Caught by Flatmate Ch. 02 – Further Control

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Due to us slept very late, so I woke up around 9 O’clock in the morning. When I opened my eyes, I saw Sara’s feet over my head. Initially, I didn’t understand, but immediately, I recalled and realized whatever happened some hours back.

Sara: I’m sure you know the morning ritual.

I wanted to fight back, but I thought it was not preferable to make her mood bad in the morning.

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: Very good, then go ahead.

I kissed her both the feet, and then looked at her.

Sara: That’s it? Do some massage as well.

I did it defeatedly. I did massage for about 2-3 minutes, and meanwhile I saw her with cross eye, and I’m sure, she knew it, and what I saw, she was smiling towards me, my defeat and my nakedness.

After she was satisfied,

Sara: That’s enough. Now make the breakfast for me, and tell me once it’s ready.

Armaan: I want to say something.

Sara: First complete the task, and when I will take my breakfast, you can say what you want to say, while seating at my feet.

I couldn’t understand, how she knew about it, whether she is already into BDSM, or she learned it overnight, I was totally confused, but in any case, I might be in very big trouble.

I immediately stood up, and went towards bathroom for morning rituals.

Sara: Slave, do you really need lots of training or are you intentionally doing it for punishment?

I turned around and I saw the wicked smile on her face.

Sara: I read couple of captions in those pic, while you were busy in worshipping my name.

She laughed.

Sara: You have to take permission from me for each and every action, that’s what written in the captions, right?

I couldn’t do anything.

Armaan: Goddess, please may I use restroom?

Sara: for what?

She still had that evil smile on her face.

Sara: for what?

Armaan: For morning ritual.

Sara: For pee?

She again laughed loudly and I stood there without saying anything.

Sara: Ok, go and use it, we’ll discuss all this later, and yeah, don’t close the door.

I immediately went to bathroom. I was thinking how to come out of this situation, while removing the water waste from my body.

Sara: Quick slave, I am really hungry.

I came out and went to kitchen to make breakfast. I immediately felt a hard smack on my bum. I could say, I felt like an electricity passed through my body.

Yesterday night was different, but during the day, I didn’t imagine that.

Sara: Don’t you have sense to wear apron while entering in the kitchen? I noticed that when you first entered here, but I think I need to teach you lots of things, isn’t it?

Armaan: I apologize Goddess.

Sara smacked on my bum one more time and again laughed at me. I wore apron, and started arranging breakfast.

I heard a click from my behind. I understood that Sara took photo.

Sara: Do you think, I should put this photo on the social site?

I was almost cried, I turned to Sara.

Sara: Oh come on, of course, I will not put it on my social sites, but as of now, I think, I should put on your dark side social accounts.

I could see the sadist smile on her face.

Armaan: Please Goddess.

I tried to move to her.

Sara: No, stay there and continue with arranging breakfast. We’ll talk it here (at dining area).

I put the milk and cereal and couple of fruits on the dining table, when I was arranging all this, Sara squeezed butt, I immediately took back my steps.

Sara (with stern look): Continue, You have to be habitual of that from now.

Sara smacked one more time.

Once, I completed the arrangement of the breakfast, then I asked her permission to have breakfast.

Armaan: May I sit here to have breakfast, Goddess?

Sara: Of course, you should have, but sit on the floor, and I’ll give you something to eat.

I didn’t have any option, so I sat on the floor, but Sara gave me full breakfast, fruits, milk and cereal. Since last 7 to 8 hour, first time, I want to thank her by bottom of my heart.

After completing the breakfast,

Sara: Ok, now I am giving you two minutes to say whatever you wanted to say and then we’ll discuss this relationship.

I again skipped my heart beat, what did she mean about our relationship? But still I gathered my courage to convince her.

Armaan: Sara, yesterday…

Sara immediately pulled my hair.

Sara: I allowed you to speak but that doesn’t mean you forget your position.

Armaan: I apologize Goddess.

Sara: You must be. Ok speak.

Armaan: Goddess, first of all, please forgive me about what I did yesterday night.

Sara: I think whatever you did yesterday night, it’s good for both of us. I came to know your proper place.

Armaan: I am really sorry Goddess, please forgive me. It was just happened. Please don’t punish me for this, at least don’t like this.

Sara: Is this your punishment?

She laughed again.

