Blind Date_(2)

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Lisa was going on a blind date. All she knew about the guy was that he was English, and older than she was. She was a little apprehensive, and yet quite excited at the same time. Lisa had never had a date with an older guy before, and as the time grew nearer, the butterflies were dancing around in her stomach.
At Eight o’clock, Lisa arrived at the Sands hotel. The dinner date wasn’t until 8:30, but she couldn’t wait to see Michael for the first time, hoping to get a glimpse of him as he walked in. She sat at the bar, watching as many eligible middle aged men entered the room. Michael also arrived early and sat in the lounge facing the entrance of the hotel looking for out for a young girl with a nervous expression on her face.

Almost an hour past, Michael decided she wasn’t coming and went to the bar to get a drink. Everyone else in the room seemed to be paired off, except himself and Lisa, who was sitting at the far end of the bar. Across the room, their eyes met, and he threw her a smile, which she returned.
“I hate drinking alone,” he said, “Can I buy you one.”
Lisa nodded politely and smiled again.
“Looks like I’ve been stood up again,” he said, dully. “I was suppose to have met someone on a blind date, but she probably took one look at me and legged it.”
Lisa was about to tell him she was his date, but the words never left her lips.
“Would you like to join me for dinner?” he asked. “I hate eating alone too!”
“Sounds like you hate doing anything alone.” Lisa smiled.
“Yeah, story of my life. I even have lone sex, nowadays.” He escort bayan laughed nervously, then blushed when realizing the implications of his last comment.
“I’m not really hungry, but I wouldn’t mind a stroll along the beach,” said Lisa.

Lisa and Michael walked along the shore line. There was a beautiful sunset peeking over the horizon as she led the way between the huge sand dunes that littered the beach. They walked and talked for hours, trivial things about work, hobbies and pastimes.
“Shall we go back to your hotel room?” suggested Lisa, “it’s getting a little cold.” Her nipples were so erect, you could hang your coat on them.
Michael hunched his shoulders. “ We can do what ever you want to?”
Lisa had a wicked smile on her face as she led him back towards the hotel.

When they arrived, Michael gave Lisa the key to his room while he went to reception to order room service.
Lisa gasped as she opened the door and the sight of the huge king-sized bed came into view. She took no time in undressing and slipped under the sheets awaiting Michael’s arrival.
Michael didn’t know how to react when he saw Lisa naked from the waist up. He just stared at her magnificent pert breasts.
“Don’t look so alarmed,” she said , “I know you want to fuck me by the way you’ve been looking at me all night.”
Michael swallowed hard, then grinned like a Cheshire cat. “ I wasn’t expecting sex, I…”
“Shut up and just fuck me,” she said, throwing back the covers.
Michael didn’t need telling twice and responded at once. He’d barely pulled kocaeli escort bayan his trousers down to his knees, before Lisa had his cock in her fist, sucking and teasing the end with her tongue. Her hand and mouth action went into overdrive and she pulled on his cock so hard that Michael fell forward, almost landing on top of her.
“Slow down, we have all night,” said Michael, pulling the rest of his clothes off.
“I want your big cock in side me, now,” cried Lisa, straddling his prone body. She mounted him, then eased his hard cock into her tiny wet pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself on to it and then rode him like a Devil on horseback.
“Oh, yeah, baby. Fuck that cock!” Michael’s outstretched arms gripped the mattress, as if he was holding on for dear life.
Suddenly, He gave out a loud sigh, before pumping his hot cum inside her.
“That was quick,” said Lisa, disappointedly.
“ Don’t worry, baby. I have a surprise that’s going to blow you away!”
He wiped the flow of semen from around his groin that had dribbled out of her pussy, then opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out a blindfold and a pair of hand cuffs.
“Ooooh, kinky,” she remarked, liking what she saw.
Michael placed the blindfold over her eyes and cuffed her hands behind her back. Like a traitor about to be executed, he pinned her against the wall and spread her legs wide open. She waited with excited anticipation, wondering what was about to happen. Finally, a tongue lapped at her pussy as two fingers parted her wet sex, exposing the kocaeli escort pink entrance of her tight hole. Lisa sighed with delight, swaying her hips in motion with the darting tongue that lashed over her clitoris. Two oily fingers penetrated her tight ass, probing at the delightful little hole. She shrieked with delight as the two-way masturbation sent her body into an orgasmic frenzy. By now, Michael had a huge erection, and it wasn’t until the hardness of his cock entering her tight little ass, did she realize the pussy licking hadn’t stopped. As Michael rammed his cock deep inside her, then removed the blindfold, revealing a young oriental girl was licking the juices from Lisa’s dripping cunt. Lisa trembled with excitement, she had never had a threesome before, and the delight of seeing another naked woman performing oral sex on her was to much to bear. She gave out a loud shriek as a convulsive orgasm quivered her body into a spasmodic mode. Michael fucked Lisa’s ass harder as he watched the young oriental girl masturbate her hairy pussy right next to him.
“Oh, God, I’m coming,” Michael cried, at the top of his voice.
The oriental girl slid off the bed, pulled his cock from Lisa’s ass and finished him off with her mouth as great gush of cum cover her face.
Lisa collapsed to the floor with sexual exhaustion as he removed the handcuffs from her wrists.
The next morning, Lisa woke beside Michael. Her pussy and ass were still tingling from the pounding they had taken the night before as she staggered over to the pile of clothes she’d deposited on the floor the evening before. She dressed quickly and tiptoed towards the door, before turning and blowing a kiss Michael’s way. What a blind date that tuned out to be, she thought, I’ll have to do this more often.

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