Catherine Ch. 20

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I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine Chapter 20

Confessions — Neil And James

It’s the buzzing I hear that has my eyes opening, and not the buzzing of a cell phone on quiet mode either, it’s my watch lying on the night stand behind me — my back-up to my alarm clock I failed to set less than three hours ago.

Rolling away from the warm sensuous body my arm and leg are draped over so can I reach the buzzing watch silencing it. Instantly replaced by the groan in the throat of that sensuous woman I was so peacefully wrapped around just moments ago.

“Please…, tell me it’s not that time again,” her words muffled by the pillow she has her face pressed into.

Moving back into her, my right hand brushing her tangled hair from the back of her neck, where I lovingly nuzzle and kiss her there, has her reaching back, taking the hand that brushed her hair aside to pull it around and covers her mouth with a kiss to it. Is followed by the words I’ve waited to hear, ” I love you,” she says into the palm of that hand — the feel of her lips saying the words as much as I hear how soft she says them. The knot in my stomach growing to the point it’s about to explode out of it. An that lump in my throat about to choke off my breathing as I rub my face against the back of her head acknowledging what I heard and felt with my hand.

Now and very reluctantly, start to roll away from her, only to be stopped by her tightly holding my hand, “Where are you going,” she’s asking.

“To the kitchen Catherine,” replying. “In your rush to get me back here in bed, I didn’t get to reset the coffee maker. So now it’s fucking you again; then coffee. Or coffee, then fucking you, my hand she was holding now cupping her breast with a gentle squeeze and a firm pinch to its nipple, to her smack to my hand, to her, “Go fix the damn coffee,” she says, I have to pee, to her scooting away, bouncing out of bed, to the gorgeous sight of her ass and hips swaying with her hurrying into the bathroom.

The coffee Swaggart, and now, pee after it starts perking, the words in my head as I’m walking naked down the hall, noticing how many lights were left on in her rush to get us back to the bedroom. In the kitchen too, the bottles and glasses that held the liquid courage, the empty coffee cups too. But it’s the coffee pot needing my attention first as I go about the routine of setting it up and turning it on.

Now my attention going back to the island, the vodka bottle more empty then it was when I retrieved it from the liquor cabinet. Three empty bitter lemon bottles, along with a partially empty one. Her two drinks…, or was it one? My two drinks…, or was it three?

Cleaning everything up, emptying what needed to be empty, tossing away what needs to be tossed into the small trash can under the sink, the liquid courage back to the liquor cabinet, the coffee maker beeping signaling its accomplished what it was meant to be doing. The rinsed out coffee cups, dried and ready for the cream and sugar to be covered by, and mixed with, the dark brown liquid nectar of the Gods; DAMN…, how I need this! As I take two long sips from the cup held in both hands now.

“Is it ready?” I hear as Catherine comes through the archway into the kitchen. Her shirt she had on last night streaming open exposing her gorgeous naked body, her hair still messed all to hell; could she be more beautiful than she is at this moment as I’m handing her the coffee cup I already had waiting for her.

“Oh, My, God,” I hear, as she takes the same two long sips from the mug as I did with mine.

Setting her coffee mug on the counter beside me, then taking the one from my hand to set it beside hers, she steps into me with her arms up and around my neck, where she’s up on her tip toes, smashing her mouth hard onto mine. My arms already circling inside her shirt around her, warm, sensuous, cock teasing body, as my mouth is smashing back onto hers just as hard as hers is to mine.

My God…, what a way to start the day!

Releasing each other, almost simultaneously reaching for our respective coffee cups, it’s two more quick sips each, but hers are followed with, “I don’t know which I love more at this moment, the coffee, or you,” she says.

“Well thank you for including me with the coffee, even if I was secondary.”

“Swaggart…, I have said you’re a shit,” she comes back at me.

“I’ve heard you say that Catherine, a time or two.”

She laughs, taking another sip of her coffee.

“Bobby, can I ask you something,” she says.

“Of course Catherine,” my reply, thinking it’s going to be something about what she told me last night.

“Would you mind if I stay here awhile after you leave for school, I promise I won’t snoop.” she telling me, is not what I expected for sure.

