Brianna’s Education

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Brianna’s Education
It was a lazy Saturday morning, Brianna had hopped into bed with her mom Debbie. They were snuggling and cuddling. Debbie noticed that Charley had a small doll, only about 3 inches long. Debbie’s mind raced.

She turned to Brianna and said “Do you know where babies come from”?

Brianna giggled and said, “Your belly Mommy”

Debbie smiled and said “yes baby. When a man and woman are in love, he puts his thingy in here, “ and pulls off the covers and points to her pussy, ‘Then he moves it in and out and makes a mess, and mommy gets pregnant. The baby grows in her belly, and when it’s ready, it comes out of here too.”

Brianna looks down at Mommy’s pussy and is confused. “How does it fit Mommy”?

“Would you like to play a little game and I’ll show you”?

“OK Mommy”. Brianna said

Debbie said “Baby, this will be our secret, OK. You can not tell your brother, your friends, or your teacher. This will be our very own secret. No one knows but us. Can you keep it a secret”?

“OK, Mommy I won’t tell no one” said Brianna

Debbie reaches over and grabs a bottle of baby oil and rubs it in and on her pussy. Then she says “Let me see your dolly”

As Brianna gives Mommy her dolly, Debbie spreads her lips and pushes the dolly into her pussy, feet first. Once the doll’s head is in , Debbie pushes it in deep. Debbie’s lips close over it and Brianna is amazed.

“Come between my legs and look” You tell her

As she gets between your legs you tell her “Here is our game, OK”?

She nods her head, and you tell her to push her hand into your pussy and find the dolly, and pull it out. Brianna bahis siteleri looks up at you bewildered, and you tell her not to be afraid.

“OK Mommy” she says and puts a finger or two between how outer lips. You grab her wrist and say “In here, baby. Slide in here, it’s tight but not too tight”

So Brianna puts her hand into your pussy, and you tell her “Deeper baby girl, find the dolly”

As her finger touch the dolly she smiles and pulls it out. “Put it back in now” you tell her

She pushes it in and you tell to push until it doesn’t push any more. Then you encourage her to pull it back out. You rub your clit as it feels wonderful. You say “OK baby, take her out and put your hand back in Mommy OK?
She does it, and you ask her to go in and out faster. She’s working hard at it, her hand going deep in and out of your cunt, a dream come true and soon you squeeze her hand and you squirt on her hand.

She pulls back and looks puzzled and you tell her that it is ok.

She says, “did you pee pee Mommy”?

“No baby, sometimes when a woman feels pleasure down there, she gushes liquids, but it’s not pee pee.” You tell her. She seems ok, but confused and as you lazily rub your clit, she asks “Why do you rub that place Mommy”?

“well baby” you say, come closer and see” as she gets closer you say” We girls have a special spot that feels good when we rub it. It feels very good and it swells up a bit with excitement.”

“Come, rub it for Mommy” you say as you spread your lips and expose your clit. She touches it and you show her how going side to side feels good. As she rubs your swollen bahis şirketleri clit, you moan.

“Am I hurting you Mommy’? she asks.

“No baby it feels good, very good, do it some more”

She rubs it hard and fast and you direct her as she brings you to a great orasm, your ass lifts up as you moan with delight.

“Thank you baby that was soooo good, you made Mommy so happy”

“Mommy, do I have one of those”? she asked.

“Why yes you do. Remember all of this game we play is a secret.”

“I know Mommy” she tells you

“Take your panties off for Mommy and I will show you where yours is” She pulls her panties off and you put some baby oil on her small cunny, and you work your finger up and down between her lips, and run your oily finger over her tiny clit.

“ Does it feel good baby’? you ask

“It kinda does Mommy. It feels funny”
As you rub her clit, you can feel it a bit bigger. You tell her, well big girls love their button rubbed and kissed and licked. I want to lick your button baby, OK”?
She does not say a word , but you bend over and spread her lips and your tongue licks the oil off and you lick her tiny clit. She wiggles a bit, you push her legs wide apart and lick away at her clit. She does not say a word, but as you lick her breathing changes and you keep licking, and in a bit she shakes a bit as she cums. You lick her some more and it’s not very long before she repeats it.

Did that feel good Baby”? you tell her

“Yes it did, I thought I was going to have to pee, but it felt so good it makes me shake” she said enthusiastically.

“Baby you have just had an orgasm, like canlı bahis big girls do”, you tell her. “Will you do mommy a favor”?

“What Mommy”? she said.

“I want you to put your hand back into mommy’s vagina, and then lean over and lick Mommy’s button. Will you do that for me”?

“OK Mommy she said and crawled over your thigh and got between your legs. She pushed her hand into your pussy, and you said, “Ok Brianna now go deep, very deep, pull halfway out and go deep again”

“OK that feels great, now lick my button”

As Brianna leans forward to lick, you pull your clit hood back and as her tongue touches your clit you arch a bit. She is licking it so good. You are in heaven, this is better than you could have ever dreamed. She is slowly fisting you and licking your clit. “Suck it baby” you tell her. “Putt your lips around it and suck like it was a straw, please”

Brianna sucks your clit and in 2 seconds your cunt clamps on her hand and you squirt.

“Don’t stop baby,. Don’t stop, keep sucking” you instruct her and in 10-12 seconds you cum again. This is so damn hot. Brianna brings you off a few more times and you let her pull your hand out of you and you pull her up onto you, with her lying on your naked tummy and tits. You smother her with kisses, and you cup her ass, you fingers find their way back to her clit and you rub it.

“feel good Baby” You ask.

“Mmm” she moans and you massage her clit until you feel her breathing change and her body shakes.

You look her in the eye and tell her “This is our secret Brianna. We can do this again and again if you do not tell. Would you like to do it again”?

“Uh huh! I promise not to tell anyone Mommy” she said.

You smiled and was so damn happy you went and made breakfast totally naked, not caring if your older daughter caught you that way or not…secretly hoping she does see you

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