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Angela White

I used to work with a girl at the local coffee shop named Kelly we were real close and used to talk about everything she had a boyfriend so we were just friends we loved talking about sex together she loved telling me how her bf fucked her
she was great I was single at the time but I decided to tell her I wanted to try sex with another guy she knows I love my toys and using them she did too we always told each other when we had a wank

so one day while we where chatting I told her I really need to try a real cock as im getting sick of fake ones she was so cool she actually told me she thinks one of other workers was bi I said who she told me his name it was Oliver the cute guy

wow I said I was wondering myself he is hot she said she would find out I was stoked

a few days later she got back to me she had had a chat to him the other day and it turns out he was actually bi as well but only sucked a couple of cocks but he is keen to try some more Kelly was so happy when she told me so was I

so we arranged a date with Kelly her bf and Oliver and me we just went to a bar and got some drinks we all ended illegal bahis up pretty drunk and we all headed back to Kelly’s house

I could feel Oliver touching my leg with his so when Kelly and her bf went out to make some more drinks I leaned over and kissed Oliver WOW it was so hot we couldnt stop so when they came back in the lounge room they caught us kissing they nearly fell over we just kept kissing our bodies pressed up against each other both our cocks were hard as

kelly and her bf got turned on so they excused themselves and went to the bedroom and said have fun guys

well it didn’t take long for us to get our clothes off I could not wait to see Olivers cock he was cut and about 7 inches and shaved wow I told him you have a great cock he grabbed mine and said same I love guys with smooth cocks as well our cocks pressed up against each other while we kissed rubbing them together wow it was sensational feeling his smooth hard cock against mine

by this time I just had to taste him in my mouth it was sooo good wrapping my lips around his cock feeling his balls I was in heaven I could have sucked his tipobet güvenilir mi perfect cock for hrs but he was gagging to suck mine too so he proceeded to lick a suck my smooth shaft then sucked my cock like a champion wow it was good

got me so turned on I said to him if he would like to fuck my ass as ive been wanting a real cock for ages he said yes of course you have a great ass id love to try to fuck it so I went and asked Kelly for her lube little did I know they had been spying on us the whole time they were so turned on by watching us

Kelly asked if they could watch so I said yes of course I went back to Oliver with the lube and told him what had happened he was ok with it seeing they had brought us together so Kelly and her bf sat on the other sofa and watched

u layed on my back while Oliver lubed up his rock hard cock and slowly pushed it in Kelly and her bf were so turned on they asked if they could masturbate while watching us we said yes please that would be hot

so Kelly got her fave dildo out and started to fuck herself while her bf jerked his cock wow it was hot perabet he had a nice big cock too just like Kelly had said

Oliver kept pushing into me until he was all the way in wow so much better than my toys I told him to start fucking me slow nice and easy it felt great he started to build up pace fucking me real good I was loving it so was Kelly and her bf she was really fucking herself good while her bf was watching is good jerking that big cock was great to watch them as well

Oliver kept fucking me hard until he was ready to cum I said I wanted for him to cum im my mouth so he pulled out and stared to jerk off ready to cum the Kelly’s bf asked if he could cum on my face I said definitely so both guys proceeded to cum all over my face and mouth with big loads it was so hot Kelly let out a big scream as she came as well it was amazing

I still was yet to cum so I said to Oliver sit down and let me ride you facing our friends while I jerk off and they can watch Oliver was still hard as a rock so I lowered myself on his cock and bounced up and down while Kelly and her bf watched my cock bounce then I stared to jerk it until I had to cum Kelly was still so horny she got down and let me cum all over her big boobs it was the hottest thing ever

we now all meet up regularly for fun even had a go of sucking Kelly’s mans big cock but that’s for another time

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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