“Catherine, I don’t think you’ll find much of interest, or skeletons beşiktaş escort in the closets. Oh, except in the Sally’s closet where you left some of your things the last time you stayed over. There’s a plastic sandwich bag laying on them, where you might get a kick out of — but wait till I leave first. OH, and in the drawer of my bedside night stand are some condoms and a bottle of lube; I did tell you about Jennifer, the wife of the married couple Sally and I were real friendly with. Who loves to have her hands restrained while having anal sex; that beautiful curvy, red head, sexy bitch!

“SWAGGART! Have I called you a pig this morning!” She ask.

“I think you just did Catherine,” has both of us laughing as she playfully smacks at my shoulder. “I think I might want to meet that woman sometime,” she says along with it.

“That could be arranged. I believe; she likes girls too. You should have seen her going down on Sally; made her squeal and twist, humping her pussy back into Jennifer’s face, Sally’s legs trembling in the air.”

“YOU.., are a certifiable PIG Swaggart!” She calls me this time. Stepping into me, her arm around my neck to pull my head down to meet her hard kiss.

“How about we take care of our bathroom business, then a shower, and some toast and more coffee too,” asking her.

“Bobby…, I also have some things I need to tell you that we didn’t get to last night,” she says, as I’m setting my coffee cup back down on the counter top.

“Is it more about…”

“Yes it is,” she interrupts.

The sleeping elephant in the room opens one eye.

“I’ve told you Catherine…”

“Yes you HAVE!” she interrupts, more insistent this time.

“What ever Catherine! But first bathroom, shower, dressed, and over another cup of coffee…, okay?” Telling her more than asking.

Where it’s leaving the kitchen for the guest bathroom, leaving her to formulate what she feels she needs to tell me and guessing too, it will be…, but I don’t have time for it this morning. Now where’s my phone, remembering I told Sally I would call Erin this morning; oh yes, most likely where I left it, on the bedside table in the master bedroom.

A quick finish in the guest bathroom, it’s off to the bedroom and the sound of water running in the shower I hear, but calling Erin comes first, playing with Catherine in the shower will have to wait. Touching in Sally’s speed call digits, it’s Erin answering the phone instead of Sally, “HI Daddy!” Comes through instead of Sally’s voice.

“Good morning pumpkin,” at the same time sitting on the end of the bed.

“Mommy said you would call this morning,” Erin replies. Is followed by my apology for not calling her when I got back home, to her of course scolding me; but a little more gentle on me then her mother was last night. Then her switching to telling me what she’ll be doing for the rest of the week until it’s Sally telling Erin to say good by to me, with Sally taking the phone to pick up where we left off around Alice’s kitchen table before I left for here.

The sound of water running in the shower has stopped, replaced by Catherine moving to stand in front of the vanity rubbing a towel over her head. But hearing my voice from the bed room, stops what she’s doing with the towel, where she stands in the open door way to see me talking on the phone.

Putting her hand to her ear, the fingers making the classic sign of someone talking on a phone. To my mouthing back, “It’s Sally.” Nodding her head in under standing, she goes back to drying her hair with the towel. Only to suddenly stop, dropping the towel on the vanity, it’s her leaving the bathroom coming towards me; heart stopping beautiful, wet stringing hair, tits giggle just enough to catch the eye, their nipples hard from the cooling air, to her stopping right in front of me and gets down on her knees pushing my legs apart, where she takes my cock in her hands, lowering her head at the same time to take it into her mouth.

Now here I sit, my ex-wife’s voice in my ear, Catherine on her knees with my cock harding in her mouth, her eyes turned up to me, pure devilishness in them as her mouth makes excruciating delicious love to my now, very hard cock; how kinky is this!

But it’s Sally in my ear telling me, ” Bob I’ll be right back, Erin is calling me.” An before I can say anything she’s gone, but I can still here her answering what ever Erin wanted.

Catherine, stroking my now saliva slick shaft, gets up off her knees turning to position her ass back over my erection, reaching back between her legs holding my cock as she positions her pussy over it, settles down onto me, taking my cock all the way into her with just a sudden drop of her ass onto my lap.

“HOLY SHIT!” The words she gasp when her ass landed heavily onto my lap, my cock plunging up into her just before I lay back onto the bed.

Leaning forward, supporting herself with her hands on my knees, lifting up her sweet ass, then drops herself back down onto me, a repeat she keeps beylikdüzü escort up until she hears my words back into my phone, acknowledging what Sally had just said to me.

Now it’s Sally on my phone, talking into my right ear as I watch and feel Catherine riding her sweet pussy up and down over may cock.

