Caught On The Dock

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The water slowly splashed against the rocks, as the odd fish jumped into the air. The sun was setting over the mountain tops, the air humid and heavy. Renee sat on the rough boards of the boat dock looking over the vast lake, listening to natures’ voice. The setting was so very surreal, and oddly erotic. The country air reeked of all natural things, and the stickiness of the damp air clung to her. She watched as her husband pealed off everything but his bikini underwear, and her eyes traveled his body. She could feel the familiar ache begin in her loins, as she mentally traced his masculine body.

“Uhm, but he has such a wonderful body.” she thought. Renee’s eyes traveled to the budge of his crotch, and the heat went straight to hers. She watched and began to fantasize about her wonderful lover, her husband. His sleek body was immersed in the water and his powerful muscles rippled as he swam out a bit.

Renee was becoming very horny as she watched him, she wanted him. Oh, but she wanted more than anything to caress him and touch him in this natural surrounding. She started to remove her clothing. Her husband swam up to her with a questioning look in his eyes. ” I want you” was all Renee had to say. Matt pulled himself up to the boards with her. She straddled his lap and started to kiss him erotically, she kissed down his neck, as he laid down. Her hand cupped his balls with a firm squeeze, feeling the fullness of his cock. Her mouth began to salivate at the thought of holding him in her mouth.

. She looked up into his eyes as her tongue flicked across the tip of his cock. Oh, how good he tasted, for he already was giving a little cum , but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. Lots more. She thrust his big cock into her mouth and felt the velvet tip touch her tonsils. As she slid her lips up and down his cock she had a firm grip on his balls. She massaged them and used her fingers to stimulate his anus as she sucked him hard. Slowly she removed her lips and tongue from his cock and moved between his legs to his clean shaven balls. Her tongue darted out to caress the soft skin there. Matt gasped loving every minute of it, but missed the sucking action of his wife’s lips on his cock.

Suddenly, Renee sucked his balls into her mouth and tongued them at the same time. While she was sucking his balls she continued to manipulate his anus. She was getting hornier ever second and positioned her pussy against his leg so that she could rub herself as her mouth and hands explored and tasted Matt. She could feel the skin of his balls tighten and quickly moved back to his huge throbbing cock. She gulped it into her mouth and started moving her head up and down taking him in her lips as far as she could. She continued to manipulate his anus as Matt could feel the moment building to the full burst of cum. His dick swelled even more if possible as she continued to tongue and suck and finger him. Then suddenly he was cumming into her mouth as she swallowed.

His body was still shaking from the climax as his eyes were drawn to her. Renee sat up and started to run her hands across her breasts and tugged on her nipples. The setting sun encased her body in a warm golden color as she manipulated her breasts in front of her husband. He was still recovering from the magnificent force of his ejaculation, but found that his loins were stirring silivri escort again as he watched his wife as she caressed her own body. As one hand continued to caress and pinch her breast, the other slid down her abdomen to her clean shaven pussy. A finger slipped through the cleft of her and she started to rub herself , slowly at first.

Renee masturbated for Matt, knowing that he enjoyed watching her. He was steadily regaining his erection. Renee repositioned herself so that Matt could have a clear view of her. The full lower lips were glistening from her secretions, kind of like early morning dew. Her fingers spread her lips so that he could see her cunt clearly, as she ran one finger up and down the vaginal opening., she dipped one finger into herself and slowly started a rhythm. She would pull her finger out and up to her clit. Her clit was hard and in desperate need of attention, she began to focus on this . As she rubbed her clit her other hand joined so that she could have one hand on her clit and the other sliding into her hot, horny pussy.

Matt watched as Renee continued in total abandonment to fulfill this deep need inside her. The pink folds of skin were starting to get very wet with Renee’s juices and Matt was watching intently while his own hand began to caress his now stiff cock. As Renee’s’ movements became more frenzied her limbs began to shake, and the familiar feeling of intense heat started to engulf her body. Her nipples forming into very tight puckered points she brought herself to a very wet climax. Matt watched in awe as her pussy juices ran from cunt. Renee fell back onto the roughened boards of the boat dock just as the sun disappeared and its place was a star filled sky.

Breathing heavily she felt a little better but was still wanting the feel of Matt’s cock inside her. She loved having his dick thrust deep into her, and she still wanted that! Matt’s cock was throbbing as he looked at his wife.

Suddenly, both became more aware of their surroundings, as they felt the boards give way to the foot steps of someone joining them.

Hastily sitting up and trying to cover themselves, they realized who had joined them. Matt darted a look over to Renee with an unasked question. Jake reached Matt and Renee and told them he had witnessed the whole passion filled episode. Jake looked at Matt and said dude, “You have one horny wife.” Matt smiled at Renee and asked Jake if he could use a little rub down. By that time Renee’s hand begun traveling his body. She was noticing the similarities between Jakes body and Matt’s. Her eyes darted to the swollen cock that was pressing intently against Jakes pants. She smiled at Matt and gave him a questioning glance.

Matt said to Jake, “Yea, she’s horny, hot, and can go nonstop. She is almost more than I can handle. Would you be able to handle her? “

Jake replied ‘It would be worth a try.”

Matt was beginning to get very excited for he knew the moment had arrived. He was going to watch another guy fuck his wife. As Jake disrobed both Renee and Matt looked at him thoroughly. Though his cock was no longer than Matt’s, Jake’s was thicker. Matt asked Renee if she could get it into her mouth. Renee just smiled and said,” Never know until I try”..

