Brian Loves Rachel’s Ass

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It was about eleven o’clock on Saturday night when Brian pulled up just down the block from the tall brick building that included the apartment his girl friend, Rachel, shared with her young daughter. They turned to each other while unbuckling their seatbelts, both of them thinking of the good time they had at dinner and the concert and, especially, about the great time they expected to have in her bed. Not wanting to take anything for granted, he waited until she expressly suggested he come inside with her.

She didn’t make him wait very long. “I hope you can come in for a while,” Rachel said, smiling as she issued the invitation. They both expected that “while” to extend to Sunday morning brunch for him and her and her daughter at the nice little café around the corner from her building’s front door.

“I’d love to,” he replied.

Always the gentleman, after he exited the sedan, Brian went around to open the passenger side door and put out his hand to help Rachel step onto the sidewalk. Arm in arm, they walked to the front veranda, where she unlocked and opened the door, and across the lobby to the elevator. On the ride up, they stood close together, but kept their hands to themselves, because they were aware of the security camera in the elevator cab and had no wish to put on a show for some nosy guard.

Rachel unlocked the door to her apartment foyer and pushed it open. “Sissy,” she called out to the neighbor girl who had been watching her daughter.

“Hi, Rachel,” came the response, and the rather chubby 16 year old appeared from the living room where she had been watching television. “Did you have a good time?”

“A very good time, thanks. How has the Munchkin been?”

“Good as can be. I just got her into her jammies and put her to bed an hour ago. She was pretty sleepy, and should be good for all night. I don’t think you have to worry about disturbing her.” As she said that, Sissy smiled at her attractive brunette employer with her tall, handsome boyfriend.

After paying the baby sitter, Rachel stood in her doorway and watched as the teenager walked down the hallway and entered the apartment she shared with her mother and younger brother. The building was a secure one, but there was no such thing as being too careful, and people had to watch out for each other. When the door closed behind Sissy, Rachel turned to Brian for the long, warm embrace and passionate kisses she had wanted all evening.

He wanted the same things, and Brian did not hold anything back. Nothing had been said, but they both knew their embrace and their kissing would be a preliminary to a night of mutually pleasurable sex in Rachel’s bed. She broke off the kiss, stepped away from her ardent lover and whispered to him.

“Hold that thought. I have to check on Kimmy.”

Rachel quietly opened the door enough to peek in and, by the night light, see six year old Kimberly sleeping like an angel, her arm around the Raggedy Ann doll that always shared her bed. Brian looked inside too, and smiled, very fond and protective of the sweet child. Knowing things were as they should be, the eager couple removed and hung up their coats before heading for the other bedroom to resume doing what they had both been looking forward to since he had rung the bell at the building’s front door.

The apartment has four rooms, including a small kitchen, which was located between Kimmy’s room and the master bedroom. Rachel liked the way it was designed, allowing her to have overnight company and get quite loud with him without disturbing the little girl. She often did just that with Brian, because she loved the things he did for her mouth and her pussy and her ass.

After Rachel closed the door and turned on the lights, they moved into another warm hug, and pressed their mouths tightly together. His tongue had no trouble finding its way into her mouth, because it was wide open and the probing organ was made very welcome. They stood beside the bed, hugging and kissing, while his hands traveled up and down her back, stopping to cup her curvaceous ass cheeks and pull Rachel even more tightly against him.

“Just a minute,” she whispered, and ended the embrace to pull the bedcovers down away from the pillows.

Rachel sat on the bed to take off her shoes, and Brian emulated her actions. She finished before he did, and reached over to remove his tie and start to unbutton his shirt and, when his feet were bare, he sat up so she could pull off the shirt and his undershirt and toss them in the direction of a chair that stood against the wall. He was naked above the waist, and it was his turn to remove some of her clothing.

She leaned forward so Brian could unzip her dress down the back and unhook her bra. With the dress hanging down from her waist and one hand holding her undergarment in place, Rachel stood up, smiled impishly and did a short bump and grind. When the impromptu show ended, she pulled the bra away from her rather small, but shapely breasts, gave the dress a push and let it slide down to the floor. On occasions bahis firmaları such as their date that night, Rachel likes to feel wicked and wanton, so she was wearing a lacy red garter belt that held up her matching stockings, and those and her sheer panties were all she still had on.