Now partially sitting up, my left hand goes to squeezing Catherine’s left ass cheek, aiding her up, guiding her down, my eyes focused on the sight and feel of her ass ups and downs, her pussy gripping my cock, torturing both of us where I’m thinking, how really fucking kinky, this…, is!

Only when hearing me telling Sally, “Of course I will, and give Erin a kiss for me.” That has Catherine laying heavily back onto me, “You are such a bad girl,” telling her, as she turns to reach the kiss I’m trying to give her. At the same time my right hand has already dropped my phone on the bed, substituting it for her right breast with its very stiff nipple pressed into the palm of the same hand.

The phone dropped on the bed — did the call drop? Is Sally still there, listening in to Catherine’s and my version of,”Nancy?” To late now, huh Swaggart!

But it’s Catherine’s twisting to meet my kiss, that has my cock slipping out of her pussy, a disappointing sigh or groan in her throat just before our lips meet. With our kiss breaking, she moves to get off me, but instead of letting her up, it’s holding her back against me, “Catherine, masturbate for me,” saying against her ear,

“But Bobby I want you,” she says.

“No Catherine, masturbate for me! I want to feel your hand moving between your legs; please!” My insistence.

With that it’s her right hand moving over her belly at the same time lifting her right leg to lay it over mine, spreads her legs apart as her right hand moves over her pubic triangle, her fingers parting her slit, I cant see,it with my face pressed into the back of her head with its still wet hair. But still, knowing her hand is moving rhythmically that’s keeping her body quivering on top of me tells me she’s playing and toying with her, “girly-dick,” her fingers slipping into her pussy, gathering up her creamy wetness, drawing it back up to slide those wet fingers over and around, over and around, over and around her gorgeous big clit, has her body shuddering in my arms, then suddenly her legs squeezing together trapping her hand between her thighs, her chest rapidly rising and falling in time with her soft cries brought on by her masturbation orgasm, in my hands it’s the feel of her nipples stiff and hard; I know it was good one.

“Thank You Catherine, I love you!” My words go whispered into her ear.

“Bobby…,” she says. “Let me finish what I started on you,” she says. “I want your beautiful cock in my mouth …, please,” she says. “I want to make you cum!” Where tries to pull away from my arms that are keeping her from getting away.

“No Catherine! Thats’ not what I want!” To an astonished look on her face after rolling off me. “I just want to remember these moments for now. I know it sounds strange, but I have my reasons; alright?” Telling her.

Still the astonished look, now turning to a beautiful smile, “What ever you say Swaggart,” her come back.

“Yes Catherine, it’s what I say!”

“You are so full of shit, you know that!” Her come back.

“No,” laughing at the same time. “I’m just full of you! Now get up, because I have to leave earlier than usual this morning.” telling her.

“But why earlier,” she ask.

“Because over the next two weeks our class is going to a location where that system we’ve been learning about for all these past many weeks is going in. An we’re going to be involved with the testing and turn up, soon going live,” answering her question.

“Are you still going into the city,” she ask.

“Yes, the location is only four more blocks from where the school is located. But we’ll be meeting at the school and walking to the site from there; the reason for going in earlier today. It was Frank’s idea, so we wouldn’t get lost on the way; maybe on purpose, his thoughts I think.” My explaining the reason.

“Okay…,” Her deep sigh. “But I can still stay after you leave,” she ask.

“Of course you can. My leaving early will give you more time to snoop,” teasing her.

“Got to hell,” she says, struggling to get out of my grasp.

And the fight is on!

Her, in and out of my arms, playfully slapping at me, its grabbing her at the same time falling on top of her, pinning her arms back over her head as I smash my mouth hard onto hers stops her struggles. Only to have her curse me, as I’m just as quick off her and on my way to the bathroom and the shower, where I’m sure there will be some kind of revenge while I’m in there.

But during my five minutes in the shower the whole time expecting another shot of ice cold water; but no. But on stepping out what I do see is a fresh cup of coffee on the vanity waiting for me. An when looking into the bedroom, she’s not there either. beyoğlu escort And while trimming my, “in look for men my age,” not a sight or sound from her.

After getting dressed and making my way back to the kitchen, wheres it’s no acknowledgment that I’m standing behind her pouring coffee from the carafe into my cup. Also watching her fingers fly over the screen of her phone, assuming she’s either sending a text, or replying to one.