Sara: Don’t misunderstand, it’s not your punishment, it’s what you actually are. Your punishment should be given to you afyon escort later.

Armaan: But why did you do this to me, Goddess?

Sara: Because, both of us like this. You wanted to be a slave, and I really like your services, like you kiss my feet, massage me, make breakfast for me, and be servitude towards me.

Armaan: Please Goddess, I will do all these for you, but please don’t humiliate me.

Sara: But you like it, right? these type of captions, you were reading, hun…?

Armaan: No please Goddess, I request you.

Sara: I think you need to beg to me.

I stopped for a moment.

I looked at her, and I felt that she was actually enjoying my helplessness. I still decided that I beg to her, if she will let me go, but I knew chances were less than 1 percent or I should say almost zero percent, but I didn’t want to lose that.

Armaan: I beg to you Goddess, please let me go.

Sara: Hmm… I like it, but why should I let you go, as I am enjoying this? and moreover, you told me yesterday night that you will do anything, I say.

Armaan: Please Goddess, please let me go, I will pay any cost to you for letting me go.

Sara: I don’t think there is any cost, but still let me think, if I will find any then I will let you, till then, do whatever I say.

Armaan: But…

She stopped me in between,

Sara: your two minutes are over and now listen to me. From now on, you need to do all the house chores, now there is no such turn for me, you have to do everything, like cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, ironing them everything.

I didn’t have anything to say except,

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: You need to amuse me, massage me. That’s it as of now, as I need to learn the other things.

Now, I was really scared, but still I had very little hope that Sara would leave me one day, but till that day, I didn’t have any option.

Sara: Do I need to say that if you will not do whatever I say, then what will happen?

Armaan: No Goddess, I know, I will do whatever you want.

Sara: Good boy.

She patted on my head. When she said “Good Boy”, I felt like I am small baby, and when she patted on my head, I felt like a puppy.

Sara: One more thing, as of now I want you to be nude in this house.

Armaan (with watered eye): Goddess, please I beg to you.

Sara: Don’t worry honey, I already saw you and in this house, only both of us are living.

I was going to try to convince her,

Sara: Don’t speak, and would you like to see your pic? Look at this.

She showed me my nude pic, it was very humiliating of my healthy body in just apron.

Sara: We’ll discuss to put it on your sites, but not now.

I was really nervous at that moment, I wanted to put my pic on the different websites, but never got courage to put it on the sites, but when Sara, though forcefully, wanted to put the pic on the internet, then I was scared. I came to know the reality that I thought of living my fantasy in real life, but that was also my fantasy. I realized that how shameful situation for a young boy to be fully naked in front of a clothed girl, who is younger than him. The situation is called CFNM.

Sara: Get ready pretty quick, you have lots of chores.

I couldn’t say anything and went to get ready.

When I tried to close door to have shower,

Sara: No need to close the door, you will be thoroughly monitored.

Armaan: Please Goddess, allow me.

Sara: Don’t waste my time, what I said is final, got it?

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

I needed to open door while having shower, I never did it before.

During weekend, I was actually very busy. Sara assigned me so much house chores like house cleaning, vacuum, cooking, laundry, ironing. I never did such work in my life, even for myself, but I did it under someone’s command. I saw her exploring my laptop, while I was working.

Due to my surprise, Sara went for clubbing on every Friday and Saturday, but that Saturday, she didn’t go. I didn’t know why, but I thought she wanted me to be her servitude. So, when I completed my assigned work, I became Sara’s amusement through kissing and massaging her feet.

Finally weekend was going to over, and the next day, we both had job, so I reached to Sara to say,

Armaan: Goddess, tomorrow we have job.

Sara: Yes, I know, so?

I knew that she knew, what I was going to tell, but she wanted to enjoy that thing, that I knew.

Armaan: So, I need to go to job.

Sara: Ok, I understand, you may surely go to work.

She was having wicked smile. I knew she wanted me to ask her permission for dress up. I had to accept my defeat every time.

Armaan: So, what I need to wear.

Sara: Do you really need it?

I felt like the the ground was slipping under my feet. On the other hand Sara was literally laughing at me. Finally, she stopped her laugh.

Sara: Ok, you may dress up according to the dress code, but as soon as, you will come to home, immediately strip off your clothes. I don’t want to see you in clothes, as you should not be in, agrı escort and you have to do all the routine chores, as I already told you that there is no turn from now on.