She stood in front of Brian, who remained seated on the bed, and let him finish stripping her naked. He unfastened the nylon clips that held up her stockings and let them slither down to form a pair of silky puddles at her feet. The belt quickly followed them, and Rachel was clad in nothing but her panties, and their crotch was already wet from her anticipation. Brian pulled her to him, pressed his nose against the spreading stain to breathe deeply of her enticing aroma, and peeled the last of her clothing down her legs so they joined her other undergarments. Completely naked, and as excited as she was exciting, Rachel stepped out of the pile of red silk and lace and shoved it out of the way with her foot.

It was her turn to resume undressing him, so Rachel knelt in front of Brian and unfastened his belt and pants. He arose from the bed enough to allow her to slide the trousers under his ass and pull them all the way down and off around his feet. With them out of the way, she reached in to unsnap the waistband of his boxer shorts, smiling at the big, stiff cock that was protruding through the fly, and pulled them off the same way. Brian was as naked and aroused as she, and Rachel leaned her elbows on his thighs and looked up to grin lewdly at his smiling countenance.

That expression didn’t remain on her face very long, because her mouth had better things to do. Holding his cock lightly with the fingers of one hand, she leaned forward and started licking the head, relishing the smooth, velvety texture. Her tongue moved in concentric circles, until it was caressing around the ridge of the cock she was about to start sucking. Before taking the rest of the hard cylinder into her mouth, Rachel kept the head nestled between her lips and probed the tip of her tongue into the slit on the end, tasting Brian’s pre-cum.

Inspired by the small sample of what would soon be filling her mouth, Rachel lowered her face, slowly enveloping his cock. As the thick, white shaft spread her lips and passed between them, her tongue laved all around it, curling up to fondle the sides and top. When she felt the head pressing against the back of her throat, Rachel stopped, leaving her mouth full of Brian’s cock while her tongue caressed its length. Until then, her eyes had been focused on his pubic hair, but she raised them to look up at him and appreciate the grimaces of pleasure that flickered across his face as her tongue pleasured him.

Rachel’s eyes remained fixed on him as she raised her face, still moving slowly, with her lips applying pressure while she removed her mouth from around the hard cock that had filled it so well. Her tongue continued its fondling until only the head was still between her lips and she was licking the slit again. For a few seconds, Rachel’s mouth continued like that, before she lowered her head to once more engulf Brian’s cock, while gazing adoringly on his face.

“My god, that feels good,” he murmured, as his body squirmed in pleasure.

It felt more than good; it felt wonderful to Brian, besides being such a visual delight. Rachel’s face is pretty, rather than being beautiful, with short, curly dark hair, green eyes and a fair complexion. Her features are regular, with a snub nose and a generous mouth, which was being exceptionally generous to Brian just then He loved watching her face move slowly up and down while his thick, white cock slid in and out of her mouth, especially when she was looking up at him, as she was then.

But the view he was getting was nothing compared to the physical pleasure Rachel’s mouth was giving him. Her lips applied just the right amount of soft pressure, and her tongue was wetly laving his cock while her mouth enveloped it and continuing while she drew back her face. Sometimes she turned her head slightly to let the head slide along the inside of one of her cheeks, and other times she took it directly into her mouth until it brushed the back of her throat. Every stroke of her mouth sent exquisite pleasure throbbing through his whole body.

Rachel was having a great time too, reveling in the way Brian’s hard shaft spread her lips apart so perfectly and the way it felt to her tongue as she caressed it. She relished the way the smooth skin was stretched so tightly over the hard roundness, and her tongue loved fondling the long, thick shaft. Moving slowly, wanting to take a long time, Rachel stroked her boyfriend’s cock with her lips and the rest of her mouth until she felt it start throbbing against her tongue.

“I’m getting ready to cum,” Brian told her, quite unnecessarily.