“Hi.” she says, at last turning around.

“Hi to you too,” replying. “You looked very engrossed in what you were doing. I can’t type on my cell phone worth a hoot; my fingers are too big I guess, that’s why I don’t text; afraid I’ll send something that’s just gibberish.”

Smiling her gorgeous smile as she’s steps into me, “I love your big fingers!” She’s telling me.

“Every thing’s alright I assume?” Asking her.

“Yes…,” she says, sounding a little hesitant.

“Just.., some things about…, Tuesday…, and you know, I told you about…, dinner…, date…, and all,” She replies.

Even more hesitant sounding, “I ah…”

“Catherine…,” My interrupting her before she can start. “I told you I don’t want you to change a thing about yourself…, OR, your plans with friends!” Trying to emphasize what I’m telling her.

“Please…, OK?” Not asking, but telling her. “I want you to stay the woman you are, the woman I fell in love with. So see your friends, enjoy your dinners with them, enjoy your evening with them too; please! It’s what I want; just tell me about it later.” Her eyes open wide at that last thing I said.

“What am I going to do with you?” More her statement, than her question, as she steps into me, throwing her arms over my shoulders and around my neck, with the hard crush of her mouth onto mine.

“Catherine, I have to go now, I’ll call you later,” breaking the kiss and her hold on me.”

“You better ,” she says. “And I’ll check in with you too; if is alright to call you,”she ask.

“Of course it’s alright,” replying. “But I may not answer right away, but I’ll get back to you. Now, I got to go,” telling her. Where it’s one last hard kiss before I let go of her, then it’s down to the hall to retrieve my jacket, scarf and gloves, then out of the house to find my truck is covered in frost.


How I hate winter!

My truck’s heater on defrost, it doesn’t take long for the windshield is clear of the heavy frost by the time I’ve reached the stop sign at the end of the road where I turn to make my way to the train station. I’ll be glad when the last of the training is over; it’s been interesting, even with Frank as our instructor. And with getting some hands on at last, it means it’s about over, and I won’t miss this commute either! Unfortunately though, the commute this morning and the rest of the week will give me to much idle time to think about Catherine and what she’ll be doing tomorrow and Wednesday — I really meant what I told her! I don’t want her to change a thing! She’s exactly what I want her to be, that woman who’s completely knocked me off my feet!

Now it’s laughing to myself thinking, she will tell me about…, everything! Because she likes to talk about it; Diego, her first real, she said. Her narrative of it had my dick hard — what a lucky man he was, and is. And where ever our life goes from now on, it will be a roller coaster of excitement I’m positive of that!

It’s Frank, John, and me, along with the rest of guys have made the group walk to the site, and pleasantly surprised by it, and the attitude of the guys doing the the final phase of the installation. “Grab the manuals,” their boss told us, “And make yourselves useful.” My initial thoughts were we would have to stand around with our hands in our pockets with the, “don’t touch a thing instructions.”

My cell phone buzzing in my back pocket interrupting my coffee and dough-nut break where I reach back to retrieve it to see it’s Catherine; “Hi me,” my standard answer to her calls now.”

“Hello, it’s me,” she says anyway.

“Yes I know, your name was displayed in the caller id,” replying.

“How’s it going,” she ask.

“Very well,” telling her. “We’re all pleasantly surprised at how much we’re allowed to do. So how are you,” asking in return.

“Miss you, she says, “And miserable about it too!”

“Miss you too, girl. Nothing but a bunch of ugly guys standing around eating from a big box of local bakery dough-nuts and drinking coffee right now. How about you and Maria, got every thing checked off on your check list for this coming week and weekend?”

“Yes, pretty much what we can do for now,” she says. “Maria will get what we’ll need for the reception Friday night, and the dinner party Saturday night too. There’s about sixteen people here for that,” she tells me. “Oh…, I almost forgot, my sister and her boy friend, plus my mom, and whoever she brings. Which is four more; that’s why Maria’s sister will be here to help with everything.” Cathrine’s follow up.

“Wow! Big crowd, huh.”

“Yes, but we have more than enough room for them all.” she says.

Wow again, twenty adults, my thought. Even with the large great room, kitchen and cozy formal dining area in my house, some of a crowd that size might have to take turns hanging out on the deck with their winter coats on; at least their beer and cheap wine would be kept cold.

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