I was option less, and so I must accept it, but still I felt bit relief that she allowed me to dress at job.

I completed my nightly worship to Sara’s feet and then sleep. The next morning, I woke up accordingly, so I could complete the morning chores, like get ready and arranging breakfast for both of us. At the time of leaving, Sara allowed me to wear clothes. We both reached at the door to leave for the work.

Sara: Slave, I’m sure you know greet your Goddess, when welcoming as well as saying good bye.

I sat on my knees and kissed her feet to say good bye for the work.

On that day, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I was constantly thinking about whatever happened during the weekend. Honestly speaking, I was aroused, while thinking about what Sara did to me. I couldn’t believe that I was aroused, and I masturbated in office restroom, but still I was thinking about how to come out from the situation. After all, it was really shameful situation for any young man to become servitude towards a younger girl in real life.

When I reached at home, I didn’t want to remove my clothes, but I didn’t have any option, so, first I closed all the curtains and then, I did it. Meanwhile, I heard our door lock was opening, so I understood, that must be Sara. So, I immediately went to the door to greet her.

Sara (just entering the door): Oh very good sweety.

I hate the word sweety, first of all, it’s a girly name and moreover, I felt my status is lower compare to the speaker, which actually was true but still. I immediately kissed her shoe toes and greeted her.

Sara: Very well done, now remove my shoes, put them in the closet and then come to me, of course on all your fours.

I thought Sara was crossing her limit, but she had my videos, photos and all those ids and passwords, so, I had to do this and so, I did it.

Sara: You know what, you look very obedient slave, isn’t it?

She was giggling, while saying this. I couldn’t answer.

Sara (in her stern voice): You must answer me every time.

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: Very good. Now listen, I read so many things about your favorite femdom, You know, I need to learn lots of things, but whatever I learnt in last 3 days, I decided your punishment.

I looked at Sara, and I was sure, she could understand my pitiful face.

Armaan: Please Goddess, let me go, please.

Sara: You said you will do anything whatever I say, and for that I will not tell anyone. Anyways, let’s forget about it.

I felt some hope, and I immediately looked at her in some relief.

Sara: But what will you offer to me?

Armaan: What do you want?

Sara: Mmm… what do you have, which you can offer me?

Sara was actually right, I didn’t have anything to offer, but I didn’t want to lose my chance.

Armaan: Please tell me, I don’t have anything to offer right now, but I will manage something.

Sara: Let’s see… Money?

I was not financially that strong, as I just started my job, but still I wanted to know, how much she thought.

Armaan: Please tell me, how much?

Sara (in her playful tone): I don’t have any figure in my mind, but I want luxurious life. Ok, give me like 5000 bucks a month for the start, then I will let you know.

She knew that I even didn’t earn that much money a month, there was no chance that I could give her that much amount every month, as I had some other expenses as well.

Armaan: I am not that strong financially.

Sara ( with her stern voice and look): Then do whatever, I say, otherwise I need to send all your photos and videos and all other stuff to your contacts.

My eyes are full of tears.

Armaan: Please I beg to you.

Sara: Listen, just give me what I want and you are in safe hands, you can trust me, if you want, otherwise it’s up to you.

She gave me some relief with the word ‘safe hands’. I calmed down myself.

Sara: Anyways, you still owe your punishment, but you know what, punishment is your favorite one, and that is the spanking, I saw you put so many comments on tumblr and fetlife pics of spanking. So, I know that’s in which you are most interested.

I couldn’t believe that now, I was going to get spanking by a girl, and I was sure she was going to enjoy my humiliation, but I didn’t want to make her upset, I decided to accept my submissiveness to her.

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: Very good sweety, but you will get it on the weekend.

I was bit confused, why in weekend, she could spank me any time, in fact right away, then why not?

Sara: You will get your favorite punishment, then I should also get something in behalf of it, right?

Then, I became scared, I couldn’t get good vibes.

Armaan: Yes Goddess, and what’s that?

Sara: That’s surprise for you, be ready on Friday evening.

I felt butterfly in my stomach, why she told me in almost 4 days in advance. I felt she wanted akdere escort to enjoy my frustrating pain about waiting for the surprise, and of course the surprise was not going to be in my favor, rather it was arranging for my humiliation, but I had to wait for it.