With her tongue positioned to catch his semen, Rachel started sucking Brian’s cock faster and using shorter strokes. She tightened her mouth too, because she wanted to savor and swallow every drop of his kaçak iddaa cum, and didn’t want any dribbling out and wasted. After another minute, his cock jerked in her mouth, and a big, viscous gob landed right where she wanted it, immensely pleasing her taste buds. She knew he wasn’t through, so Rachel kept sucking until she felt and tasted two more bursts of the thick fluid gushing into her mouth.

When she was sure there would be nothing more ejaculated for her, Rachel took the cock out of her mouth. She held it upright so nothing would leak out of the end, and swirled the semen in her mouth, relishing the taste and texture, before letting it slide down her throat. Like a little girl with an ice cream cone, she licked all the sticky fluid off the hard shaft she was holding, being sure to curl her tongue around and under the ridge.

When everything had been cleaned off the outside, Rachel placed her thumb in front of Brian’s scrotum and her fingers on the opposite side of his shaft and moved her hand toward her mouth. The rest of his cum oozed out into her waiting mouth and, after probing the slit on the end of his cock with the tip of her tongue, she treated the second mouthful as she had the first. No more of her boyfriend’s semen went to waste than she could help.

When she was completely through sucking him off, Rachel leaned back on her heels and smiled up at the man who had just filled her mouth with his tasty juices. He got off the bed and knelt in front of her, and the two lovers shared another long kiss. The fact that there were traces of semen on her lips didn’t keep Brian from kissing her, and even thrusting his tongue into Rachel’s mouth.

“My turn now,” he said, grinning as lewdly as she had earlier.

Rachel’s expression was no less lascivious, because she knew what he meant by that, and she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back in the center. Brian was right behind his girlfriend, and he knelt beside her, cupped one breast in either of his hands, and bent down to begin licking one of her nipples. She was already highly excited, from sucking him off and relishing his cum, and the nipple immediately became fully erect. Brian’s tongue switched to the other cute, dark pink nubbin, and that one quickly became just as hard.

As his tongue alternated between her rigid nipples, Rachel cooed in joy and squirmed on the bed under Brian’s face. He drew one of the luscious globes into his mouth and sucked while his tongue continued to caress her areola and nipple. Once again, he alternated his attentions between her breasts, and she could feel her level of excitement growing. Rachel looked at her lover’s face and hoped he wouldn’t stop there.

She needn’t have been concerned. As much as Brian reveled in the sensation of Rachel’s breasts against his mouth, he knew there was a much better place a little lower on her body and, when he detected the delectable scent of her pussy juices, he knew it was time to transfer his oral attentions to the source of the aroma. He licked the inner slopes of Rachel’s breasts and the channel between them and continued down her soft belly until he reached her pubic hair.

She had shaved herself there that morning, leaving only a dark strip that extended to her Mount of Venus. The rest of her pussy was bare, and Brian knew it would be smooth and ultra-sensitive under his tongue and lips. A few drops of her juices had spattered onto the insides of her thighs, and he started licking her there, not wanting to waste any of what he knew would be a delicious treat. Scrumptious as the nectar was, licking it off her was not as much fun as feeling the texture of the smooth skin on the insides of Rachel’s thighs.

Applying his tongue upward on her crotch was even better. There was a stronger flow of juices; the flesh was just as soft and smooth and the aroma of her pussy was even more intoxicating. When Brian finished there, he briefly looked over Rachel’s body. She was squirming under his ministrations and her head was tossing back and forth on her pillow, with her eyes slitted and her mouth partly open in bliss. Her joyful cooing had become even louder and, when his tongue began gently caressing one of her outer lips, the sounds of pleasure started to evolve into moans.

Rachel could never grow tired of the way Brian ate her pussy. He was gentle; his tongue was agile, and he took his time and let her slowly build to a peak before bringing her to a climax. That night was no exception, and thrills of pleasure rippled through her body from where his tongue was meandering.

“Keep doing that,” she murmured. “I really love it.”

Brian said nothing, nor did either of them want him too – his mouth was much too enjoyably occupied to stop for idle conversation. After he started on one of Rachel’s outer lips, his tongue worked its way up, strictly a labor of love. The texture of her skin was incredible under his ministrations, like a satin pillow, but warm and vibrant. Brian’s mouth didn’t stop until it reached her mons, and he paused there no more than a second before bringing kaçak bahis his tongue back to her dripping pink hole to feast on the fresh nectar. After devouring every drop, he treated the other outer lip the same way, stopping again when he reached her soft mound and returning to relish the delicious juices that had been produced for him.