Renee raised up onto her knees and grabbed Jakes cock şirinevler escort with her hands. She squeezed it, and could feel it throb. Her husband gently encouraged her, and finally said,” Go on and relieve him “. Renee looked to her husband one last time before she lowered her lips to Jakes cock. It was different than her husbands for it was a bit thicker and therefore took a little bit of concentration, but before long she was working the “magic” on Jake. His muscles strained as he was trying hard not to hold her head and gyrate his hips into her mouth for he knew that would gag her, but it felt so good, he wanted to feel his cock ramming into the warm wetness of her mouth. Finally Renee could feel the tell tale throb that Jake was about to cum and she quickly withdrew her mouth as he spewed onto her breasts.

His ejaculate was considerable for he had not had sex in a while and the semen went all over her tits. Renee sat back panting a little as Jake an Matt started to rub the semen into her skin. She laid back onto the boat dock as the two men stroked and caressed her body. Jake lowered his head to an erect nipple and started to tease it with his tongue. Matt started to caress her and spread her thighs, and traced little patterns on her inner thigh. Matt’s dick was swollen and throbbing and Renee reached over and grabbed his cock with her warm hand. His hands left her thighs as he somewhat straddled her face. Renee again started to administer to his balls that were hanging down to her mouth and Matt’s lips traded places with Jakes. Jake’s tongue started a very wet trail down Renee’s abdomen to the junction of her thighs . As she licked and sucked Matt’s balls and manipulated his cock and anus with her hands, she used the balls of her heel to raise her hips in offering to Jakes mouth.

He did not hesitate one more minute as his tongue darted to her very sensitive clit. The first stroke of his tongue left her shuddering and she raised her hips anew. Jake’s tongue was very aggressive in its mission and before long Renee was in an intense climax, her pussy juices flowing out of her. Matt’s cock was starting to throb but he pulled back, he wanted to see more. Matt ran his hand down to Renee’s pussy. Matt’s finger traced the thicker lower lips and one finger disappeared into her wetness. Renee shivered at the most delicious feel that Matt was awakening in her body. Jake’s cock was hard and jutting out from his body. Matt pulled his finger from his wife’s cunt and then spread the lips wide as he looked at Jake and said ” Go ahead, my wife wants you to fuck her.”

Jake then positioned himself on top of Renee so that the tip of his dick was teasing her cunt. She was so horny her body thrust up against his cock. Oh, she wanted the thick cock inside her and she wanted it bad! Slowly the cock entered her, slowly but not going in her all the way. Jake was teasing her! Just as she thought it wasn’t going to happen, Jake thrust quick and hard into her pussy. Oh it felt so good, so very good! And Just as suddenly he pulled out again. ..

Matt wondered what he was doing and Renee began to get impatient with these two cocks. She needed to have one inside her, she was becoming very frustrated. Suddenly Jake laid down behind Renee, reached around in front of her and pulled her right thigh şişli escort up over his right arm. By doing this her pussy was spread wide open for viewing. Jake then entered her pussy from behind with one powerful thrust. Matt wanted to see the dick sliding in and out of his wife so he moved his tongue to her clit as he watched intently as Jake rammed his wife’s pussy. Renee was in heaven. She was getting fucked and having her clit licked! The heat built up inside her, and before she knew it the violent orgasm racked her body. She then grabbed her husband’s cock and started to suck it hard as yet another climax racked her body just as both men spilled his cum.

Matt then repositioned his wife and started to tease her clit with the tip of his dick, just a few quick strokes from the tip of his dick sent her into a screaming climax. She was breathing very hard and fast when her husband grabbed her hips and thrust into her with a force she didn’t know he had. He rammed into her so deeply it hurt, but strangely enough it felt good too. He was thrusting in a wild a determined frenzied way. She could feel the wetness of her cunt surround this man. He started to tell her how good it felt to have his dick bathed in Jake’s cum inside her cunt. They both fell into an exhaustive climax.

They lay there on the hard boards trying to catch their breath when Jake splashed them both with water. Jake said “Come into the water to clean off and soothe your body.” Matt and Renee slowly entered the tepid water and all three began to bathe. As Renee got out of the water she became aware of the intense looks she was getting from the guys in her life. She couldn’t believe it but she was actually getting horny again! She bent down to grab a towel when she felt a hand on her ass, and suddenly she felt lips dipping to her ass and down to her cunt, she wasn’t sure which one did this. She parted her legs slightly just knowing that she wanted it to happen again. These hands and tongue were working her pussy good! She started to loose her balance so she went down on all fours. That gave the men better access to her cunt. Somebody was working her anus with their hands as the other went below her to her clit. She couldn’t help it, she started to gyrate her hips to this most wonderful pleasure.

Suddenly, she knew it was her husband working her ass and she looked up at him and begged him to fuck her ass. As if he needed encouragement! His dick had been jutting out for several minutes as he kissed, fondled and sucked his wife’s ass as Jake’s tongue penetrated her. Matt grabbed his full dick and placed it on the entrance of her anus. Renee thrust backwards against his dick, hoping to get him in there quickly for she wanted him there. Just as his thick dick entered her tight ass , Jakes dick thrust up into her pussy. There she was getting stuffed by two guys on the boat dock! She started to cum, pussy juices flowing down her lips and dripping onto the guy beneath her.

A very powerful ejaculation left Matt shuddering from head to toe. He pulled out of Renee’s ass and Renee slammed her pussy hard onto Jake’s cock. In a very quick movement Jake had turned the two of them so that Renee was on the bottom and he was on the top. He sat back on his knees and pulled Renee’s hips hard against his cock. He then began to bang into her cunt fast and furiously. Renee came again and again. Her uterus was contracting so hard that it squeezed Jakes dick and he spilled himself all over her.

Breathing heavily, all three of them fell onto the boat dock in exhaustion….Only to be surprised by the spotlight that shined in their eyes.

There stood the game warden…and Jake’s wife…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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