ET IT BABY EAT THAT PUSSY EAT IT LIKE IT WAS CANDY” I could not control myself I leaned over and my mouth and tongue replaced Gena’s fingers. As bahis şirketleri soon as my tongue touched her clit she let out a scream. “OH GOD EAT MY PUSSY PLEASE EAT IT I NEED YOU TO LICK IT AND TONGUE FUCK IT” I went after like a dog on a bone. I heard my wife “EAT HER BABY SHOW HER HOW GOOD YOU ARE EATING PUSSY EAT HER PUSSY LIKE YOU EAT MINE BABY EAT IT BABY” I did not stop until Gena had cummed twice and all that time I could see my wife watching and playing with her pussy. I heard Gena softly say “Oh god please stop I can not take it any more please stop for now” I did as she asked and when I did she pushed me back onto my back on the sofa and then she leaned over and took my hard cock in her mouth. I am not sure really how long it took but not long at all I called out “OH GOD DAMN IM GOING TO CUM” and that is what I did a shot a huge load of my hot cum into her mouth and I watched her take it all and swallow it all.

I thought it was all over but I was wrong, my wife straddled my face and lowered her hot pussy on to my mouth. I started eating her pussy as she grind into my face with her pussy and ass. She raised up and moved her ass over my mouth and I knew what she wanted. “BABY EAT MY ASS BABY TONGUE FUCK MY ASS” I wasted no time doing just that and then she move her pussy over my mouth “EAT MY PUSSY BABY EAT IT LIKE YOU ATE GENA”S PUSSY EAT ME BABY PLEASE EAT MY PUSSY MAKE ME CUM” Then she move her ass there “EAT IT BABY OH YEA EAT TAHT ASS” then she went silent and I was not sure why but I got a peek as to why Gena and her were kissing above me. Then all of a sudden in a muffled voice “MMMMMMMMMM IMMM CUMMMING BABYYY IM CUMMMMINNG” Then the rush of her juices ran into my mouth and face, I had never seen my wife cum so hard and so much.

We all collapsed in a bundle on the sofa and I think we all took a small nap and with in just a little while I felt my cock being played with and once I opened my eyes I saw my wife and Gena playing with and licking it like a lollipop. I was growing hard fast and once I was at full erection I heard my wife “GET ON IT GENA ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY IT IS YOURS TO FUCK AND RIDA ALL YOU WANT GIRL” I watched Gena get up and lower her pussy down on my cock while my wife grabbed my cock to help guide it in her pussy. Then with no wait Gena started working her pussy up and down on my cock and I watched my wife take one of Gena’s illegal bahis huge nipples into her mouth and start sucking and biting on it while she pinched and twisted the other one with her free hand. “OH GOD YES OH YES BITE MY NIPPLE BITCH BITE THEM” “GOD YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD DEEP IN MY PUSSY OH GOD YES” Gena screamed out as she was riding my cock. All the time the porno was playing but none of us payed much attention to it. But then we heard a voice from it “OH GOD FUCK MY ASS PLEASE FUCK MY ASS” Gena hopped off my cock and leaned over the arm of the sofa looking back at me she screams out “FUCK MY ASS PLEASE FUCK ME IN MY AS NOW GOD DAMN IT FUCK ME I NEED IT IN MY ASS” I moved in and pushed my cock into her ass “OH GOD DAMN IT HURTS GOOD FUCK IT PLEASE FUCK MY ASS” I started working it in and out of Gena’s ass and then Diane moved under me and under Gena and then I heard Gena scream out “OH GOD DIAN EAT MY PUSSY WHIL VINCE FUCKS MY ASS PLEASE EAT IT BABY EAT THAT PUSSY DIANE” “OH GOD FUCK MY ASS PLEASE FUCK IT VINCE” As I worked my cock in and out of Gena’s ass Diane was eating her pussy. With in just a mater of minutes Gena screamed out “OH FUCK IM CUMMING DONT STOP OH GOD IM CUMMING” I could hear Diane trying to swallow all of Gena’s juices flowing from her pussy. I was going to cum now “OH IM CUMMING OH GOD DAMN IM GOING TO CUM” “OH PLEASE CUM IN MY ASS PLEASE FILL MY ASS FULL OF YOUR FUCKING HOT CUM” I shoved my cock in as far as I could and unloaded deep in Gena’s ass. I pulled out and as I did cum dropped into Diane’s awaiting mouth. The I watched Diane get up and start eating my cum from Gena’s ass and all the time she did she would say “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM DAMN THE BOTH OF YOU TASTE SO DAMN GOOD” She cleaned Gena’s ass completely out of my cum. Then they both kissed and then both started cleaning my cock off with their tongue.

I thought we were done but Gena looked into Diane’s eyes “BABE YOU NEED YOUR TURN NOW” I watched Gena push Diane back onto the sofa and I watched her go down and eat Diane’s pussy “OH GOD GENA YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO BABY EAT IT EAT MAY PUSSY PLEASE MAKE ME CUM PLEASE” It did not take long at all I was stroking my cock and I head Diane “OH GOD DAMN IM CUMMING GENA IM CUMMING BABY OH DONT STOP EAT IT GENA OH GOD YES EAT IT BABY” Just then my wife exploded I watched Gena suck up ever last drop of her juices. They both looked at me and both said it about the same time “CUM FOR US” I shot my load on their breast and faces and lips and just as the last drop fell I watched them both clean my cum from each other.

We will be hooking up with Gena more often and pictures will follow….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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