Once again, his eyes surveyed Rachel’s body and he was elated at how much pleasure she was receiving from what he was doing. Her eyes were completely closed; her head was rolling from side to side on the pillow, and she was breathing deeply through her mouth. Her body was no less expressive. Rachel’s hips had begun swiveling under his face and she was writhing and twisting and rocking from side to side on her ass. Brian could see she was almost ready to cum, but he wanted to increase her arousal until it reached its apex.

After his tongue had sluiced up all the fresh nectar from around her pussy, it started thrusting against the lower edge of the pink hole that had produced it. More of her fresh juices spurted out to please his taste buds, and he allowed none of it to be wasted. Pressing his face even more closely against Rachel’s pussy and savoring the incredible scent, he slowly moved the tip of his tongue around the dripping wet hole, probing against the soft edges as he progressed. From the ever more intense pleasure she was getting from the questing organ, Rachel’s movements became even more frenetic; she began fucking up against Brian’s face and her hips started swiveling, thrusting her legs out and back past his head.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered in time with the thrusts of her pussy against the mouth that was giving her such incredible joy. “Don’t stop! Keep eating my pussy,” she implored the wielder of that mouth.

Brian had no intention of stopping, because he was enjoying himself at least as much as Rachel was. Moving slowly, the tip of his tongue meandered up the edges of her dripping hole, dipping in to sample the juices in the bubbling pink cauldron. His arms had to cling tightly to Rachel’s thighs as they thrust back and forth over his shoulders like a pair of pistons, and all the other movements of her body were equally wild.

She could hardly believe that anything could feel as good as what her man’s mouth was doing for her, until it suddenly got even better. Rachel’s eyes were closed in bliss as his tongue sent wave after wave of joy reverberating through her body. She didn’t see what he was doing, but she felt his lips engulf her swollen clit and his agile tongue start to caress the sides and top. The blissful waves became giant breakers crashing through her body, and she let out a howl of ecstasy. Less than a minute later, when she started to cum, the incredible pleasure she was already feeling seemed to double.

Although she didn’t announce the joyous event, Brian had no doubt when Rachel started cumming, because he was accustomed to her responses, and really loved feeling it start to happen. Her thighs squeezed his temples, and her hands grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face even more tightly against her pussy. Instead of just fucking into his face, she started bouncing up and down on her ass, ramming herself against him. Her legs had been pistoning back and forth over his shoulders, and they continued that movement, but also swung wildly from side to side, carrying his head a very happy prisoner. Brian clung even harder to her thighs and enjoyed the ride.

He knew when she climaxed too, because all the muscles in her body clenched; her back arched, and she jammed her pussy against his face for a final time. After her great orgasm, Rachel released his head and sprawled on the bed with her arms flopped at her sides and her legs draped loosely over his shoulders. He backed off slightly and moved his face around to devour all the fresh nectar she had just produced, including sucking it out of the pink hole that was its origin. When he was through with his repast, he remained kneeling between her legs and surveyed her face and body. Her eyes were still closed, but she opened them when she felt the bed move under him.

“That was wonderful, Sweetheart; I really came big time. I love it when you eat my pussy the way you do.”

“I might even love it more than you do.” From everything about Rachel’s pussy and the thought of what would happen next, Brian’s cock was fully erect and sticking out at her.

She saw it and smiled, because Rachel knew what they would do next, and she was just as avid as he was. “The Aqualube is over there,” she told him, pointing at the nightstand.

Brian slid off the side of the bed and stepped over to get it and the small towel beside it. He remembered that Rachel hadn’t gotten those things out that night, which meant she had left them handy before they went out, in anticipation of what they would do after they returned. He smiled at the proof that she loved getting his cock in her ass as much as he loved fucking her there. When he got back on the bed, he saw that Rachel had rolled over to lie flat on her belly and had slipped a pillow under her waist to elevate her ass and make the initial penetration easier. When he got on the bed, between her legs again, she reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks.

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