Sara: Now, get back to work, give me some evening snacks and start cooking for the dinner.

I obeyed her, and she enjoyed every chance of my abuse, through taking my humiliation pics, laughing at me, smacking on my butt, saying me sweety, slapping on my cheeks, reading some captions of the femdom pics, reading my comments, morning and nightly rituals for worshiping her feet and many other ways, but moreover, she enjoyed my stress about guessing the surprise. I couldn’t believe, she learnt that many things within just three day time frame, but that was the reality.

I brought evening snacks to her, and I should say she was bit merciful to me and allowed me to have snacks with her, though, fully nude at her feet. After that, I started to prepare for dinner, had dinner with her, cleaning dishes. She enjoyed each and every moment, I knew that.

The rest four days was similar to the last 3 days, I was allowed to go to work and those 8 hours only, I was allowed to live my life similar to the previous one, but rest 16 hours were totally in different life.

Finally Friday came, till evening everything was usual, but when Sara came home and I greeted her at the door fully naked, she told me,

Sara: Get clothed slave.

I was bit surprised, but then I realized that she told me I would get surprise on weekend. My heart beat rapidly,

Armaan: Are we going somewhere?

I was expecting the answer and that could be either we’re going somewhere or someone is going to our house, but in any case, I was scared that Sara could treat me as slave in front of someone.

Sara: Yes, we’re going.

Armaan: Where?

Sara gave me very stern look, and actually I was afraid.

Sara: You must not ask me any question, rather you must do as I say, immediately.

Armaan: I apologize Goddess, but…

Sara: No but, just shut your mouth and get ready, or do you want to come nude with me?

I immediately went to wear clothes. Sara was already ready, so we immediately moved to her car, she commanded me to seat on passenger seat.

Armaan: If you want, I can drive the car.

She looked at me, I could read her face expression, and looked like she was laughing at me.

Sara: Oh sweety pie, first of all, you need to follow me and only I have right to get decision between us, and secondly, that’s surprise for you. So, put one thing in your mind, I am not dumb like you.

I didn’t have anything to say, but she was right, I was dumb that I left with open laptop and that was the reason, I was under that situation, but she was actually very smart. I sat down on the passenger side, and she started to drive car.

Sara (while driving): Ok, Armaan,

I was so happy that she called me with my name and not saying ‘slave’.

Sara: We are going for the waxing.

I was surprise that why she took me with her for her waxing, and why she allowed me to know that she wanted to do waxing.

Sara: You might be surprised that why I am telling you this!

I was literally shocked that she was actually reading my mind.

Sara: But first of all listen very carefully, I called you by your name to indicate you that I am not going to treat you like my slave in public today, but if you’ll misbehave then I will treat you like that, are you in?

I didn’t have any choice and anyhow, I didn’t want to make her angry.

Armaan:, Yes Goddess, I am in, and I want to thank you that you’ll not treat me like that.

Sara: Are you sure?

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: Now you can’t go back.

I was thinking, did I say any thing too soon? What’s in her mind. Before I say anything, she didn’t give me chance to say.

Sara: Very good, now we’re going to address each other by our first name, though the possibility is almost zero, but if someone will ask about our relationship, then just say we’re very close friends, in that case, we won’t say lie, but the listeners will assume that we’re boy friend and girl friend, though you don’t deserve it.

She laughed while saying that, but I was still confused that what’s going on, and then finally, she dropped the bombshell.

Sara: BTW, as you’re in, so I am going to tell that, the waxing client is not me, but you.

In my disbelief, she was planning my waxing, I wanted to protest, but she cut me off in between.

Sara: As, you don’t have any choice, but still I am happy that, you are in by yourself, and now you shouldn’t go back from. Anyways, listen carefully, I decided this not just because, you’re my slave, but for cleanliness purpose as well. I saw so many times that your body hair are on the bathtub, washing machine, dryer and on carpet as well.

Armaan: Please Goddess.

Sara: You’re very good of buttering up, but it’s not going to work.

She was giggling.

Armaan: Please don’t do that, please…

I was literally pleading to her.

Sara: Look Armaan, I am not in a mood to listen up your useless plea. I already took the appointment, two ladies are going to wax you and after that you will need to thank them, properly, understand?

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